• 2002A 1982 Birds & Flowers, Used Set On Paper (50)
Complete set of the B&F issue on envelope backing or card stock backing. You may notice that the cancellations are the State Capitol hand cancels!

Why, John, did you cut them off the envelopes!!!! Please tell us!!!!!

Well, they came in a nice batch of covers one day... I was excited. Upon closer examination, their was a MAJOR FLAW with EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

The Servicer put the WRONG STAMP on each cachet! And, are you ready for this... NONE of the cancellations matched the cachet or the stamp! How in the Wide World of Sports could this have happened? Beats me, and I don't want to think about it.

End result... A very nice set of (50) singles with very light cancellations just on the left side! Nice! Probably will fit in a 2 ounce envelope for 80c shipping.

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2002A 1982 Birds & Flowers, Used Set On Paper (50)

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