Privacy Policy

Unlike some organizations that view your information as a potential revenue source, we take your online privacy very seriously.


Any and all information submitted as part of your shopping experience here STAYS here. We do not ask you for credit card information because we use a TRUSTED source for processing (PayPal). Our osCommerce shopping basket uses a combination of server-side inventory management scripts and cookies to keep track of items ordered. This information is secured on our end and is used for order fulfillment purposes only. Because our payment partner utilizes SSL to encrypt your credit card information, coupled with a password-based authorization system, you can be assured that your transactions from selection to checkout are secure. 


I maintain both an electronic and standard mailing lists for the sole purpose of contacting you regarding orders, subscription service orders and account balances. NEITHER list is marketed to third parties under ANY circumstances. While some companies look at your personal information as a source of revenue, I prefer to see you remain a loyal customer rather than a transient