Pre 195012/15/2015
IdxSc. #RefImgCachetmakerC#DescriptionMethods#Made
1..0796P005aFairway1Airmail envelopehpd 
2..0796P005b Fairway2Size 5 envelopehpd 
3..0796P006Beverly Hills1deep blue  
4..0796P007b Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1as P007, blue-red airmail border  
5..0796P009Shatz, Herbert L.1UO Raleigh, NC; Unofficial/First  
6..0796P011 Grandy, Winfred Milton2blue red, UO Grandy, NC; Signed by Grandy; Unofficial 10
7..0796P015Espenshade, William H.1blue, added yellow to flowers; Airmail border  
8..0796P016 House of Farnam1turqoise, UO Dare, VA; Unofficial  
9..0796P017Fox, Theron Edgar1deep-blue bright-red  
10..0796P019Unknown1green red; copy of Kapner  
11..0796P023aPlimpton1dark-blue brown; With 250th Anniversary (error) in text  
12..0796P027Nix, Louis G.2black blue, thermographed, DC 2nd Day  
13..0796P033 Washington Stamp Exchange1black, UO USS Cormorant; Unofficial  
14..0796P036Sanders, Michael1blue red; GP  
15..0796P038a Evans, Glen L.1black  
16..0796P042aScatchard, Norwood B.1black; 'U.S.S. Moffett 362' at bottom in red; Firsthpd 
17..0796P042cScatchard, Norwood B.1black; no date/city at bottom; UO USS Cachalot (unlisted location); Firstthm 
18..0796P042cScatchard, Norwood B.1black; no date/city at bottom; UO USS Cormorant; Unofficial/First  
19..0796P042c Scatchard, Norwood B.1brown; no date/city at bottom; Unofficial/Firstthm 
20..0796P042d Scatchard, Norwood B.1black brown; card stock; Firstthm hpd 
21..0796P042dScatchard, Norwood B.1black; no date/city at bottom; UO USS Cormorant; Unofficial/Firstthm hpd 
22..0796P043aHistoric Art Cachets1black, UO Dare, VA; Unofficial  
23..0796P043bHistoric Art Cachets1blackhpd 
24..0796P044aHistoric Art Cachets1black, UO Dare, VA; Unofficial  
25..0796P044bHistoric Art Cachets1blackhpd 
26..0796P045a Historic Art Cachets1black, UO Dare, VA; Unofficial  
27..0796P047b Unknown3black-text brownish-red  
28..0796P048Raley, William T.1blue green  
29..0796P048bRaley, William T.1black light-blue  
30..0796P048eRaley, William T.1black; stuffer found in all FDCs  
31..0796P049Harrod, G. W.1black orangehdn 
32..0796P052a Unknown1black blue; UO Raleigh, NC; Unofficial  
33..0796P054a Cachet Craft2brown green  
34..0796P054b Cachet Craft3blue orange-brown, airmail envelope  
35..0796P055Raley, William T.1black blue silver; color varieties exist  
36..0796P056aSanders, Michael2light-blue red green purple  
37..0796P057aPostmaster General Cachets1black, Baptism of Manteo  
38..0796P057bPostmaster General Cachets1black, Landing of The Colony  
39..0796P057cPostmaster General Cachets1black, Indians View  
40..0796P057dPostmaster General Cachets1black, Governor John White  
41..0796P057ePostmaster General Cachets1black, Eleanor Dare and baby  
42..0796P057fPostmaster General Cachets1black, Baptism of Virginia Dare  
43..0796P057gPostmaster General Cachets1black, Wathing for the return  
44..0796P057hPostmaster General Cachets1black, Women of The Colony  
45..0796P057iPostmaster General Cachets1black, The Colony Chapel  
46..0796P057jPostmaster General Cachets1black, Virginia Dare Monument  
47..0796P057kPostmaster General Cachets1black, Croatoan  
48..0796P057lPostmaster General Cachets1black, The Stockade  
49..0796P057mPostmaster General Cachets1black, Cameo drawing  
50..0796P058 Waitt, Robert1blue  
51..0796P058aWaitt, Robert1blue, UO Dare, VA; Unofficial  
52..0796P058b Waitt, Robert2milky blue, on card stock  
53..0796P059Unknown1post card; PPC  
54..0796P060aGray & Thompson Advertising Company1black, post card - Queen Elizabeth; First  
55..0796P060bGray & Thompson Advertising Company1black, post card - John Borden; First  
56..0796P060cGray & Thompson Advertising Company1black, post card - Reverend; First  
57..0796P060dGray & Thompson Advertising Company1black, post card - Eleanor and baby; First  
58..0796P060eGray & Thompson Advertising Company1black, post card - brown tone; First  
59..0796P060eGray & Thompson Advertising Company1black, post card - brown tone; reverse; First  
60..0796P061Linto, William S.1 thm hdn15
61..0796P062Raley, William T.1dark-blue  
62..0796P062aRaley, William T.1light-blue yellow  
63..0796P062b Raley, William T.1red-violet silver  
64..0796P062cRaley, William T.1black blue silver  
65..0796P062d Raley, William T.1black red silver  
66..0796P063Raley, William T.1black light-blue silver  
67..0796P063a Raley, William T.1light-blue silver  
68..0796P063b Raley, William T.1blue yellow  
69..0796P065Sanders, Michael1black green  
70..0796P065aSanders, Michael2blue green  
71..0796P066Fred Chambers Gold Bond Cover, A1blue  
73..0796P069Philatelic Press1J. W. Lawrence address at top; First  
74..0796P069aPhilatelic Press1Howard D. Barry address at top; First  
75..0796P071Beardsley, Waiten S.1light-blue dark-blue  
76..0796P072McCamley, Myron F.1blue  
77..0796P073Scheufler, Karl W.1light-blue  
78..0796P074Ramm, Don1black red  
79..0796P076Unknown1light-green gray-blue  
80..0796P077Unknown1black, cream envelope  
81..0796P077a Unknown1black, green envelope  
85..0796P080Unknown1blue, buff card stock  
86..0796P081Christie, Leona M.1dark-blue red, DC 2nd Day; Rice?  
87..0796P083Virginia Dare Extract Company1black  
88..0796P085Richell, C. Wright1on Farnam cachet; ACE #44hdn hpd 
89..0796P086McIntyre, Bruce1color variaties exist; Ace #88hdn hpd 
90..0796P087Berryhill, Alberta Gene1Ace #160hdn hpd 
91..0796P088aSmith, Virginia (Ace #98)1 hdn hpd 
92..0796P088bSmith, Virginia (Ace #98)2 hdn hpd 
93..0796P088cSmith, Virginia (Ace #98)3 hdn hpd 
94..0796P089Luethke, Henry M.1black brownhdn hpd 
95..0796P089aLuethke, Henry M.1black brown without framehdn hpd 
96..0796P090Edmiston, Florence1similar to P138 Adlerhdn hpd 
97..0796P091Unknown1black; signed "N.B." lower right; Resembles Historic Artshdn 
98..0796P092Fulton, Marion1 hdn hpd 
99..0796P092aFulton, Marion2 hdn hpd 
100..0796P093Fulton, Marion3 hdn hpd 
101..0796P094Stevens, H. W.1blue; Signed "H.W.S."  
102..0796P094aStevens, H. W.2blue; black text, unsignedhdn 
103..0796P095Stratton, Gertrude1black blue greenhdn hpd 
104..0796P096Mach, F. J.1purplehdn 
105..0796P097Boone, R. P.1blackhfd 
106..0796P098Unknown1black, newspaper clippings paste-on  
107..0796P099Von Ohlen, William J.1black  
108..0796P100Association for The Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, The1black green red, UO Jamestown, VA; Unofficial  
109..0796P101Hodapp, L.1ACE #30hdn hcd 
110..0796P102Sharp, W. C.1 hdn hcd 
111..0796P102aSharp, W. C.2 hdn hcd 
112..0796P103Muridge, M. Fay1brownhdn hcd 
113..0796P104Laws, Mildred W. (Ace #34)1 hdn hcd 
114..0796P105Taylor, Mrs. Frank (Ace #209)1black purplehdn hcd 
115..0796P106Owens, A. E.1black blue redhdn 
116..0796P107Pennington, T. W.1black  
117..0796P109Unknown1blue red  
118..0796P110Griggs, H. I.1black  
119..0796P111Chaney, Mrs. Herman1paste-on, small envelope  
120..0796P112Unknown1 hdn hcd 
121..0796P113Unknown1 hdn hcd 
122..0796P114Unknown1 hdn hcd 
123..0796P115Bayless, P. H.1blackhfd hdn 
124..0796P116Fogt, Judith1c1986hdn hcd 
125..0796P117Schrage, W. K.1black blue magentahdn 
126..0796P118Leavitt, Vivian K.1 hdn hcd 
127..0796P119Leavitt, Vivian K.1 hdn hcd 
128..0796P120Kribbs' Kover1 hdn hpd 
129..0796P121Fox, Melissa1 hdn hpd 
130..0796P122Unknown1 hdn 
133..0796P125Unknown1Picture Post Card  
134..0796P126Unknown1black, Post Card - Fort Raleigh  
135..0796P126aUnknown1black, Post Card - Dare County Court House  
137..0796P128Clark, Thomas1bluehdn 
138..0796P129Tate, Albert1black bluehdn 
140..0796P131Unknown1Newspaper photo; blackhfd 
141..0796P132Flegel, Perry. S.1black; Copy of Linprint P032hdn 
142..0796P133Flegel, Perry. S.2black; Copy of Linprint P031hdn 
143..0796P134Unknown1black gray, Size 10 envelope, FDR collection  
144..0796P135Unknown1black; Size 7 envelopehdn 
146..0796P137Holzer, R. S.1blue redhdn 
147..0796P138Adler, Gladys1black blue redhdn hpd 
148..0796P139Knapp, Dorothy1 hdn hpd 
149..0796P140Dyer, Ralph1 hdn hpd 
150..0796P141Enroth1 hpd 
151..0796P142Eshleman, John1blacklwb 
152..0796P143Unknown1Signed "Jeanne"hpd 
153..0796P144Smith, M. A. (Ace #214)1 hdn hpd 
154..0796P145Unknown1black red,hdn 
155..0796P146Unknown1black blue redhdn 
156..0796P147Unknown1purple-mimeographed blue yellowmim hcd 
157..0796P148Unknown1Method and colors not known  
158..0796P149Unknown1multicolored, mis-spelled "Ronoake Island"  
159..0796P150Unknown1paste-on newspaper clipping; Washington, DC 2nd Day; Second Daypas 
160..0796P151Trout, John1black; typed cachettyp 
161..0796P152Cornish, Sam1c1985hdn 
162..0796P153aAdams1 hdn hpd 
163..0796P153bAdams1 hdn hpd 
164..0796P153cAdams1 hdn hpd 
165..0796P153dAdams1 hdn hpd 
166..0796P153eAdams1 hdn hpd 
167..0796P153fAdams1 hdn hpd 
168..0796P153gAdams1 hdn hpd 
169..0796P153hAdams1 hdn hpd 
170..0796PCC01Carrier, J. G.1black, CC  
171..0796PCC02Eagle Fire Company1blue, CC  
172..0796PCC05Hudson's Bay Company1black blue red, yellow envelope, CC  
173..0796PCC06Hotel Jefferson1black, CC  
174..0796PCC07USPO1Office of the Postmaster General; blue; 7.25 x 4.5 envelope; Washington, DC 2nd Day; Second Day  
175..0796PCC08William Sloane House1black; CC  
176..0796PCC09Sons of the Republic of Texas1San Jacinto Chapter No. 1, Houston, TX; CC  
177..0796PGP01Lawrence, E. C.1light-brown purple  
178..0796PGP02Tyron, W. M.1black  
179..0796PGP03Rice, Frederick Rogers & Wilma C.1purple silver, DC 2nd Day; Second Day  
180..0796PGP04Pavious "SM" Co.1blue red white  
181..0796PGP05Lerchenfeld, F. E.1orange-rose, printed  
183..0796PGP07Sanders, Michael1   
186..0796PGP10Westminster Stamp Club1blue red; white label peeled off leaving remnants with hand-lettering lower left; Appears to be an event cover by WSC for Flag Day June 14, 1933. May or may not have been serviced by WSC.  
187..0796PGP10Westminster Stamp Club1blue red; with white label over blue text; As illustrated in Planty; GP  
189..0796PGP12Linprint1blue red, airmail border  
190..0796PGP13Unknown1blue red, airmail border  
193..0796PGP16Unknown1blue, Patriotic  
194..0796PGP17Bean, Louie C.1black  
195..0796PGP18Jackson Stamp Company1blue; Impression is over the typed address in this illustration.; GPrsc 
196..0796PGP19Logan, Allen1light-blue  
197..0796PGP20Unknown1Small envelopehfd 
199..0796PGP22Pavious "SM" Co.1GP  
201..0796PGP24Mutual Benefit Stamp Club1bluersc 
202..0796PGP25Unknown1blue red; Probable Add-On  
203..0796PGP26Unknown1Billings, Montana, Shining Mountains; Completely Unrelated!  
204..0796PGP27Bert, Adam K.1No cachet; Size 5 envelope  
205..0796PGP27Bert, Adam K.2No cachet; 4.5 x 3 envelope  
206..0796NIPNaegele, Kenneth1Personal Itemhld rsc 
207..0796NIPPorter, Howard G.1   
208..0796NIPRuback, John C. Jr1personal coverhdn 
209..0796NIPUnknown1UNK03; Text on Airmail Size 10 envelope  
210..0796NIPUnknown1UNK14; Simple line box with text and two rubberstampd 'First Day Cover' marks; Addressed to Frank L. Pars of Brooklyn, NY; May or may not be the producer.hdn rsc 
211..0796NIPVolker, William J.1Home made, probably less than 10 madehdn hpd 
212..0796NIPCCGarden City Garage1BCC  
213..0796NIPCCHess-Malloy Company1out of Sioux City, IA; CC  
214..0796NIPCCHotel Galt1Hotel Galt; Sterling, IL; BCC  
215..0796NIPCCRegal Stamp Company1BCC, UO Bulter, PA; BCC  
216..0796NIPCCStorrs & Bement Company1BCC  
217..0796NIPCCStorrs & Bement Company1enclosure; BCC  
218..0796NIPCCUSPO2Post Office Department; Size 10 BCC; CC  
219..0796NIPCCUSPO3The First Assistant Postmaster General; BCC; CC  
220..0796NIPCCUSPO4The Postmaster General; Embossed return address; CC  
221..0796NIPGPBecken1Airmail border envelope; GP  
222..0796NIPGPMcCaddon Company1DC 2nd Day; GP  
223..0796NIPGPRice, Frederick Rogers & Wilma C.2Lincoln Memorial; DC 2nd Day; GP  
224..0796NIPGPUnknown1UNK04; Printed; maybe Sanders?; GP  
225..0796NIPGPUnknown1UNK05; 'FIRST DAY / COVER' with continental USA map; GPrsc 
226..0796NIPGPUnknown1UNK06; Eagle with box border; purple; GP  
227..0796NIPGPUnknown1UNK08; GP  
228..0796NIPGPUnknown1UNK11; sold by Ratface 12/2009; GP  
229..0796NIPGPUnknown1UNK12; Maybe Sanders Add-On?; GP  
230..0796NIPGPUnknown1UNK15; black text; Washington, DC 2nd Day; Second Day  
231..0796NIPGPUnknown1UNK17; blue; rsc is stamped over 'First Day Cover' (lower left) and the address; GPrsc 
232..0796NIPGPUnknown1UNK18; GP  
233..0796NIPGPUnknown1UNK19; blue; GPrsc 
234..0796NIPZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
235..0796NIPZABen Kraft2 hdn hpd 
236..0796NIPZABen Kraft3 hdn hpd 
237..0796NIPZABen Kraft4 hdn hpd 
238..0796NIPZAFollows, Jack1 hdn hpd 
239..0796NIPZAFox, Melissa2 hdn hpd 
241..0796UNCUncacheted1DC 2nd Day; Signed by V C Burke (Postmaster), Mrs K Schrage (Designer), Carl T Ault (Picture Engraver), and Edward M Weeks (Letter Engraver); Autograph  
242..0796UNCUncacheted1Favor Cancel, on FDOS, Gilliotte, WY  
2430797P001Hux1green red  
2440797P002Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1bright-green bistre-brown  
245..0797P002aIoor, Harry C. & Travilla1dull-green slate-blue  
2460797P002b Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1dull-green chalky-blue  
2470797P002bIoor, Harry C. & Travilla1dull-green chalky-blue, different shade of green  
2480797P002b Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1dull-green chalky-blue; UO Smokemont, NC; Unofficial  
249..0797P002c Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1blue-green slate-blue, FDC airmail border  
250..0797P002dIoor, Harry C. & Travilla1blue-green slate-blue, no border  
251..0797P002e Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1green bistre, airmail border  
2520797P002fIoor, Harry C. & Travilla1bright-green bistre-brown  
2530797P002fIoor, Harry C. & Travilla1bright-green bistre-brown; UO Ravinsford, NC  
254..0797P002ffIoor, Harry C. & Travilla1bright-green dull-green  
2550797P002g Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1blue-green, FDC border envelope  
256..0797P002hIoor, Harry C. & Travilla1bright-green chalky-blue  
257..0797P002i Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1?, Address label on oversized envelope  
2580797P003Kapner, Don Joseph1gray purple, airmail envelope  
2590797P003aKapner, Don Joseph1blue-violet silver, Size 7 envelope  
2600797P004Cachet Craft1blue green  
2620797P006Plimpton1blue gold red  
263..0797P007Imperial Stamp Company1black, striped frame  
2640797P007aImperial Stamp Company1black, 3-line frame  
265..0797P008Richell, C. Wright1hdn; ACE #44hdn1
2660797P009Unknown1green with 1-line text, Size 6 envelope; Airmail Border  
2670797P009aUnknown1green with 2-line text, Size 7 envelope  
2680797P009bUnknown1green with 1-line text, Size 7 envelope; NO AIRMAIL BORDERthm 
269..0797P010Raley, William T.1violet blue  
270..0797P010.1Raley, William T.1green silver  
271..0797P010.2Raley, William T.1maroon silver  
272..0797P010aRaley, William T.1blue silver, "Land of the Sky Asheville, NC"  
273..0797P011Unknown1black gold  
2750797P012Holland, Jesse Graham1blue green red  
2760797P012aHolland, Jesse Graham1Washington DC GP; 2nd Day Washington, DC; Second Day  
2770797P012aHolland, Jesse Graham1Washington DC GP; 2nd Day Washington, DC Benjamine Frankline Station; GP  
2780797P013Roessler, Albert C.1green  
2790797P014Phoenix - Connecticut Group of Fire Insurance Companies, The1green; First  
280..0797P015aLinprint1black brown  
2810797P015bLinprint1black gray  
2830797P017Hobby Cover Service1green  
2840797P018Gundel, Torkel1black blue gray green orangehpd 
2850797P019Sidenius, John C.1black green  
286..0797P020Fairway1green, with Indian Chief  
287..0797P020aFairway1green, without Indian Chief  
2880797P021Historic Art Cachets1blackhpd 
289..0797P021Historic Art Cachets1blackhpd 
2900797P021Historic Art Cachets1blackhpd 
2910797P021Historic Art Cachets1black  
2920797P022Dyer, Ralph1black yellow  
2930797P022Dyer, Ralph3black  
2940797P022aDyer, Ralph4green  
2950797P022bDyer, Ralph2black orange  
2960797P023Espenshade, William H.1black, unlisted color  
2970797P023Espenshade, William H.1black, unlisted color, airmail envelope  
298..0797P023Espenshade, William H.1olive  
2990797P023aEspenshade, William H.1green  
3000797P024Pavious "SM" Co.1blue green yellow, small cachet  
3010797P024Pavious "SM" Co.1blue green yellow, UO ?-Knoxville RPO Trip 12; Unofficial  
302..0797P024Pavious "SM" Co.1blue green yellow, UO Cherokee, NC; Unofficial  
3030797P024Pavious "SM" Co.1blue green yellow, UO Ravinsford, NC; Unofficial  
304..0797P024aPavious "SM" Co.1blue green yellow, large cachet  
3050797P025Grimsland, Henry1green  
3060797P025Grimsland, Henry1green, strip of 4 singles  
3070797P025Grimsland, Henry1green; UO Horseshoe, NC  
3080797P026Anderson Historical Envelopes1black  
3090797P026Anderson Historical Envelopes1green  
310..0797P026aAnderson Historical Envelopes1green, airmail envelope  
3110797P027House of Farnam1green  
3120797P028Holland, Jesse Graham1green red  
3130797P029Sage, Max1dark-blue red  
3140797P030Laird, Eugene Clarence & Merwin H. H.1black green  
3150797P031Grandy, Winfred Milton1green red  
3160797P031aGrandy, Winfred Milton1blue green  
3170797P032Evans, Glen L.1green  
3180797P033Washington Service1green, Size 7 envelope  
3190797P033Washington Service1green, Size 7 envelope; hand-colored  
3210797P035Rice, Frederick Rogers & Wilma C.1black gold  
3220797P035aRice, Frederick Rogers & Wilma C.1black gold, airmail envelope  
3230797P035bRice, Frederick Rogers & Wilma C.1black gold, top line all caps  
3240797P035cRice, Frederick Rogers & Wilma C.2black gold green  
3250797P035dRice, Frederick Rogers & Wilma C.4black/gold; 1st line all caps - like P35b; airmail envelope  
326..0797P036Cover of The Month Club1green orange  
328..0797P038Unknown1blue red  
3290797P039Compton, William H. Jr.1green  
3300797P040Unknown1green pink, Size 7 envelope  
3310797P040aUnknown1blue-green pink, Size 7 envelope  
332..0797P041Linto, William S.1gold silverhdn hpd15
333..0797P042Covered Wagon, The1black green  
334..0797P043Unknown1blue, similar to P042  
335..0797P043aUnknown1blue, CC - Howard D. Barry  
336..0797P043bUnknown1blue, CC - J. W. Lawrence  
337..0797P044Unknown1?, Size 7 envelope  
338..0797P045Unknown1black, oversize envelope; Roessler?  
3390797P045aUnknown1black, oversize Card Stock; upper right corner damage  
340..0797P046Roy, James A.1red  
3410797P046Roy, James A.1red; DC 2nd Day  
343..0797P048Unknown1?, Size 10 envelope  
3440797P049Nix, Louis G.1gold green, FDOI  
3450797P049aNix, Louis G.1gold green, DC 2nd Day  
347..0797P051Unknown1green, manila card stock  
348..0797P052Fred Chambers Gold Bond Cover, A1green or gold  
349..0797P053Unknown1green, square dots frame  
350..0797P053aUnknown1green, solid line frame  
351..0797P054Unknown1blue, crossed flags & text  
3520797P055Unknown1black red  
353..0797P056Unknown1purple, rsc  
3540797P056aUnknown1violet, rsc  
3550797P056bUnknown1turqoise, rsc  
357..0797P058 Scatchard, Norwood B.1black  
358..0797P058 Scatchard, Norwood B.1green  
3590797P058Scatchard, Norwood B.1green; UO USS Cuttlefish and USS Cachalot on one S/S, signed by ship mail clerks; Unofficial  
3600797P058aScatchard, Norwood B.1black, "ASHEVILLE, NC" at bottom  
361..0797P058a Scatchard, Norwood B.1green, "ASHEVILLE, NC" at bottom  
362..0797P058bScatchard, Norwood B.1black, "USS MOFFETT 362" at bottom; Unofficial  
363..0797P058b Scatchard, Norwood B.1green, "USS MOFFETT 362" at bottom; Unofficial  
364..0797P058bScatchard, Norwood B.1green, "USS MOFFETT 362" at bottom; hand-colored; Unofficialhcd 
365..0797P058c Scatchard, Norwood B.1black, "Washington, DC" at bottom  
366..0797P058c Scatchard, Norwood B.1green, "Washington, DC" at bottom  
3670797P058dScatchard, Norwood B.1black, "USS ERIE P.G. 50" at bottom, USS Erie; Second Day  
3680797P059World Wide Cover, A1green, Size 7 envelope; Heyl  
369..0797P060Unknown1gray green  
370..0797P061Wagner, E. G.1black greenhdn hpd5
372..0797P063Seath, Virginia E.1multicolored; probable Add-Onhdn hpd 
373..0797P064Fulton, Marion1multicolored; probable Add-Onhdn hpd 
374..0797P065Breswick Cover Service1multicoloredhdn hpd 
375..0797P066McIntyre, Bruce1multicolored; Ace #88hdn hpd 
376..0797P066aMcIntyre, Bruce2multicolored; Ace #88hdn hpd 
377..0797P067Risko Art Studios1Size 7 envelopehpd abr 
378..0797P067Risko Art Studios2Size 6; Airmail border; looks like mimeograph is mis-aligned downwardhpd abr 
379..0797P068Unknown1red on label  
380..0797P069McIntyre, Bruce3multicolored; Ace #88hdn hpd 
381..0797P070Owens, A. E.1black redhdn 
3830797P072Belmont, J.1blue  
384..0797PGP01Battery Park Hotel1CC; BCC  
3850797PGP02Hotel Gordon1CC; BCC  
386..0797PGP03USPO Asheville, NC1CC; BCC  
387..0797PGP04Souvenir Issues Association1CC, "The Souvenir Issues Association"; GP  
388..0797PGP05Sanders, Michael1brown green, Eagle with text; GP  
389..0797PGP06Lerchenfeld, F. E.1pink baby, "Original / First Day Cover"; GP  
390..0797PGP07Durham Smoking Tobacco1?, CC; GP  
391..0797PGP08Knoth, G. S.1Man holding sign with address inside; GPhdn 
392..0797NIPBeer, Frank1Size 7 envelope; Reference AFDCS First Days 07/15/2011 Page 8hdn 
3930797NIPBert, Adam K.1no cachet, small envelope  
3940797NIPBuckman, R. G.1 typ 
3950797NIP Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1brigh-green dull-green; like P2f on airmail envelope  
3960797NIPLinprint10749_P004 cachet, censored  
397..0797NIPUnknown1UNK02; blue red; probably Sanders; GP  
398..0797NIPUnknown1UNK07; Advised by Tom Baron (05/2009): "It is not a pasted cachet. Of the period handrawn and handpainted in. The cancel ties the cachet. Not listed in Mellone's and I have not seen this item before." Seeking further information of the origin of this ite  
399..0797NIPUnknown1UNK08; 04/2009: on ebay by Tom Baron ( 007coverstom); NEED MORE INFOhpd 
400..0797NIPUnknown1UNK09; 03/2011 McCusker stated "...hand drawn, hand painted cachet by Olga Goehringer on monarch cover, of the period and one of a kind.", at an auction price of $125.hdn 
401..0797NIPUnknown1UNK10; 03/2011 on eBay by Andy Doback; Size 10hdn hpd 
402..0797NIPUnknown1UNK11; Similar to 796 P135; eBay 007coverstom 10/2011  
404..0797NIPCCCamp Yonahnoka1Camp Yonahnoka - Linville_NC; BCC  
405..0797NIPCCCommittee on Ways And Means1Size 10; BCC  
406..0797NIPCCOklahoma Gas And Electric Company1BCC  
407..0797NIPCCPatna Mission Stamp Mart1West Baden College, West Baden, Indiana; CC  
4080797NIPCCSavannah Hotel1Corner Card; BCC  
409..0797NIPCCStorrs & Bement Company1Corner Card; BCC  
410..0797NIPCCWashington DC Secretary of the Interior1Size 7; BCC  
4110797NIPGPBrueggeman, F. W.1UNK14; "FIRST DAY OF ISSUE"rsc 
4120797NIPGP Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla2printed, of the period add-on; GP  
4130797NIPGPLawrence, E. C.1Probable Add-On; GP  
414..0797NIPGPLawrence, E. C.2Probable Add-On; GP  
4150797NIPGPRice, Frederick Rogers & Wilma C.1Washington, DC Capitol; 2nd Day Washington, DC BFF Station; GP  
416..0797NIPGPUnknown1UNK04; FIRST DAY / COVER with US Map between; GPrsc 
417..0797NIPGPUnknown1UNK05; GP Washington, DC; probably Rice (?); GP  
4180797NIPGPUnknown1UNK06; Maryknoll Seminary, NY; GP  
4190797NIPGPUnknown1UNK12; purplersc 
420..0797NIPGPUnknown1UNK13; Probably Add-On  
421..0797NIPNFDUSPO1S/S Announcement Sheet 07/20/37; Postal Bulletin  
422..0797NIPZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
4230797NIPZAHalinski, Rich1c200911  
4240797NIPZAHalinski, Rich2c2010  
4250797NIPZAHalinski, Rich3c2011pci 
4260797NIPZAHalinski, Rich4c2011pci 
4270797NIPZAHayden, Kate12015hdn hcd 
4280797NIPZAHobo Art Cachets1c2005  
4290797NIPZAHobo Art Cachets2c2005  
4300797NIPZARabbit Hill Cachets1 hdn hpd1
431..0797NIPZAUnknown1UNK01; c2005hdn 
432..0797NIPZAUnknown1UNK03; Smoky Mountains Label  
4330797NIPZAWebcraft1Paste-On, 2003  
4340797NIPZAWebcraft2Paste-On, 2003  
436..0971M001George, C.1red text, black equipment  
4380971M002Wco12nd Day, Riverdale, MD; Second Day  
4390971M003Mack Trucks1red; First  
4400971M004McCawley1black red  
4420971M005Anderson Historical Envelopes1black  
4430971M005Anderson Historical Envelopes2blue  
4440971M005Anderson Historical Envelopes3red  
4450971M006Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1   
4460971M006Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1with Edminster overprint, possibly privately done  
4480971M008House of Farnam1   
4490971M009Fluegel Cover1   
4500971M010Bennett, Ira1   
4510971M011Bronesky-Risko1orange text, red fire enginethm 
452..0971M011 Bronesky-Risko2red engine, black textthm 
4530971M011Bronesky-Risko3Flat Press; black/red  
454..0971M011 Bronesky-Risko4Dark Red and Dark Gold; NOT THERMOGRAPHED  
4550971M012Cachet Craft1   
4560971M013Cachet Craft1   
4570971M014Grandy, Winfred Milton1black illustration, red text  
4580971M014Grandy, Winfred Milton1red illustration, black text  
4590971M015Sanders, Michael1fireman on back of truck within banner; red, blue banner  
4600971M016Grimsland, Henry1   
4640971M019Aristocrats1With insert from Leipsic Fire Department, Chief Harry A. Helm  
4660971M020 Artmaster1Mailed to Laignes, Cote d'Or, France, with front cancel  
4670971M020Artmaster1watercolored by cagarts; 2009hpd1
4690971M021Artcraft1Addressed to Germany, no backstamp  
4700971M021Artcraft1Dual FDOI #3331 Honoring Those Who Served  
4710971M022Crosby, Walter G.1Photo with firemen and building  
4720971M022Crosby, Walter G.1Photo with firemen and building; 2nd Day - USS Douglas H. Fox; Second Day  
4730971M023Crosby, Walter G.1Photo with Seal  
474..0971M023Crosby, Walter G.1Photo with Seal; UO USS Fremont; Unofficial  
4750971M024Pent Arts1   
476..0971M025Knapp, Dorothy1 hdn hpd 
477..0971M025Knapp, Dorothy1airmail borderhdn hpd 
4780971M026Fleetwood Cover Service1   
479..0971M026Fleetwood Cover Service1UO USS William Rush; Unofficial  
480..0971M027Weigand, Mae1 hdn hpd 
481..0971M028Weigand, Mae2 hdn hpd 
482..0971M029Weigand, Mae3 hdn hpd 
483..0971M030Wright, William N.1 hpd 
484..0971M031Gregory, A. V.1   
4850971M032Fred Chambers Gold Bond Cover, A1   
4860971M033Cachet Craft15-color  
487..0971M033Cachet Craft1UO USS Rich; Unofficial  
488..0971M034Linto, William S.1red, violet, gold  
4890971M035Phoenix - Connecticut Group of Fire Insurance Companies, The1over-print on Farnam with insert card to addressee  
4900971M036Sanders, Michael2fireman on back of truck within border; purple with red bannerthm 
4910971M037Detroit-Ludwig1 thm 
492..0971M037 Detroit-Ludwig2Airmail envelope  
4930971M038Spartan1dark bluethm 
495..0971MC1E1USPO1FD Program  
496..0971MC2USPO1black on cream; 5.5 x 8.5; FD Program  
4970971NIMAdler, Gladys1multi-colored, red steam engine, purple bannerhdn hpd 
4980971NIMAdler, Gladys2multi-colored, yellow steam engine, yellow bannerhdn hpd 
4990971NIMArtmaster2Album Page  
500..0971NIMBarbey's Inc.1Pennsylvania State Firemen's Association Convention  
501..0971NIMBert, Adam K.1Uncacheted; Size 5 envelope  
502..0971NIMCzubay, Walter1   
503..0971NIMDoak, E. L.1red  
504..0971NIMDyer, Ralph1 hdn hpd 
505..0971NIM Firemenís Bicentennial Committee of Firemen's Union1Reading, PA; Size 10, Friendship Fire Co. #4  
506..0971NIM Firemenís Bicentennial Committee of Firemen's Union1Reading, PA; Size 10, Junior Fire Co. #2  
507..0971NIM Firemenís Bicentennial Committee of Firemen's Union1Reading, PA; Size 10, Neversink Fire Co. #3  
508..0971NIM Firemenís Bicentennial Committee of Firemen's Union1Reading, PA; Size 10, Rainbow Fire Co. #1  
509..0971NIMFiremenís Bicentennial Committee of Firemen's Union1Reading, PA; Size 10, Reading Hose Co. #1  
510..0971NIM Firemenís Bicentennial Committee of Firemen's Union1Reading, PA; Size 10, Riverside Fire Co. #11  
511..0971NIM Firemenís Bicentennial Committee of Firemen's Union1Reading, PA; Size 10, Schuylkill Fire Co. #12  
512..0971NIMFiremenís Bicentennial Committee of Firemen's Union1Reading, PA; Size 10, Union Fire Co. #13  
513..0971NIM Firemenís Bicentennial Committee of Firemen's Union1Reading, PA; Size 10, Washington Fire Co. #2  
514..0971NIMFort Stanton Stamp Club1blue, red  
515..0971NIMGrand Junction Volunteer Fire Department1xxx; First  
516..0971NIMHenriques, E. J.1 hdn hpd 
517..0971NIMHome Insurance Company1Guttenberg, NJ; BCC  
5180971NIMKnapp, Dorothy2similar to M025hdn hpd 
519..0971NIMKnapp, Dorothy3Different scene - building on firehdn hpd 
520..0971NIMLewis, Eric H.1Beazell style on photo paper  
521..0971NIMMac's Originals1Mimeographed, hand-colored, varieties exist; Firsthcd 
522..0971NIMMarlboro Fire Department1magentarsc 
523..0971NIMN-H Stamp-Coin-Book Company1GP  
524..0971NIMN-H Stamp-Coin-Book Company2GP  
5250971NIMNix, Louis G.1FDOI  
526..0971NIMOtt, Jack L.1banner with gold dot bottom right on Civil War Patriotic; home-madehdn 
5270971NIMPent Arts1Same as M24; Size 10 Airmail Border  
5280971NIMPent Arts1Same as M24; Size 10 Plain Border  
5300971NIMReid, Clarence E.1Favor Card 20
5310971NIMReid, Clarence E.1Favor Card; Washington, DC 2nd Day cancel; Second Day  
532..0971NIMRiemann, Charles H.1red  
5330971NIMRussell, Ruth1mimeograph & rubberstamp; 08/2011 Mike Friedman had one for sale with the printing over a hand-written address - I doubt anyone would write a full address IN a cachet! So, apparently Add-Ons exist or ALL are add-ons?mim 
5340971NIMRussell, Ruth1mimeograph & rubberstamp; Washington, DC 2nd Day cancel; Second Day  
535..0971NIMSanders, Michael3red  
5360971NIMSanders, Michael4multicolored; Souvenir Card  
537..0971NIMSanders, Michael5Oversize envelope mailed with Registry Service  
539..0971NIMUnknown1UNK18; on eBay by mike713 12/2012  
540..0971NIMVon Ohlen, William J.1black red  
541..0971NIMVon Ohlen, William J.2black; picture post card; PPC  
542..0971NIMWaldau, Norbert C.1 hpd 
543..0971NIMWaldau, Norbert C.2with add-on Flag at right hand-drawn/painted by Herman Maulhpd 
544..0971NIMWeigand, Mae4Bugles Helmest Axeshdn hpd 
545..0971NIMWeigand, Mae5Shield Buggle Axehdn hpd 
546..0971NIMWeigand, Mae6Fire Pumperhdn hpd 
5470971NIMWright, William N.2 hpd 
5480971NIMWright, William N.3Fire in first floorhpd 
5490971NIM Wright, William N.4Fire in second floorhpd 
550..0971NIMCCBerks County Firemen's Association1Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
551..0971NIMCCCornell Hook and Ladder Company1New Baltimore, NY; BCC  
552..0971NIMCC David Crockett Steam Fire Company1BCC  
553..0971NIMCCDefender Fire Company #11Audubon, PA; BCC  
5540971NIMCCDover Fire Department1Dover, DE; Size 10; BCC  
555..0971NIMCC Firemen's Relief Association1Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
556..0971NIMCC Friendship Steam Fire Company #41Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
557..0971NIMCC Hampton Fire Company1Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
558..0971NIMCC Hotel Richardson1BCC  
559..0971NIMCC Marion Fire Company #101Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
5600971NIMCCReading Hose Company #11Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
561..0971NIMCCRelief Association1Reading, PA; Size 6; BCC  
562..0971NIMCCRoyal Fire Company (York PA)1Corner Card; BCC  
563..0971NIMCC Schuylkill Fire Company #121Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
564..0971NIMCCSeltzer, Mark Ed.1BCC; Reading, PA; with Reading PA Bincentennial Logo lower left; BCC  
565..0971NIMCCUnion Fire Company #131Reading, PA; Size 6; BCC  
5660971NIMCC Washington Fire Company #21Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
5670971NIMGPDavid 'C' Cachets1GP  
568..0971NIMGPGreen & Low Paper Company1GP  
5690971NIMGPGrossman, J.1Size 7; from Mike713 10/2011; GP  
570..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques1WWII Patriotic; America Needs Your Help; WWII Pat  
571..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques2WWII Patriotic; Do Your Share For Freedom; WWII Pat  
572..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques3WWII Patriotic; E. Pluribus Unum; WWII Pat  
573..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques4WWII Patriotic; Full Speed Ahead; WWII Pat  
574..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques5WWII Patriotic; Give Them The Tools; WWII Pat  
575..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques6WWII Patriotic; I Have Not Yet Begun To Fight; WWII Pat  
576..0971NIMGPMinkus, Jacques7WWII Patriotic; I'm Working With Uncle Sam; WWII Pat  
577..0971NIMGPMinkus, Jacques8WWII Patriotic; Keep That Light Burning; WWII Pat  
578..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques9WWII Patriotic; Let Freedom Ring; WWII Pat  
579..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques10WWII Patriotic; Let's Beat'em; WWII Pat  
580..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques11WWII Patriotic; Liberty Above All - For All; WWII Pat  
581..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques12WWII Patriotic; On To Victory For Liberty; WWII Pat  
582..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques13WWII Patriotic; Then And Now; WWII Pat  
583..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques14WWII Patriotic; United For Freedom; WWII Pat  
584..0971NIMGP Minkus, Jacques15WWII Patriotic; United For Victory; WWII Pat  
5850971NIMGPPavious "SM" Co.1GP; Capitol; GP  
586..0971NIMGPThomas, Wilson1   
587..0971NIMGPUnknown1UNK07; Landing Eagle; black; GPrsc 
588..0971NIMGPUnknown1UNK10; Eagle and Flag; GPrsc 
5890971NIMGPVan Dahl Publications1Globe; two-tone blue; GP  
5900971NIMGPVan Dahl Publications2Globe; two-tone brown; GP  
591..0971NIMZAAnderson, John1c2003hdn hpd 
5920971NIMZAAshley, Don W.1c1999  
5930971NIMZAAshley, Don W.2c2003  
5940971NIMZAAshley, Don W.3c2004  
5950971NIMZAAshley, Don W.4c2004  
5960971NIMZAAshley, Don W.5c2004  
5970971NIMZAAshley, Don W.6c2004  
5980971NIMZAAshley, Don W.7c2005  
5990971NIMZAAshley, Don W.8c2005  
6000971NIMZAAshley, Don W.9c2005  
6010971NIMZAAshley, Don W.10c2005  
6020971NIMZAAshley, Don W.11c2006  
6030971NIMZAAshley, Don W.12c2008  
6040971NIMZAAshley, Don W.13c2004  
6050971NIMZAAshley, Don W.14c2009  
6060971NIMZAAshley, Don W.15c2009  
6070971NIMZAAshley, Don W.16c2009  
6080971NIMZAAshley, Don W.17c2009  
6090971NIMZAAshley, Don W.18c2009  
6100971NIMZAAshley, Don W.19c2010  
6110971NIMZAAshley, Don W.20c2010  
6120971NIMZAAshley, Don W.21c2010  
6130971NIMZAAshley, Don W.22c2010  
6140971NIMZAAshley, Don W.23c2010  
6150971NIMZAAshley, Don W.24c2010  
6160971NIMZAAshley, Don W.25c2010  
6170971NIMZAAshley, Don W.26c2010  
6180971NIMZAAshley, Don W.27c2010  
6190971NIMZAAshley, Don W.28c2010  
6200971NIMZAAshley, Don W.29c2011  
6210971NIMZAAshley, Don W.30c2011  
6220971NIMZAAshley, Don W.31c2011  
6230971NIMZAAshley, Don W.32c2011  
6240971NIMZAAshley, Don W.33c2011  
6250971NIMZAAshley, Don W.34c2011  
6260971NIMZAAshley, Don W.35c2014  
6270971NIMZAAshley, Don W.36c2014  
6280971NIMZAAshley, Don W.37c2015  
6290971NIMZAAshley, Thomas1c2004  
6300971NIMZAAshley, Thomas2c2004  
6310971NIMZAAshley, Thomas3c2004  
6320971NIMZAAshley, Thomas4c2005  
6330971NIMZAAshley, Thomas5c2005  
6340971NIMZAAshley, Thomas6c2009  
6350971NIMZAAshley, Thomas7c2009  
6360971NIMZAAshley, Thomas8c2009  
6370971NIMZAAshley, Thomas9c2009  
6380971NIMZAAshley, Thomas10c2009  
6390971NIMZAAshley, Thomas11c2010  
6400971NIMZAAshley, Thomas12c2010  
6410971NIMZAAshley, Thomas13c2010  
6420971NIMZAAshley, Thomas14c2011  
643..0971NIMZABalenzano, Rosa C.1 hdn hpd 
644..0971NIMZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
645..0971NIMZABen Kraft2 hdn hpd 
646..0971NIMZABen Kraft3 hdn hpd 
6470971NIMZACheek, Grace1 hdn hpd1
648..0971NIMZAEdsel1c2003; Masonic  
649..0971NIMZAFDCUSA1c2004 2
650..0971NIMZA Fire Service In Philately1black/red; Red Maltese Cross and Black #971  
651..0971NIMZA Fire Service In Philately2black/red; Red Matlese Cross , red Canada #364; by Don Alford  
652..0971NIMZAFollows, Jack1c1990hdn hpd 
6530971NIMZAHalinski, Rich1c2003pci 
6540971NIMZAHalinski, Rich2c2003pci 
6550971NIMZAHalinski, Rich3c2005pci 
6560971NIMZAHalinski, Rich4c2005pci 
6570971NIMZAHalinski, Rich5c2006pci 
6580971NIMZAHalinski, Rich6 pci 
6590971NIMZAHalinski, Rich7c2009pci 
6600971NIMZAHalinski, Rich8c2011pci 
6610971NIMZAHalinski, Rich9c2011pci 
6620971NIMZAHalinski, Rich10c2011pci 
6630971NIMZAHalinski, Rich11c2011pci 
6640971NIMZAHalinski, Rich12c2011pci 
6650971NIMZAHalinski, Rich13c2011pci 
6660971NIMZAHalinski, Rich14c2012  
6670971NIMZAHalinski, Rich15c2012  
6680971NIMZAHalinski, Rich16c2012  
6690971NIMZAHalinski, Rich17c2012  
6700971NIMZAHalinski, Rich18c2013  
6710971NIMZAHalinski, Rich19c2015  
6720971NIMZAHalinski, Rich20c2015  
6730971NIMZAHalinski, Rich21c2015  
6740971NIMZAHalinski, Rich22c2015  
6750971NIMZAHobo Art Cachets1c2006  
6760971NIMZAJerry's Covers1c2011pci 
6770971NIMZAJerry's Covers2c2012pci 
6780971NIMZAJerry's Covers3c2012pci 
6790971NIMZAJerry's Covers4c2012  
6800971NIMZAKH Cachets1red; fireman in decorative oval, identified on back  
6810971NIMZAKing Cachets1c1999  
6820971NIMZAKing Cachets2c1999  
6830971NIMZAKing Cachets3c1999  
6840971NIMZAKing Cachets4c1999  
6850971NIMZAKing Cachets5c1999; Fire Fighter up tree with catthm hpd 
6860971NIMZAKing Cachets6c1999  
687..0971NIMZAMende, E.1Paste-On; Information from Edward Flory  
688..0971NIMZA Quadracolorplus1(EF) 3
689..0971NIMZARDM Covers1c2005  
690..0971NIMZAUnknown1UNK02; Baby Fireman, eBay huntert03 1999  
691..0971NIMZAUnknown1UNK03; Barbeque Fire, eBay huntert03 1999  
6920971NIMZAUnknown1UNK05; c2005; appears signed as 'DPR'  
6930971NIMZAUnknown1UNK08; ebay dfodmc 2006; Variety 08a  
6940971NIMZAUnknown1UNK08; ebay dfodmc 2006; Variety 08b  
6950971NIMZAUnknown1UNK08; ebay dfodmc 2006; Variety 08c  
6960971NIMZAUnknown1UNK08; ebay dfodmc 2006; Variety 08d  
6970971NIMZAUnknown1UNK08; ebay dfodmc 2006; Variety 08e  
6980971NIMZAUnknown1UNK09; On Stampwants by uncledenden; c2008  
6990971NIMZAUnknown1UNK11; 03/2009, found on sale at Artisans.Com for $85.00. Seller has no information when done or by whom.hdn hcd 
7000971NIMZAUnknown1UNK12; On Stampwants by uncledenden; c2009pci 
7010971NIMZAUnknown1UNK13; on eBay by Anthonysstamps 12/2009; he advised no identifiable markingshdn hpd 
7020971NIMZAUnknown1UNK14; NOT a Dahlem cachet; for sale on eBay 2010 by hcmjr37pci 
7030971NIMZAUnknown1UNK15; NOT a Dahlem cachet; Rig printed built way after FDOI in 1948; for sale on eBay 2010 by hcmjr37pci 
7040971NIMZAUnknown1UNK16; Copy of Russell cachet (NIM) with added imagery and differnet 'FIRST DAY COVER' font; Crudely printed right over the address; For sale by Mike713 on his websitehcd 
7050971NIMZAUnknown1UNK17; on eBay, 11/2012 stampmanonehcd 
7070971ZAFreedom Cachets1c2015  
7080971ZAFreedom Cachets2c2015  
709..C045M001Adler, Gladys1 hdn hpd 
710C045M002Anderson Historical Envelopes1black  
711C045M002Anderson Historical Envelopes1blue  
712C045M002Anderson Historical Envelopes1red  
714C045M004 Artcraft1blackhcd 
716..C045M004 Artcraft1Joseph Davidson on flap  
717C045M004Artcraft1UO Kill Devil Hills, NC; Unofficial  
719C045M005Artmaster1Autographed: Jim Bell ????, Director of Stamps; A. W. Drinkwater, Telegraph Operator, Manteo, NC; Telegraphed First Flight message in 1903; H. M. Baum, Postmaster, Kitty Hawk, NC; R. E. Fellers, Deputy Assistant Postmaster General.; Autograph  
720C045M006Cachet Craft1blue silver  
721C045M007Cachet Craft2multicolored  
722C045M008Cachet Craft1blue red  
723C045M009Fred Chambers Gold Bond Cover, A1   
725C045M011House of Farnam1   
726..C045M012Fleetwood Cover Service1blackhcd 
727C045M012Fleetwood Cover Service1black  
728C045M013Fluegel Cover1multicolored  
730C045M015Grimsland, Henry1   
731C045M015Grimsland, Henry1UO Kill Devil Hills, NC  
732C045M016Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1   
733..C045M017 Knapp, Dorothy1 hdn hpd 
734C045M018Kolor Kover1   
735..C045M019Fidelity Stamp Company1black  
736C045M020Pent Arts1red; airmail envelope; Size 10  
737C045M020 Pent Arts1red; airmail envelope; Size 10  
738C045M020Pent Arts1red; airmail envelope; Size 6  
739..C045M021Pent Arts2red; airmail envelope; Size 10  
740C045M021Pent Arts2red; airmail envelope; Size 6  
741C045M021Pent Arts2red; green-yellow dots envelope; Size 10; Special Delivery  
742..C045M022Pent Arts3red; airmail envelope; Size 10  
743C045M022Pent Arts3red; airmail envelope; Size 6  
744C045M022Pent Arts3red; green-yellow dots envelope; Size 10; Special Delivery  
745C045M023Pent Arts4red; airmail envelope; Size 10  
746C045M023Pent Arts4red; airmail envelope; Size 6  
747C045M023Pent Arts4red; green-yellow dots envelope; Size 10; Special Delivery  
748C045M024Pent Arts5red; airmail envelope; Size 10  
749C045M024Pent Arts5red; airmail envelope; Size 6  
750C045M025aSanders, Michael1blue red, red side text *below* banners  
751C045M025aSanders, Michael1blue red, red side text *below* banners; UO Kill Devil Hills, NC; Unofficial  
752C045M025bSanders, Michael2blue red; red text shifted up - planes in banner  
753C045M026Sanders, Michael4Souvenir Card; brown green red; FDOI  
754C045M026Sanders, Michael5Souvenir Card; brown blue red; UO Kill Devil Hills, NC; Unofficial  
756..C045M027Smartcraft1black; hand-coloredhcd 
757C045M028Winston-Salem Philatelic Society, The1black; First  
758C045M029Wright, William N.1 hdn hpd 
759..C045M030 Unknown1   
760C045M031Dayton Philatelic Society1green red; 2nd Day Dayton, OH; First  
761C045M031Dayton Philatelic Society1green red; UO Dayton, OH; First  
762..C045MC1 USPO1black; 5.5x9; FD Program  
763C045NIMAero Club of Washington1black on business stationary; Size 7; First  
764C045NIMBennett, Ira1   
765C045NIMCachet Craft1gray; Ludwig Staehle  
766C045NIMCachet Craft2red; Ludwig Staehle  
767..C045NIMCapitol Airlines1Size 10; Airmail Envelope; First  
768..C045NIMCapitol Airlines2Size 10; Airmail Envelope; Flown from Kill Devil Hills to Elizabeth City by helicopter, thence via Capitol Airlines; Signed by; First  
769..C045NIMCarolinian, The1The Carolinian, Nags Head, NC; First; First  
770C045NIMCollier's1black blue gray; Size 7 envelope; First  
771C045NIMCrosby, Walter G.1Wright Flyer photo; blue red; airmail envelope  
772..C045NIMDayton Chamber of Commerce, The1UO Dayton, OH; First; One Time; Unofficial/First  
773C045NIMFidelity Stamp Company1red; like M019 with 'Kitty Hawk, N. C.' below in blue  
774C045NIMGeorge, C.1black redthm 
775C045NIM George, C.1blue redthm 
776..C045NIMGeorge, C.1red bluethm 
777C045NIMGeorge, C.2red bluethm 
778..C045NIMGeorge, C.2red greenthm 
779C045NIMGrandy, Winfred Milton1blue red  
780..C045NIMHoran, Dr. Joseph C.1First; First  
781..C045NIMKnapp, Dorothy2 hdn hpd 
782..C045NIMKnapp, Dorothy3 hdn hpd 
783..C045NIMLinto, William S.1  18
784C045NIMMann, Verna1black bluehdn 
785C045NIMMann, Verna2 hdn 
786C045NIMMann, Verna3 hdn 
787..C045NIMMaul, Herman R.1 hdn hpd 
788C045NIMMeisel, Henry Otto1purple  
789..C045NIMMetropolitan Airmail Cover Club1gold; First  
790C045NIMMetropolitan Airmail Cover Club1red; First  
791C045NIMNix, Louis G.1   
792C045NIMNorth Carolina News Bureau1black; Size 10 airmail envelope; with enclosure; First  
793C045NIMPorter, Howard G.1red two-line text  
794C045NIMReid, Clarence E.1Favor Card  
795C045NIMRiemann, Charles H.1red 25
796C045NIMSanders, Michael3   
797C045NIMSpartan1blue red  
798C045NIMUnknown1UNK02; purple  
799C045NIMUnknown1UNK03; red; UO Kill Devil Hills, NC; Unofficialrsc 
800..C045NIMUnknown1UNK04; McCusker says made by S. Krober, which is the addresseehdn 
802C045NIMUnknown1UNK06; Probably not a late 20th century add-ontyp hdn 
803..C045NIMUnknown1UNK08; McCusker 03/2011hdn hcd 
804C045NIM Unknown1UNK09; Addressed to Robert Charbonneau, Seattle, WA; Size 7 envelopehdn hpd 
805..C045NIMUnknown1UNK12; on card  
806..C045NIMUnknown1UNK13; Probably S. Kroberhdn 
807..C045NIMUnknown1UNK15-01; Luggage label for BOAC pasted on with FDOI cancel tieing it to the envelope.pcl 
808..C045NIMUnknown1UNK15-02; Luggage label for BOAC pasted on with FDOI cancel tieing it to the envelope.pcl 
809C045NIMVon Ohlen, William J.1Image of plane is a sheetlet over the cachet hinged on back side.prn pas 
810C045NIMWright, William N.2Variety to M29hpd 
811C045NIMCC Eastern Air Lines1Size 10 Airmail envelope; BCC  
812C045NIMCCQuaker Oats Company1Corner Card; The Quaker Oats Company, Sherman, TX; CC  
813..C045NIMCCRoger Smith Hotel1Stamford, CT; BCC  
814C045NIMCCUSPO Postmaster General17.5x5; with signed letter from PMG; BCC  
815C045NIMGPBoston City Club Philatelic Group1black; GP  
816..C045NIMGPCachet Craft1Cachet for C025a M9; GP  
817C045NIMGPDahlem, Richard C.1red on blank postcard; GP  
818C045NIMGPFidelity Stamp Company2Postman and plane; blue; GP  
819C045NIMGP Minkus, Jacques1WWII Patriotic: Look To The Future; GP  
820C045NIMGP Minkus, Jacques2WWII Patriotic: Freedom...; GP  
821C045NIMGP Minkus, Jacques3WWII Patriotic: Let There Be Light; GP  
822C045NIMGP Minkus, Jacques4WWII Patriotic: Our Pledge; GP  
823C045NIMGP Minkus, Jacques5WWII Patriotic: Ramparts We Watch; GP  
824C045NIMGP Minkus, Jacques6WWII Patriotic: Heroic Past / Glorious Future; GP  
825C045NIMGPNeare, Harvey1Eagle; Size 5 card stock; GP  
826C045NIMGPUnknown1UNK07; Airmail/plane & printed red 'FIRST DAY / COVER'; Airmail envelope; GPrsc 
827..C045NIMGPUnknown1UNK10; Christmas theme; GP  
828..C045NIMGPUnknown1UNK11; Christmas theme; GP  
829..C045NIMGPUnknown1UNK15; Possibly addressee - Kenneth Triem of Tinley Park, IL; GPrsc 
830C045NIMGPVan Dahl Publications1green, orange; Globe with text; GP  
831C045NIMGPWest Coast Airlines1Advertising airmail envelope; blue orange; GP  
832C045NIMNFDPostmasters of America1NON-FDOI; Collector's Card with mint stamp; c1990s; Esoterica  
833C045NIMPCAsheville Post Card Company145398: Wright Monument; UO Kill Devil Hills, NC; PPC UO  
834C045NIMZAAshley, Don W.1c2004  
835C045NIMZAAshley, Don W.2c2012  
836C045NIMZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
837C045NIMZAHalinski, Rich1c2004  
838C045NIMZAHalinski, Rich2c2004  
839C045NIMZAHalinski, Rich3c2009  
840C045NIMZAHalinski, Rich4c2014  
841C045NIMZAHalinski, Rich5c2014  
842C045NIMZAHalinski, Rich6c2015  
843..C045NIMZAHenriques, E. J.1c0000hdn hpd 
844C045NIMZAHobo Art Cachets1c2005pci 
845C045NIMZAMurphy, Lori1Listed on eBay by RKA Covers, 2009hdn 
846C045NIMZAUnknown1UNK01; black; on ebay by RKA 2002pci 
847C045NIMZAUnknown1UNK14; Copy of Judith Fogt hdn hpd Add-On cachet; purchased from Jerry's Covers 11/2011pcl 
849..C045UNCUncacheted1Dual FDOI and UO Dayton, OH; Signed by Kitty Hawk, NC and Dayton, OH Postmasters; eBay scahrraihs 9/2011; Unofficial  
850..C045UNCUncacheted1Unknown Preparer; Combo 649, 650, C10, C10ax, C38, C42, C43, C44 on UC17 envelope  
851..C045UNCUncacheted2Unknown Preparer; Combo 649, 650, C10, C10ax, C38, C42, C43, C44 on UC17 envelope; UO Dayton, OH; Unofficial