North Carolina12/15/2015
IdxSc. #RefImgCachetmakerC#DescriptionMethods#Made
1..1097M001Anderson Historical Envelopes1{KY}; blackhcd 
2..1097M001 Anderson Historical Envelopes1{KY}; black  
3..1097M001 Anderson Historical Envelopes1{KY}; blue  
4..1097M001 Anderson Historical Envelopes1{KY}; burgondy  
5..1097M001 Anderson Historical Envelopes1{KY}; green  
6..1097M001 Anderson Historical Envelopes1{KY}; purple  
7..1097M001 Anderson Historical Envelopes1{PA}; black  
8..1097M001 Anderson Historical Envelopes1{PA}; blue  
9..1097M001 Anderson Historical Envelopes1{PA}; green  
10..1097M001 Anderson Historical Envelopes1{PA}; purple  
11..1097M002Aristocrats1{PA}; black  
12..1097M003 Artcraft1{KY}; black  
13..1097M003Artcraft1{NC}; black  
14..1097M003 Artcraft1{PA}; black  
15..1097M003 Artcraft3{?}; Joseph Davidson on flap  
16..1097M003 Artcraft4{?}; Sun Tabular on flap  
17..1097M006 Beck, M. W.1Cities Unknown  
18..1097M007Ben-El Stamp Shop1{NC}; black; First  
19..1097M008 Cachet Craft1{KY}; blue red  
20..1097M011Fleetwood Cover Service1{KY}; black  
21..1097M012Fluegel Cover1{KY}  
22..1097M012Fluegel Cover1{PA}  
23..1097M013C.G. Junior III1{KY}; blue/red on light blue envelope  
24..1097M015 Linto, William S.1{?}; blue green  
25..1097M018Mirt, John A.1{KY}; black; Masonic  
26..1097M020Rank II4{PA}; velvet flocked; black, pink  
27..1097M023Scher, Louis H.1{PA}; black; UO Easton, PA Lafayette College Bicentennial Station  
28..1097M025Velvatone2{KY}; Maximum Card, gray  
29..1097M025 Velvatone2{PA}; Maximum Card, gray  
30..1097M026Von Ohlen, William J.1{PA}; pink purple  
31..1097M027 Wright, William N.2{KY}; multicolored; variety; tree behind wall, wording, soldier, wording placementhpd 
32..1097MC1USPO1{PA}; 5 x 6.75; FD Program  
33..1097MC1USPO1inside; FD Program  
34..1097NIM Bert, Adam K.1{PA}; Uncacheted; Size 5 envelope  
35..1097NIMBrier, Mary N.1{KY}; identified by McCuskerhpd 
36..1097NIMDunn, C. I.1{KY}; black  
37..1097NIMDyer, Ralph2{KY}; Without artworkprn 
38..1097NIMKentucky State Fair Board1{KY}; by Artmaster; Kentucky State Fair cachet with text at bottom; First  
39..1097NIMLafayette Fellowship Fund1{PA}; First  
40..1097NIM Nix, Louis G.1{KY}; gold red  
41..1097NIMPent Arts6{NC}; Chateau Chavaniac; red; Size 10  
42..1097NIMRiemann, Charles H.1{KY}; burgondy  
43..1097NIMScreen Art1{KY}  
44..1097NIMUnknown1UNK07; {PA}  
45..1097NIMGPBresnick Cachet1{PA}; black; GP  
46..1097NIMGPUnknown1UNK13; {PA}; blue; GPrsc 
47..1097NIMGPVan Dahl Publications1{KY}; gold globe, blue text; GP  
48..1097NIMGPWiatt (JW)1{NC}; bluersc 
49..1097NIMPCMebane Greeting Card Company1{PA}; #78870; out of Wilkes-Barre, PA; PPC  
50..1097NIMPCUnknown1UNK05; {KY}; PPC  
51..1097NIMPCUnknown1UNK10; {KY}; pc theme - Abraham Lincoln - Hodgeville, KY; PPC  
52..1097NIMZABen Kraft1{NC}hdn hpd 
53..1097NIMZA Clancy, Paul1{KY}  
54..1097NIMZADow, Dottie1{KY}; Embedded Elongated Penny as cachethfd 
56..1179NIMGPUnknown1UNK01; Civil War Patriotic Envelope; Arms of North Carolina; returned address of Magee - Philahcd 
57..1230M003 Artcraft2black; "PERSONAL" on bottom right  
58..1230M003 Artcraft4black; AML on back  
59..1230M003 Artcraft6black; Sun Tabular on back  
60..1230M003 Artcraft7black; Overseas Mailer overprint in purple  
61..1230M005 Atkinson, E.1 hpd 
62..1230M007 Boerger2   
63..1230M008Boerger3blue brown  
64..1230M013Dyer, Ralph1 hdn hpd 
65..1230M032 Unknown1   
66..1230M033 Unknown1   
67..1230NIMGriffith Cachets1   
68..1230NIMMaul, Herman R.2 hdn hpd 
69..1230NIMSAA-AA-SLC1Society of American Archivists & American Association for State & Local History; Size 10; First  
70..1230NIM USPO1Postal Bulletin; Postal Bulletin  
71..1230NIMGPBoerger4blue brown; GP  
72..1230NIMGPDahlem, Richard C.1Statue of LIbery, US Flag, and text; earlier_red GP exists - Add-On?; First  
73..1230NIMGPUnknown1UNK05; Civil War Patriotic; Arms of North Carolina; with return address of Magee / 316 Chesnut St / Phila; Probably one of a kind  
74..1230NIMZABrier, Mary N.1 hdn hpd 
75..1230NIMZAFox, Melissa2Carolina Charter; Inkwell & penhdn hpd 
76..1246NIMUnknown1UNK03; UO Manteo, NC; Unofficial  
77..1451a  Artcraft2"Oregon Inlet Lighthouse"; Size 10 envelope  
78..1451a  Artcraft4"Oregon Juliet Lighthouse"; Overseas Mailer overprint in green  
79..1451a  Cachet Craft1Does it exist?  
80..1451a Dyer, Ralph2PHS says from his personal collectionhdn hpd 
81..1451a Jackson1   
82..1451a  Lorstan1   
83..1451a  Maul, Herman R.1 hdn hpd 
84..1451a Robins, A. H.1bi-fold insert  
85..1451a Robins, A. H.1green; with bi-fold insert  
86..1451a  USPS1black/red on ivory; 9.75 x 9.75; MS1-O; FD Program  
87..1451aJ-55JONAL Art Covers1J-055 50
88..1451aNFDUSPS4Stamp Poster, non-FDOI  
89..1451aPPCElizabeth City News Company6Seagulls; PPC  
90..1451aPPCElizabeth City News Company9Hatteras Lighthouse; PPC  
91..1451aPPCElizabeth City News Company10Hatteras Lighthouse; PPC  
92..1451aZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
93..1451aZABen Kraft2 hdn hpd 
94..1451aZABen Kraft3 hdn hpd 
95..1451aZAFox, Melissa1 hdn hpd 
96..1451aZAHaimerl, Sandra1 hdn3
97..1451aZAKing Cachets1 thm 
98..1451aZAKnapp, Dorothy1 hdn hpd3
99..1451aZAUnknown1UNK06; pre-2005  
100..1562 Anderson Historical Envelopes1black  
101..1562 Feodor1Sold by McCusker, c2006hdn 
102..1562 Haimerl, Sandra1 hdn3
103..1562 Hogg, James1   
104..1562  Ron Myers Cachets1   
105..1562GPUnknown1UNK01; all-over US flag  
106..1562GPUnknown1UNK02; all-over US flag; sleeve identified as John Andrews  
107..1644 Aristocrats1{DC}  
108..1644 Artopages6{?}; May exist  
109..1644 Duke's Covers1{?}; Image is place holder 50
110..1644 Fleetwood Cover Service1{DC}  
111..1644 Marg1{DC}; One cachet for all  
112..1644  Postmasters of America1{DC}; Size 7 envelope  
113..1644  Ross Foil1{NC}  
114..1644GPArtcraft7{?}; American Revolution Bicentennial, Patriot; Known serviced with other states; GP  
115..1644GPArtcraft8{?}; American Revolution Bicentennial, Drums; Known serviced with other states; GP  
116..1644GPArtcraft9{?}; America's Bicentennial, Spirit of 76, Drummer; Known serviced for other states; GP  
117..1644GPArtopages5{?}; GP cachet; may exist  
118..1644GPUnknown1UNK06; GP  
119..1822 Andrews - Maxie1Dual FDOI & UO Greensboro, NC Guilford Branchhpd 
120..1822 Andrews Cachet2Souvenir Card; UO Greensboro, NC; Unofficial  
121..1822 Andrews Cachet2Souvenir Card; UO Madison, NC; Unofficial  
122..1822  House of Farnam1Dual FDOI and UO Greensboro, NC; Unofficial  
123..1822 LGS1UO Greensboro, NC; Unofficial  
124..1932 Andrews - Maxie1gray  
125..1932 Andrews Cachet4purple; post card size  
126..1932  Andrews Cachet64-color; 26 x 29.5 Print; Maybe Andrews - Maxie  
127..1932 Artcraft1black; Combination; Life; Combo  
128..1932  Artcraft2black; Flintkote on flap  
129..1932 Coulson, Richard P.1Babe holding trophy; reported by Tewksburypas 
130..1932  DBC2black; green envelope  
131..1932 HM-Shue2brown green; UO Pinehurst, NC; Unofficial  
132..1932 JB1Private cachet; "My Ball"; Jack Barriagehdn hcd1
133..1932 JB2Private cachet; Lady swinging club; Jack Barriagehdn hcd1
134..1932 Koch, Kent1Personally produced; Ref: #6 on Kent's list.typ1
135..1932 Koch, Kent2Personally produced; Ref: #7 on Kent's list.typ1
136..1932 Koch, Kent3Personally produced; Ref: #8 on Kent's list; typed and used 718-719 pasted ontyp pas1
137..1932  Langer Cachet1 hcd10
138..1932 MJN (Nowak)1brown, purple; likely 1 madehdn hcd1
139..1932 MJN (Nowak)2brown, red; likely 1 madehdn hcd1
140..1932 MJN (Nowak)3black; likely 1 madehdn hcd1
141..1932 MJN (Nowak)4blue, red; cut from wrapping paper; 3 images of Nicklaus; likely 1 madehdn hcd1
142..1932 Pennington, Frank2UO Beaumont, TX; Unofficialhdn hpd1
143..1932 Postal Commemorative Society4Commemorative Panel, non-FDOI  
144..1932  TMW1 hdn hpd 
145..1932 USPS2Publicity Photo on photographic paper; Copyright 1980; Non-FDOI  
146..1932 USPS3Publicity Photo on photographic paper; Copyright 1981; Non-FDOI  
147..1932  VKS Cachets1UO Aberdeen, NC; Unofficial  
148..1932 VKS Cachets1UO Hoffman, NC; Unofficial  
149..1932 VKS Cachets1UO Marston, NC; Unofficial  
150..1932  VKS Cachets1UO Pinebluff, NC; Unofficial  
151..1932 VKS Cachets1UO Pinebluff, NC; Unofficial  
152..1932  Women on Stamps Study Unit, ATA2brown; Size 7 envelope; First 300
153..1932  Women on Stamps Study Unit, ATA3black; Siize 10 envelope; First 300
154..1932  World Golf Hall of Fame2green purple; produced by Andrews; without Pinehurst logo; Sold by Andrews at FDOI; First 5000
155..1932  World Golf Hall of Fame34-color; produced by Andrews; With Pinehurst Logo; First 4000
156..1932GPArtopages1May exist; GP  
157..1932GP Ashley Cachets, Inc.1Map, black; GP  
158..1932GP Ashley Cachets, Inc.3Globe, black; GP  
159..1932GP Ashley Cachets, Inc.4Globe, blue; GP  
160..1932GP Ashley Cachets, Inc.4Globe, blue; GP  
161..1932GPREM Catalog1Mail Clerk; black; GP  
162..1932GPREM Catalog2Postman; black; GP  
163..1932GP Van Dahl Publications1Globe; blue gold; GP  
164..1932PPCUnknown8Dudsdread Country Club, FL; PPC  
165..1932PPCUnknown9Eagles Mere Country Club, PA; PPC  
166..1932PPCUnknown10Mid Ocean Golf Course; PPC  
167..1932PPCUnknown12Otesaga Golf Club, Cooperstown, NY; PPC  
168..1932PPCUnknown13Perfect day for Golf; PPC  
169..1932PPCUnknown14Summer time sports; PPC  
170..1932ZA Fox, Melissa1 hdn hpd 
171..1932ZARose, Buddy1c1993hdn 
172..1933 Andrews Cachet5green; post card size  
173..1933  Andrews Cachet74-color; 26 x 29.5 Print  
174..1933 Artcraft1Combo 1932, U583  
175..1933  Artcraft2black, Flintkote on flap  
176..1933 Augusta National Golf Club1FDOI on 01/03/1933 Augusta NGC Opening Day event cover  
177..1933 Butz, R1 hdn hpd2
178..1933  DBC1black; ivory envelope  
179..1933 Fireside Local Post1Local Post label issued 10/01/81; Serviced by Tewksbury; tied by cancel using FDOI grace periodpas1
180..1933 Gamm Covers1UO Atlanta, GA; Unofficial  
181..1933 Herring, Steve1Private cachet; on U583hdn hcd 
182..1933 Herring, Steve2Private cachet; on U583hdn hcd 
183..1933  House of Farnam2Swing pose; printed on unused U583 10
184..1933 JB1Private cachet; "Nurse That Ball"; Jack Barriagehdn hcd1
185..1933 JB2Private cachet; Putter; Jack Barriagehdn hcd1
186..1933 Knapp, Dorothy1 hdn hpd3
187..1933 Koch, Kent2Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 2, "Red Dogwood"; privately madetyp hcd4
188..1933 Koch, Kent3Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 3, "Flowering Peach"; privately madetyp hcd3
189..1933 Koch, Kent4Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 4, "Palm"; privately madetyp hcd3
190..1933 Koch, Kent5Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 5, "Magnolia"; privately madetyp hcd4
191..1933 Koch, Kent6Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 6, "Juniper"; privately madetyp hcd3
192..1933 Koch, Kent7Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 7, "Pampas"; privately madetyp hcd5
193..1933 Koch, Kent8Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 8, "Yellow Jasmine"; privately madetyp hcd4
194..1933 Koch, Kent9Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 9, "Carolina Cherry"; privately madetyp hcd4
195..1933 Koch, Kent10Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 10, "Camellia"; privately madetyp hcd4
196..1933 Koch, Kent11Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 11, "White Dogwood"; privately madetyp hcd4
197..1933 Koch, Kent12Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 12, "Golden Bell"; privately madetyp hcd4
198..1933 Koch, Kent13Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 13, "Azalea"; privately madetyp hcd4
199..1933 Koch, Kent14Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 14, "Chinese Fir"; privately madetyp hcd4
200..1933 Koch, Kent15Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 15, "Fire Thern"; privately madetyp hcd4
201..1933 Koch, Kent16Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 16, "Red Bud"; privately madetyp hcd3
202..1933 Koch, Kent17Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 17, "Nandina"; privately madetyp hcd3
203..1933 Koch, Kent18Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 18, "Holly"; privately madetyp hcd5
204..1933 Koch, Kent19Wife Barbara putting on her birthday, 1982hfd pas1
205..1933 Koch, Kent20Dad putting on his 80th birthday, 1982hfd pas1
206..1933 Kribbs' Kover1??/43; The Flagman; w/ grass; checkered jacket, white pants, black sockshdn hpd 
207..1933 Kribbs' Kover3??/43; The Old Coach; w/ grass; brown clotheshdn hpd 
208..1933 Kribbs' Kover4??/43; The Old Coach; no grass; green jacket, yellow pantshdn hpd 
209..1933 Kribbs' Kover4??/43; The Old Coach; no grass; Navy jacket, blue pantshdn hpd 
210..1933 Kubicko, Robert1signed by Payne Stewarthdn hpd 
211..1933  Langer Cachet1 hcd10
212..1933 MJN (Nowak)1brown, green; likely 1 madehdn hcd 
213..1933 MJN (Nowak)2black; likely 1 madehdn hcd 
214..1933 Postal Commemorative Society4Commemorative Panel; non-FDOI  
215..1933 Sports Covers Club of America11970 Augusta Masters Tournament Cachet; brown, green; Serviced by Tewksbury 1
216..1933  TMW1 hdn hpd 
217..1933 VKS Cachets1UO Aberdeen, NC; Unofficial  
218..1933 VKS Cachets1UO Altanta, GA & Jonesboro, GA; Unofficial  
219..1933 VKS Cachets1UO Atlanta, GA; Unofficial  
220..1933 VKS Cachets1UO Atlanta, GA Civic Center; Unofficial  
221..1933 VKS Cachets1UO Hamlet, NC; Unofficial  
222..1933 VKS Cachets1UO Hamlet, NC; Unofficial  
223..1933 VKS Cachets1UO Pinehurst, NC; Unofficial  
224..1933 World Golf Hall of Fame44-color; Without Pinehurst logo; Dual UO Atlanta, GA; Unofficial  
225..1933  World Golf Hall of Fame2green purple; Without Pinehurst Logo 5000
226..1933CCAugusta National Golf Club1Size 7; Serviced by Kent Koch  
227..1933GPArtopages1May exist; GP  
228..1933GP Ashley Cachets, Inc.1Map; black; GP  
229..1933GP Ashley Cachets, Inc.2Map; blue; GP  
230..1933GP Ashley Cachets, Inc.3Globe; black; GP  
231..1933GPLos Angeles International Stamp Fair1black; GP  
232..1933GPLos Angeles International Stamp Fair2blue; GP  
233..1933GPREM Catalog1Mail Clerk; black; GP  
234..1933GPREM Catalog2Postman; black; GP  
235..1933ZA Fox, Melissa1 hdn hpd 
236..1933ZARose, Buddy1 hdn 
237..1933a Andrews - Maxie1gray; Dual UO Atlanta, GA (1932) & Jonesboro, GA (1933)hpd 
238..1933a  Andrews - Maxie24-color; 14 x 18 card  
239..1933a  Andrews Cachet1green purple; 11.5 x 10 card  
240..1933a Carmchet1black; Re-use of U583 cachet, printed on envelope; reported by Tewksbury; Unknown who prepared item  
241..1933a Carrollton1   
242..1933a Crow, Virgil1   
243..1933a  DBC1black, ivory envelope  
244..1933a  DBC2black, green envelope  
245..1933a Dyer, Ralph1 hdn hpd 
246..1933a Herring, Steve1Private cachet; on U583hdn hcd 
247..1933a  JG Cachets1black 5
248..1933a Koch, Kent1Patty Berg; on Interlachen Country Club Size 10 envelopetyp1
249..1933a MJN (Nowak)1brown, gray, green; likely 1 madehdn hcd 
250..1933a MJN (Nowak)2brown, gray; likely 1 madehdn hcd 
251..1933a MJN (Nowak)3blue, brown, green; likely 1 madehdn hcd 
252..1933a Peltin, Geri1 hdn hpd 
253..1933a  Queensbury Cachet1   
254..1933a  Ross Foil1FDOI on U583 Ross Foil cachet  
255..1933a World Golf Hall of Fame34-color; produced by Andrews; WITHOUT Pinehurst logo; First  
256..1933aGPAndrews Cachet3blue; World Golf Hall of Fame logo; for sale as blanks on First Day; GP  
257..1933aGP Boulevard Miniature Golf Club1May existpas 
258..1933aNFDWashington Press1White Ace album page; Non-FDOI  
259..1933aZA JLBY Covers1   
260..1985 Adams, Frank1{NC}  
261..1985 Artcraft1{DC}; State Grouping Cachet for NC  
262..1985  Artcraft3{DC}; black, Eagle & Flowers  
263..1985  Artcraft4{DC}; black, Flintkote on flap  
264..1985 Artmaster2{NC}  
265..1985 Artopages1GP with related stamp from the past in cachet; unknown if made for all states, or by whom  
266..1985  Cover Craft Cachets1{NC}  
267..1985 Doris Gold Cachets1{DC}; General Cachet serviced with blocks of 4  
268..1985 Fleetwood Cover Service2{NC}; Maxi-Card  
269..1985 Gamm Covers1{?}; GP cachet for allhcd 
270..1985 Gamm Covers1{?}; GP cachet for all; green  
271..1985 JB Cachets1{DC}; General Cachet serviced with multiple states and applicable states hand-colored.  
272..1985  JLP Cachet3{NC}; yellowthm 
273..1985 LWJ1{NC}  
274..1985 Postal Commemorative Society1{DC}; black, Eagle/Map/Rose  
275..1985  Postal Commemorative Society2{DC}; Golden Replica; Size 7  
276..1985 Pugh1{NC}hpd50
277..1985 TM Historical Covers1{DC}; Known serviced with blocks of (4)  
278..1985GPUnknown1UNK03; {NC}; blue; Known serviced on other states capitols; GP  
279..1985NFDPostal Commemorative Society4{NA}; Commemorative Pane; 10 x 13; Non-FDOI; Commemorative Panel  
280..2093 Alexander, George A.1 hfd pas 
281..2093 Alexander, George A.2Facsimile stamp pasted onhfd 
282..2093 Alexander, George A.3Blue Parchmenthfd 
283..2093 Alexander, George A.4Cream Parchment; Singlehfd 
284..2093 Alexander, George A.5Blue Parchmenthfd 
285..2093 Alexander, George A.6Cream Parchmenthfd 
286..2093 Alexander, George A.7Cream Parchment; UO Hatteras, NC; Unofficialhfd 
287..2093 Alexander, George A.8Cream Parchmenthfd hcd 
288..2093 Alexander, George A.9Cream Parchment; UO Raleigh, NC; Unofficialhfd 
289..2093 Alexander, George A.9White Parchmenthfd 
290..2093 Alexander, George A.10Cream Parchmenthfd 
291..2093 Alexander, George A.11Cream Parchmenthfd 
292..2093 Alexander, George A.12Cream Parchmonthfd hcd 
293..2093 Alexander, George A.13Blue Parchmenthfd 
294..2093 Alexander, George A.13White Parchmenthfd 
295..2093 Alexander, George A.16black; UO Kitty Hawk, NC; 2x4 envelope; Unofficialhfd 
296..2093 Alexander, George A.17Odd item - #2040 cachet cropped and pasted on this cover; Combo; Presumed prepared by Alexander; Sold in AFDCS 2010 Auctionpas 
297..2093  Artcraft2green; Does it exist?  
298..2093 BR Cachets1black  
299..2093 Carol Gordon Cachets1Stock Item 83hfd hpd50
300..2093 Carol Gordon Cachets1Stock Item 83b; Combo 0796 1420; Combinationhfd hpd17
301..2093 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1   
302..2093 Essig, Barbara1First  
303..2093 FFV1Sir Walter Raleigh; Blue Parchmenthfd 
304..2093 FFV1Sir Walter Raleigh; Blue Parchment; UO Hatteras, NC; Unofficialhfd 
305..2093 FFV2Elizabeth II & 400th Anniversary logo; Gray Parchmenthfd 
306..2093 FFV2Elizabeth II & 400th Anniversary logo; Gray Parchment; UO Nags Head, NC; Unofficialhfd 
307..2093 FFV3Elizabeth II & 400th Anniversary; Gray Parchmenthfd 
308..2093 FFV5Canadas at Nags Head; UO Nags Head, NC; Unofficialhfd 
309..2093 FFV6400th Anniversary logohfd 
310..2093 FFV6400th Anniversary logo; Cream Parchmenthfd 
311..2093 FFV7Sir Walter Raleigh; UO Waves, NC; Cream Parchment; Unofficialhfd 
312..2093 Fogt, Judith1 hdn hpd 
313..2093 Fox, Melissa1 hdn hpd 
314..2093 Hopewell Cachets1Sir Walter Raleigh  
315..2093  JLP Cachet1Not confirmed  
316..2093 K.M.C. Venture2All-over map  
317..2093 Knapp, Dorothy1Simply exquisite...hdn hpd12
318..2093 Nina1Combo 0796; Combohpd 
319..2093 Philaspec2Elizabeth II; black on cream envelopehfd 
320..2093 PK Cachets2with black typed texthcd 
321..2093 RW Cachets1   
322..2093 Taurus1on cream parchment paper; Need scan of backhfd 
323..2093 Taurus1on gray parchment paper; Image courtesy of Bill Sumpter; Need better front & back scans.hfd 
324..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; Dual FDOI and UO Wanchese, NC in red; (TMW); Unofficialhpd5
325..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC and Wanchese, NC in red; (TMW); Unofficialhpd9
326..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd7
327..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC in red & Wanchese, NC in red; Combo #796; (TMW); Unofficialhpd4
328..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC larg (1.25") Parcel Post cancel and Wanchese, NC in red; (1) white envelope, (2) regular white card stock, (4) whtie vellum finish card stock; (TMW); Unofficialhpd7
329..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC large (1.25") Parcel Post cancel and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd10
330..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd1
331..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC; Registered cover to TMW; (TMW); Unofficialhpd1
332..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Wanchese, NC and Manteo, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd24
333..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Wanchese, NC; Registered cover to TMW; (TMW); Unofficialhpd1
334..2093  TMW2brown; parchtone card envelope size; UO Manteo, NC large (1.25") Parcel Post cancel and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd2
335..2093 TMW3black; ivory envelope 5
336..2093  TMW3black; ivory envelope; FDOI and UO Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficial 25
337..2093  TMW3black; ivory envelope; UO Rocky Mount, NC; TMW: "sent to Rocky Mt. in mail from Wanchese"; (TMW); Unofficial 5
338..2093  TMW4brown buff card stock; FDOI; (TMW) 15
339..2093  TMW5brown; parchtone card stock; FDOI and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficial 25
340..2093  TMW5brown; parchtone card stock; FDOI; (TMW) 5
341..2093  TMW6brown; TMW folded stationery; UO Manteo larg (1.25") Parcel Post cancel and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficial 3
342..2093  TMW7UO Manteo, NC; CC with hand-drawing; (TMW); Unofficialhpd6
343..2093  TMW7UO Wanchese, NC; CC with hand-drawing; (TMW); Unofficialhpd6
344..2093 TMW7UO Wanchese, NC; CC with hand-drawing; (TMW); Unofficialhpd6
345..2093  TMW8black; 6x8 white card stock; UO Manteo, NC and Wanchese, NC in red; (TMW); Unofficial 8
346..2093  TMW8black; 6x8 white card stock; UO Manteo, NC and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficial 9
347..2093  TMW9black; ?x? vellum finish white card; UO Manteo, NC and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficial 5
348..2093  TMW9black; ?x? vellum finish white card; UO Manteo, NC in red and Wanchese, NC in red; (TMW); Unofficial 5
349..2093  TMW10black; ?x? ivory card; UO Manteo, NC and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficial 4
350..2093  TMW10black; ?x? ivory card; UO Manteo, NC in red and Wanchese, NC in red; (TMW); Unofficial 4
351..2093  TMW10brown; 6x8 parchtone card; UOs (1) Nags Head, NC KHC4; (2) Hatteras, NC KHC4; (3) Waves, NC KHC4; (4) Kill Devil Hills, NC KHC4; (5) Kitty Hawk, NC KHC4; (WS); Unofficial 1
352..2093  TMW10brown; 6x8 parchtone card; UOs On Front: 1) Washington, DC PSD CDS; 2) Chesapeake, VA PC PHC; 3) Chesapeake, VA CDS; 4) Washington, DC SS PHC; 5) Baltimore, MD CDS. On Back: 6) Edgewood, MD CDS; 7) Baltimore, MD PC PHC; 8) Philadelphia, PA BFF; (LS); Unofficial 1
353..2093 Uncovers1black blue; UO Edenton, NC CDS; Unofficial  
354..2093 Unknown1UNK04; Probable Add-On; ebay ratface 200911  
355..2093 Unknown1UNK05; Probable Add-On; ebay ratface 200911  
356..2093 Unknown1UNK06; Believed prepared by Hank Mezzackpas 
357..2093 Unknown1UNK07; black on white label; Tris Fall thinks it might be Ed Bentonpas 
358..2093 Unknown1UNK08; Scan from Tris Fall; maybe 'Pennington' ?pas 
359..2093 Unknown1UNK09; Scan from Tris Fall; Similar to Unknown_08; maybe 'Pennington' ?pas 
360..2093 Unknown1UNK10; Scan from Tris Fall  
361..2093 Unknown1UNK16; Paste-On photo-copy, hand-coloredpas hcd 
362..2093 Unknown1UNK21; Possibly George Alexander, or William Sumpter (FFV)hfd 
363..2093 USPS16x9; MS1-O; With several UO's serviced by Rollin Berger; Quantity unknown, maybe 1; Edenton, Elizabeth City, Grandy, Harbinger, Manteo, Point Harbor, Roanoke Rapids, and Wanchese  
364..2093CCQuality Inn1Kill Devil Hills, NC; BCC  
365..2093NFDPostal Commemorative Society3Commemorative Panel; non-FDOI; Non-FDOI  
366..2093ZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
367..2093ZAFDCUSA1c2004; Roanoke Marshes Lighthousepci5
368..2093ZAFreedom Cachets1Thomas Ashley; 2010pci 
369..2093ZAT.N.T. Cachets1c1999pci 
370..2347 Americana Unit1   
371..2347 Artcraft1Combo 0796, 1230, 1450, 1451, 2093, C045  
372..2347 Artmaster1Combo 0749 0796 1230 1644 1985 2093  
373..2347  Bayless, William H.1   
374..2347 Benning, Russ2Combo 0649 0998 1449 1929hpd11
375..2347 Benning, Russ3Combo 0998 1450 1929 C045hpd30
376..2347 BT/JT1Size 7 envelope 11
377..2347 Ciccolella, Anthony1   
378..2347 Cover Craft Cachets1white envelope  
379..2347 Don Mangus Cachets1 hpd13
380..2347 DRC1Williamson & Blount, black  
381..2347 DRC2Cape Hatteras; Dual FDOI #2471  
382..2347 DSpain, Robert E.1  48
383..2347 Gill Craft1Combo 796, 1230, 1451a, 1562, 1932, 2093  
384..2347 Gill Craft2Proof Card  
385..2347  HRS1First  
386..2347  Law, Blair1black eagle & blue textthm 
387..2347 Law, Blair1UO Gettysburg, PA; Unofficialthm 
388..2347 Law, Blair1UO Lancaster, PA; Unofficialthm 
389..2347 Law, Blair5blue/red 13-Star Flag and blue/red text; 12th Statethm 
390..2347 Law, Blair5UO Washington, DC USPS Philatelic Sales Division; Unofficialthm 
391..2347  Law, Blair6blue/red 13-Star Flag and blue/red text; Bicentennial (Raleigh at bottom)thm 
392..2347  Law, Blair6UO Raleigh, NC Statehood Station; North Carolinathm 
393..2347 PAM1  6
394..2347 Postal Commemorative Society2black; on album page  
395..2347 Postmasters of America1Size 7 envelope  
396..2347  Rhodes, P. S.1Size 10 envelope; First  
397..2347 Smith Cachet Studio2Similar to Cachet #1, wider design on larger envelope; Firsthfd 
398..2347 Unknown1UNK06; William Blount; black; FDOI exist?  
399..2347 Unknown1UNK12; NC Seal; green on ivory envelope; John Andrews?  
400..2347 Unknown1UNK13; The Dogwood; green on ivory envelope; John Andrews?  
401..2347 Unknown1UNK14; Cape Hatteras LightHouse; green on ivory envelope; John Andrews?  
402..2347 Unknown1UNK15; Old Church; green on ivory envelope; John Andrews?  
403..2347 Unknown1UNK16; Parker's Ferry; green on ivory envelope; John Andrews?  
404..2347 Unknown1UNK17; Pilot Mountain; green on ivory envelope; John Andrews?  
405..2347 Unknown1UNK18; Revolutionary Oak; green on ivory envelope; John Andrews?  
406..2347 Unknown1UNK20  
407..2347 Unknown2UNK06; Richard Spaight; black; FDOI exist?  
408..2347 Unknown3UNK06; Alexander Martin; FDOI exist?  
409..2347 Unknown4UNK06; James Polk; black; FDOI exist?  
410..2347 Unknown5UNK06; William Davie; black; FDOI exist?  
411..2347 Unknown6UNK06; Hugh Williamson; black; FDOI exist?  
412..2347 Wild Horse Cachets1 hpd25
413..2347ESOUSPS5Second Day Program - Eden, NC; Eden, NC; Ceremony Program  
414..2347ESOUSPS6Second Day Program - New Bern, NC; New Bern, NC; Ceremony Program  
415..2347GP LGS2'Tom Quick'; black  
416..2347GP LGS3Harriet Tubman Philatelic Center; black  
417..2347PPCUnknown1UNK25; The Legend of The Dogwood; PPC  
418..2347PPCUnknown1UNK26; Flowering Dogwood; PPC  
419..2394 Panda Cachets1UO Eagle Rock, NC; Unofficial  
420..2471 Alto2 pci 
421..2471 Artmaster1   
422..2471 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1   
423..2471 Faith1   
424..2471 Pugh1 hpd102
425..2471 Reid, Clarence E.1   
426..2471 Reid, Clarence E.2   
427..2789 Anagram Hand Colored Cachets1 hpd50
428..2789 Ayngorn, Natasha1Christmashdn hpd20
429..2789 Bakay, Michelle1 hpd40
430..2789 Bender, Lori1 hpd20
431..2789 Carol Gordon Cachets1Cachet #268ahfd hpd14
432..2789 Carol Gordon Cachets2Cachet #268c; Combo; Combinationhfd hpd24
433..2789 Christmas Philatelic Club1   
434..2789 Dwojachi, Tanya1 hdn hpd4
435..2789 Fox, Melissa1 hdn hpd3
436..2789 Geerlings, Frans M.1 hpd80
437..2789 Hughes, Larry1 hpd10
438..2789 Matthew Ryan First Day Cover1 pci 
439..2789 PAM1 hdn hpd17
440..2789 Paslay Classic1Combo 2794a; Combinationhpd125
441..2789 Pugh2Marked 31/94; image acquired without scan of biography sheet inserthpd94
442..2789 Roman, P. A.1 hpd30
443..2789 Soper, Edith1 hdn hpd3
444..2789 Unknown1UNK01hpd29
445..2789 William III1 pci24
446..2790 American First Day Cover Society1Court of Honor Series  
447..2790 Artcraft1   
448..2790 Artmaster1   
449..2790 Bee1with 2789hpd15
450..2790 Colorano "Silk" Cachet2   
451..2790 Edken1   
452..2790 KAH Cashets1with #2789  
453..2790 KAH Cashets2with paste-on of #2790 booklet pane coverhdn hpd5
454..2790 KAH Cashets3Artist Proof 8 x10; heavy stock; with #2789hpd1
455..2790 Powell, L. Ziola1 hdn hpd2
456..2790ZAHeflin, R.1Signed as completed 1994; Info from McCuskerhdn hpd1
457..2790a Artmaster1   
458..2790a Bert, Adam K.1   
459..2790a USPS2Souvenir Page; with #2789  
460..3331 Rrags1   
461..3444 B'nai B'rith Philatelic Service1   
462..3444 Color Copy Cachets1for sale by McCusker c2010pcl18
463..3444 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1   
464..3444 Colorano "Silk" Cachet2Size 10  
465..3444 Curtis, Dave1 lwb20
466..3444 Curtis, Dave2 lwb20
467..3444 Ellis, Frank1 hfd hpd26
468..3444 Fox, Melissa1 hdn hpd10
469..3444 Fox, Melissa2 hdn hpd10
470..3444 FPMG1   
471..3444 Homespun Cachets2Cover on Album Page  
472..3444 Postal Commemorative Society2Album Page  
473..3444 RVD1   
474..3444 Sheky1  20
475..3444 Unknown1UNK02; PC printed, stamp & paragraph  
476..3444 Unknown1UNK03; BidStart, 10/2012, ewile  
477..3444 Unknown1UNK04; BidStart, 10/2012, ewile  
478..3444 Unknown1UNK05; BidStart, 10/2012, ewile  
479..3444 Unknown1UNK06; BidStart, 10/2012, ewile  
480..3444 Unknown1UNK07; Initials on back 8
481..3444 Unknown7UNK02; PC printed on 8.5 x 11 photo paper depicting #2418 Ernest Hemingway; Combo #2418  
482..3444NFDCP613USPS2Commemorative Panel, non-FDOI; Commemorative Panel  
483..3549 Gerwitz, Paul1{3550}hdn hcd 
484..3549 T.D. Cachets2{3549b} 6
485..3593 BGC1Capitol & Map, Raleigh NC  
486..3593 BGC2Capitol & Basketball, New York NY  
487..3593 Carter Cachets1NC  
488..3593  Color Copy Cachets2Copy of Ralph Dyer cachet; Known for CA, CO, LA, and NMpci10
489..3593 Cover-Scape Cachets1   
490..3593 Heritage Cachets2Raleigh, NC; Dogwood Tree  
491..3593 Heritage Cachets3Raleigh, NC; Winter Farm Scene  
492..3593 Kinkade, Thomas1Maximum Card  
493..3593 Sand Key Cachets2Lighthouse 2 2
494..3593 Sheky1Blue Devils  
495..3593 Spectrum Cover1#1985 Cachet, Combo 1644 1985 1
496..3593  Unknown1Picture PC - Hatteras Lighthouse  
497..3593 Unknown1UNK02; Combo 1448 1449 1644 1985 2347  
498..3593 Unknown1UNK03; Size 10; Is this a Colorano variety?; Image is a Place Holder...  
499..3593  USPS1FD Program; Not confirmed made or not; FD Program  
500..3593 USPS1North Carolina Maximum Card  
501..3593  USPS2Souvenir Page; Not confirmed made or not; Souvenir Page  
502..3593ZARusso, Dominic1[COPIED RECORD] NC; 2005  
503..3645f  Colorano "Silk" Cachet1   
504..3728 BGC1NY  
505..3728  Postal Commemorative Society2NC; Golden Replica; Size 7  
506..3783  American Air Mail Society1{NC}  
507..3783 Armstrong Cachets1{NC}; Appears inkjet printed 10
508..3783 Artcraft2{NC-OH}; Large Envelope  
509..3783 Artcraft2{OH}; Large Envelope  
510..3783 Baltimore Philatelic Society1{OH}; Balpex 2003 Event Show Cachet; Serviced by Tris Fall  
511..3783 Bennett Cachetoons2{NC}; Pull-out animation; Ref: First Days, April 2009, Page 37  
512..3783 Bereson, Alex1{NC}; Assumed originalpci2
513..3783 BGC1{NC}; All-over Purple Print  
514..3783 BGC2{OH}; Oversized envelopepcl 
515..3783 CEC4{NC-OH}; Bullseye FDOI  
516..3783 CEC5{NC}  
517..3783 CL Cachets1{NC}  
518..3783 CL Cachets1{OH}  
519..3783  Colorano "Silk" Cachet1{OH}  
520..3783 Colorano "Silk" Cachet2{NC}; Size 10; with 12/17/2003 Kitty Hawk, NC Wright Brothers Station PHC  
521..3783 Curtis, Dave2{NC}; turqouise; marked 131 of 150hfd lwb50
522..3783 Curtis, Dave2{NC-OH}; Dual FDOI; cyan; marked 16 of 20hfd lwb50
523..3783 Curtis, Dave2{OH}; green; marked 96 of 150hfd lwb150
524..3783 Delpex 20031{NC}; Event Show Cachet used for FDOI; Serviced by Tris Fall  
525..3783 Doback, A. C.1{NC}; Josephine Baker Flight Lesson 20
526..3783 Dynamite Covers1{OH}hcd 
527..3783 Fine Design Cachets1{NC}; (Henry Smith)  
528..3783  FM Cachets (Fall)5{OH}; Copy of Postal Bulletin folded/glued to envelope formhfd5
529..3783 Fulton Stamp Club3{OH}; lined border with logos; UO Dayton, OH USAF Museum; Unofficial  
530..3783 Garfield-Perry Stamp Club1{OH}; Event Show Cachet used for FDOI; Serviced by Tris Fall  
531..3783 Gerwitz, Paul1{NC}pci 
532..3783 Gerwitz, Paul1{OH}pci 
533..3783 Goldberg, Bernard1{NC}; Bullseye FDOI; Combo 0649 C45 C092ahpd thm5
534..3783 Goldberg, Bernard2{OH}; AAMS Event Cachet re-printthm25
535..3783 Hamilton, Russ1{OH}hpd20
536..3783 Holston Stamp Club1{NC}; Holpex 2003 Event Show Cachet; Serviced by Tris Fall  
537..3783 Homespun Cachets2{NC}; On Album Pagehfd 
538..3783 House of Farnam1{OH}  
539..3783 LEB1{NC}; Mad_About_Wilburhfd 
540..3783 LEB2{NC}; Mad_About_Wilbur; Size 10hfd 
541..3783 LEB4{NC}hfd 
542..3783 LEB5{NC}; Size 10hfd 
543..3783 LEB6{NC-OH}; FDOIhfd 
544..3783 McIntosh Cachets1{OH}; FDOS Dayton, OH USAF Museum  
545..3783 Michigan Stamp Club1{OH}; Michipex 2003 show cachet; serviced by Tris Fall  
546..3783 Nostalgia Cachets1{NC}; FDOI and added clipart on #2347 Artcraft FDC 3
547..3783 Pushin' The Envelope1{NC}; Born of Dreamshfd 
548..3783 Pushin' The Envelope1{OH}; Born of Dreamshfd 
549..3783 Pushin' The Envelope3{OH}hfd 
550..3783 Pushin' The Envelope6{OH}; Wright Memoriahfd 
551..3783 Pushin' The Envelope9{OH}; on UC17 envelopepas 
552..3783 Quadracolorplus1{NC}  
553..3783 RGT1{OH}  
554..3783 RGT2{OH}; FDOI and Events - 12/17/2003 KHC, NC WB Memorial Station, 06/13/2003 ?; Size 10 50
555..3783 Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1{OH}  
556..3783 Ronnei, Todd A.1{NC}; Combo C045 50
557..3783 Ronnei, Todd A.2{NC}; Combo C045 C091 C092 50
558..3783 Sand Key Cachets2{NC}; Kite  
559..3783 Sand Key Cachets3{NC}  
560..3783 Sand Key Cachets5{NC}  
561..3783 Sand Key Cachets7{NC}  
562..3783 Sand Key Cachets8{NC}  
563..3783 Sand Key Cachets9{NC}  
564..3783 Southport Cachets1{NC}; Orvillehfd 
565..3783 Southport Cachets2{OH}; Wilburhfd 
566..3783 Southport Cachets63{OH}; P-40 Warhawkhfd 
567..3783 Southport Cachets83{OH}; B-2 Bomberhfd 
568..3783 Southport Cachets84{NC}; P-51-D Mustanghfd 
569..3783 Southport Cachets86(OH}; WWII Air Poster; KNOCKOUT PUNCHhfd 
570..3783 Therome Cachets2{NC}; Maxi Card  
571..3783 Therome Cachets5{NC}; Cachet and FDOI on Delpex 2003 Event Cancel  
572..3783 Therome Cachets6{NC}  
573..3783  Therome Cachets6{OH}  
574..3783 Tom's Cachet Designs1{NC}pci 
575..3783 Tom's Cachet Designs3{NC}pcl 
576..3783 Unknown1UNK04; {NC}; UO Kitty Hawk, NC Wright Brothers Memorial Station  
577..3783 Unknown1UNK24-01; {NC}; Reported by Florian Keller on Facebook 10/2015 15
578..3783 Unknown1UNK24-02; {OH}; Reported by Florian Keller on Facebook 10/2015 15
579..3783DGN151aDragon Cards1{OH}; 5x7 card 32
580..3783DGN152Dragon Cards2{NC}; 5.5 x 8.5 card 5
581..3783DGN152aDragon Cards2{OH}; 5.5 x 8.5 card 5
582..3783DGN152bDragon Cards2{NC}; UO Kitty Hawk, NC Wright Brothers Memorial Station; 5.5 x 8.5 card; Unofficial 2
583..3783DGN152cDragon Cards2{NC}; 5.5 x 8.5 card; Combo 649, C47, C91-2, and 3182g 5
584..3783DGN152dDragon Cards2{OH}; 5.5 x 8.5 card; Combo 649, C47, C91-2, and 3182g 5
585..3783DGN152eDragon Cards2{NC}; 5.5 x 8.5 card; Combo UN Sc. 840-1 tÍte-beche; Combination 4
586..3783DGN152fDragon Cards2{NC}; 5.5 x 8.5 card; Combo UN Sc. 840-1 tÍte-beche; Combination 4
587..3783NFDUSPS2{NC-OH}; Souvenir Page; Commemorative Panel  
588..3783PPCUnknown1UNK23-05; {NC}; Fokker DR-I; PPC  
589..3783PPCUnknown1UNK23-06; {NC}; Curtiss JN-4 'Jenny'; PPC  
590..3783PPCUnknown1UNK23-07; {NC}; Wright Brothers Flyer; PPC  
591..3783PPCUnknown1UNK23-08; {NC}; SPAD XIII; PPC  
592..3783PPCUnknown1UNK23-09; {NC}; De Havilland Gypsy Moth; PPC  
593..3783PPCUnknown1UNK23-10; {NC}; Vickers 'Vinny'; PPC  
594..3783PPCUnknown1UNK23-11; {NC}; Curtiss Navy Racer; PPC  
595..3783PPCUnknown1UNK23-12; {NC}; Sopwith Camel; PPC  
596..3783PPCUnknown1UNK23-13; {IL}; 2nd Day Arlington Hts, IL Compex 2003 Station; PPC  
597..3783UNCUncacheted1(NC}; Combo 3593, C45; Serviced by Junction Cachets; Combination  
598..3783UNCUncacheted1{NC}; Combo; Combination  
599..3783ZAPushin' The Envelope1{NC}; Born of Dreamspci 
600..3783ZASheky1{NC}; Combo C045  
601..3783ZASydney Stamp Centre1{NC}; c2012  
602..3783ZASydney Stamp Centre2{OH}; c2012  
603..3788 American First Day Cover Society1by TF Cachets  
604..3788  Artmaster1   
605..3788 CL Cachets1   
606..3788 Edken1   
607..3788 Ginsburg, Jack A.1   
608..3788 John Byrnes Cachets1   
609..3788 Postal Commemorative Society2Godden Replica; Size 7  
610..3788  Quadracolorplus1 pas 
611..3937c Curtis, Dave1  40
612..3937c  Wile Cachets3? 2014 letter implies a third was made  
613..4311 Fleetwood Cover Service1{NY}  
614..4311 Therome Cachets1NY 15
615..4311 USPS1FD Program; FD Program  
616..4311 Wilson, Steve1 pci50
617..4705 Boardman, Lyle5FDOS Austin, TX; Picture of selling FODM covers on the First Day Of Sale; Clay Leben (FODM) and Barbara Pokorny (Austin Public Service Coordinator); Sold Out as of 02/2013 3
618..4705 Calle, Chris2  30
619..4705 Calle, Chris3  15
620..4705 Calle, Chris4  15
621..4705 CL Cachets1   
622..4705 Collins1 hpd 
623..4705 JVC Cachets1   
624..4705 JVC Cachets2   
625..4705 JVC Cachets3   
626..4705 USPS3Commemorative Panel; Commemorative Panel  
627..C045M001Adler, Gladys1 hdn hpd 
628..C045M004 Artcraft1Joseph Davidson on flap  
629..C045M012Fleetwood Cover Service1blackhcd 
630..C045M017 Knapp, Dorothy1 hdn hpd 
631..C045M019Fidelity Stamp Company1black  
632..C045M021Pent Arts2red; airmail envelope; Size 10  
633..C045M022Pent Arts3red; airmail envelope; Size 10  
634..C045M027Smartcraft1black; hand-coloredhcd 
635..C045M030 Unknown1   
636..C045MC1 USPO1black; 5.5x9; FD Program  
637..C045NIMCapitol Airlines1Size 10; Airmail Envelope; First  
638..C045NIMCapitol Airlines2Size 10; Airmail Envelope; Flown from Kill Devil Hills to Elizabeth City by helicopter, thence via Capitol Airlines; Signed by; First  
639..C045NIMCarolinian, The1The Carolinian, Nags Head, NC; First; First  
640..C045NIMDayton Chamber of Commerce, The1UO Dayton, OH; First; One Time; Unofficial/First  
641..C045NIMGeorge, C.1red bluethm 
642..C045NIMGeorge, C.2red greenthm 
643..C045NIMHoran, Dr. Joseph C.1First; First  
644..C045NIMKnapp, Dorothy2 hdn hpd 
645..C045NIMKnapp, Dorothy3 hdn hpd 
646..C045NIMLinto, William S.1  18
647..C045NIMMaul, Herman R.1 hdn hpd 
648..C045NIMMetropolitan Airmail Cover Club1gold; First  
649..C045NIMUnknown1UNK04; McCusker says made by S. Krober, which is the addresseehdn 
651..C045NIMUnknown1UNK12; on card  
652..C045NIMUnknown1UNK13; Probably S. Kroberhdn 
653..C045NIMUnknown1UNK15-01; Luggage label for BOAC pasted on with FDOI cancel tieing it to the envelope.pcl 
654..C045NIMUnknown1UNK15-02; Luggage label for BOAC pasted on with FDOI cancel tieing it to the envelope.pcl 
655..C045NIMCCRoger Smith Hotel1Stamford, CT; BCC  
656..C045NIMGPCachet Craft1Cachet for C025a M9; GP  
657..C045NIMGPUnknown1UNK10; Christmas theme; GP  
658..C045NIMGPUnknown1UNK11; Christmas theme; GP  
659..C045NIMGPUnknown1UNK15; Possibly addressee - Kenneth Triem of Tinley Park, IL; GPrsc 
660..C045NIMZAHenriques, E. J.1c0000hdn hpd 
661..C045UNCUncacheted1Dual FDOI and UO Dayton, OH; Signed by Kitty Hawk, NC and Dayton, OH Postmasters; eBay scahrraihs 9/2011; Unofficial  
662..C045UNCUncacheted2Unknown Preparer; Combo 649, 650, C10, C10ax, C38, C42, C43, C44 on UC17 envelope; UO Dayton, OH; Unofficial  
663..C077  Anderson Historical Envelopes1black  
664..C077 Aristocrats1black  
665..C077  Cachet Craft1Does it exist?  
666..C077 Jackson1   
667..C077  Kolor Kover1   
668..C077  Marg1   
669..C077  USPO3Souvenir Page; Souvenir Page  
671..C077ZABen Kraft1Man and Boy flying paper airplaneshdn hpd 
672..Events19300401Unknown1UNK02; First Flight Charlotte, NC; New York - Atlanta Route; FFCprn rsc 
673..Events19320814Unknown1Raleigh Memorial Auditorium Dedication; Raleigh, NC  
674..Events19321121Unknown1NC Statehood; Raleigh, NCrsc 
675..Events19350822Unknown1Silver Anniversary Japan's Annexation of Korea; Japan, NC  
676..Events19371012Unknown1First All North Carolina Air Mail Flights; Oct 11-16, 1937; Lumberton, NC; Eventrsc 
677..Events19371012Unknown1First All North Carolina Air Mail Flights; Oct 11-16, 1937; Pinehurst, NC; Eventrsc 
678..Events19380519Crosby, Walter G.1National Airmail Week; Kitty Hawk, NC; backstamp Dayton, OH 05/20/1938; airmail borderthm pas 
679..Events19380519Unknown103; National Airmail Week; brown; Kitty Hawk, NCrsc 
680..Events19381102Unknown1President James Polk; Charlotte, NC; backstamped "Sponsored by Wm P. Gabel / 10600 Thrush Ave. / Cleveland, Ohio"  
681..Events19410409Minkus, Jacques3Commissioning of USS North Carolina; USS North Carolina Fleet Day Cover; A Free America; GP  
682..Events19410409Unknown1Commissioning of USS North Carolina; red pictorial cancel  
683..Events19420324Uncacheted1Fleet Marine Force 5th Marine 1st Marine Division, New Bern, NC; Event  
684..Events19461031Unknown1Size 10; Helicopter First Flight; Hatteras, NC  
685..Events19611217Unknown1USS Kitty Hawk 50th Anniversary; Kitty Hawk, NC  
686..Events19650115Centennial Covers1Surrender of Fort Fisher; Wilmington, NC  
687..Events19660409Unknown1USS North Carolina 25th Anniversary; Wilmington, NC; Event  
688..Events19680720American Historical Philatelic Society1NC Re-Admitted to The Union; Durham, NC  
689..Events19761102 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1P11; President James Polk; Pineville, NC; Event  
690..Events19761229 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1P17; President Andrew Johnson; Raleigh, NC; Event  
691..Events19781004Fleetwood Cover Service1Richard Dobbs Spaight 1758-1802; Signer of the Constitution; New Bern, NC  
692..Events19781205Fleetwood Cover Service1Hugh Williamson 1735-1819; Signer of the Constitution; Edenton, NC  
693..Events19781217Colorano "Silk" Cachet1Wright Brothers 75th Anniversary of Flight; Kitty Hawk, NC  
694..Events19781217Sandra's Cachets1Wright Brothers 75th Anniversary of Flight; Kitty Hawk, NC  
695..Events19801007 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1BCA140; Battle at Kings Mountain, NC; Event  
696..Events19801011Natsco1John Sevier; Kings Mountain, NC; War  
697..Events19810201 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1BCA145; British Occupy Wilmington, NC; Event  
698..Events19810306 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1BCA149; Westzell's Mills, Gibsonville, NC; Revolutionary War  
699..Events19810315 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1BCA150; Guilford Courthouse, Greensboro, NC; Revolutionary War  
700..Events19810912 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1BCA171; Attack at Hillsboro; Hillsboro, NC; Revolutionary War  
701..Events19811016Unknown1Biltmore House; Size 7; Asheville, NC BIltmore Station 4
702..Events19811118 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1BCA179; British Evacuate Wilmington; Wilmington, NC; Revolutionary War  
703..Events19851121Postal Commemorative Society1North Carolina Admission to Union; Raleigh, NC  
704..Events19861102Artcraft1James K. Polk, Presidential Birthplace Station; Pineville, NC  
705..Events19861102Artmaster1James K. Polk, Presidential Birthplace Station; Pineville, NC  
706..Events19861102 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1BC02216K; President James Polk; Pineville, NC; Event  
707..Events19870315Artmaster1President Andrew Jackson Birthday; Waxhaw, NC/SC  
708..Events19870315Gill Craft1President Andrew Jackson Birthday; Waxhaw, NC/SC  
709..Events19870807Fleetwood Cover Service1U.S.S. North Carolina, Landing of Marines on Guadalcanal; Size 7; Raleigh, NC  
710..Events19891121Unknown1NC 200th Anniversary of Consitution Ratification; Fayetteville, NC Ratification Statoin 24
711..Events20030124Goldberg, Bernard1Wright Brothers 100th Anniversary; Aripex 2003; Tucson, AZ 4
712..Events20051217Pushin' The Envelope1102nd Anniversary of Powed Flight; Kitty Hawk, NC Wright Brothers Station 4
713..PostCardsPPCUnknown2UNK01; Broad Street, Southern Pines, NC  
714..U579 Artopages1tan; Size 6  
715..U579  USPS1First Day Program; FD Program  
716..U579ZAMaul, Herman R.1Flag and text 'NON/PROFIT'hdn hpd20
717..U579ZANostalgia Cachets1c2000; reported by JRCpci 
718..UX085 Andrews - Maxie1Dual FDOI & UO Kings Mountain, NChpd100
719..UX085 CB2Firstlbl 
720..UX085 CB3Firstlbl 
721..UX085 Custom Cachet1Firsthpd 
722..UX085 Gamm Covers1UO Charlotte, NC; Unofficial  
723..UX085 Graphic Cachets1Signed by Artist Wesson  
724..UX085 Law, Blair1UO Washington, DC National Airport Station; Unofficial  
725..UX085 R & R1   
726..UX085 Sarzin Metallic1#1563 cachet with top part reading 'Lexington & Concord / 1775' cut off!pas 
727..UX085 SOS Covers1   
728..UX085 Unknown5Masonic; General John Sevier  
729..UX085 Unknown6   
730..UX085 VKS Cachets1Printed label as cachetpas 
731..UX085MC1 USPS1FD Program; blue/orange on gray; 8x5; FD Program  
732..UX085ZAKribbs' Kover1UO Flushing, NY LaGuardia Airporthdn hpd 
733..UX132 Bennett Cachetoons1Combo 1451ahpd13
734..UX132 Estrada, Reanne1Combo 1451ahpd10
735..UX132 Fogt, Judith1 hpd10
736..UX132 JLP Cachet1   
737..UX132 Law, Blair1   
738..UX132  Tudor House1   
739..UX132ZAHenry, A. O.1 hdn hpd 
740..UX133 Doback, A. C.1#105A  
741..UX133 Gamm Covers1Combo 1245  
742..UX133 JLP Cachet1   
743..UX133 Pugh18940ahpd49
744..UX133  Tudor House1   
745..UX133ZAFox, Melissa3Buck eating grasshdn hpd 
746..UX133ZAHenry, A. O.4 hdn hpd10
747..UX133ZAHenry, A. O.5 hdn hpd10
748..UX133ZAHenry, A. O.6 hdn hpd 
749..UX133ZAUnknown1UNK01; on eBay by Jerry's Covers - 2/2008 and 10/2011  
750..UX170 American Topical Association1   
751..UX170  Aristocrats1   
752..UX170  Gamm Covers1   
753..UX170 Gamm Covers1UO Chapel Hill, NC; Unofficial  
754..UX170 JLP Cachet1   
755..UX170MC1USPS1First Day Program; FD Program  
756..UX170MC1USPS1First Day Program; inside; FD Program  
757..UX396 Fox, Melissa1 hdn hpd 
758..UXC10 Albers Cache1'First Day Of Issue' at top and 'Albers' at bottom, nothing between  
759..UXC10 Artopages1   
760..UXC10 House of Farnam1   
761..UXC10  USPS1FD Program; FD Program  
762..UXC10ZARVD1Signed "RVD-AO" bottom right of cachet  
763..UXC16MC1USPS1brown on tan; 7.5x8; FD Program  
764..UXC16ZAFDCUSA1on Arcraft Cachet  
765..UXC16ZAUnknown1UNK01; Cachet itself may be original?