Scans Needed12/15/2015
IdxSc. #RefImgCachetmakerC#DescriptionMethods#Made
10737P029 Linprint1Second Day - Wilmington, NC - Birthplace of Whistler's Mother; With P084; Second Day  
2..0796P005b Fairway2Size 5 envelopehpd 
30796P007 Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1blue flesh  
40796P007 Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1deep-blue flesh  
50796P007a Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1as P007, FDC airmail border  
6..0796P007b Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1as P007, blue-red airmail border  
70796P007c Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1as P007hpd 
80796P010 Grandy, Winfred Milton1brown purple, UO Dare, VA  
9..0796P011 Grandy, Winfred Milton2blue red, UO Grandy, NC; Signed by Grandy; Unofficial 10
10..0796P016 House of Farnam1turqoise, UO Dare, VA; Unofficial  
110796P026 Kapner, Don Joseph1dark-blue red, airmail border  
120796P031b Linprint1[MISSING] black silver, UO Grandy, NC; Unofficial  
13..0796P033 Washington Stamp Exchange1black, UO USS Cormorant; Unofficial  
14..0796P038a Evans, Glen L.1black  
150796P042b Scatchard, Norwood B.1blue brown red; "U.S.S. Erie PG 50" at bottom; Planty reports black; First  
16..0796P042c Scatchard, Norwood B.1brown; no date/city at bottom; Unofficial/Firstthm 
17..0796P042d Scatchard, Norwood B.1black brown; card stock; Firstthm hpd 
180796P044Historic Art Cachets1black  
19..0796P045a Historic Art Cachets1black, UO Dare, VA; Unofficial  
200796P045b Historic Art Cachets1blackhpd 
21..0796P047b Unknown3black-text brownish-red  
22..0796P052a Unknown1black blue; UO Raleigh, NC; Unofficial  
23..0796P054a Cachet Craft2brown green  
24..0796P054b Cachet Craft3blue orange-brown, airmail envelope  
25..0796P058 Waitt, Robert1blue  
26..0796P058b Waitt, Robert2milky blue, on card stock  
27..0796P062b Raley, William T.1red-violet silver  
28..0796P062d Raley, William T.1black red silver  
29..0796P063a Raley, William T.1light-blue silver  
30..0796P063b Raley, William T.1blue yellow  
31..0796P077a Unknown1black, green envelope  
320796P077b Unknown1black, pink envelope; Washington, DC 2nd Day; Second Day  
330796P077c Unknown1black, white envelope; Washington, DC 2nd Day; Second Day  
340796NIP Linprint1black gray  
350796NIPGPUnknown1UNK07; black plane with maroon frame; GPrsc 
360796NIPGPUnknown1UNK09; Airmail printed in blue with border; GP  
370796NIPGP Unknown1UNK10; GP, magenta rsc FDC, blue Naval anchor border; GP  
380797P002b Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1dull-green chalky-blue  
390797P002b Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1dull-green chalky-blue; UO Smokemont, NC; Unofficial  
40..0797P002c Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1blue-green slate-blue, FDC airmail border  
41..0797P002e Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1green bistre, airmail border  
420797P002g Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1blue-green, FDC border envelope  
43..0797P002i Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1?, Address label on oversized envelope  
44..0797P058 Scatchard, Norwood B.1black  
45..0797P058 Scatchard, Norwood B.1green  
46..0797P058a Scatchard, Norwood B.1green, "ASHEVILLE, NC" at bottom  
47..0797P058b Scatchard, Norwood B.1green, "USS MOFFETT 362" at bottom; Unofficial  
48..0797P058c Scatchard, Norwood B.1black, "Washington, DC" at bottom  
49..0797P058c Scatchard, Norwood B.1green, "Washington, DC" at bottom  
500797NIP Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1brigh-green dull-green; like P2f on airmail envelope  
510797NIPGP Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla2printed, of the period add-on; GP  
52..0971M011 Bronesky-Risko2red engine, black textthm 
53..0971M011 Bronesky-Risko4Dark Red and Dark Gold; NOT THERMOGRAPHED  
540971M020 Artmaster1Mailed to Laignes, Cote d'Or, France, with front cancel  
55..0971M037 Detroit-Ludwig2Airmail envelope  
56..0971NIM Firemenís Bicentennial Committee of Firemen's Union1Reading, PA; Size 10, Friendship Fire Co. #4  
57..0971NIM Firemenís Bicentennial Committee of Firemen's Union1Reading, PA; Size 10, Junior Fire Co. #2  
58..0971NIM Firemenís Bicentennial Committee of Firemen's Union1Reading, PA; Size 10, Neversink Fire Co. #3  
59..0971NIM Firemenís Bicentennial Committee of Firemen's Union1Reading, PA; Size 10, Rainbow Fire Co. #1  
60..0971NIM Firemenís Bicentennial Committee of Firemen's Union1Reading, PA; Size 10, Riverside Fire Co. #11  
61..0971NIM Firemenís Bicentennial Committee of Firemen's Union1Reading, PA; Size 10, Schuylkill Fire Co. #12  
62..0971NIM Firemenís Bicentennial Committee of Firemen's Union1Reading, PA; Size 10, Washington Fire Co. #2  
630971NIM Wright, William N.4Fire in second floorhpd 
64..0971NIMCC David Crockett Steam Fire Company1BCC  
65..0971NIMCC Firemen's Relief Association1Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
66..0971NIMCC Friendship Steam Fire Company #41Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
67..0971NIMCC Hampton Fire Company1Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
68..0971NIMCC Hotel Richardson1BCC  
69..0971NIMCC Marion Fire Company #101Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
70..0971NIMCC Schuylkill Fire Company #121Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
710971NIMCC Washington Fire Company #21Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
72..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques1WWII Patriotic; America Needs Your Help; WWII Pat  
73..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques2WWII Patriotic; Do Your Share For Freedom; WWII Pat  
74..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques3WWII Patriotic; E. Pluribus Unum; WWII Pat  
75..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques4WWII Patriotic; Full Speed Ahead; WWII Pat  
76..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques5WWII Patriotic; Give Them The Tools; WWII Pat  
77..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques6WWII Patriotic; I Have Not Yet Begun To Fight; WWII Pat  
78..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques9WWII Patriotic; Let Freedom Ring; WWII Pat  
79..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques10WWII Patriotic; Let's Beat'em; WWII Pat  
80..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques11WWII Patriotic; Liberty Above All - For All; WWII Pat  
81..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques12WWII Patriotic; On To Victory For Liberty; WWII Pat  
82..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques13WWII Patriotic; Then And Now; WWII Pat  
83..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques14WWII Patriotic; United For Freedom; WWII Pat  
84..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques15WWII Patriotic; United For Victory; WWII Pat  
85..0971NIMZA Fire Service In Philately1black/red; Red Maltese Cross and Black #971  
86..0971NIMZA Fire Service In Philately2black/red; Red Matlese Cross , red Canada #364; by Don Alford  
87..0971NIMZA Quadracolorplus1(EF) 3
88..1097M001 Anderson Historical Envelopes1{KY}; black  
89..1097M001 Anderson Historical Envelopes1{KY}; blue  
90..1097M001 Anderson Historical Envelopes1{KY}; burgondy  
91..1097M001 Anderson Historical Envelopes1{KY}; green  
92..1097M001 Anderson Historical Envelopes1{KY}; purple  
93..1097M001 Anderson Historical Envelopes1{PA}; black  
94..1097M001 Anderson Historical Envelopes1{PA}; blue  
951097M001 Anderson Historical Envelopes1{PA}; burgondy  
96..1097M001 Anderson Historical Envelopes1{PA}; green  
97..1097M001 Anderson Historical Envelopes1{PA}; purple  
981097M002 Aristocrats1{KY}; black  
99..1097M003 Artcraft1{KY}; black  
1001097M003 Artcraft1{KY}; black; with Advertising letter from Frietsch Services  
101..1097M003 Artcraft1{PA}; black  
1021097M003 Artcraft2{PA}; Squires & Co. on back flap  
103..1097M003 Artcraft3{?}; Joseph Davidson on flap  
104..1097M003 Artcraft4{?}; Sun Tabular on flap  
105..1097M006 Beck, M. W.1Cities Unknown  
1061097M007 Ben-El Stamp Shop1{PA}; black; First  
107..1097M008 Cachet Craft1{KY}; blue red  
1081097M008 Cachet Craft1{PA}; blue red  
1091097M009 House of Farnam1{KY}; gray  
1101097M009 House of Farnam1{PA}; gray  
1111097M011 Fleetwood Cover Service1{PA}; black  
1121097M014 Kolor Kover1{KY}; purple, cream envelope  
1131097M014 Kolor Kover1{PA}; purple, cream envelope  
114..1097M015 Linto, William S.1{?}; blue green  
1151097M021 Sadworth, G. V.1{PA}; gray red  
1161097M021 Sadworth, G. V.2{KY}; blue; Two unused copies of #1097 stuck to bottom of envelope - FIX - NEED TO REMOVE.; FLAG  
1171097M021 Sadworth, G. V.2{NC}; blue  
1181097M022 Salomons, The1{KY}; Maximum Card; purple  
1191097M022 Salomons, The1{PA}; Maximum Card; purple  
120..1097M025 Velvatone2{PA}; Maximum Card, gray  
121..1097M027 Wright, William N.2{KY}; multicolored; variety; tree behind wall, wording, soldier, wording placementhpd 
122..1097NIM Bert, Adam K.1{PA}; Uncacheted; Size 5 envelope  
1231097NIM Meter Digest1{KY}  
1241097NIM Meter Digest1{NC}  
1251097NIM Meter Digest1{PA}  
126..1097NIM Nix, Louis G.1{KY}; gold red  
1271097NIMGP Unknown1UNK14; {NC}; blue; flag with border and "FIRST DAY COVER"  
1281097NIMGP Unknown1UNK14; {PA}; blue; flag with border and "FIRST DAY COVER"  
1291097NIMGP Van Dahl Publications1{PA}; blue gold; GP  
1301097NIMZA Bereson, Alex1{NC}; c2011pci 
1311097NIMZA Boerger1{NC}; Eagle & Flag; redrsc 
132..1097NIMZA Clancy, Paul1{KY}  
1331097NIMZA Meissner, Erwin P.1{NC}; Typewriter, lines, and #1716 singlehdn hfd 
134..1122M003 Artcraft2Sun Tubular on flap  
1351122M003 Artcraft4With M23 American Forestry Association RS; Signed by designer Randolph Wendelin  
136..1122M019 Ulrich, Frank J.1 hdn hpd 
137..1122MC1E1 USPO1brown; tri-fold (?); 4x9; FD Program  
1381122NIM National Resources Council of America1black; QUESTIONABLE  
1391122NIM National Resources Council of America1green; QUESTIONABLE; First  
1401122NIM Pent Arts1Division of Forestry Founding; brown  
1411122NIM Pent Arts3The Smoke Jumper / Protector of U.S. Forests; brown  
1421122NIM Philatelic Group of Boston1GP  
1431122NIM Phoenix Philatelic Society7Maximum Card, similar to M016, buff card stock  
144..1122NIM Smokey Bear's Junior Forest Rangers1Size 10 envelope with corner card from various department stores; one-time; First  
145..1122NIM USPO2Souvenir Page; Souvenir Page  
1461122NIMZA Boerger1Eagle & Flag; redrsc 
147..1122NIMZANostalgia Cachets1 pci 
1481193M100 Unknown1black; silhouette of rocket at lift-off; UO Salisbury, NC; Unofficial  
1491193NIM Artcraft1UO Greensboro, NC (2); Unrelated Cachet; Unofficial  
1501230M003 Artcraft1Combo 0797  
151..1230M003 Artcraft2black; "PERSONAL" on bottom right  
152..1230M003 Artcraft4black; AML on back  
153..1230M003 Artcraft6black; Sun Tabular on back  
154..1230M003 Artcraft7black; Overseas Mailer overprint in purple  
155..1230M005 Atkinson, E.1 hpd 
1561230M006 Boerger1black green  
157..1230M007 Boerger2   
1581230M015 Fleetwood Cover Service1signed by Postmaster  
159..1230M032 Unknown1   
160..1230M033 Unknown1   
1611230NIM Dixie Stamp Collectors1red; at bottom 'DIXIPEX VI Cover'  
1621230NIM Unknown1UNK04pas 
163..1230NIM USPO1Postal Bulletin; Postal Bulletin  
1641230NIMESO Edenton, City of2Guide Map of Eden, Brochure, black on buff; Esoterica  
1651230NIMGP Bresnick Cachet1Black on tan card stock; GP  
1661230NIMNFD USPO2Souvenir Page, without FDOI; Souvenir Page  
167..1396R330001 USPS1Abbottsburg; DIS-CONTINUED 7/31/1960, mail to Bladenboro 210
168..1396R330002 USPS1Aberdeen 210
169..1396R330003 USPS1Advance  
170..1396R330005 USPS1Akers Center  
171..1396R330006 USPS1Alamance; 27201  
172..1396R330014 USPS1Altamahaw  
173..1396R330016 USPS1Andrews  
174..1396R330018 USPS1Ansonville; 28007  
175..1396R330019 USPS1Apex  
176..1396R330027 USPS1Ash; 28420  
177..1396R330029 USPS1Asheville; Slogan - ALWAYS USE/ZIP CODE  
178..1396R330037 USPS1Aulander  
179..1396R330040 USPS1Avon  
180..1396R330041 USPS1Ayden; 28513  
181..1396R330044 USPS1Badin; 28009  
182..1396R330047 USPS1Bakersville; 28705  
183..1396R330049 USPS1Balfour; 28706  
184..1396R330051 USPS1Balsam Grove  
185..1396R330058 USPS1Bat Cave; 28710  
186..1396R330061 USPS1Bayboro  
187..1396R330062 USPS1Bear Creek  
188..1396R330064 USPS1Beaufort  
189..1396R330067 USPS1Belhaven  
190..1396R330074 USPS1Bessemer City  
191..1396R330076 USPS1Bethania  
192..1396R330077 USPS1Bethel; 27812  
193..1396R330079 USPS1Beulaville  
194..1396R330086 USPS1Bladenboro  
195..1396R330089 USPS1Blowing Rock; 28605  
196..1396R330091 USPS1Boger City  
197..1396R330093 USPS1Boiling Springs; 28017  
198..1396R330098 USPS1Boomer  
199..1396R330099 USPS1Boone; 28607  
200..1396R330101 USPS1Bostic  
201..1396R330105 USPS1Brevard; 28712  
202..1396R330106 USPS1Bridgeton  
203..1396R330115 USPS1Bunn  
204..1396R330119 USPS1Burnsville; 28714  
205..1396R330120 USPS1Butner; 27509  
206..1396R330125 USPS1Camden  
207..1396R330128 USPS1Camp Lejeune; 28542  
208..1396R330135 USPS1Caroleen  
209..1396R330136 USPS1Carolina Beach; 28428  
210..1396R330142 USPS1Cashers  
211..1396R330144 USPS1Castle Hayne  
212..1396R330147 USPS1Catawba  
213..1396R330155 USPS1Raleigh, Century Station; 27602  
214..1396R330157 USPS1Chadbourn; 28431  
215..1396R330159 USPS1Charlotte  
216..1396R330159 USPS1Charlotte  
217..1396R330159 USPS1Charlotte  
218..1396R330161 USPS1Cherokee; 28719  
219..1396R330164 USPS1Chimney Rock  
220..1396R330166 USPS1Chinquiapin; 28521  
221..1396R330170 USPS1Clarkton  
222..1396R330171 USPS1Clayton; 27520  
223..1396R330174 USPS1Cliffside; 28024  
224..1396R330175 USPS1Climax  
225..1396R330176 USPS1Clinton; 28328  
226..1396R330180 USPS1Coinjock  
227..1396R330182 USPS1Columbia  
228..1396R330191 USPS1Conover  
229..1396R330194 USPS1Conway  
230..1396R330195 USPS1Cooleemee  
231..1396R330196 USPS1Corno  
232..1396R330199 USPS1Cornelius; 28931  
233..1396R330200 USPS1Corolla  
234..1396R330207 USPS1Creedmoor; 27522  
235..1396R330211 USPS1Crossnore  
236..1396R330221 USPS1Dallas  
237..1396R330222 USPS1Dana  
238..1396R330224 USPS1Davidson  
239..1396R330226 USPS1Deep Gap; 28618  
240..1396R330227 USPS1Deep Run  
241..1396R330229 USPS1Denton  
242..1396R330230 USPS1Denver  
243..1396R330238 USPS1Drexel  
244..1396R330242 USPS1Dunn  
245..1396R330245 USPS1Eagle Rock; 27353  
246..1396R330246 USPS1Eagle Springs; 27242  
247..1396R330262 USPS1Eden  
248..1396R330263 USPS1Edenton  
249..1396R330265 USPS1Edneyville; 28727  
250..1396R330270 USPS1Elizabethtown  
251..1396R330271 USPS1Elkin; 28621  
252..1396R330272 USPS1Elk Park  
253..1396R330273 USPS1Ellenboro  
254..1396R330276 USPS1Elon College; 27244  
255..1396R330276 USPS1Elon College; 27244  
256..1396R330289 USPS1Etowah  
257..1396R330294 USPS1Evergreen; 28438  
258..1396R330297 USPS1Fairmont  
259..1396R330300 USPS1Faith; 28041  
260..1396R330312 USPS1Fletcher; 28732  
261..1396R330312 USPS1Fletcher; 28732  
262..1396R330313 USPS1Fontana Dam  
263..1396R330322 USPS1Franklinton  
264..1396R330323 USPS1Franklinville  
265..1396R330326 USPS1Fremont; 27830  
266..1396R330332 USPS1Garner; 27529  
267..1396R330341 USPS1Gibson  
268..1396R330347 USPS1Glendon  
269..1396R330356 USPS1Gold Hill; 28071  
270..1396R330360 USPS1Graham; 27253  
271..1396R330362 USPS1Granite Falls; 28630  
272..1396R330363 USPS1Granite Quarry; 28072  
273..1396R330365 USPS1Grantsboro  
274..1396R330369 USPS1Greensboro  
275..1396R330372 USPS1Grifton  
276..1396R330380 USPS1Halifax; 27839  
277..1396R330381 USPS1Hallsboro  
278..1396R330387 USPS1Harbinger  
279..1396R330388 USPS1Harkers Island  
280..1396R330391 USPS1Harrellsville  
281..1396R330400 USPS1Hays  
282..1396R330403 USPS1Hazelwood; 28738  
2831396R330405 USPS1Hendersonville; 28739  
284..1396R330407 USPS1Henrietta  
285..1396R330410 USPS1Hickory; 28601; Slogan - PRAY/FOR/PEACE  
286..1396R330419 USPS1Hillsborough  
2871396R330431 USPS1Horse Shoe; 28742  
288..1396R330432 USPS1Hot Springs; 28743  
289..1396R330440 USPS1Indian Trail  
290..1396R330446 USPS1Jackson Hall  
291..1396R330449 USPS1Jacksonville; 28540  
292..1396R330453 USPS1Jarvisburg  
293..1396R330463 USPS1Kenly  
294..1396R330464 USPS1Kernersville  
295..1396R330465 USPS1Kill Devil Hills; 27948  
296..1396R330466 USPS1King  
297..1396R330469 USPS1Kinston  
298..1396R330471 USPS1Kittrell  
299..1396R330472 USPS1Kitty Hawk; 27949  
300..1396R330477 USPS1La Grange; 28551  
301..1396R330483 USPS1Lake Waccamaw; 28450  
302..1396R330485 USPS1Landis; 28088  
303..1396R330489 USPS1Laurel Hill  
304..1396R330490 USPS1Laurel Springs; 28644  
305..1396R330494 USPS1Leasburg  
306..1396R330498 USPS1Lenoir; 28645  
307..1396R330499 USPS1Hickory, Lenoir Rhyne Station; 28601  
308..1396R330507 USPS1Lincolnton; 28092  
309..1396R330509 USPS1Linville  
310..1396R330511 USPS1Linwood  
311..1396R330512 USPS1Little Switzerland  
312..1396R330518 USPS1Hickory, Long View Branch; 28601  
313..1396R330526 USPS1Lumber Bridge; 28357  
314..1396R330528 USPS1Lynn  
315..1396R330531 USPS1Macon  
316..1396R330532 USPS1Madison  
317..1396R330533 USPS1Maggie; 28751  
318..1396R330540 USPS1Manson; 27553  
319..1396R330541 USPS1Manteo; 27954  
320..1396R330545 USPS1Margarettsville; 27553  
321..1396R330550 USPS1Mars Hill; 28754  
322..1396R330555 USPS1Maxton; 28364  
323..1396R330559 USPS1McCain  
324..1396R330563 USPS1McLeansville  
325..1396R330564 USPS1Mebane  
326..1396R330571 USPS1Micro  
327..1396R330572 USPS1Middleburg; 27550  
328..1396R330575 USPS1Midland  
329..1396R330577 USPS1Midway Park  
330..1396R330579 USPS1Millers Creek  
331..1396R330585 USPS1Minneapolis  
332..1396R330588 USPS1Misenheimer; 28109  
333..1396R330591 USPS1Monroe; 28110  
334..1396R330592 USPS1Montezuma  
335..1396R330593 USPS1Montreat; 28757  
336..1396R330594 USPS1Mooresburg  
337..1396R330595 USPS1Mooresville  
338..1396R330597 USPS1Mordecai  
339..1396R330603 USPS1Mount Airy  
340..1396R330604 USPS1Mount Gilead  
341..1396R330605 USPS1Mount Holly  
342..1396R330606 USPS1Mount Olive  
343..1396R330608 USPS1Mountain Home; 28758  
344..1396R330613 USPS1Moyock  
345..1396R330615 USPS1Murfreesboro; 27855  
346..1396R330620 USPS1Naples  
347..1396R330623 USPS1Raleigh; Nazareth Rural Station  
348..1396R330629 USPS1Newell  
349..1396R330633 USPS1Newland  
350..1396R330634 USPS1New London; 28127  
351..1396R330636 USPS1Jacksonville, New River Plaza Station  
352..1396R330638 USPS1Newton Grove; 28366  
353..1396R330640 USPS1Norlina  
354..1396R330650 USPS1North Wilkesboro  
355..1396R330651 USPS1Northside  
356..1396R330653 USPS1Norwood; 28128  
357..1396R330661 USPS1Olin  
358..1396R330663 USPS1Oriental  
359..1396R330665 USPS1Oteen, BR Asheville  
360..1396R330666 USPS1Otto; 28763  
361..1396R330668 USPS1Oxford; 27565  
362..1396R330677 USPS1Patterson; 28661  
363..1396R330684 USPS1Penrose  
364..1396R330692 USPS1Pinehurst; 28374  
365..1396R330697 USPS1Pineville  
366..1396R330702 USPS1Pisgah Forest; 28768  
367..1396R330703 USPS1Pittsboro; 27312  
368..1396R330708 USPS1Plumtree; 28664  
369..1396R330709 USPS1Plymouth  
370..1396R330710 USPS1Point Harbor  
371..1396R330713 USPS1Pollocksville  
372..1396R330717 USPS1Powells Point; 27966  
373..1396R330724 USPS1Raeford  
374..1396R330725 USPS1Raleigh; Slogan - ALWAYS USE/ZIP CODE  
375..1396R330733 USPS1Reidsville  
376..1396R330736 USPS1Rex; 28378  
377..1396R330739 USPS1Rich Square; 27869  
378..1396R330741 USPS1Richfield; 28137  
379..1396R330748 USPS1Robbins  
380..1396R330753 USPS1Rockwell; 28138  
381..1396R330763 USPS1Rosman; 28772  
382..1396R330766 USPS1Rowland; 28383  
383..1396R330772 USPS1Rutherfordton; 28139  
384..1396R330787 USPS1Scotland Neck  
385..1396R330789 USPS1Scottville  
386..1396R330791 USPS1Seaboard  
387..1396R330794 USPS1Sedalia; ?????  
388..1396R330796 USPS1Selma  
389..1396R330805 USPS1Sharpsburg; 27078  
390..1396R330810 USPS1Shiloh; 27974  
391..1396R330815 USPS1Skyland; 28776  
392..1396R330821 USPS1Snow Hill  
393..1396R330823 USPS1South Greensboro  
394..1396R330824 USPS1South Mills  
395..1396R330826 USPS1Southmont  
396..1396R330837 USPS1Spring Lake; 28390  
397..1396R330841 USPS1Stanfield  
398..1396R330844 USPS1Star; 27856  
399..1396R330846 USPS1State College, Raleigh  
400..1396R330851 USPS1Stern  
401..1396R330853 USPS1Stokesdale  
402..1396R330855 USPS1Stonewall  
403..1396R330859 USPS1Sugar Grove; 28679  
404..1396R330863 USPS1Sunbury  
405..1396R330866 USPS1Supply  
406..1396R330868 USPS1Swannanoa; 28778  
407..1396R330870 USPS1Swansboro; 28584  
408..1396R330872 USPS1Sylva; 28779  
409..1396R330876 USPS1Tarboro; 27886  
410..1396R330878 USPS1Tate Street  
411..1396R330879 USPS1Taylorsville  
412..1396R330885 USPS1Timberlake  
413..1396R330891 USPS1Topton  
414..1396R330892 USPS1Townsville  
415..1396R330894 USPS1Trenton  
416..1396R330899 USPS1Tryon; 28782  
417..1396R330901 USPS1Turkey  
418..1396R330902 USPS1Turnersburg  
419..1396R330904 USPS1Tyner; 27980  
420..1396R330914 USPS1Valle Crucis; 28691  
421..1396R330917 USPS1Vass; USPS Postmaster Finder reports first Postmaster appointed 6/8/1974 (research not complete)  
422..1396R330918 USPS1Vaughan  
423..1396R330921 USPS1Vilas  
424..1396R330925 USPS1Wagram  
425..1396R330930 USPS1Wallburg  
426..1396R330931A USPS1Walnut Cove  
427..1396R330933 USPS1Wananish  
428..1396R330937 USPS1Warrensville  
429..1396R330938 USPS1Warrenton; 27589  
430..1396R330950 USPS1Welcome  
431..1396R330951 USPS1Weldon  
432..1396R330962 USPS1West Jefferson; 28694  
433..1396R330967 USPS1Whispering Pines; not incorporated, do not believe ever had a post office, mail to Carthage 28327  
434..1396R330973 USPS1Whiteville; 28472  
435..1396R330987 USPS1Wilson  
436..1396R330996 USPS1Wise  
437..1396R331000 USPS1Woodleaf; 27054  
438..1396R331006 USPS1Youngsville  
439..1396R331007 USPS1Zebulon; 27597  
440..1396R331008 USPS1Zionville; 28598  
441..1396R334270 USPS1NC 270 Greensboro  
442..1396R334270 USPS1U.S. Postal Service; NC 270  
4431396R334271 USPS1U.S. Postal Service; NC 271  
444..1396R334275 USPS1U.S. Postal Service; NC 275  
445..1396R334275 USPS1U.S. Postal Service; NC 275  
446..1396R334275 USPS1US Postal Service; NC 275  
4471451a  Albers Cache1Just two lines of text; Combo 1453  
448..1451a  Artcraft2"Oregon Inlet Lighthouse"; Size 10 envelope  
449..1451a  Artcraft4"Oregon Juliet Lighthouse"; Overseas Mailer overprint in green  
4501451a  Artcraft5"Oregon Juliet Lighthouse"; Colonial Federal Savings letter enclosed  
451..1451a  Cachet Craft1Does it exist?  
452..1451a  Lorstan1   
4531451a  Marg1black blue, with advertising letter and back imprint from Texas Gulf Sulphur Company  
454..1451a  Maul, Herman R.1 hdn hpd 
4551451a  Prestige Reaction1green text only  
456..1451a  USPS1black/red on ivory; 9.75 x 9.75; MS1-O; FD Program  
4571451aPPC Elizabeth City News Company5Outer Banks, Fishing at sea; (111945); PPC  
4581451aPPC Elizabeth City News Company7Billy Mitchell Airport, Hatteras, NC; FDOI on back; PPC  
4591451aPPC Elizabeth City News Company8Outer Banks, Hatteras Inlet Ferry; FDOI on back (P88658); PPC  
4601451aZA Unknown1UNK16; On Bidstart by uncledenden 2010pci 
461..1562  Ron Myers Cachets1   
4621562  Ron Myers Cachets1   
4631562  Unknown2UNK05; all-over US flag, rubberstamped text paragraph on back; maybe Andrews  
4641562ESO Artopages2Album Page with mint stamp, FDC attached; from Weigal Collection; Esotericahcd1
4651562GP Artcraft3burgondy; GP ARB with Independence Hall; GP  
4661562GP Artcraft4blue; GP ARB with Eagle/Flags/Drum; GP  
4671644  Artopages2{DC}; green on white sticker in middle  
4681644  Artopages4{NC}; green on white sticker  
4691644  Artopages7{?}; Gold Foil Labelpas 
4701644  Artopages8{DC}; Label; UO Washington, DC Smithsonian Station; Dual #1985 2nd Day Same Location; Presume prepared by George Alexander, from a set of 50 of each flag.; Unofficialpas 
4711644  House of Farnam1{DC}; GP, Flags of The States  
472..1644  Postmasters of America1{DC}; Size 7 envelope  
473..1644  Ross Foil1{NC}  
4741644  WEB Covers1{NC-DC}; Dual FDOI; First  
475..1644GPArtopages5{?}; GP cachet; may exist  
4761820  Andrews Cachet1UO Greensboro, NC Guilford Court House Station; Unofficial  
4771822  Andrews Cachet1UO Greensboro, NC; Unofficial  
4781822  Andrews Cachet1UO Madison, NC; Unofficial  
479..1822  House of Farnam1Dual FDOI and UO Greensboro, NC; Unofficial  
4801822  House of Farnam1Dual FDOI and UO Greensboro, NC  
481..1908  Agris Medical Cachets1black 100
482..1908  Colorano "Silk" Cachet2Maxi-Card  
483..1908  Colorano "Silk" Cachet3blue, Manual Pump in Circle, Cuba #2144 (info: Flory)  
484..1908  Daski, James F.1   
485..1908  Daski, James F.2   
4861908  Educative Services, Inc.1   
487..1908  Elite1Amoskey Pumper with description  
488..1908  FMCA1  37
4891908  Gill Craft41852 Fire Pumper; Proof Card; signed by Artist  
490..1908  International Association of Fire Fighters, #3021Allentown, PA; black  
491..1908  JWL1Firefighters Today, Snorkel in action  
492..1908  Kribbs' Kover1Sparky, black/redhdn hpd 
493..1908  Kush, Mike1blue; Reply Envelope, FF's Benefit Ball, Allentown, PA (Flory)  
494..1908  Kush, Mike2red; Amoskeg Steamer, Great Eastern FF's Spect. (Flory)  
495..1908  Langer Cachet1Steamer, burning house, blue starshfd hcd 
496..1908  Natsco1Friendship Fire Company  
497..1908  Post, Richard E.1black/red; red rectangle, shows part of wheel (Flory)  
498..1908  Postal Commemorative Society2Golden Replica; Size 7  
499..1908  Quadracolorplus2black/gold; Early Fire Pumperpas 
500..1908  Robinson Stamps1red; FF with axe and SCBA  
501..1908  Ron Myers Cachets1   
502..1908  Schleyer, James2red fire helmet, yellow shield #4; Stamp Designer  
5031908  Schleyer, James4Non-FDOI; Color Proof for stamp, submitted by Don McDowell (Director, Stamp Development Branch, USPS) for approval of the color of the stamp art; signed by James Schleyer - Stamp Designer 1
504..1908  Schuster, CN Jr.1gray, 3/4 of cover steamer, hose reel, buildings  
505..1908  Shue, John1black; Difference between Fire Engine and Fire Truck  
506..1908  Slyter Cachets1Steamer on top, weathervane (Flory)hpd 
507..1908  USPS1First Day Program; FD Program  
508..1908  Western Heritage Association1similar to stamp  
509..1908CC International Association of Fire Fighters, #3021Allentown, PA; BCC  
510..1908GP Americana Unit1GP  
511..1908GP Pomex '781red; East Stroudsburg FD, Two-Man Pumper (Flory)  
512..1908GP Pomex '782red; Stroudsburg FD, 1781 Horse Drawn Steamer (Flory)  
5131908JL-13 JONAL Art Covers1With encased 1963 Franklin Half Dollar; Fire Servicehdn hpd25
514..1929  Andrews Cachet1UO Asheville, NC Downtown Station; Unofficial  
5151929  Aristocrats1UO Asheville, NC; Unofficial  
5161929  Double A Cachets1Printed frame under stamps on Gill Craft cachet; Combo 1841; UO Asheville, NC Downtown Station; Unofficial 9
5171929  Gamm Covers1UO Asheville, NC Downtown Station; Unofficial  
518..1932  Andrews Cachet64-color; 26 x 29.5 Print; Maybe Andrews - Maxie  
5191932  Artcraft1Combo 718, 938, 1189, 1262, 1263; Combination  
5201932  Artcraft1UO Beaumont, TX; Unofficial  
5211932  Artcraft1UO Golf, IL; Unofficial  
5221932  Artcraft1UO Olympia Fields, IL; Unofficial  
5231932  Artcraft1UO Pinehurst, NC; Unofficial  
524..1932  Artcraft2black; Flintkote on flap  
5251932  Artmaster1Combo 1695, 1698, 1791, 1792, UXC18; Combination  
5261932  B.B.T. Cachets1purple on buff envelope; signed by Stamp Designer, Richard Gangel; First 1
5271932  Bert, Adam K.1Uncacheted; Signature #5 size envelope  
5281932  Brennan Cachets1purple; with story card 197
5291932  Colorano "Silk" Cachet2Maximum Card 400
5301932  Colorano "Silk" Cachet3U583 FDC with dual Zaharias - UO Altanta, GA Civic Center Station  
5311932  Colorano "Silk" Cachet4#1790 FDC with Dual FDOI Zaharias  
5321932  DBC1black; ivory envelope  
533..1932  DBC2black; green envelope  
5341932  Gamm Covers1UO AMF O'Hare, IL Station; Unofficial  
5351932  Gamm Covers1UO Golf, IL; Unofficial  
5361932  Gamm Covers1UO Pinehurst, NC; Unofficial  
5371932  Garry Owen Local Post1purple 100
5381932  Garry Owen Local Post1purple; hpd by E. T. Wolfehpd81
5391932  Gill Craft1Combo 1695, 1698, 1791, 1792, UXC18; Combination  
5401932  Gill Craft1Combo 718, 938, 1189, 1262, 1263; Combination  
5411932  Gill Craft5printed on U583 envelope, Size 10  
5421932  HAM Cachets1UO Beaumont, TX; Variety; part of same production; Unofficialhpd 
5431932  HM (Mezzack)1brown green; Combo 1381, 1382, 1933; Combination  
5441932  HM-Shue1brown green; UO Southern Pines, NC; Unofficial 5
5451932  HM-Shue2brown green; Combo 1381, 1382, 1933; Combination  
5461932  Ingrassia, Frank R.1Cachet for both Zaharias & Jones  
5471932  JG Cachets1black 22
5481932  JLP Cachet1greenthm100
549..1932  Langer Cachet1 hcd10
5501932  Lorstan1Combo 855, 1189, 1381, 1382, 1933; Combination  
5511932  Maury1Cachet is for Z and J  
5521932  Maury1Cachet is for Z and J; Combo 0716 0718 0719; Combination 1
5531932  PM Cover1redthm 
5541932  PM Cover1red; pink envelopethm 
5551932  Postmasters of America1multicolored; Size 7 envelope; with bio card  
5561932  Quadracolorplus1Babe with trophypas500
5571932 Reader's Digest2Cover mounted on 10.5 x 13.5 punched-hole album page  
5581932  Riggs Comic Cachets1green  
5591932  Robinson Stamps1blackLWC100
5601932 Ross Foil1Paste-On, silver foilPAS150
5611932  Sports Philatelists International1greenTHM100
562..1932  TMW1 hdn hpd 
5631932  Unknown21black; very neatly hand-crafted envelopehfd 
5641932  Unknown22Elongated penny encased in clear pocket sealed inside envelope; USPS 'Officially Sealed' label on back rubberstampted SEP 22 1981  
565..1932  VKS Cachets1UO Aberdeen, NC; Unofficial  
5661932  VKS Cachets1UO Atlanta, GA Civic Center Station; Unofficial  
5671932  VKS Cachets1UO Atlanta, GA Emory University Branch; Unofficial  
5681932  VKS Cachets1UO Atlanta, GA Main Office; Unofficial  
5691932  VKS Cachets1UO Augusta, GA; Unofficial  
5701932  VKS Cachets1UO Camden, SC; Unofficial  
5711932  VKS Cachets1UO Camden, SC; Unofficial  
5721932  VKS Cachets1UO Ellenwood, GA; Unofficial  
5731932  VKS Cachets1UO Jonesboro, GA; Unofficial  
5741932  VKS Cachets1UO Morrow, GA; Unofficial  
5751932  VKS Cachets1UO Pinebluff, NC; Unofficial  
576..1932  VKS Cachets1UO Pinebluff, NC; Unofficial  
5771932  VKS Cachets1UO Pinehurst, NC; Unofficial  
5781932  VKS Cachets1UO Pinehurst, NC; Unofficial  
5791932  VKS Cachets1UO Pinehurst, NC Always Use Zip Codes; Unofficial  
5801932  VKS Cachets1UO Rex, GA; Unofficial  
5811932  VKS Cachets1UO Rockingham, NC; Unofficial  
5821932  VKS Cachets1UO Rockingham, NC; Unofficial  
5831932  WDM1black text 9
5841932  White, John H.1WGHF cut-out from area map of Sandhills; tied by cancelpas 
585..1932  Women on Stamps Study Unit, ATA2brown; Size 7 envelope; First 300
586..1932  Women on Stamps Study Unit, ATA3black; Siize 10 envelope; First 300
5871932  Women's Sports Publications, Inc.1brown; Size 10 WSP Corner Card envelope  
5881932  Women's Sports Publications, Inc.2brown; Size 7 envelope; First  
589..1932  World Golf Hall of Fame2green purple; produced by Andrews; without Pinehurst logo; Sold by Andrews at FDOI; First 5000
590..1932  World Golf Hall of Fame34-color; produced by Andrews; With Pinehurst Logo; First 4000
5911932ESO Babe Didrikson Zaharias Foundation1Brochure, A Record of Achievement; legal-size sheet; UO Beaumont, TX on front; serviced by Simpson; Esoterica  
5921932ESO Babe Didrikson Zaharias Foundation1Brochure; A Record of Achievement; legal-size sheet; UO Beaumont, TX on back; serviced by Simpson; Esoterica  
5931932ESO Babe Didrikson Zaharias Foundation1Business letterhead sheet; UO Beaumont, TX; serviced by Wm Simpson; Esoterica  
5941932ESO HM (Mezzack)1Cachet printing Setup Page with FDOI at bottom; Esoterica 1
595..1932GP Ashley Cachets, Inc.1Map, black; GP  
5961932GP Ashley Cachets, Inc.2Map, blue; GP  
597..1932GP Ashley Cachets, Inc.3Globe, black; GP  
598..1932GP Ashley Cachets, Inc.4Globe, blue; GP  
599..1932GP Ashley Cachets, Inc.4Globe, blue; GP  
600..1932GP Van Dahl Publications1Globe; blue gold; GP  
6011932UNC Uncacheted1signed by Stamp Designer, Richard Gangel 1
602..1932ZA Fox, Melissa1 hdn hpd 
6031933  American Postal Arts Society1   
604..1933  Andrews Cachet74-color; 26 x 29.5 Print  
6051933  Artcraft1black, Re-constructed 4-corner Plate Block #1  
6061933  Artcraft1black; UO Chicago, IL Niles Station  
6071933  Artcraft1black; UO Pinehurst, NC  
6081933  Artcraft1Combo 1696, 1697, 1790, 1793, 1794, C97; Combination  
609..1933  Artcraft2black, Flintkote on flap  
6101933  Artmaster1Combo 726, 1022, 1265, 1533; Combination  
6111933  B.B.T. Cachets1green brown; buff envelope; signed by Stamp Designer, Richard Gangel; First  
6121933  Bert, Adam K.1Uncacheted; Signature #5 size envelope  
6131933  Brennan Cachets1green 199
6141933  Carmchet1Dual FDOI on U583 cachet with UO Augusta, GA Martinez Branch CDS; black  
6151933  Carrollton1black blue 500
6161933  Colorano "Silk" Cachet2Maximum Card 400
6171933  Colorano "Silk" Cachet3U583 FDC with Jones FDOI  
6181933  Connolly, Joseph P.1green 60
619..1933  DBC1black; ivory envelope  
6201933  DBC2black; olive envelope; UO Augusta, GA  
6211933  Fleetwood Cover Service3U583 FDC with Jones FDOI  
6221933  G & G1Dual UO (1) Atlanta, GA & (2) Jonesboro, GA; Unofficial  
6231933  G & G1UO Pinehurst, NC; Signed by Cachetmaker; Unofficial  
6241933  G & G1UO Rex, GA; Unofficial  
6251933  Gamm Covers1UO Augusta, GA; poor cancel; Unofficial  
6261933  Gamm Covers1UO Chicago, IL Niles Branch; Unofficial  
6271933  Gamm Covers1UO Pinehurst, NC; Unofficial  
6281933  Garry Owen Local Post1hpd by E. T. Wolfehpd100
6291933  Gill Craft1Combo 1461, 1696, 1697, 1790, 1794, C97; Combination  
6301933  Gill Craft1Combo 726, 1022, 1265, 1536; Combination  
6311933  Gill Craft1UO Atlanta, GA; Unofficial  
6321933  Gill Craft5Printed on U583 Envelope, Size 10  
6331933  Grusz3Personal Itemhld1
6341933  HAM Cachets1Dual FDOI & UO Atlanta, GA Main Office (small); 165/205; minor varieties exist; Unofficialhpd205
6351933  HAM Cachets1Dual FDOI & UO Atlanta, GA Main Office (small); 169/205; minor varieties exist; Unofficialhpd205
6361933  HM (Mezzack)1black red 250
6371933  HM (Mezzack)2PGA Tour Trading Card; Dave Eichelbergerpas 
6381933  HM (Mezzack)2PGA Tour Trading Card; Ed Fioripas 
6391933  HM (Mezzack)2PGA Tour Trading Card; Jeff Mitchellpas 
6401933  HM-Shue1brown green, Southern Pines, NC; Unofficial 5
6411933  HM-Shue1brown green; mis-print - brown pic mirrored 3
6421933  HM-Shue1brown green; mis-print - brown pic shifted right 1.25" 1
643..1933  House of Farnam2Swing pose; printed on unused U583 10
6441933 House of Farnam3Swing pose; printed on U583 FDC; Retirement text in cachet; Qty reported by John Halliday 10
6451933  JG Cachets1black 22
646..1933  Langer Cachet1 hcd10
6471933  Lorstan1Combo 1189, 1932, U583; Combination  
6481933  Lorstan1UO Pinehurst, NC; Unofficial  
6491933  MC2blue  
6501933  PM Cover1black; lt green envelopethm 
6511933  Postal Commemorative Society3Golden Replica; Size 7; with label "FIRST PRODUCTION RUN"  
6521933  R & R1same as Colorano cachet  
6531933  RE Covers1black; 35 sold unserviced 70
6541933 Reader's Digest2Cover mounted on 10.5 x 13.5 punched-hole album page  
6551933  Rice, William Roy1greenLWC15
6561933  Riggs Comic Cachets1green  
6571933  Robinson Stamps1blackLWC100
6581933  Robinson Stamps2black; Trevino Induction; green envelope 50
6591933 Ross Foil1silver foilPAS150
6601933  Spectrum Cover1UO Pinehurst, NC; Unofficial  
661..1933  TMW1 hdn hpd 
6621933  Unknown14black  
6631933  Unknown15black; very neatly hand-crafted envelopehfd 
6641933  Unknown16Elongated penny encased in clear pocket sealed inside envelope; USPS 'Officially Sealed' label on back rubberstampted SEP 22 1981  
6651933  USPS1USPS News Philatelic Release #28 Bulletin, FDOI on front; Postal Bulletin  
6661933  VKS Cachets1UO Atlanta, GA Civic Center Station; Unofficial  
6671933  VKS Cachets1UO Ellenwood, GA; Unofficial  
6681933  VKS Cachets1UO Forest Park, GA; Unofficial  
6691933  VKS Cachets1UO Hamlet, NC; Unofficial  
6701933  VKS Cachets1UO Jonesboro, GA; Unofficial  
6711933  VKS Cachets1UO Morrow, GA; Unofficial  
6721933  VKS Cachets1UO Pinehurst, NC; Unofficial  
6731933  VKS Cachets1UO Pinehurst, NC; Unofficial  
6741933  VKS Cachets1UO Rockingham, NC; Unofficial  
6751933  Watercolor Cachets2Artwork by Carole Thompson months before FDOI - NOT SERVICED according to Producer (04/1983)  
6761933  WDM1black text 9
6771933  White, John H.1WGHF cut-out from area map of Sandhillspas 
678..1933  World Golf Hall of Fame2green purple; Without Pinehurst Logo 5000
679..1933GP Ashley Cachets, Inc.1Map; black; GP  
680..1933GP Ashley Cachets, Inc.2Map; blue; GP  
681..1933GP Ashley Cachets, Inc.3Globe; black; GP  
6821933UNC Uncacheted1signed by Stamp Designer, Richard Gangel 1
683..1933ZA Fox, Melissa1 hdn hpd 
684..1933a  Andrews - Maxie24-color; 14 x 18 card  
685..1933a  Andrews Cachet1green purple; 11.5 x 10 card  
686..1933a  DBC1black, ivory envelope  
687..1933a  DBC2black, green envelope  
6881933a  Dyer, Ralph2 hdn hpd 
689..1933a  JG Cachets1black 5
6901933a  Marg1black brown  
6911933a  Maury1brown green purple 200
6921933a  Maury1brown green purple 1
6931933a  O'Neill, George A,1Album sheet, typed text, FDOI on U583 cut-to-size & pasted on 3
694..1933a  Queensbury Cachet1   
695..1933a  Ross Foil1FDOI on U583 Ross Foil cachet  
6961933aESO HM-Shue1Cachet printing Setup Page with FDOI at top; Esoterica 1
697..1933aGP Boulevard Miniature Golf Club1May existpas 
6981933aME1 World Golf Hall of Fame6black; FD Program; 5.5 x 8.5; FD Program  
699..1933aZA JLBY Covers1   
7001952  HM-Shue1UO Liberty, NC; Unofficial  
7011985  Alexander, George A.1{DC}; UO Washington, DC Station #23hfd 
7021985  Alexander, George A.1{NC}hfd 
703..1985  Artcraft3{DC}; black, Eagle & Flowers  
704..1985  Artcraft4{DC}; black, Flintkote on flap  
705..1985  Cover Craft Cachets1{NC}  
7061985  Diamant Cachets1   
707..1985  JLP Cachet3{NC}; yellowthm 
708..1985  Kribbs' Kover1{NC}; Not seen, but referenced in a letter to me from Ken stating; "...trying to catch up on doing FIFTY DIFFERENT covers for Birds/Flowers." That is all that is known.hdn hpd 
709..1985  Postal Commemorative Society2{DC}; Golden Replica; Size 7  
7101985  Postal Commemorative Society2{DC}; Golden Replica; Size 7; Dual FDOI #2093  
7111985  USPS1{DC}; FD Program, NC-ND-TX-UT block; FD Program  
712..2093  Artcraft2green; Does it exist?  
7132093  HM (Mezzack)1Croatoan on tree; brown; white envelope; UO Washington, DC LFR Station  
714..2093  JLP Cachet1Not confirmed  
7152093 Reader's Digest2Cover mounted on 10.5 x 13.5 punched-hole album page  
716..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; Dual FDOI and UO Wanchese, NC in red; (TMW); Unofficialhpd5
717..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC and Wanchese, NC in red; (TMW); Unofficialhpd9
718..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd7
719..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC in red & Wanchese, NC in red; Combo #796; (TMW); Unofficialhpd4
720..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC larg (1.25") Parcel Post cancel and Wanchese, NC in red; (1) white envelope, (2) regular white card stock, (4) whtie vellum finish card stock; (TMW); Unofficialhpd7
721..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC large (1.25") Parcel Post cancel and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd10
722..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd1
723..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC; Registered cover to TMW; (TMW); Unofficialhpd1
724..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Wanchese, NC and Manteo, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd24
725..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Wanchese, NC; Registered cover to TMW; (TMW); Unofficialhpd1
726..2093  TMW2brown; parchtone card envelope size; UO Manteo, NC large (1.25") Parcel Post cancel and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd2
727..2093  TMW3black; ivory envelope; FDOI and UO Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficial 25
728..2093  TMW3black; ivory envelope; UO Rocky Mount, NC; TMW: "sent to Rocky Mt. in mail from Wanchese"; (TMW); Unofficial 5
729..2093  TMW4brown buff card stock; FDOI; (TMW) 15
730..2093  TMW5brown; parchtone card stock; FDOI and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficial 25
731..2093  TMW5brown; parchtone card stock; FDOI; (TMW) 5
732..2093  TMW6brown; TMW folded stationery; UO Manteo larg (1.25") Parcel Post cancel and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficial 3
733..2093  TMW7UO Manteo, NC; CC with hand-drawing; (TMW); Unofficialhpd6
734..2093  TMW7UO Wanchese, NC; CC with hand-drawing; (TMW); Unofficialhpd6
735..2093  TMW8black; 6x8 white card stock; UO Manteo, NC and Wanchese, NC in red; (TMW); Unofficial 8
736..2093  TMW8black; 6x8 white card stock; UO Manteo, NC and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficial 9
737..2093  TMW9black; ?x? vellum finish white card; UO Manteo, NC and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficial 5
738..2093  TMW9black; ?x? vellum finish white card; UO Manteo, NC in red and Wanchese, NC in red; (TMW); Unofficial 5
739..2093  TMW10black; ?x? ivory card; UO Manteo, NC and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficial 4
740..2093  TMW10black; ?x? ivory card; UO Manteo, NC in red and Wanchese, NC in red; (TMW); Unofficial 4
7412093  TMW10brown; 6x8 parchtone card; UO Manteo, NC in red and Wanchese, NC in red; (TMW); Unofficial 7
742..2093  TMW10brown; 6x8 parchtone card; UOs (1) Nags Head, NC KHC4; (2) Hatteras, NC KHC4; (3) Waves, NC KHC4; (4) Kill Devil Hills, NC KHC4; (5) Kitty Hawk, NC KHC4; (WS); Unofficial 1
743..2093  TMW10brown; 6x8 parchtone card; UOs On Front: 1) Washington, DC PSD CDS; 2) Chesapeake, VA PC PHC; 3) Chesapeake, VA CDS; 4) Washington, DC SS PHC; 5) Baltimore, MD CDS. On Back: 6) Edgewood, MD CDS; 7) Baltimore, MD PC PHC; 8) Philadelphia, PA BFF; (LS); Unofficial 1
744..2096  Adams, Frank1   
745..2096  Anon E. Mouse1Cynthia Scotthcd 
7462096  Artcraft1black; UO Picacho, NM; Unofficial  
7472096  Artcraft1Combo #1098, 1245, 1317; Combination  
748..2096  Artopages1blue/red; Lt. Rich Gardner, Retired; Salute to Smokey Bear (EF)  
749..2096  BR Cachets2Souvenir Page  
7502096  Calhoun's Collectors Society1gold foil; blue; Size 7 envelope  
7512096  Cheltenham Cachets1red; Smokey on tractor, burnt forest (CL215)  
7522096  Coin 4 Cachets1Nassau County Fire Association, NY patchhfd hcd19
7532096  Coin 4 Cachets2Nassau County Fire Association, NY patch with footprinthfd hcd19
7542096  Coin 4 Cachets3black circle with black manual pumper - 'Help'hfd18
7552096  Coin 4 Cachets5Old New York Volunteer Fire Departmenthfd18
7562096  Coin 4 Cachets6Soutwark Engine No. 38hfd18
7572096  Coin 4 Cachets7Empire Engine No. 42hfd18
758..2096  Cummins, John1black  
759..2096  DAL1Smokey Bear head; Firsthpd 
760..2096  Double A Cachets1Does it exist?  
761..2096  Fire Service In Philately1Number of Designs Unknown, don't have images. (EF), maybe 3  
762..2096  Fogt, Judith1 hpd 
763..2096  Fogt, Judith1 hpd 
764..2096  Foust, Amy1Fire Prevention School, Bear Cub / Ladder / Helmet (EF)hpd 
765..2096  Fox, Melissa2Fawn with Smokey's Hat, squirrel with matchhdn hpd1
766..2096  Gill Craft3Maxi-Card; DO THEY EXIST?  
767..2096  Gold Mine1blue/red; Maltese Cross & American Flag 1
768..2096  Goldcraft1orange; Fireman's head with four stars 1
769..2096 H. N. Local Post1(Believe) Balsa Wood, with burnt lower left cornerhfd1
770..2096  H. N. Local Post2HN Local Post; Smokey Bear paper doll, 10 x 7hfd1
771..2096  H. N. Local Post3HN Local Post; Detroit Bank check with bear on it & FDChfd1
772..2096  Hudeck, Gary2with 1983 label; MINI-COVER (EF) 1
773..2096  JLBY Covers1(3) Designs ?  
774..2096  JLP Cachet1Not confirmed  
775..2096  Kass, William1Cub walking/running; Firsthpd 
776..2096  Kass, William1Smokey Bear head and frame; Firsthpd 
777..2096  Kush, Mike1Number of Designs and style unknown, 6 or more  
778..2096  Langer Cachet1black  
779..2096  Marika1   
780..2096  Mar-Jim Covers1gray/brown, bear sitting on grey slopehpd1
781..2096  McDonald, Georgan1Smokey with shovel, bird on top (EF)hpd1
782..2096  McNatt, Herman S. & Forrest Jacobs1Smokey with animals in his arms, heartshpd1
783..2096  Megan '841Camper and Campfire on hand, Prevent Forest Fires (Flory)hpd1
784..2096  MJN1burnt tree, flames, three matches 1
785..2096  MJN2Hand putting out cigarette, Smokey's headhpd1
786..2096  MJN3Green tree with Smokey's head behindhpd1
787..2096  Mychaskiw, George1Big Black Bear 1
788..2096  Namake Cachets1   
789..2096  P1Smokey at desk, 'Smokey Says Prevent Forest Fires' (Flory)hfd1
7902096  Panda Cachets1multicolored, UO Capitan, NM; Unofficial  
7912096  Panda Cachets1multicolored, UO Columbus, OH Smokey Bear Station; Unofficial  
792..2096  PM Cover1   
7932096  Postal Commemorative Society1black  
794..2096  Quadracolorplus1 pas 
7952096 Reader's Digest2Cover mounted on 10.5 x 13.5 punched-hole album page  
796..2096  REH2black/brown on lt brown envelope; Smokey, ABC's  
797..2096  REH3black/brown on lt brown envelope; Smokey, twig in hat  
798..2096  REH4black/brown on lt brown envelope; Smokey, Right Paw Up  
799..2096  REH5black/brown on lt brown envelope; Smokey, paw print  
800..2096  Rice, William Roy1brown bearhfd lwb1
801..2096  Roberts, J. P.2Brown Cub sitting in a tree limbhpd1
802..2096  Roberts, J. P.3Smokey's Head, green Smokey Hathpd1
803..2096  Robinson Stamps1grey; Ranger with Smokey hat, Won't You Help? 1
804..2096  Rock Aries1blue; Smokey with shovel and Cub in Tree 1
8052096  Ron Myers Cachets2brown/green 1
806..2096  RW Cachets1Smokey pouring water on campfire; yellow envelope  
807..2096  Sandra's Cachets1   
808..2096  Shue, John1Bear and Tree, Zoo Builds Honey; yellow envelope  
809..2096  SKAT1 hpd 
810..2096  Tom Tye1Smokey's head in red match tip  
811..2096  Tom Tye2Smokey talking to two kids, boy has #12 on shirt  
812..2096  Tom Tye3Smokey holding fire bucket with #1  
813..2096  Tom Tye4Smokey with red suspenders and shovelhcd 
814..2096  Tom Tye6black/red; sticker - StopSign StopFires SaveLives  
8152096  Unknown1UNK31; Smokey Bear logo on label/sticker with brown bear label/stickerhfd pas 
816..2096  Vaughn Hord1 hpd 
817..2096CC Philadelphia Fire Department1Philadelphia, PA; black/red; (Flory); BCC 1
818..2096CC Trenton Fire Department1Trenton, NJ; red; size unknown; BCC 1
819..2096NFD USPS4Post Office Advertising Poster #548, 2' x 3'; Postal Bulletin  
820..2096PPC Hayne's, Incorporated17A-H1615; Two Bears at Yellowstone; PPC 1
821..2096PPC Texas Forestry Service169-CFFP-6; burnt sign; PPC  
8222128  Alexander, George A.1brown; Image of Civil War era ambulance; with #2124hcd 
8232128  California Ambulance Association1GP on postcard; blue; UO Rescue, CA; Unofficial  
8242128  Cover Expo1 hcd 
8252128  Cover Expo2With 2124; UO Reno NV Nevpex-Topex Station  
8262128  HFB1Item #T139; purple, black 60
8272128  HFB1Item #T140; blue, green, black 45
828..2128  JLP Cachet1Not confirmed  
8292128  Kauer, Don1 hfd 
8302128  Nevada Stamp Study Society1UO Reno, NV Nevpex-Topex Station; brown; with #2124; Signed by Stamp Designer James Schleyr 156
8312128  Nevada Stamp Study Society2UO Reno, NV Nevpex-Topex Station; blue; with #2124; Signed by Stamp Designer James Schleyr; Unofficial  
8322128  Nevada Stamp Study Society3UO Reno, NV Nevpex-Topex Station; blue/brown; with #2124; Signed by Stamp Designer James Schleyr; Unofficial  
8332128  Nussenbaum, Seymour1One of One Made 1
8342128  Piszkiewicz, Leonard1three-color silk screen; UO Western Springs, ILsks 
835..2128  Postal Commemorative Society2Golden Replica; Size 7  
8362128  Schleyer, James1UO Reno, NV Nevpex-Topex 1985; signed by Schleyer, stamp & cachet designer; Unofficial  
8372128  Unknown1UNK02; FDOI on 2124; UO on 2128 Reno, NV Nevpex-Topex Stationhfd 
8382128  Unknown1UNK05; Civil War Patriotic envelope  
8392128  Unknown1UNK06; card stock; FDOI on 2128/2124; UO on 2128/2124 Reno, NV Nevpex-Topex Station  
8402128  Unknown1UNK06; card stock; with 2124; Combo 1248  
8412128  Unknown1UNK07; "Lucky Buck Coupon"; Holiday Hotel Casino, paste-on; with 2124pas 
8422128  Wahoo1Postal Bulletin copied and folded to envelope formhfd 
8432128  Wahoo2Stamp Announcement copied and folded to envelope form; UO Rescue, CA; Unofficialhfd 
8442128  Yeager, Charlie1   
8452128NFD USPS3NON-FDOI; Stamp Color Negative  
8462128NFD USPS4Black/White on Photographic Paper  
8482264  Citris Area Stamp Association1FDOI on Event - Inverness, FL Citrex Station; Combo #1908  
8492264  Concho Valley Stamp Club1   
8502264  Concho Valley Stamp Club1red; First  
851..2264  Doback, A. C.372c 20
852..2264  Fogt, Judith21926 American LaFrance Pumperhdn hpd 
853..2264  Gill Craft2   
8542264  Glenn Hartley Cachets1red; 1913 Model AC 516 - Ahrens Fox Engine Co.; with 2128 200
8552264  Haas, Douglas3Fire Scene; blackhfd hpd30
856..2264  HM (Mezzack)1Steamer pulled by two horseshpd143
857..2264  K.M.C. Venture2black red; fighting fire from outside buildinghcd 
858..2264  Law, Blair1   
8592264  Long Island Cover Society1black/red, hand-colored by Unknown; use of #2096 cachet; by LICS?; Combinationhcd 
860..2264  Maran, DeBaun1blue; Steamer with two FF's running alongside (Flory)  
861..2264  McDanel, Joseph1fire shield; First  
862..2264  McDanel, Joseph2small illustration bottom left and return address (?); First  
863..2264  New England Fire Museum1red sticker  
864..2264  New England Fire Museum2Pamphlet from museum  
865..2264  Piszkiewicz, Leonard1black; modern pumper, FF's & Engines on back  
866..2264  Postal Commemorative Society2Golden Replica; Size 7  
8672264  Redondo Beach Fire Department2Post Card  
868..2264  Ron Myers Cachets1   
869..2264  Rossman1Burning buildings, firefighters, red Ahrens Fox Pumperhpd 
8702264  RVS1 hdn hpd12
8712264  Smartcraft1#971 Smartcraft cachet hpd with dual FDOI #2264 and Combo #971, #1908hpd 
8722264  Smith (Jim)1black on dark red hand-crafted envelopehfd20
873..2264  Sugarman1red; Dalmation on rug, FF pulling hose from hydrant (Flory)  
874..2264  Totten, Stan1Firsthpd 
8752264  Turner, Geo.1Mini FDC; Combo 1908; Combination  
8762264  Turner, Geo.2Dual FDOI on Event - Somerville, NJ West End Host Co #3 100th Anniversaryprn pas 
8772264  Turner, Geo.3Combo 0971, 1908prn pas 
8782264  Turner, Geo.4Mini FDC; text and black illustration of stampprn hfd 
8792264 Turner, Geo.6Mini FDC; Photo Fire Station Traffic Sign; UO Los Angeles_CA WPC Tour 2 Station; Combo #1908; Unofficialprn pas 
8802264  Unknown1UNK02; Chicago Fire 65th Anniversary (1936); Strip 5, Plate #1  
8812264  Unknown1UNK02; Chicago Fire 65th Anniversary; Cachet printed on Event 10/09/1936 Chicago, IL with FDOI  
8822264  USPS2Souvenir Page; Souvenir Page  
883..2264  Valpex '841by Colorano for Valpex  
884..2264  Valpex '842Show Program  
885..2264  Westeek Cachets1black, tan envelope; two drawings of stamps overlapping (Flory)  
8862264  Western Cachets1   
887..2264CC American Museum of Firefighting1black; Hudson, NY; BCC  
888..2264CC Buffalo, NY Fire Department1Buffalo, NY; black; BCC  
889..2264CC Fire Mutual Aid & Tran....1Onongaga City, NY; need full name (Flory); BCC  
890..2264CC Fireman's Home, NY1Picture of home; location? (Flory); BCC  
891..2264CC Lawrence Fire & Credit Union1(location?); BCC  
892..2264CC Moyer's Corners Fire Department1black; Clay, NY; (Flory); BCC  
893..2264CC Munnsville Volunteer Fire Department1black; Munnsville, NY; BCC  
894..2264CC Nyack Fire Department1black; Nyack, NY; BCC  
895..2264CC Protection Engine Company No. 11Fishkill, NY; red; large red fire helmet (Flory); BCC  
896..2264CC Protection Engine Company No. 12Fishkill, NY; black; ? (Flory); BCC  
897..2264CC Protection Engine Company No. 13Fishkill, NY; black; ? (Flory); BCC  
898..2264CC Rombout Fire Company1Fishkill, NY; brown; ? (Flory); BCC  
899..2264CC St. Lucie City Fire District1Fort Pierce, FL; BCC  
900..2264MC1 USPS1FD Program; multicolor; 9x6; FD Program 2500
901..2264PPC Americana Cards1Greeting Card, Manual & Steam Pumpers with Firehouse; PPC  
9022264PPC Green, Bill1Officer's Quarters No. 4 at Fort Concho, Texas; c1970; UO San Angelo, TX MPO; Unofficial  
9032264PPC Green, Bill2Officer's Quarters No. 9 at Fort Concho, Texas; c1970; UO Los Angeles, CA WPC Tour 2; Unofficial  
904..2264PPC U.S. Forestry Service1poster on tree, Smokey tipping hat; PPC  
905..2264PPC U.S. Forestry Service2poster on tree, Doe, Campers, Lake; PPC  
9062264PPC Walt Disney Productions1Sleeping Beauty Castle with Engine No. 5 in forefront; 01110471  
907..2264ZA Fogt, Judith3Firefighter pulling hoseline from pumper & FF w/axehdn hpd 
9082264ZAFox, Melissa2 hdn hpd 
909..2347  Bayless, William H.1   
9102347  Cover-Scape Cachets1Oil; Combo 1451a; Combinationhdn hpd25
9112347  Fleetwood Cover Service4Constitution Ratification; Size 7 envelope  
9122347  Fleetwood Cover Service5Size 7  
913..2347  HRS1First  
914..2347  Law, Blair1black eagle & blue textthm 
9152347  Law, Blair1UO Washington, DC Let Freedom Ring Station; UnofficialTHM 
916..2347  Law, Blair6blue/red 13-Star Flag and blue/red text; Bicentennial (Raleigh at bottom)thm 
917..2347  Law, Blair6UO Raleigh, NC Statehood Station; North Carolinathm 
918..2347  Rhodes, P. S.1Size 10 envelope; First  
9192347  Unknown1UNK01; 5.5 x 8.5 Card, color photo paste on of Fayetteville Market Square  
9202347  Unknown1UNK06; William Blount; 2nd Day Charlotte, NC Bic. Sta.; Second Day  
9212347  Unknown1UNK24; Hand-lettered with center paste-on; Size 7 envelopehld pas 
9222347  Unknown2UNK06; Richard Spaight; 2nd Day Charlotte, NC Bic. Sta.; Second Day  
9232347  Unknown2UNK24; Hand-lettered with center paste-on; Size 7 envelopehld pas 
9242347  Unknown3UNK06; Alexander Martin; 2nd Day Charlotte, NC Bic. Sta.; Second Day  
9252347  Unknown3UNK24; Hand-lettered with center paste-on; Size 7 envelopehld pas 
9262347  Unknown4UNK06; James Polk; 2nd Day Charlotte, NC Bic. Sta.; Second Day  
9272347  Unknown4UNK24; Hand-lettered with center paste-on; Size 7 envelope; Dual 2nd Day PHC Southern Pines, NC and Pinehurst, NChld pas 
9282347  Unknown5UNK06; William Davie; 2nd Day Charlotte, NC Bic. Sta.; Second Day  
9292347  Unknown5UNK24; Ocracoke Lighthouse; Size 7 envelope; Signed by Bob Timberlake, Stamp Designerpas hcd 
9302347  Unknown6UNK06; Hugh Williamson; 2nd Day Charlotte, NC Bic. Sta.; Second Day  
931..2347GP LGS2'Tom Quick'; black  
932..2347GP LGS3Harriet Tubman Philatelic Center; black  
9332347PPC Aerial Photography Services, Inc.1Charlotte, NC; ST-101; The Legend of the Dogwood; c1985; PPC  
9342347ZA Bereson, Alex1FDOI on Event 08/23/1989 Beaufort, NC Maritime Station - celebrating 200 Yearspcl5
9352471 Alto1 pci 
9362471  Artcraft1Generic cachet for all in series  
937..2471 Reid, Clarence E.2   
938..2713  Aristocrats1   
939..2713  Artcraft1   
9402713  Fleetwood Cover Service3Maximum Card  
941..2713  Reid, Clarence E.1   
9422717  Edken1   
9432721  USPS1Elvis Stamp Ballot Card, UO Sedalia, NC; Serviced by Eric Wile; Unofficial  
9442721  USPS1Elvis Stamp Ballot Card, UO Whitsett, NC; Serviced by Eric Wile; Unofficial  
9452789  Edken1   
9462789  Gamm Covers1   
9472789  Postal Commemorative Society2Golden Replica; Size 7  
9482789  Quadracolorplus2   
9492790  Gamm Covers1   
9502790a  Gamm Covers1Booklet Pane of 4  
9512812UNC Uncacheted1Second Day; Greensboro, NC Murrow Boulevard Station; Second Day  
9523331  Chicagoland FDC Society, AFDCS Chapter 61Combo #934  
9533331  Colorano "Silk" Cachet1Combo #1369, #2209; Combination  
9543331  Cuv Evanson Cachets1Philadelphia FD Rescue 1 Engine with Fire Fighters, Combo 0971 10
9553331  Flamingo Cachets2Patch print, FDNY Ladder 25 10
9563331  Flamingo Cachets3Patch print, FDNY B12, E35, L14 10
9573331  Flamingo Cachets4Patch print, Ronceverte VFD 10
9583331  Heritage Cachets1Fire Boats  
9593331  Lary Cachets1  15
9603331  LPD1UO Portsmouth, RI; Unofficialpci4
9613331  Postal Commemorative Society1   
9623331  Postal Commemorative Society2Golden Replica; Size 7  
9633331  Unknown1UNK01; UO Fort Bragg, NC; Serviced by John White; Unofficial 2
9643331  Vietnam Veterans of America, Chicago Northwest Chapter 3111   
9653331ZA FDCUSA12WWII Battle of Guadalcanal, MOH Recipients; First 10
9663444  Anon E. Mouse2Book Titles 20
9673444  Artopages1AP65 with black text  
9683444  Ginsburg, Jack A.1   
9693444  Ginsburg, Jack A.2   
9703444  Postal Commemorative Society3Golden Replica; Size 7  
9713444  USPS3Souvenir Page; Souvenir Page  
9723508  Quintero, Robert2black, Parachutes, UO Fort Bragg, NC 25
9733508  Quintero, Robert3black, 21st Chemical Company (ABN), UO Fort Bragg, NC 2
974..3549  Artmaster1{3549b}  
9753549  Artmaster1{3550}  
9763549  CL Cachets1{3549}  
9773549  CL Cachets1{3549b}  
978..3549  Cover Craft Cachets1{3549}  
9793549  Cover Craft Cachets1{3549b}  
9803549  Cover Craft Cachets1{3550}  
9813549  ESC1{3549} Cachet references Stepex 2001; Elmira Stamp Club?pcl 
9823549  Finger Lakes Stamp Club1{3550}  
9833549  Finger Lakes Stamp Club2{3550}  
9843549  Flamingo Cachets1{3549b} Coulage with ship in center; graphic from Internet 29
9853549  FPMG7{3549}  
9863549  FPMG10{3550}; Planned cachet for Dual #3549 and B2 FDOI  
9873549  Ginsburg, Jack A.11{3549b}; Flag draped from Pentagonpci 
9883549  Ginsburg, Jack A.12{3549b}; Twin Towers draped in U.S. Flagspci 
9893549  HFB1{3550}; Item #5126 58
9903549  House of Farnam1{3549b}  
9913549  House of Farnam1{3549b}; Dual FDOI and UO New York, NY  
9923549  LEB3{3549b}; on back - "Attack on the Pentagon"; UO McLean, VA George Washington Memorial Pavilion  
9933549  LEB4{3549b}; on back - Twin Towers smoking; UO Washington, DC State Department Station; gray envelope  
9943549  PhilGraf1{3549b}; "Color cachets by PhilGraf" vertically along left edge 29
9953549  Roma Cachets1{3549} Label; US Flag; italyromaroma on eBay 12/2011lbl 
9963549  Roma Cachets2{3549} Label; U Can't Touch this; italyromaroma on eBay 12/2011lbl 
9973549  Roma Cachets3{3549} Label; USA; italyromaroma on eBay 12/2011lbl 
9983549  Roma Cachets4{3549} Label; Freedom; italyromaroma on eBay 12/2011lbl 
9993549  S & T Cachets2{3549}; UO Shanksville, PA; Like c3, smaller picture with text below 20
10003549  Unknown1UNK15; {3549}; hand-folded envelopehfd las 
10013549  Unknown1UNK16; U.S. Flag Label applied to envelopelbl pas 
10023549  Unknown1UNK19; {3549}; TWC before tragedy with large American Flagpcl 
10033549  Unknown1UNK20; {3549b}; Large American Flag and picture of Pentagonpcl 
10043549  Unknown1UNK21; {3549b}; Picture of Statue of Liberty with "United We Stand" U.S. Flag stickerpcl 
10053549  Washburn, James Tecumseh1{3549b}; UO White River Junction, VT; Unofficial  
10063593  Artopages2Raleigh; AP65 with black text; 'Since 1789...'  
1007..3593  Color Copy Cachets2Copy of Ralph Dyer cachet; Known for CA, CO, LA, and NMpci10
10083593  Lary Cachets1Raleigh, NC 115
1009..3593  USPS1FD Program; Not confirmed made or not; FD Program  
1010..3593  USPS2Souvenir Page; Not confirmed made or not; Souvenir Page  
1011..3629  Aristocrats1   
1012..3629  Colorano "Silk" Cachet1   
1013..3629  Cover Craft Cachets1   
10143629  House of Farnam1   
10153640  Ginsburg, Jack A.1   
1016..3645f  Colorano "Silk" Cachet1   
10173728  Artopages1NY; AP65 with black text; 'Greetings...'  
1018..3728  Postal Commemorative Society2NC; Golden Replica; Size 7  
1019..3783  American Air Mail Society1{NC}  
10203783  American Air Mail Society1{OH}  
10213783  Anagram Hand Colored Cachets1{NC}hfd hcd50
10223783  Artcraft1{NC}; C45 cachet with Dual FDOI  
10233783  Artcraft1{OH}; C45 cachet with Dual FDOI  
10243783  BGC1{OH}; All-over Purple Print  
10253783 Big W4{OH}; New Stamp  
10263783  CL Cachets1{NC}; Combo C92; Combination  
10273783  Collectors Club of Washington, NC1{OH}; FDOS Dayton, OH Centennial of Flight Station; Unofficial  
1028..3783  Colorano "Silk" Cachet1{OH}  
10293783  Dover Publications1{NC}; De Havilland Gipsy Moth; Card from book "Historic Airplanes Full-color Postcards", © 1990; PPC  
10303783  Dover Publications2{NC}; Vickers "Vimy"; Card from book "Historic Airplanes Full-color Postcards", © 1990; PPC  
10313783  Dover Publications3{NC}; Curtiss Navy Racer; Card from book "Historic Airplanes Full-color Postcards", © 1990; PPC  
10323783  Dover Publications4{NC}; Sopwith Camel; Card from book "Historic Airplanes Full-color Postcards", © 1990; PPC  
10333783  Dover Publications5{IL}; Sikorsky Russian Knight "le Grand"; Card from book "Historic Airplanes Full-color Postcards", © 1990; 2nd Day Arlington, IL Compex 2003 Station; PPC  
10343783  Dover Publications6{NC}; SPAD XIII; Card from book "Historic Airplanes Full-color Postcards", © 1990; PPC  
10353783  Dover Publications7{NC}; Wright Brothers "Flyer"; Card from book "Historic Airplanes Full-color Postcards", © 1990; PPC  
10363783  Dover Publications8{NC}; Curtiss JN-4 "Jenny"; Card from book "Historic Airplanes Full-color Postcards", © 1990; PPC  
10373783  Dover Publications9{NC}; Fokker DR-I; Card from book "Historic Airplanes Full-color Postcards", © 1990; PPC  
1038..3783  FM Cachets (Fall)5{OH}; Copy of Postal Bulletin folded/glued to envelope formhfd5
10393783  HFB1{NC}; Item #5137 67
10403783  HFB1{OH}; Item #5132 67
10413783  HFB2{NC}; Item #5138; Combo #C45; Combination 20
10423783  HFB2{OH}; Item #5133; Combo #C45; Combination 20
10433783  HFB3{NC}; Item #5139; Combo #C91 or C92; Combination 14
10443783  HFB3{OH}; Item #5134; Combo #C91 or C92; Combination 14
10453783  HFB4{NC}; Item #5140; Combo #C47; Combination 16
10463783  HFB4{OH}; Item #5135; Combo #C47; Combination 16
10473783  HFB5{NC}; Item #5141 22
10483783  John Fry Productions1{?}; PPC  
10493783  Panda Cachets1{NC}  
10503783  Panda Cachets1{NC-OH}; Dual FDOI  
10513783  Panda Cachets2{NC}  
10523783  Panda Cachets2{NC-OH}; Dual FDOI  
10533783  Panda Cachets2{OH}  
10543783  Panda Cachets2{OH}; UO Dayton, OH Dayton Post Office Bicentennial Station  
10553783  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1{NC}; with Event cancel 03/08/2003 Springfield, VA Springpex Station  
10563783  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1{NC-OH}; Dual FDOI  
10573783  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1{OH}; with Event cancel 03/08/2003 Springfield, VA Springpex Station  
10583783  Springfield Stamp Club1{NC}; with Event cancel 03/08/2003 Springfield, VA Springpex Station  
10593783  Springfield Stamp Club1{OH}; with Event cancel 03/08/2003 Springfield, VA Springpex Station  
1060..3783  Therome Cachets6{OH}  
10613783  Turner, Geo.1{NC}; Combo C45; on Event 12/17/1993 90th Anniversary Wright Brotherspas 
10623783  Wentworth Cachets1{OH}; black; line drawing of the Wright Brothers 10
10633783GP American First Day Cover Society1{NC}; GP  
10643783GP American First Day Cover Society1{NC}; with Event cancel 03/08/2003 Springfield, VA Springpex Station  
10653783GP American First Day Cover Society1{NC-OH}; Dual FDOI; GP  
10663783GP American First Day Cover Society1{OH}; GP  
10673783GP American First Day Cover Society1{OH}; with Event cancel 03/08/2003 Springfield, VA Springpex Station  
10683783UNC Uncacheted1{NC}; On #10 envelope  
10693783UNC Uncacheted1{OH}; On #10 envelope  
10703783UNC Uncacheted1UO Dayton, OH Centennial of Flight Statoin  
1071..3788  Artmaster1   
10723788  Mystic Stamp Company, Inc.1   
1073..3788  Quadracolorplus1 pas 
1074..3937c  Wile Cachets3? 2014 letter implies a third was made  
10754310 Collins1 hpd 
10764311 MPG Cachets1{NY}hfd 
10774311  Onedog Cachets1Reproduction from a 'Greetings from North Carolina' post card; Cachet #OD141Hpci hfd10
10784311  Petoskey1{NY} 3
10794705  Delgado, Charlie1ACE #20; FDOS Elyria, OH and UO Elyria, OH; paste-on of two paragraphs on back of the O. Henry sheets; Unofficialhfd pas 
10804705  Gelvin, Dennis J.2USPS Sales Receipt for purchase of #4705 Stamps from Olympia, WA; UO Olympia, WA; Unofficial 1
10814705  Greensboro Historical Museum, NC311" x 17" Poster printed on both sides for the 150th Birthday Celebration of O. Henry in Greensboro - Fall 2012. Image to come.; John serviced (5) at the FDOI Ceremony, and did not see anyone else doing so!; Esoterica 5
10824705  JF (Frankiewicz)1   
10834705  Martin, John F.1The Cisco Kid; with enclosure; ACE #343 60
10844705GP American First Day Cover Society3Bald Eagle; UO Annapolis Junction, MD  
10854705GP American First Day Cover Society4Flag/Capitol; UO Annapolis Junction, MD  
10864705GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCSRobert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UWS Eagle Shield; UO Annapolis Junction, MD  
10874705K602-AFDCS Kendal Cachets1AFDCS varietyhpd1
10884705K602-AP Kendal Cachets1Artist's Proofhpd10
10894705K602-CB Kendal Cachets1"Coffee Break"hpd1
10904791  cagarts1Original Artworkpcl hfd58
10914791  cagarts2Original Artworkpcl hfd53
10924792  cagarts1Original Artworkpcl hfd55
10934793  cagarts1Original Artworkpcl hfd56
10944794  cagarts1Original Artworkpcl hfd56
10954795  cagarts1Original Artworkpcl hfd55
10964906  Energy United1Paybill envelope with Greensboro, NC 274 Piedmont Triad Area spray-on cancel; Unofficial 1
10974916  David Smith Studio1'Clip & Save First Day Cover'; UO Harmony, NC; Unofficialhfd 
1098B002  Artcraft2Pentagon, DC; FDOI  
1099B002  Artmaster1UO Arlington, VA; Unofficial  
1100B002  Artmaster1UO Shanksville, PA; Unofficial  
1101B002  Chicagoland FDC Society, AFDCS Chapter 61UO Colome, SD Heroes 2001 Station; Unofficial  
1102B002  Chicagoland FDC Society, AFDCS Chapter 61UO Dale, WI Heroes 2001 Station; Unofficial  
1103B002  Chicagoland FDC Society, AFDCS Chapter 61UO Green Bay, WI Heroes 2001 Station; Unofficial  
1104B002  Chicagoland FDC Society, AFDCS Chapter 61UO Iola, WI Heroes 2001 Station; Unofficial  
1105B002  Chicagoland FDC Society, AFDCS Chapter 61UO Readfield, WI Heroes 2001 Station; Unofficial  
1106B002  Cole1flag raisinghpd 
1107..B002  Fleetwood Cover Service10Policeman  
1108..B002  Fleetwood Cover Service11Scrub Nurse  
1109B002  FPMG1New York; Combo #3550pci 
1110B002  FPMG2Pentagon; UO Washington, DC Pentagon Station; Unofficial  
1111B002  GG Covers3Picture of FF turnout gear with illustrations on wallhfd 
1112B002  GG Covers4Picture from ground looking up TWC before disaster with silhouette of a churchhfd 
1113B002  HM (Mezzack)1 hfd10
1114B002  LEB4Canine Search & Rescue; UO Washington, DC Pentagon Station; Unofficialhfd pas 
1115B002  LEB4Flag Raising; UO Arlington, VA U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial; Unofficialhfd pas 
1116B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Aledo, IL Rhubarb Fest Station; Unofficialthm 
1117B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Big Lake, TX Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1118B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Colume, SD Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1119B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Crowell, TX Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1120B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Dale, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1121B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Euless, TX Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1122B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Fremont, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1123B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Green Bay, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1124B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Greenville, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1125B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Hortonville, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1126B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Iola, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1127B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Lamesa, TX Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1128B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Laurel, MD LMO Station; Unofficialthm 
1129B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Madison, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1130B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Metropolis, IL Metro Station; Unofficialthm 
1131B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Milwaukee, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1132B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO New London, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1133B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Ogdensburg, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1134B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Omro, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1135B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Painted Post, NY Unsung Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1136B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Readfield, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1137B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Scandinavia, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1138B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Steubenville, OH Dean Martin Station; Unofficialthm 
1139B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Washington, DC National Capitol Station; Unofficialthm 
1140B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Washington, DC National Postal Museum Station; Unofficialthm 
1141B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Washington, DC Pentagon Station; Unofficialthm 
1142B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Washington, DC Postal Square Station; Unofficialthm 
1143B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Waupaca, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1144B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Weyauwega, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1145B002  Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Winneconne, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1146B002  ROMP Cachets2  10
1147B002  Sheky2 pci 
1148B002  Sheky3 pci 
1149B002  Springfield Stamp Club1UO Washington DC Pentagon Branch; Unofficial  
1150B002  Trainman Cachets13"Artist Proof"; UO Washington, DC LFR Station; Unofficial  
1151B002  Triple W Cachets12nd Day; Tom's River, NJ Founders Day Station; Second Day 3
1152B002  Unknown1UNK29  
1153B002  Unknown1UNK30  
1154B002  USA Cachets2Picture TWC before disaster  
1155..B002 USPS1First Day Program; FD Program  
1156..B002DGN128 Dragon Cards1   
1157..B002DGN129 Dragon Cards1   
1158..B002DGN130 Dragon Cards1   
1159..B002DGN131 Dragon Cards1   
1160..B002DGN132 Dragon Cards1   
1161..B002DGN133 Dragon Cards1   
1162B002GP American First Day Cover Society2GP; UO Dale, WI Heroes Station; Unofficial  
1163B002GP American First Day Cover Society2GP; UO Fremont, WI Heroes Station; Unofficial  
1164B002GP American First Day Cover Society2GP; UO Greenvillet, WI Heroes Station; Unofficial  
1165B002GP American First Day Cover Society2GP; UO Hortonville, WI Heroes Station; Unofficial  
1166B002GP American First Day Cover Society2GP; UO Iola, WI Heroes Station; Unofficial  
1167B002GP American First Day Cover Society2GP; UO King, WI Heroes Station; Unofficial  
1168B002GP American First Day Cover Society2GP; UO Laurel, MD LMO Station; Unofficial  
1169B002GPAmerican First Day Cover Society2GP; UO Long Beach, CA Lobex II Station; Unofficial  
1170B002GP American First Day Cover Society2GP; UO Madison, WI Heroes Station; Unofficial  
1171B002GP American First Day Cover Society2GP; UO Milwaukee, WI Heroes Station; Unofficial  
1172B002GP American First Day Cover Society2GP; UO New London, WI Heroes Station; Unofficial  
1173B002GP American First Day Cover Society2GP; UO Ogdensburg, WI Heroes Station; Unofficial  
1174B002GP American First Day Cover Society2GP; UO Omro, WI Heroes Station; Unofficial  
1175B002GP American First Day Cover Society2GP; UO Scandinavia, WI Heroes Station; Unofficial  
1176B002GP American First Day Cover Society2GP; UO Washington, DC National Capitol Station; Unofficial  
1177B002GP American First Day Cover Society2GP; UO Washington, DC National Postal Museum Station; Unofficial  
1178B002GP American First Day Cover Society2GP; UO Washington, DC Postal Square Station; Unofficial  
1179B002GP American First Day Cover Society2GP; UO Waupaca, WI Heroes Station; Unofficial  
1180B002GP American First Day Cover Society2GP; UO Weyauwega, WI Heroes Station; Unofficial  
1181B002GP American First Day Cover Society2GP; UO Winneconne, WI Heroes Station; Unofficial  
1182B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO Dale, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1183B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO Fremont, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1184B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO Green Bay, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1185B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO Hortonville, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1186B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO Iola, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1187B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO Laurel, MD LMO Station; Unofficialthm 
1188B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO Madison, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1189B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO Milwaukee, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1190B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO New London, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1191B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO Ogdensburg, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1192B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO Omro, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1193B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO Readfield, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1194B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO Scandinavia, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1195B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO Washington, DC National Capitol Station; Unofficialthm 
1196B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO Washington, DC National Postal Museum Station; Unofficialthm 
1197B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO Washington, DC Pentagon Station; Unofficialthm 
1198B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO Washington, DC Postal Square Station; Unofficialthm 
1199B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO Waupaca, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1200B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO Weyauwega, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1201B002GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2UO Winneconne, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm 
1202B002J-0201 JONAL Art Covers1With embedded 'Spirit of America' silver coinhdn hpd25
1203C023P019b Holland, Jesse Graham12nd Day Kitty Hawk, NC; Second Day  
1204C045M004 Artcraft1blackhcd 
1205..C045M004 Artcraft1Joseph Davidson on flap  
1206..C045M017 Knapp, Dorothy1 hdn hpd 
1207C045M020 Pent Arts1red; airmail envelope; Size 10  
1208..C045M030 Unknown1   
1209..C045MC1 USPO1black; 5.5x9; FD Program  
1210C045NIM George, C.1blue redthm 
1211C045NIM Unknown1UNK09; Addressed to Robert Charbonneau, Seattle, WA; Size 7 envelopehdn hpd 
1212C045NIMCC Eastern Air Lines1Size 10 Airmail envelope; BCC  
1213C045NIMGP Minkus, Jacques1WWII Patriotic: Look To The Future; GP  
1214C045NIMGP Minkus, Jacques2WWII Patriotic: Freedom...; GP  
1215C045NIMGP Minkus, Jacques3WWII Patriotic: Let There Be Light; GP  
1216C045NIMGP Minkus, Jacques4WWII Patriotic: Our Pledge; GP  
1217C045NIMGP Minkus, Jacques5WWII Patriotic: Ramparts We Watch; GP  
1218C045NIMGP Minkus, Jacques6WWII Patriotic: Heroic Past / Glorious Future; GP  
1219C077  Albers Cache2blue text; airmail envelope  
1220..C077  Anderson Historical Envelopes1black  
1221..C077  Cachet Craft1Does it exist?  
1222..C077  Kolor Kover1   
1223..C077  Marg1   
1224C077  Ron Myers Cachets1blue  
1225C077  Trans World Airlines, Inc.1PPC  
1226..C077  USPO3Souvenir Page; Souvenir Page  
1227C077MC1 USPO1blue; with cacheted UXC10 FDC (See Unknown 02) without border; 6x9; inside  
1228C077PPCUnknown1UNK01; on card  
1229Events19301007 Unknown1150th Anniversary Battle of Kings Mountain; Kings Mountain, NC  
1230Events19320601 Mendenhall-Shumaker1First Night Flight Airmail; Raleigh, NC; FFC  
1231Events19320602 Wilmington, NC Chamber of Commerce1magenta; Battle of Fort Fisher Monument Dedication; Wilmington, NCrsc 
1232Events19321119 Dare County Chamber of Commerce1Dedication / Wright Memorial / Kitty Hawk, NC; Eventrsc 
1233Events19321119 Dare County Chamber of Commerce1Wright Memorial Dedication; Kitty Hawk, NCrsc 
1234Events19330704 Gowan, Guy1State Capitol, 100th Anniversary Laying of the Cornerstone; Raleigh, NC 10:00 AM; Event  
1235Events19331121 Unknown1NC Statehood; Raleigh, NC; signed LL E. E. Ward, JRrsc 
1236Events19331122 Unknown1235th Ann. Oldest Fire Engine in America, Bethlehem, PA  
1237Events19331217 Unknown1UNK01; Wright Brothers 30th Anniversary; Kitty Hawk, NCrsc 
1238Events19340223 Junior High Stamp Club (Durham)1PO Dedication; Durham, NC; PODrsc 
1239Events19341027 Herrick, Elmer D.1Destruction of Albemarle 17th Anniversary; Plymouth, NC; Event  
1240Events19341121 Reliable Cachet Club1NC Constitution Ratification Anniversary; Raleigh, NC  
1241Events19361126 Manlius School Stamp Club1Thanksgiving Day; purple rsc; Mints, NC; Eventrsc 
1242Events19371012 Unknown1First All North Carolina Air Mail Flights; Oct 11-16, 1937; Kitty Hawk, NC; Eventrsc 
1243Events19371121 Unknown1UNK01; North Carolina Admission to Union, 202nd Anniversary; Raleigh, NC  
1244Events19380520 Unknown1UNK01; NC Secession from the Union 5/20/1861; Event  
1245Events19400426 Unknown1UNK01; 75th Anniversary, General Johnston surrenders to General Sherman; Hillsboro, NC; Civil War  
1246Events19410409 Minkus, Jacques1Commissioning of USS North Carolina; USS North Carolina Fleet Day Cover; Protect America; GP  
1247Events19410409 Minkus, Jacques2Commissioning of USS North Carolina; USS North Carolina Fleet Day Cover; GBA & Flag; GP  
1248Events19410409 Sanders, Michael1Commissioning of USS North Carolina; USS North Carolina Fleet Day Cover  
1249Events19410409 Unknown1Commissioning of USS North Carolina  
1250Events19450203 Unknown1Launching of USS Diamond Head; Wilmington, NC; rsa on back of T. G. Nicholson; Naval  
1251Events19451010 Unknown1UNK01; Smallest Post Office in the USA, 4 ft by 5 ft; Grimshawes, NChld 
1252Events19480220 USPO1black; Pinehurst, NC - Cincinnati, OH AMF-RPO; FFCrsc 
1253Events19480220 USPO1blue; Charlotte, NC - Cincinnati, OH AMF-RPO; FFCrsc 
1254Events19480220 USPO1green; Aberdeen, NC - Cincinnati, OH AMF-RPO; FFCrsc 
1255Events19480220 USPO1magenta; Southern Pines, NC - Cincinnati, OH AMF-RPO; FFCrsc 
1256Events19480220 USPO1purple; Wilmington, NC - Cincinnati, OH AMF-RPO; FFCrsc 
1257Events19480220 Unknown1UNK01; FFC Aberdeen, NC to Cincinnati, OH; greenrsc 
1258Events19480220 Unknown1UNK01; FFC Southern Pines, NC to Cincinnati, OH; magenta  
1259Events19480306 USPO1black; Durham, NC - Louisville, KY; FFCrsc 
1260Events19480306 USPO1blue; Goldsboro, NC - New Bern, NC; FFCrsc 
1261Events19480306 USPO1blue; Winston-Salem, NC - New Bern, NC; FFCrsc 
1262Events19480306 USPO1magenta; Greensboro, NC - Cincinnati, OH AMF-RPO; FFCrsc 
1263Events19480306 USPO1magenta; Greensboro, NC - New Bern, NC; FFCrsc 
1264Events19480306 USPO1purple; Raleigh, NC - New Bern, NC; FFCrsc 
1265Events19480423 Unknown1UNK01; FFC Raleigh, NC to Roanoke, VA; red; Becken airmail borderrsc 
1266Events19480915 State Foresters - U.S. Forest Service1black; First Day of Fire Prevention (?); Washington, DCrsc 
1267Events19490204 USPO1HPO: First Trip - Greensboro & Boone, NC, Trip 2; Highway Post Officersc 
1268Events19490331 USPO1HPO: First Trip Charlotte & Ellerbe, NC, Trip 2; Highway Post Officersc 
1269Events19490401 USPO1HPO: First Trip Charlotte & Marion, NC, Trip 1; Highway Post Officersc 
1270Events19491129 USPO1HPO: First Trip Greensboro, NC & Florence, SC, Trip 1; Highway Post Officersc 
1271Events19491130 USPO1HPO: First Trip Roanoke, VA & Greensboro, NC, Trip 2; Highway Post Officersc 
1272Events19500201 USPO1HPO: First Trip Richmond, VA & Sanford, NC, Trip 1; Highway Post Officersc 
1273Events19500201 USPO1HPO: First Trip Richmond, VA & Sanford, NC, Trip 2; signed by Postmaster; Highway Post Officersc 
1274Events19501120 USPO1HPO: First Trip Suffolk, VA & Rocky Mount, NC, Trip 1; Highway Post Officersc 
1275Events19501120 USPO1HPO: First Trip Suffolk, VA & Rocky Mount, NC, Trip 2; Highway Post Officersc 
1276Events19501121 USPO1HPO: First Trip Rocky Mount, NC & Beaufort, NC, Trip 1; Highway Post Officersc 
1277Events19520825 Unknown1UNK01; FFC Hickory, NC to Wilmington, NC; bluersc 
1278Events19530430 Herndon, Fr. C. N.1Closing: Ball, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1279Events19530731 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Kerr, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1280Events19530731 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Vade Mecum, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1281Events19530831 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Democrat, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1282Events19530831 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Hillgirt, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1283Events19530831 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Holden Beach, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1284Events19530831 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Jefferson, NC Wagoner Rural Station; PO Opening/Closing  
1285Events19540227 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: English, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1286Events19540227 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Greens Creek, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1287Events19540227 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Mabel, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1288Events19540227 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Paint Gap, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1289Events19540227 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Yadkin College, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1290Events19540228 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Vixen, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1291Events19540430 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Folkstone, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1292Events19540630 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Southside, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1293Events19540630 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Toecane, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1294Events19540831 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Pee Dee, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1295Events19540831 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: South Creek, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1296Events19540901 Unknown1UNK01; Closing; Prentiss, NC; DPO  
1297Events19541015 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: University, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1298Events19541015 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Wests Mill, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1299Events19541030 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Boardman, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1300Events19541030 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Upton, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1301Events19541130 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Mortimer, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1302Events19550115 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Elkton, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1303Events19550131 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Fork, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1304Events19550131 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Ingold, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1305Events19550131 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Oak Park, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1306Events19550131 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Ranger, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1307Events19550131 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Suit, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1308Events19550228 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Chapanoke, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1309Events19550228 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Cherry Lane, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1310Events19550228 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Citron, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1311Events19550228 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Nathans Creek, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1312Events19550228 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Shooting Creek, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1313Events19550305 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Tomahawk, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1314Events19550331 Uncacheted1Closing: Johns, NC; DPO  
1315Events19550331 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Kings Creek, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1316Events19550430 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Spring Hill, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1317Events19550430 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Wrightsville Sound, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1318Events19550531 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Shulls Mills, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1319Events19550730 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Spruce Pine, NC Kalmia Rural Station; PO Opening/Closing  
1320Events19550731 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Melvin Hill, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1321Events19550801 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Ponzer, NC 07/31/55; canceled at Belhaven, NC 8/1/55 for some reason...; PO Opening/Closing  
1322Events19550805 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Ransomville, NC 07/31/55; canceled at Belhaven, NC for some reason.; PO Opening/Closing  
1323Events19550831 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: White Lake, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1324Events19550930 Thiel, Ronald E.1Renaming: Kinston, NC - Air Base Branch to Stallings Air Base Branch; PO Opening/Closing  
1325Events19551130 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Day Book, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1326Events19551130 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Globe, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1327Events19560126 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Lauada, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1328Events19560127 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Spring Creek, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1329Events19560224 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Bald Creek, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1330Events19560224 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Deep Gap, NC Stony Fork Rural Station; PO Opening/Closing  
1331Events19560224 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Ramsaytown, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1332Events19560224 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Swiss, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1333Events19560229 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Belhaven, NC Leechville Rural Station; PO Opening/Closing  
1334Events19560229 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Traphill, NC Joynes Rural Station; PO Opening/Closing  
1335Events19560430 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Corinth, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1336Events19560430 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Merry Oaks, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1337Events19560507 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Lenoir, NC Whitnel Branch; PO Opening/Closing  
1338Events19560531 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Farmer, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1339Events19560531 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Loray, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1340Events19560531 Thiel, Ronald E.1Renaming: Troutmans, NC to Troutman, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1341Events19560630 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Elk Park, NC Whaley Rural Station; PO Opening/Closing  
1342Events19560927 Uncacheted1HPO: First Trip Roanoke, VA & Winston-Salem, NC, Trip 2; Highway Post Office  
1343Events19560927 Unknown1UNK01; HPO: First Trip Roanoke, VA & Winston-Salem, NC, Trip 1; Highway Post Office  
1344Events19561231 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: New Bern, NC Cherry Point Branch; PO Opening/Closing  
1345Events19570131 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Warrensville, NC Clifton Rural Station; PO Opening/Closing  
1346Events19570315 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Mount Gilead, NC Wadeville Rural Station; PO Opening/Closing  
1347Events19570331 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Azalea, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1348Events19570331 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Wood, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1349Events19570401 Unknown1UNK01; Laurinburg, NC All-American City First Day of Cancellation  
1350Events19570715 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Gastonia, NC Ranlo Rural Station; PO Opening/Closing  
1351Events19570715 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Gastonia, NC Smyre Rural Station; PO Opening/Closing  
1352Events19570731 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Ferguson, NC Champion Rural Station; PO Opening/Closing  
1353Events19570914 Unknown1UNK01; HPO: First Trip Kinston, NC & Greensboro, NC, Trip 1; Highway Post Office  
1354Events19570914 Unknown1UNK01; HPO: First Trip Kinston, NC & Greensboro, NC, Trip 2; Highway Post Office  
1355Events19570914 Unknown1UNK02; HPO: First Trip Kinston, NC & Greensboro, NC, Trip 1; Highway Post Office  
1356Events19570914 Unknown1UNK02; HPO: First Trip Kinston, NC & Greensboro, NC, Trip 2; Highway Post Office  
1357Events19570930 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Parkersburg, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1358Events19571031 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Lagoon, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1359Events19571101 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Franklin, NC Gneiss Rural Station; PO Opening/Closing  
1360Events19580215 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Bakersville, NC Hawk Rural Station; PO Opening/Closing  
1361Events19580215 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Bakersville, NC Toecane Rural Station; PO Opening/Closing  
1362Events19580831 Thiel, Ronald E.1Closing: Stocksville, NC; PO Opening/Closing  
1363Events19581229 Knapp, K.1President Andrew Johnson 150th Anniversary of Birth; Raleigh, NChdn hpd 
1364Events19581229 Knapp, K.2President Andrew Johnson 150th Anniversary of Birth; Raleigh, NChdn hpd 
1365Events19590904 Unknown1Fort Bragg, CA - Slogan KEEP THE REDWOOD REGION GREEN; Maybe Eddie Atkinson, the addressee?hdn hpd 
1366Events19601229 Tri-Color1President Andrew Johnson; 152nd Anniversary of Birth; Raleigh, NC; Event  
1367Events19610819 Unknown1GAR/UCV Soldiers; maybe Cletus Henry; Newton, NC Old Soldiers Reunion Slogan  
1368Events19610828 ABC Cachets1Fort Hatteras attacked; Crossed Flags/cannon; Hatteras, NC  
1369Events19620908 USCS Byrd Chapter 111USS Raleigh First Day in Commission; USS Raleigh  
1370Events19621231 Unknown1Sinking of Ironclad Monitor off Cape Hatteras; Hatteras, NC  
1371Events19640711 Unknown1Union Scuppernong River Expedition; Columbia, NChfd 
1372Events19640727 Unknown1Battle of New Bern; New Bern, NChfd 
1373Events19640728 Unknown1Union Chowan River Expedition; Gatesville, NChfd 
1374Events19650302 Unknown1Gen Johnston assumes command of the Army of Tennessee and all troops of Confed Depo of GA, SC, and FL at Fayetteville, NC; Fayetteville, NC; Civil War  
1375Events19650307 Unknown1Kilpatrick's Cavalry leads first engagement in NC for Sherman's Army near Rockingham; Rockingham, NC; Civil War  
1376Events19650310 Unknown1CSA fail, in 3 days of fighting, to stop Schofield's Forces, advancing from Newbern to join Sherman's Army, at Kinston, NC; Kinston, NC; Civil War  
1377Events19650310 Unknown2Slocum's XIV Corps arrives at Fayetteville, NC; just ahead of Sherman & XV Corps -- Martial Law is established; Fayetteville, NC; Civil War  
1378Events19650310 Unknown3CSA Gen Hampton surprises Kilpatrick's camp at Wilcox's Bridge, but withdraw at Monroe's Cross Roads; Southern Pines, NC; Civil War  
1379Events19650315 Unknown1Kilpatrick's Cavalry, while scouting near Linden; comes upon and captures Col Rhett, former Commander of the Charleston Garrison, and his aides; Linden, NC; Civil War  
1380Events19650316 Unknown1Hardee's Entrenched Troops Finally Show First Real Confed Resistance, Since Leaving Georgia, Against Divs, Under Jackson & Ward Of XX Corps & Kilpatrick's Cav At Averasboro Near Erwin, N Car--Kilpatrick Captures Part of Col Rhett's Charleston Troops; Civil War  
1381Events19650323 Unknown1Sherman's Army meets Terry's X Corps near Goldsboro; Goldsboro, NC; Civil War  
1382Events19700326 Unknown1Victory in Vietnam; cancelled aboard USS Kitty Hawk  
1383Events19711009 Unknown1UNK01; 100th Anniversary of the Chicago Fire (1871); Pontiac, MIhdn 
1384Events19711009 Unknown2UNK01; 100th Anniversary of the Chicago Fire (1871); Pontiac, MIhdn 
1385Events19711009 Unknown3UNK01; 100th Anniversary of the Chicago Fire (1871); Pontiac, MIhdn 
1386Events19711009 Unknown4UNK01; 100th Anniversary of the Chicago Fire (1871); Pontiac, MIhdn 
1387Events19720630 Unknown1UNK01; National Park Centennial Year; Flat Rock, NC  
1388Events19740116 USPS1Raleigh Postique Grand Opening; Raleigh, NC; Event  
1389Events19740525 Asheville Stamp Club1Asheville, NC Ashepex Station; Event  
1390Events19750227 Sarzin1Towering New York Telephone Inferno; NY, NY Church Street Station  
1391Events19760412 Unknown1UNK01; 200th Anniversary, NC - First Colony to accept separation from England  
1392Events19760617 Fleetwood Cover Service1Declaration of Independence Signer - William Hooper from NC; Greensboro, NC Guilford Branch; Event  
1393Events19760704 Premier1Bicentennial; Kings Mountain, NC  
1394Events19761029 Exchange Clubs of Wake County, NC1American Freedom Train; NC State Fairgrounds, 10/29 - 11/01/1976; 10/29/1976; Event  
1395Events19761031 Exchange Clubs of Wake County, NC1American Freedom Train; NC State Fairgrounds, 10/29 - 11/01/1976; 10/31/1976; Event  
1396..Events19761102 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1P11; President James Polk; Pineville, NC; Event  
1397..Events19761229 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1P17; President Andrew Johnson; Raleigh, NC; Event  
1398Events19770425 Olympia Philatelic Society1Olympia, WA Roundup Station  
1399Events19770822 Western Heritage Association11977 Colgate Hall of Fame; Pinehurst, NC; Golf  
1400Events19781217 Artcraft1Wright Brothers 75th Anniversary of Flight; Kill Devil Hills, NC; rsc Carried On Wright Flyer 1200
1401Events19781217 First Day Collectors Club1Wright Brothers 75th Anniversary of Flight; Kitty Hawk, NC  
1402Events19790924 NAPUS NC Chapter #361Diamond Jubilee Convention; St. Louis, MO NAPUS Station  
1403..Events19801007 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1BCA140; Battle at Kings Mountain, NC; Event  
1404Events19801201 Artcraft1Revolutionary War; Greene Assumes Command in the South; 200th Anniversary; Charlotte, NC; Size 7  
1405..Events19810201 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1BCA145; British Occupy Wilmington, NC; Event  
1406..Events19810306 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1BCA149; Westzell's Mills, Gibsonville, NC; Revolutionary War  
1407..Events19810315 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1BCA150; Guilford Courthouse, Greensboro, NC; Revolutionary War  
1408Events19810315 Unknown1Guilford Courthouse, Greensboro, NC; Fury of Battle at the Third Line; with enclosure; Revolutionary War  
1409Events19810731 Elmira Stamp Club2AMERICAN LaFRANCE 150th Anniversary; Elmira, NY Elimira Fire Station; Event  
1410..Events19810912 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1BCA171; Attack at Hillsboro; Hillsboro, NC; Revolutionary War  
1411..Events19811118 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1BCA179; British Evacuate Wilmington; Wilmington, NC; Revolutionary War  
1412Events19820731 Elmira Stamp Club1AMERICAN LaFRANCE 150th Anniversary; Elmira, NY Elimira Fire Station  
1413Events19820927 Unknown1Prospect Terrace Fire Company - 3- Years of Volunteer Service; Binghampton, NY  
1414Events19821004 Unknown1National Fire Prevention Week; NY, NY Canal Street Station  
1415Events19821013 Unknown1Memorial Day - NY City Fire Fighters; NY, NY Canal Street Station  
1416Events19821121 Aristocrats1NC Anniversary of Statehood; Aristocrat #1985 cachet; Raleigh, NC  
1417Events19821121 Unknown1UNK01; Olde Towne Post Office Nov 13-21; Charlotte, NC Southern Christmas Station  
1418Events19830513 Artopages1Closing: Colon, NC; hcd by John Whitehcd1
1419Events19831105 Whitecraft1Sparpex, Babe Ruth theme; Spartenburg, SC Sparpex Station; WC cachet for #2046 (first) 1
1420Events19840710 Whitecraft11984 Baseball All Star Game; San Francisco, CA Candlestick Park Station; WC cachet for #2046 (first) 1
1421Events19860817 Unknown1Cape Hatteras National Seashore; Authorized August 17, 1937; Size 7; Event  
1422..Events19861102 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1BC02216K; President James Polk; Pineville, NC; Event  
1423Events19861229 Gamm Covers1President Andrew Johnson Birthday; Raleigh, NC Presidential Birthplace Station  
1424Events19870718 Unknown1Central NY Fire Fighter's Association Annual Convention; Owego, NY  
1425Events19871225 Wildermuth, Warren P.1Star, NC Star Station; Eventhdn hpd1
1426Events19880613 Unknown1Dubois VFD 100th Anniversary; Dubois, PA Dubois Station  
1427Events19881009 Unknown1Fire Prevention Week; Valley Stream, NY  
1428Events19890315Postal Commemorative Society1Revolutionary War; Anniversary of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, NC 3/15/1781; Greensboro, NC  
1429Events19890805 Uncacheted1Robbins, NC Farmer's Day Station; Post Card  
1430Events19890805 Uncacheted1Robbins, NC Farmer's Day Station; Size 10  
1431Events19891222 Unknown1UNK01; Ratification of the Bill of Rights, 200th Anniversary; Raleigh, NC; Eventpas 
1432Events19900315 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1Y1315; New York City FD - 125th Anniversary; Interpex '90, NY, NY ASDA Station; Combo #971, #1027, #C38; Privately Serviced 25
1433Events19900315 Colorano "Silk" Cachet2Y1315; New York City FD - 125th Anniversary; Interpex '90, NY, NY ASDA Station; Combo #971, #C38; Privately Serviced 25
1434Events19900315 Colorano "Silk" Cachet3Y1315; New York City FD - 125th Anniversary; Interpex '90, NY, NY ASDA Station; Combo #971, #1027; Privately Serviced 25
1435Events19911225 Cover Craft Cachets1Star, NC Star Station; on CCC/HF Christmas FD cachet; number on back - 91-542; Event  
1436Events19930407 Artopages1GP-AP##; Elon College, NC Centennial Station; Event  
1437Events19950513 Uncacheted1Newbern, NC Volunteer Dept Station  
1438Events19980418 Unknown17th Ann. Arvada's Volunteer Firemen, Arvada, CO  
1439Events20020531 Unknown1Heroes of 2001; Rochester, NY 4
1440Events20020911 Artmaster19-11 1st Anniv UWS, NY, NY; Event  
1441Events20050507 Triple W Cachets1Smokey Bear Days; Capitan, NM Smokey's 61st Station 3
1442Events20050720 Onedog Cachets1AFDCS 50th Annivesarypci26
1443Events20051217 Therome Cachets1102nd Anniversary of Powed Flight; Kitty Hawk, NC Wright Brothers Station; Event  
1444Events20051227 Alkicat Cachet Group1102nd Anniversary Powered Flight, PC printed cachet  
1445Events20081018 Onedog Cachets1Richard Petty Museum, 20th Anniversary; Randleman, NC Nascar Day Stationpci5
1446Events20111217 JVC Cachets1108th Anniversary of Powered Flight; Kitty Hawk, NC Wright Brothers Station; War 18
1447Postal History19100208 Uncacheted1Asheville, NC 7:30p; on UX??  
1448Postal History19190908 Uncacheted1Winston-Salem, NC 3:30PM; Postal History  
1449Postal History19200108 Uncacheted1Southern Pines, NC; With letter written to "Dear Little Sister" while staying at the Highland Lodge  
1450PostCardsPPC Chapel Hill Fire Department, NC1"Blue 32", the Carolina blue fire truck at the UNC Old Well  
1451PostCardsPPC Chapel Hill Fire Department, NC2UNC Coaches Dean Smith and Mack Brown review fire extinguisher use next to "Blue 32", the Carolina Blue fire truck  
1452PostCardsPPC Curr Teich & Company1The Hollywood Hotel, Southern Pines, NC; 96484  
1453PostCardsPPC Eddy's Studio1Long Leaf Pine in Bloom; Southern Pines, NC; hand-colored  
1454PostCardsPPC Sandhills Book Shop1Congregational Church; Southern Pines, NC  
1455PostCardsPPC Unknown1UNK01; No identification on front or back; rate 1c Domestic and 2c Foreign  
1456..PostCardsPPCUnknown2UNK01; Broad Street, Southern Pines, NC  
1457U579  Aristocrats1black, Size 10 envelope  
1458U579  Artcraft1black, Size 10 envelope  
1459U579  Artmaster1black, Size 10  
1460U579  Artopages1green, Size 10  
1461U579  Duke's Covers1 hcd 
1462..U579  USPS1First Day Program; FD Program  
1463U579  VKS Cachets1black; UO Forest Park, GA  
1464U579ZA Ben Kraft1blue red banner in ovalhdn hpd 
1465UX085  Andrews Cachet1UO Atlanta, GA; Unofficial  
1466UX085  Andrews Cachet1UO Charlotte, NC; Unofficial  
1467UX085  Andrews Cachet1UO Charlotte, NC Freedom Station; Unofficial  
1468UX085  Andrews Cachet1UO Greensboro, NC; Unofficial  
1469UX085  Andrews Cachet1UO Kings Mountain, NC; Unofficial  
1470UX085  Andrews Cachet1UO Shelby, NC; Unofficial  
1471UX085  Andrews Cachet1UO Winston-Salem, NC; Unofficial  
1472UX085  Andrews Cachet1UO Yorktown Heights, NY; Unofficial  
1473..UX085MC1 USPS1FD Program; blue/orange on gray; 8x5; FD Program  
1474UX085ZA Bereson, Alex1c2010pcl 
1475UX132  Artmaster1Combo #1451a Hatteras block; Combo  
1476UX132  Law, Blair1   
1477..UX132  Tudor House1   
1478UX132  Unknown1black; appears to be 'ready for painting'; Addressed to J. R. Hemenway, Raleigh, NC  
1479..UX133  Tudor House1   
1480..UX170  Aristocrats1   
1481..UX170  Gamm Covers1   
1482UX170  Jemm Covers1brown, NC map with Durham in center, PLAYMAKER'S THEATRE  
1483UXC10  Animated Covers1   
1484UXC10  David 'C' Cachets1Combo C77hcd 
1485..UXC10  USPS1FD Program; FD Program  
1486UXC10ZA Boerger1Eagle & Flag; redrsc 
1487UXC16  HFB1Item #3837 30
1488ZGB0719a  Unknown1UNK01; Size 7thm