Fire Service12/15/2015
IdxSc. #RefImgCachetmakerC#DescriptionMethods#Made
1..1122M003 Artcraft2Sun Tubular on flap  
2..1122M009George, C.1black/green; blue envelopethm 
3..1122M013Masonic Stamp Club of New York1by Fleetwood; hand-colored; Masonichcd 
4..1122M014Midwest Philatelic Society1brown  
5..1122M014Midwest Philatelic Society1yellow  
6..1122M019 Ulrich, Frank J.1 hdn hpd 
7..1122M022Wright, William N.1 hpd 
8..1122MC1E1 USPO1brown; tri-fold (?); 4x9; FD Program  
9..1122NIMLee Millwork Corporation1paste-on  
10..1122NIMPent Arts4Foresters cruising timber; brown  
11..1122NIM Smokey Bear's Junior Forest Rangers1Size 10 envelope with corner card from various department stores; one-time; First  
14..1122NIM USPO2Souvenir Page; Souvenir Page  
15..1122NIMCCFleetwood Cover Service3Mailer with rubberstamp text; BCC  
16..1122NIMZABen Kraft1Dabid Douglas, Scottish Botonisthdn hpd 
17..1122NIMZABen Kraft2 hdn hpd 
18..1122NIMZANostalgia Cachets1 pci 
19..1122NIMZAUnknown1UNK25; on ebay by trentonstampandcoinco 2014  
20..1558 Allentown Paid Fire Department Local 3021blue gold red; Local 302; First  
21..1908  Agris Medical Cachets1black 100
22..1908  Andrews Special3red 1500
23..1908 Artcraft2Amoskeag Company text  
24..1908 Beck, Edith1 hdn hpd5
25..1908 Carrollton1   
26..1908  Colorano "Silk" Cachet2Maxi-Card  
27..1908  Colorano "Silk" Cachet3blue, Manual Pump in Circle, Cuba #2144 (info: Flory)  
28..1908 Crow, Virgil1black/red  
29..1908  Daski, James F.1   
30..1908  Daski, James F.2   
31..1908  Elite1Amoskey Pumper with description  
32..1908  FMCA1  37
33..1908 Huehl, Don1 hpd 
34..1908  International Association of Fire Fighters, #3021Allentown, PA; black  
35..1908 International Association of Fire Fighters, #3021Allentown, PA; red  
36..1908 JLP Cachet3gold; McCusker says rare (2010)  
37..1908  JWL1Firefighters Today, Snorkel in action  
38..1908  Kribbs' Kover1Sparky, black/redhdn hpd 
39..1908  Kush, Mike1blue; Reply Envelope, FF's Benefit Ball, Allentown, PA (Flory)  
40..1908  Kush, Mike2red; Amoskeg Steamer, Great Eastern FF's Spect. (Flory)  
41..1908  Langer Cachet1Steamer, burning house, blue starshfd hcd 
42..1908 LGS1Amoskeg Steamer; UO Washington, DC LFR Station; Unofficial  
43..1908 LGS4Fireman's Hall, Text; UO Philadelphia, PA BFF Station; Unofficial  
44..1908  Natsco1Friendship Fire Company  
45..1908  Post, Richard E.1black/red; red rectangle, shows part of wheel (Flory)  
46..1908  Postal Commemorative Society2Golden Replica; Size 7  
47..1908 Pugh1 hpd61
48..1908  Quadracolorplus2black/gold; Early Fire Pumperpas 
49..1908  Robinson Stamps1red; FF with axe and SCBA  
50..1908  Ron Myers Cachets1   
51..1908  Schleyer, James2red fire helmet, yellow shield #4; Stamp Designer  
52..1908  Schuster, CN Jr.1gray, 3/4 of cover steamer, hose reel, buildings  
53..1908  Shue, John1black; Difference between Fire Engine and Fire Truck  
54..1908 Slyter Cachets1On embossed old card, painted and letteredhpd100
55..1908  Slyter Cachets1Steamer on top, weathervane (Flory)hpd 
56..1908  USPS1First Day Program; FD Program  
57..1908 USS Enterprise1UO USS Enterprise; Unofficialrsc100
58..1908 Weaver, Freda Dickie1Grossly overpriced by major dealers, imo.hpd37
59..1908  Western Heritage Association1similar to stamp  
60..1908CC International Association of Fire Fighters, #3021Allentown, PA; BCC  
61..1908GP Americana Unit1GP  
62..1908GP Pomex '781red; East Stroudsburg FD, Two-Man Pumper (Flory)  
63..1908GP Pomex '782red; Stroudsburg FD, 1781 Horse Drawn Steamer (Flory)  
64..1908ZAPowell, L. Ziola1 hdn hpd4
65..1908ZARay, Cullen W.1 hpd5
66..2096  Adams, Frank1   
67..2096 Alexander, George A.66InSq-1970 Smokey Seal, 'Smokey The Bear'hfd 
68..2096 Alexander, George A.67Please follow Smokey's ABC'shfd 
69..2096 Alexander, George A.68Maximum Card or Sheet (?)hcd 
70..2096 American Postal Arts Society2(DRC)hpd 
71..2096  Anon E. Mouse1Cynthia Scotthcd 
72..2096 Artcraft1black; UO Capitan, NM; Unofficial  
73..2096 Artcraft1black; UO Capitan, NM; Unofficial  
74..2096 Artcraft1black; UO Ruidoso, NM; Unofficial  
75..2096  Artopages1blue/red; Lt. Rich Gardner, Retired; Salute to Smokey Bear (EF)  
76..2096 ATLPS1 hpd 
77..2096 Bennett Cachetoons1white envelope  
78..2096 Bennett Cachetoons2blue envelope  
79..2096 BR Cachets1 hpd 
80..2096 BR Cachets1Combo Smokey Bear 1940s - 1950s label  
81..2096  BR Cachets2Souvenir Page  
82..2096 Coin 4 Cachets8 hpd 
83..2096 Cover Craft Cachets1   
84..2096  Cummins, John1black  
85..2096  DAL1Smokey Bear head; Firsthpd 
86..2096 DAL2Smokey Bear standing with shovel; Firsthpd 
87..2096 Desert Sun1 hpd 
88..2096 Desert Sun1UO Picaho, NM; Unofficial  
89..2096  Double A Cachets1Does it exist?  
90..2096 Evanscraft1black; white envelopehpd 
91..2096  Fire Service In Philately1Number of Designs Unknown, don't have images. (EF), maybe 3  
92..2096 Fleetwood Cover Service4Two bear cubs on dead tree  
93..2096  Fogt, Judith1 hpd 
94..2096  Fogt, Judith1 hpd 
95..2096  Foust, Amy1Fire Prevention School, Bear Cub / Ladder / Helmet (EF)hpd 
96..2096  Fox, Melissa2Fawn with Smokey's Hat, squirrel with matchhdn hpd1
97..2096 Gamm Covers2black; by Hiram Swindall 1
98..2096 Gardner, Lt. Rich1Combo 1122, 1908; maybe (2) designs  
99..2096 GCT1Smokey's head, green hat, 'Remember...'hcd12
100..2096  Gill Craft3Maxi-Card; DO THEY EXIST?  
101..2096 Glenn Hartley Cachets1Unknown quantity out of 160 hand-colored by ?hcd 
102..2096 Glenn Hartley Cachets2Unknown quantity out of 160 hand-colored by ?hcd 
103..2096  Gold Mine1blue/red; Maltese Cross & American Flag 1
104..2096  Goldcraft1orange; Fireman's head with four stars 1
105..2096 Gundel, Torkel1 hpd 
106..2096 H. N. Local Post1(Believe) Balsa Wood, with burnt lower left cornerhfd1
107..2096  H. N. Local Post2HN Local Post; Smokey Bear paper doll, 10 x 7hfd1
108..2096  H. N. Local Post3HN Local Post; Detroit Bank check with bear on it & FDChfd1
109..2096  Hudeck, Gary2with 1983 label; MINI-COVER (EF) 1
110..2096  JLBY Covers1(3) Designs ?  
111..2096  JLP Cachet1Not confirmed  
112..2096 JWL1   
113..2096 KAP1Roy M. Kappesser; home made?hcd 
114..2096  Kass, William1Cub walking/running; Firsthpd 
115..2096  Kass, William1Smokey Bear head and frame; Firsthpd 
116..2096 Knapp, Dorothy2 hdn hpd 
117..2096  Kush, Mike1Number of Designs and style unknown, 6 or more  
118..2096  Langer Cachet1black  
119..2096 Levin, David1silver; Smokey's hat and shovelhpd 
120..2096  Marika1   
121..2096  Mar-Jim Covers1gray/brown, bear sitting on grey slopehpd1
122..2096  McDonald, Georgan1Smokey with shovel, bird on top (EF)hpd1
123..2096  McNatt, Herman S. & Forrest Jacobs1Smokey with animals in his arms, heartshpd1
124..2096  Megan '841Camper and Campfire on hand, Prevent Forest Fires (Flory)hpd1
125..2096  MJN1burnt tree, flames, three matches 1
126..2096  MJN2Hand putting out cigarette, Smokey's headhpd1
127..2096  MJN3Green tree with Smokey's head behindhpd1
128..2096 MJN4 hpd 
129..2096  Mychaskiw, George1Big Black Bear 1
130..2096  Namake Cachets1   
131..2096  P1Smokey at desk, 'Smokey Says Prevent Forest Fires' (Flory)hfd1
132..2096 Peterman, David2 hpd29
133..2096 Peterman, David3 hpd8
134..2096  PM Cover1   
135..2096 Poormon, Curtiss1Combohdn hpd10
136..2096 Poormon, Curtiss2Whitetail Fawn McCusker hpd 
137..2096 Poormon, Curtiss3Whitetail Fawn McCusker hpd 
138..2096 Poormon, Curtiss4Mule Deerhdn hpd1
139..2096 Poormon, Curtiss5Mule Deerhdn hpd10
140..2096 Poormon, Curtiss6Chipmunk; McCusker hpd10
141..2096 Poormon, Curtiss7Chipmunk; McCusker hpd15
142..2096 Poormon, Curtiss8Elk Calf; possible Add-Onhdn hpd 
143..2096 Poormon, Curtiss9Elk Calf; possible Add-Onhdn hpd1
144..2096  Quadracolorplus1 pas 
145..2096 R & R1Smokey as cub with Forestry Ranger  
146..2096 REH1black brown; lt brown envelope; Smokey sitting at deskhfd 
147..2096  REH2black/brown on lt brown envelope; Smokey, ABC's  
148..2096  REH3black/brown on lt brown envelope; Smokey, twig in hat  
149..2096  REH4black/brown on lt brown envelope; Smokey, Right Paw Up  
150..2096  REH5black/brown on lt brown envelope; Smokey, paw print  
151..2096  Rice, William Roy1brown bearhfd lwb1
152..2096 Roberts, J. P.1Smokey's head, Prevent Forest Fires 1
153..2096  Roberts, J. P.2Brown Cub sitting in a tree limbhpd1
154..2096  Roberts, J. P.3Smokey's Head, green Smokey Hathpd1
155..2096  Robinson Stamps1grey; Ranger with Smokey hat, Won't You Help? 1
156..2096  Rock Aries1blue; Smokey with shovel and Cub in Tree 1
157..2096  RW Cachets1Smokey pouring water on campfire; yellow envelope  
158..2096  Sandra's Cachets1   
159..2096 Shriner's Burn Institute1red on white envelope; First  
160..2096  Shue, John1Bear and Tree, Zoo Builds Honey; yellow envelope  
161..2096 Signature Covers1Smokey Bear head in frame; First  
162..2096  SKAT1 hpd 
163..2096 Spring-Ford Philatelic Society1Valpex 1984, by Colorano  
164..2096  Tom Tye1Smokey's head in red match tip  
165..2096  Tom Tye2Smokey talking to two kids, boy has #12 on shirt  
166..2096  Tom Tye3Smokey holding fire bucket with #1  
167..2096  Tom Tye4Smokey with red suspenders and shovelhcd 
168..2096 Tom Tye5 hpd 
169..2096  Tom Tye6black/red; sticker - StopSign StopFires SaveLives  
170..2096 Unknown1UNK05; for sale by PHS 12/2009; PPC  
171..2096 Unknown1UNK06; for sale by PHS 12/2009; PPC  
172..2096  Vaughn Hord1 hpd 
173..2096 Wendelin, Rudolph1brown/green; signed at bottom in cachet  
174..2096 Women's Cover Collectors0Same design as LICS, but FIRE HOUSE printed in black, pink brick wall, red on hats/boots  
175..2096CC Philadelphia Fire Department1Philadelphia, PA; black/red; (Flory); BCC 1
176..2096CC Trenton Fire Department1Trenton, NJ; red; size unknown; BCC 1
177..2096GPAmerican First Day Cover Society1blue red, Flag and USA outline; GP  
178..2096GPArtopages1AP79a; GP  
179..2096GPArtopages2AP65UL, with label 'Forest Fires Hurt Our Forest Friends'; prepare by Unknown; GP  
180..2096MC1USPS1FD Program; 6x9; FD Program  
181..2096NFD USPS4Post Office Advertising Poster #548, 2' x 3'; Postal Bulletin  
182..2096PPC Hayne's, Incorporated17A-H1615; Two Bears at Yellowstone; PPC 1
183..2096PPC Texas Forestry Service169-CFFP-6; burnt sign; PPC  
184..2096ZAAmaya, Rosario1 hpd 
185..2096ZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
186..2096ZABen Kraft2 hdn hpd 
187..2096ZABen Kraft3Variety to #2hdn hpd 
188..2096ZAFollows, Jack1 hpd 
189..2096ZAFollows, Jack2Return address for Ringold Stamp Company (St. Louis, MO) on backhpd 
190..2096ZAGeerlings, Frans M.2 hdn hpd1
191..2096ZAGeerlings, Frans M.3 hdn hpd1
192..2096ZAGeerlings, Frans M.4 hdn hpd1
193..2096ZAMurphy, Lori1 hdn hcd 
194..2096ZAPoormon, Curtiss10Whitetail Fawn; dated May 1985hdn hpd10
195..2096ZAPoormon, Curtiss11Whitetail Fawn; Added September 1985 McCusker hpd 
196..2096ZAPowell, L. Ziola1 hpd 
197..2264 Aristocrats1black  
198..2264 Bennett Cachetoons1   
199..2264 Bruce, Jo Ann1Origin of scan unknownhdn hpd6
200..2264 Bullseye Covers1black  
201..2264 Coin 4 Cachets1 hfd hcd45
202..2264 dhc Cachet1 hdn hcd143
203..2264 Doback, A. C.272b 20
204..2264  Doback, A. C.372c 20
205..2264 Fire Ball Club of New York1by Colorano for FBC,NY  
206..2264 Fleetwood Cover Service2Proof Card  
207..2264 Fogt, Judith1Newham 4th Size Hand Pumper, c1730hdn hpd1
208..2264  Fogt, Judith21926 American LaFrance Pumperhdn hpd 
209..2264  Gill Craft2   
210..2264 Glass, D.3eBay, 09/2012, postmaster662  
211..2264 H. N. Local Post1 hfd hcd 
212..2264  HM (Mezzack)1Steamer pulled by two horseshpd143
213..2264  K.M.C. Venture2black red; fighting fire from outside buildinghcd 
214..2264  Law, Blair1   
215..2264  Maran, DeBaun1blue; Steamer with two FF's running alongside (Flory)  
216..2264  McDanel, Joseph1fire shield; First  
217..2264  McDanel, Joseph2small illustration bottom left and return address (?); First  
218..2264 Mitchell, Lee1black; not hand-painted  
219..2264  New England Fire Museum1red sticker  
220..2264  New England Fire Museum2Pamphlet from museum  
221..2264  Piszkiewicz, Leonard1black; modern pumper, FF's & Engines on back  
222..2264  Postal Commemorative Society2Golden Replica; Size 7  
223..2264  Ron Myers Cachets1   
224..2264  Rossman1Burning buildings, firefighters, red Ahrens Fox Pumperhpd 
225..2264  RW Cachets1black/red; Fire Extinguisher, Alarm Box, and Hose  
226..2264  Sugarman1red; Dalmation on rug, FF pulling hose from hydrant (Flory)  
227..2264 Tatte, Stan1ebay sasbear 2004; First  
228..2264  Totten, Stan1Firsthpd 
229..2264 Turner, Geo.9Photo of Old Number 5; PNS3 #1 with #1908 PNS3 #?prn pas 
230..2264  Valpex '841by Colorano for Valpex  
231..2264  Valpex '842Show Program  
232..2264  Westeek Cachets1black, tan envelope; two drawings of stamps overlapping (Flory)  
233..2264CC American Museum of Firefighting1black; Hudson, NY; BCC  
234..2264CC Buffalo, NY Fire Department1Buffalo, NY; black; BCC  
235..2264CC Fire Mutual Aid & Tran....1Onongaga City, NY; need full name (Flory); BCC  
236..2264CC Fireman's Home, NY1Picture of home; location? (Flory); BCC  
237..2264CC Lawrence Fire & Credit Union1(location?); BCC  
238..2264CC Moyer's Corners Fire Department1black; Clay, NY; (Flory); BCC  
239..2264CC Munnsville Volunteer Fire Department1black; Munnsville, NY; BCC  
240..2264CC Nyack Fire Department1black; Nyack, NY; BCC  
241..2264CC Protection Engine Company No. 11Fishkill, NY; red; large red fire helmet (Flory); BCC  
242..2264CC Protection Engine Company No. 12Fishkill, NY; black; ? (Flory); BCC  
243..2264CC Protection Engine Company No. 13Fishkill, NY; black; ? (Flory); BCC  
244..2264CC Rombout Fire Company1Fishkill, NY; brown; ? (Flory); BCC  
245..2264CC St. Lucie City Fire District1Fort Pierce, FL; BCC  
246..2264PPC Americana Cards1Greeting Card, Manual & Steam Pumpers with Firehouse; PPC  
247..2264PPC U.S. Forestry Service1poster on tree, Smokey tipping hat; PPC  
248..2264PPC U.S. Forestry Service2poster on tree, Doe, Campers, Lake; PPC  
249..2264ZA Fogt, Judith3Firefighter pulling hoseline from pumper & FF w/axehdn hpd 
250..2264ZAFox, Melissa1 hdn hpd 
251..2264ZAFox, Melissa3 hdn hpd1
252..2264ZAUnknown1UNK04; BidStart, 09/2011, historicalcoverage  
253..2713  Aristocrats1   
254..2713  Artcraft1   
255..2713 Artopages1   
256..2713 Collins1 hpd100
257..2713 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1   
258..2713 Cover Craft Cachets1   
259..2713 Fleetwood Cover Service2Proof Card  
260..2713 Follows, Jack1 hdn hpd 
261..2713 House of Farnam1   
262..2713 Postal Commemorative Society3Gold Replica; Size 7 envelope  
263..2713  Reid, Clarence E.1   
264..2717 Aristocrats1   
265..2717 Artcraft1   
266..2717 Fleetwood Cover Service2Proof Card; with 2713  
267..3331 Artcraft1UO Fort Bragg, NC on #1424 Artcraft FDC; Unofficial 50
268..3331 Artcraft1UO Fort Bragg, NC on #2013 Artcraft FDC; Unofficial 50
269..3331 Artopages1AP65 with black text  
270..3331 BGC1Medal of Honor - Army  
271..3331 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1Soldiers  
272..3331 Edken3Soldier/Flag  
273..3331 Flamingo Cachets1   
274..3331 GJM1Fireman on truck rear ; Dual UO Burnt Cabins, PA & Smokerun, PA; Unofficial  
275..3331 Heritage Cachets1Fire Boats; UO Colorado Springs, CO HTWS Station  
276..3331 Kribbs' Kover1 hdn hcd14
277..3331 TF Cachets1 hpd abr 
278..3331 Unknown1UNK07; eBay, 12/2012, ewile  
279..3331 Unknown2UNK07; eBay, 12/2012, ewile  
280..3331 USPS1First Day Program; FD Program  
281..3331 USPS1First Day Program; inside; FD Program  
282..3331ZAHobby Link3'Retro'  
283..3549 Alto1{3549}  
284..3549  Artmaster1{3549b}  
285..3549 Artopages1{3549} AP65 with black text, United / We / Stand / 9-11-01  
286..3549 Artopages2{3549} AP01 This is America; GP  
287..3549 Artopages3{3549} AP04 Flag, In God We Trust; GP  
288..3549 Artopages5{3549} AP16 Flag in Shield; GP  
289..3549 Artopages6{3549} AP74 USA Flag (no_shield); GP  
290..3549 Artopages7{3549} AP90 Flag We Love; GP  
291..3549 Blue Star Cachets1{3549b}  
292..3549 Blue Star Cachets2{3549b}  
293..3549 Blue Star Cachets2{3549b}; reverse  
294..3549 CL Cachets1{3550}  
295..3549 Colorano "Silk" Cachet2{3549b}  
296..3549  Cover Craft Cachets1{3549}  
297..3549 Curtis, Dave1{3549b} 15
298..3549 Curtis, Dave2{3549}  
299..3549 Fisher Cachets1{3549}hdn hpd25
300..3549 Fleetwood Cover Service3{3550} Coil Roll of 10,000 imprint  
301..3549 Fleetwood Cover Service14{3550} Combo 1139-44; oversized  
302..3549 Fluegel Cover1{3549}; WWII Patriotic cachet  
303..3549 Fluegel Cover2(3549}; WWII Patriotic cachet  
304..3549 H & H5{3549}  
305..3549 Heritage Cachets1{3549}pci hfd 
306..3549 Heritage Cachets1{3549} UO Bridgeport, NY; Unofficialpci hfd 
307..3549 Heritage Cachets1{3549} UO Syracuse, NY MO; Unofficialpci hfd 
308..3549 Heritage Cachets2{3549}pci hfd 
309..3549 Heritage Cachets3{3549}pci hfd 
310..3549 Heritage Cachets7{3549b} NY skyline 'UNITED WE STAND'pci hfd 
311..3549 Heritage Cachets9{3549} Censored USPS markingpci hfd 
312..3549 Heritage Cachets10{3549} UO Bridgeport, NY; Unofficialpci hfd 
313..3549 Heritage Cachets11{3549} UO Syracuse, NY MO; Unofficialpci hfd 
314..3549 Heritage Cachets12{3549} Censored USPS markingpci hfd 
315..3549 Heritage Cachets13{3549}; Copy of letter from Stamp Fullfillment Services denying cancellation of Heritage Cachets depicting WTC burning; hfd 
316..3549 HM (Mezzack)1{3550}hfd6
317..3549 House of Farnam1{3549}  
318..3549 LMG1{3550} 20
319..3549 LMG2{3550} 31
320..3549 LMG2{3550}; UO New York, NY 31
321..3549 LPKDesign1{3549}; Size 10 28
322..3549 Macdonald, Barbara1 hdn hpd4
323..3549 Montgomery, Barbara1{3549}hpd50
324..3549 Montgomery, Barbara1{3549}; Artists Proofhpd 
325..3549 Morning Star Graphics2 hpd50
326..3549 PhilGraf2{3549}; "Color cachets by PhilGraf" horizontally along bottom edge  
327..3549 PhilGraf3{3549}; second design  
328..3549 Queensbury Cachet1{3549} UWS / In defense of our homeland; Combo #971, 1343, 1396; Combinationhpd 
329..3549 T.D. Cachets1{3549b} 10
330..3549 T.D. Cachets3{3549b} 6
331..3549 T.D. Cachets4{3550} 5
332..3549 T.D. Cachets5{3550} 5
333..3549 Thrifty Photo Cachets2{3549} 30
334..3549 Tillotson1{3549b} Text Only, info from McCuskerpcl 
335..3549 Unknown1UNK01; {3549b}; 8 x 11.5 Photographic Paper; on ebay by Eric Wile 12/2011pcl 
336..3549 Unknown2UNK01; {3549b}; 8 x 11.5 Photographic Paper; on ebay by Eric Wile 12/2011pcl 
337..3549 Unknown3UNK01; {3549b}; 8 x 11.5 Photographic Paper; on ebay by Eric Wile 12/2011pcl 
338..3549 USPS1First Day Program; FD Program  
339..3549 Vanavsdle, Kris1{3549b}pci 
340..3549 Wentworth Cachets2{3549}hpd10
341..3549 Wile Cachets1{3549} 19
342..3549 Wile Cachets2{3549} 19
343..3549 Wile Cachets3{3549}; Serviced by Eric  
344..3549 William II1{3549}  
345..3549 William II2{3549}  
346..3549 William II3{3549}  
347..3549DGN121Dragon Cards1{3549b}; 5x7 card  
348..3549DGN121aDragon Cards2{3550}; 5x7 card  
349..3549DGN121bDragon Cards3{3550}; 5x7 card; Coil Plate Number strip of 3  
350..3549DGN121cDragon Cards4{3549 & 3550}; Combo 1094, 1208, 2475; Combination  
351..3549DGN122Dragon Cards5{3549}; UO Paramus, NJ; Paramus lost three people in the WTC attack; Unofficial  
352..3549DGN122aDragon Cards5{3549}; UO Paramus, NJ; Paramus lost three people in the WTC attack; variety to DGN122; Unofficial  
353..3549GPAmerican First Day Cover Society3{3549b} UO Arlington, VA U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial; art by Greenlee; Unofficialthm hcd 
354..3549GPArtopages4{3549} AP06 Home of The Brave; GP  
355..3549GPMinkus, Jacques1{3549b} WWII Patriotic - FOR ALL NATIONS; UO Shankville, PA  
356..3549GPMinkus, Jacques2{3549} WWII Patriotic - LIBERATION; UO Shanksville, PA  
357..3549GPMinkus, Jacques3{3549} WWII Patriotic - UNITED WE STAND  
358..3549GPMinkus, Jacques3{3549} WWII Patriotic - UNITED WE STAND; Combo 971, 1343, 1396  
359..3549GPMinkus, Jacques3{3549b} WWII Patriotic - UNITED WE STAND; UO Shanksville, PA  
360..3549GPMinkus, Jacques3{3549b} WWII Patriotic - UNITED WE STAND; UO Shanksville, PA, with #B2 UO same location  
361..3549GPMinkus, Jacques4{3549b} WWII Patriotic - THIS IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR; UO Shanksville, PA  
362..3549GPMinkus, Jacques7{3549b} WWII Patriotic - A GREATER FUTURE…; UO Shanksville, PA  
363..3549GPMinkus, Jacques8{3549b} WWII Patriotic - ON TO VICTORY…; UO Shanksville, PA  
364..3549GPMinkus, Jacques9{3549} WWII Patriotic - WE MUST DO ALL WE CAN!; UO Shanksville, PA  
365..3549GPMinkus, Jacques10{3549b} WWII Patriotic - LET US KEEP FREEDOM RINGING; UO Shanksville, PA  
366..3549GPMinkus, Jacques11{3549b} WWII Patriotic - WE WILL SACRIFICE…; UO Shanksville, PA  
367..3549GPMinkus, Jacques13{3549b} WWII Patriotic - IT SHALL BE DONE; UO Shanksville, PA  
368..3549GPMinkus, Jacques14{3549} WWII Patriotic - …Triumph; UO Shanksville, PA  
369..3549GPMinkus, Jacques17{3549} WWII Patriotic - LOOK TO THE FUTURE…; UO Shanksville, PA  
370..3549GPMinkus, Jacques18(3549b} WWII Patriotic - FREEDOM; UO Shanksville, PA  
371..3549GPMinkus, Jacques19(3549b} WWII Patriotic - WORKING for VICTORY; UO Shanksville, PA  
372..3629 Alto1   
373..3629  Aristocrats1   
374..3629 Artcraft1   
375..3629 CL Cachets1   
376..3629  Colorano "Silk" Cachet1   
377..3629  Cover Craft Cachets1   
378..3629 Morning Star Graphics1Only known with all four stampshpd75
380..3640 Alto1   
381..3640 Collins1Cachet is of a steamer, not fire truckhpd 
382..3640 DGW1 pci 
383..3640 Fleetwood Cover Service1Imprint "PSA Vending Booklet of 20"  
384..3645f Fleetwood Cover Service1Imprint "PSA Double-sided Booklet"  
385..4310 Therome Cachets1  15
386..B002 American First Day Cover Society1GP; UO Liberty, NC; Serviced by Eric Wile; Unofficial  
387..B002 Armstrong Cachets1 pci 
388..B002 Bedford Cachets3Statue of Libertypci 
389..B002 BGC1Various NY area fire stationshfd pci 
390..B002 BGC2Various NY area fire stationshfd pci 
391..B002 BGC3Various NY area fire stationshfd pci 
392..B002 BGC4Various NY area fire stationshfd pci 
393..B002 BGC5Various NY area fire stationshfd pci 
394..B002 BGC6Various NY area fire stationshfd pci 
395..B002 BGC7Various NY area fire stationshfd pci 
396..B002 BGC8Various NY area fire stationshfd pci 
397..B002 BGC9Various NY area fire stationshfd pci 
398..B002 BGC10Various NY area fire stationshfd pci 
399..B002 BGC11Various NY area fire stationshfd pci 
400..B002 BGC12Various NY area fire stationshfd pci 
401..B002 BGC13Various NY area fire stationshfd pci 
402..B002 BGC14Various NY area fire stationshfd pci 
403..B002 B'nai B'rith Philatelic Service1   
404..B002 CEC1 pci 
405..B002 CEC2UO Des Moines, IA Main Office Station; Unofficialpci 
406..B002 CEC3UO Des Moines, IA Main Office Station; Unofficialpci 
407..B002 CEC4UO Des Moines, IA Main Office Station; Unofficialpci 
408..B002 CEC5UO Des Moines, IA Main Office Station; Unofficialpci 
409..B002 CEC6UO Iowa Falls, IA; Unofficialpci 
410..B002 CL Cachets2   
411..B002 Colorano "Silk" Cachet4With dual cancel 09-11-2002 First Anniversary, New York, NY  
412..B002 Colorano "Silk" Cachet5Size 10; UO Belair, MD Heroes of 2001 Station  
413..B002 DCW1 pci 
414..B002 Ellis, Frank1 hfd hcd32
415..B002 Fine Design Cachets1 pci 
416..B002 Fleetwood Cover Service4Fireman  
417..B002  Fleetwood Cover Service10Policeman  
418..B002  Fleetwood Cover Service11Scrub Nurse  
419..B002 Fulton Stamp Club1UO Waterloo, NY; Unofficial 50
420..B002 Fulton Stamp Club2UO Sandusky, NY 'Fredom'; Unofficial 25
421..B002 Fulton Stamp Club3UO Crowell, TX Heroes Station; Unofficialhpd5
422..B002 Fulton Stamp Club4UO Green Bay, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialhpd5
423..B002 Fulton Stamp Club4UO Hortonville, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialhpd5
424..B002 Fulton Stamp Club4UO Painted Post, NY Heroes Station; Unofficialhpd 
425..B002 Gamm Covers1GP; FDOI, UO New York NY KHC4, Valhalla NY USPS CDS; With non-FD cancels same day - Flagtown, NJ - KHC4 PM and USPS CDS  
426..B002 Gamm Covers1GP; Triple UO; 1) New York, NY KHC0; New York, NY KHC4; Valhalla, NY USPS CDS; Unofficial  
427..B002 Ginsburg, Jack A.4National Guard on Golden Gate Bridgepci 
428..B002 Ginsburg, Jack A.6Anthrax and the USPSpci 
429..B002 Ginsburg, Jack A.7Arlington, VA Ceremonypci 
430..B002 Ginsburg, Jack A.8Pentagon Memorialpci 
431..B002 Hamilton, Russ1 hdn hpd25
432..B002 Heritage Cachets4UO Painted Post, NY Unsung Heroes Statoin; Unofficial  
433..B002 Hobby Link1   
434..B002 Hobby Link2   
435..B002 House of Farnam1UO Long Beach, CA Lobex Station  
436..B002 Info Cachets1   
437..B002 Info Cachets1#215 50
438..B002 Info Cachets2#215A  
439..B002 International Collectors Society1black, blue/gold/silver label top left  
440..B002 L & H Cachets1Probable Add-Onpci 
441..B002 LEB3TWC rubble; UO Arlington, VA; Unofficialhfd pas 
442..B002 LMG1 hpd50
443..B002 NBC Cachets1  60
444..B002 NBC Cachets2   
445..B002 NBC Cachets3  60
446..B002 Nostalgia Cachets4[COPIED RECORD] Artopages AP-74 GP; UO Independence, IA and Waterloo, IA same day cancellation; Unofficialpci 
447..B002 Nostalgia Cachets6Artopages AP-01 GP with added image; UO Independence, IA and Waterloo, IA same day cancellationpci5
448..B002 PhilGraf1NY Policepci 
449..B002 PhilGraf2NY Firemen - Flag Raisingpci 
450..B002 PhilGraf3WTC Silhouettes; UO Painted Post, NY; Unofficialpci 
451..B002 Pretty Girl Cachets1  10
452..B002 Pushin' The Envelope1   
453..B002 Queensbury Cachet1UO Shanksville, PA; Unofficialhpd 
454..B002 Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UO Long Beach, CA Lobex Station; Unofficialthm 
455..B002 S & T Cachets1  62
456..B002 S & T Cachets2  62
457..B002 S & T Cachets3  62
458..B002 Sand Key Cachets1 pci5
459..B002 Sheky1UO Des Moines, IA Main Office Station; Cuv Evanson; Unofficialpci5
460..B002 Therome Cachets1  10
461..B002 Therome Cachets2   
462..B002 Therome Cachets3  20
463..B002 Therome Cachets4   
464..B002 Therome Cachets5Cachet "#B2 05238" 68
465..B002 Tiger Cachets1  10
466..B002 Tom's Cachet Designs1{NY}  
467..B002 Trainman Cachets1Fireman & Angelpci 
468..B002 Trainman Cachets2Fire Helmet, Station 162pci 
469..B002 Trainman Cachets3America Stands Strongpci 
470..B002 Trainman Cachets4Uncle Sam holding FF Chaplainpci 
471..B002 Trainman Cachets5Flag & Flying Eaglepci 
472..B002 Trainman Cachets6Ground Zero, View 1pci 
473..B002 Trainman Cachets7Ground Zero, View 2pci 
474..B002 Trainman Cachets8WTC Silhouette lights, 1pci 
475..B002 Trainman Cachets9WTC Silhouette lights, 2pci 
476..B002 Trainman Cachets10FF Ice Sculpturepci 
477..B002 Trainman Cachets11Uncle Same with Fist, small logopci 
478..B002 Trainman Cachets12large logo; UO Washington DC Pentagon Branch; Unofficialpci 
479..B002 Unknown1UNK23; eBay, dlposner61, 4/2011pas 
480..B002 Unknown1UNK28  
481..B002 USPS1First Day Program; FD Program  
482..B002 USPS6Colorano cachet; Size 10, Image of Heroes stamp; Mounted, 12x16  
483..B002 USPS7Colorano cachet; Size 10; Symbolic lighting of WTC towers; Matted, 12x16  
484..B002 USPS8Size 10, Image of Flag Raising; Mounted, 12x16  
485..B002 USPS9Size 10, Image of Statue of Liberty and WTC aftermath; Mounted, 12x16  
486..B002 USPS10Size 10, We The People and NY skyline with WTC; Matted, 12x16  
487..B002 USPS St. Paul, MN5UO St. Paul, MN Main Office Windows; Stamp Unveiling; Unofficial  
488..B002 Webcraft1UO Colome, SD Heroes Station; Unofficialpci 
489..B002 Webcraft1UO Seagraves, TX Heroes Station; Unofficialpci 
490..B002 Webcraft2 pci 
491..B002 Wile Cachets1UO Greensboro, NC Four Seasons Station; Unofficial  
492..B002 Yeager, Stephen S.1Printed from original artwork 16
493..B002 ZYBY1 pci 
494..B002 ZYBY2 pci 
495..B002 ZYBY3 pci 
496..B002 ZYBY4 pci 
497..B002 ZYBY5 pci 
498..B002 ZYBY6 pci 
499..B002 ZYBY7 pci 
500..B002DGN128 Dragon Cards1   
501..B002DGN129 Dragon Cards1   
502..B002DGN130 Dragon Cards1   
503..B002DGN131 Dragon Cards1   
504..B002DGN132 Dragon Cards1   
505..B002DGN133 Dragon Cards1   
506..B002GPRobert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS2United We Stand  
507..B002NFDCP653USPS3American Commemorative Panel, non-FDOI; Commemorative Panel  
508..B002ZAArmstrong, Charlie1 hdn hpd 
509..B002ZACover-Scape Cachets1 pci 
510..C077JP-02JONAL Art Covers1Fire Service 16
511..Events19520815AJ Heliochrome Company1PPC 528; 08/15/1952 Convention Station; PPC  
512..Events19711009Unknown1UNK01; 100th Anniversary of the Chicago Fire (1871); Chicago, IL  
513..Events19751107Unknown1UNK01; Clearwater, FL Florex_Station  
514..Events19801008Z Silk Cachet1Chicago Fire Anniversary; Chicago, IL  
515..Events19820731Sarzin1Elmira Fire Department - 150 Years Service; Emira, NY Elmire Fire Station  
516..Events19840908Goldberg, Bernard1Valpex Station, Valley Forge, PA; Smokey with slogan; Same design as made for #2096 FDOITHM hpd21
517..Events19890210Colorano "Silk" Cachet150th Anniversary of The Fire Bell Club of New York, Inc.; New York, NY  
518..Events19900315Colorano "Silk" Cachet3Y1315; New York City FD - 125th Anniversary; Interpex '90, NY, NY ASDA Station; Combo #2173  
519..Events19900504Colorano "Silk" Cachet1New York City FD - 125th Anniversary; New York, NY Museum Station  
520..Events20020911Art Plus1WTC First Anniversary; New York, NY UWS PHC; Cachet for B002THM hpd6
521..Events20060831Silhouette Cachets (PTE)1California State Fair; Sacramento, CA Camp Smokey Station 4