One Of A Kind12/15/2015
IdxSc. #RefImgCachetmakerC#DescriptionMethods#Made
10796NIPZAFollows, Jack2 hdn hpd1
20796NIPZAFox, Melissa3DC 2nd Day; c1990; Second Dayhdn hpd1
3..0797P008Richell, C. Wright1hdn; ACE #44hdn1
40797NIPZARabbit Hill Cachets1 hdn hpd1
50971M020Artmaster1watercolored by cagarts; 2009hpd1
60971NIMZACheek, Grace1 hdn hpd1
71097NIMZAUnknown1UNK08; {KY}; Primitive add-on; Made sometime after 1977hld pas1
81451aZANiewenhous, Beth1 hdn hpd1
91562ESO Artopages2Album Page with mint stamp, FDC attached; from Weigal Collection; Esotericahcd1
101562ZAGrusz1Sold by McCusker, c2006hdn1
111562ZAGrusz2Sold by McCusker, c2006hdn1
121562ZAGrusz3Sold by McCusker, c2006hdn1
131821 White, John H.1Unofficial location - Pinebluff, NChdn1
141844 H. N. Local Post1HNLP #139 on 7x10 manila envelope, stamps arranged to form "J.W", made for JHW 1
151908  Schleyer, James4Non-FDOI; Color Proof for stamp, submitted by Don McDowell (Director, Stamp Development Branch, USPS) for approval of the color of the stamp art; signed by James Schleyer - Stamp Designer 1
161932 Artmaster1black; hpd by Ernest Langer; stated only 1 tinted (my request)hpd1
171932  B.B.T. Cachets1purple on buff envelope; signed by Stamp Designer, Richard Gangel; First 1
181932 Grusz1hand-lettered; sold by McCuskerhld1
191932 Grusz2hand-lettered; sold by McCuskerhld1
20..1932 JB1Private cachet; "My Ball"; Jack Barriagehdn hcd1
21..1932 JB2Private cachet; Lady swinging club; Jack Barriagehdn hcd1
22..1932 Koch, Kent1Personally produced; Ref: #6 on Kent's list.typ1
23..1932 Koch, Kent2Personally produced; Ref: #7 on Kent's list.typ1
24..1932 Koch, Kent3Personally produced; Ref: #8 on Kent's list; typed and used 718-719 pasted ontyp pas1
251932  Maury1Cachet is for Z and J; Combo 0716 0718 0719; Combination 1
26..1932 MJN (Nowak)1brown, purple; likely 1 madehdn hcd1
27..1932 MJN (Nowak)2brown, red; likely 1 madehdn hcd1
28..1932 MJN (Nowak)3black; likely 1 madehdn hcd1
29..1932 MJN (Nowak)4blue, red; cut from wrapping paper; 3 images of Nicklaus; likely 1 madehdn hcd1
301932 Pennington, Frank1UO Beaumont, TX; Unofficialhdn hpd1
31..1932 Pennington, Frank2UO Beaumont, TX; Unofficialhdn hpd1
32..1932 Pete1 hdn hpd1
331932 Shue, John1blue, brown 1
341932ESO HM (Mezzack)1Cachet printing Setup Page with FDOI at bottom; Esoterica 1
351932UNC Uncacheted1signed by Stamp Designer, Richard Gangel 1
361932ZACornish, Sam1A Native Texan 1914hdn1
371932ZAWoytinek1eBay RKA Covers 02/2011hdn hcd1
381933 Artmaster1hpd by Ernest Langer; stated only 1 tinted (my request)hpd1
39..1933 Fireside Local Post1Local Post label issued 10/01/81; Serviced by Tewksbury; tied by cancel using FDOI grace periodpas1
401933 Grusz1Personal Itemhdn1
411933 Grusz2Personal Itemhld1
421933  Grusz3Personal Itemhld1
431933  HM-Shue1brown green; mis-print - brown pic shifted right 1.25" 1
44..1933 JB1Private cachet; "Nurse That Ball"; Jack Barriagehdn hcd1
45..1933 JB2Private cachet; Putter; Jack Barriagehdn hcd1
46..1933 Koch, Kent19Wife Barbara putting on her birthday, 1982hfd pas1
47..1933 Koch, Kent20Dad putting on his 80th birthday, 1982hfd pas1
481933 Maul, Herman R.1yellow coat, gray pants, Hole 18; 09/1982 Herman stated I have the only Jones cachet!?!?!?hdn hpd1
49..1933 Sports Covers Club of America11970 Augusta Masters Tournament Cachet; brown, green; Serviced by Tewksbury 1
501933UNC Uncacheted1signed by Stamp Designer, Richard Gangel 1
511933ZAAmaya, Rosario1First cachet was #2417hdn hpd1
521933ZACornish, Sam1A Native Georgian 1902hdn1
531933ZAPowell, L. Ziola3 hdn hpd1
541933a Artcraft1FDOI on 1381 Artcraft cachet; signed by Stamp Designer, Richard M. Gangel 1
551933a Artcraft1FDOI on 1382 Artcraft cachet; signed by Stamp Designer, Richard M. Gangel 1
561933a Artcraft1FDOI on U583 Artcraft cachet; signed by Stamp Designes Richard M. Gangel & Guy Salvato 1
571933a JB1Private cachet; Golf Clubs; Jack Barriagehdn hcd1
58..1933a Koch, Kent1Patty Berg; on Interlachen Country Club Size 10 envelopetyp1
591933a Kruger, Walter1Uncacheted; Mailed Special Delivery; Signed on back by PM Sheffield 1
601933a  Maury1brown green purple 1
611933a Maury1brown green purple; Signed by Landry (Producer), Peltin (artist), Shue (Printer), & Gangel (Stamp Designer) 1
621933aESO HM-Shue1Cachet printing Setup Page with FDOI at top; Esoterica 1
631985 Raleigh Stamp Club1{NC}; on Tripex 10/11/1980 event cover; dual cancel and hand-colored by John H. Whitehcd1
641985 White, John H.1{DC}; State outlines; Combo 7 Cardinal Stampshdn hcd1
65..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd1
66..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC; Registered cover to TMW; (TMW); Unofficialhpd1
67..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Wanchese, NC; Registered cover to TMW; (TMW); Unofficialhpd1
68..2093  TMW10brown; 6x8 parchtone card; UOs (1) Nags Head, NC KHC4; (2) Hatteras, NC KHC4; (3) Waves, NC KHC4; (4) Kill Devil Hills, NC KHC4; (5) Kitty Hawk, NC KHC4; (WS); Unofficial 1
69..2093  TMW10brown; 6x8 parchtone card; UOs On Front: 1) Washington, DC PSD CDS; 2) Chesapeake, VA PC PHC; 3) Chesapeake, VA CDS; 4) Washington, DC SS PHC; 5) Baltimore, MD CDS. On Back: 6) Edgewood, MD CDS; 7) Baltimore, MD PC PHC; 8) Philadelphia, PA BFF; (LS); Unofficial 1
702093 Whitecraft1black; Combo 0548 1420; serviced by Gary Dubnik; Combination 1
712093 Whitecraft1black;, Combo 1420 1733 2024; serviced by Gary Dubnik; Combination 1
722093 Whitecraft7black; Photograph proof for cachet 1
732093GPArtopages2AP28 GP Vacationland; gold tinting & text; UO Raleigh, NC; by John H. White; Unofficial 1
742093PPCBromley & Company1MA975; Mayflower II; UO Plymouth, NC; serviced by John White; PPC 1
75..2096  Fox, Melissa2Fawn with Smokey's Hat, squirrel with matchhdn hpd1
76..2096 Gamm Covers2black; by Hiram Swindall 1
772096 Gamm Covers2black; by Hiram Swindall; UO Ruidoso, NM; Unofficialhpd1
782096 Geerlings, Frans M.1 hdn hpd1
79..2096  Gold Mine1blue/red; Maltese Cross & American Flag 1
80..2096  Goldcraft1orange; Fireman's head with four stars 1
81..2096 H. N. Local Post1(Believe) Balsa Wood, with burnt lower left cornerhfd1
82..2096  H. N. Local Post2HN Local Post; Smokey Bear paper doll, 10 x 7hfd1
83..2096  H. N. Local Post3HN Local Post; Detroit Bank check with bear on it & FDChfd1
842096 Horseshoe Cachets1Smokey's head and forest, red framehcd1
85..2096  Hudeck, Gary2with 1983 label; MINI-COVER (EF) 1
86..2096  Mar-Jim Covers1gray/brown, bear sitting on grey slopehpd1
872096 MC1blue 1
88..2096  McDonald, Georgan1Smokey with shovel, bird on top (EF)hpd1
89..2096  McNatt, Herman S. & Forrest Jacobs1Smokey with animals in his arms, heartshpd1
90..2096  Megan '841Camper and Campfire on hand, Prevent Forest Fires (Flory)hpd1
91..2096  MJN1burnt tree, flames, three matches 1
92..2096  MJN2Hand putting out cigarette, Smokey's headhpd1
93..2096  MJN3Green tree with Smokey's head behindhpd1
94..2096  Mychaskiw, George1Big Black Bear 1
952096 Nirlay12015; Commissioned by Collector Rick Gibsonhdn hpd1
96..2096  P1Smokey at desk, 'Smokey Says Prevent Forest Fires' (Flory)hfd1
972096 Peterman, David1 hdn hpd1
98..2096 Poormon, Curtiss4Mule Deerhdn hpd1
99..2096 Poormon, Curtiss9Elk Calf; possible Add-Onhdn hpd1
100..2096  Rice, William Roy1brown bearhfd lwb1
101..2096 Roberts, J. P.1Smokey's head, Prevent Forest Fires 1
102..2096  Roberts, J. P.2Brown Cub sitting in a tree limbhpd1
103..2096  Roberts, J. P.3Smokey's Head, green Smokey Hathpd1
104..2096  Robinson Stamps1grey; Ranger with Smokey hat, Won't You Help? 1
105..2096  Rock Aries1blue; Smokey with shovel and Cub in Tree 1
1062096 Ron Myers Cachets1brown/blue 1
1072096  Ron Myers Cachets2brown/green 1
1082096 Wayne, Kristin1Artist' Proof; UO New York, NY; Combo 971; Unofficialhdn hpd1
109..2096CC Philadelphia Fire Department1Philadelphia, PA; black/red; (Flory); BCC 1
110..2096CC Trenton Fire Department1Trenton, NJ; red; size unknown; BCC 1
111..2096PPC Hayne's, Incorporated17A-H1615; Two Bears at Yellowstone; PPC 1
112..2096ZAGeerlings, Frans M.2 hdn hpd1
113..2096ZAGeerlings, Frans M.3 hdn hpd1
114..2096ZAGeerlings, Frans M.4 hdn hpd1
1152128 Geerlings, Frans M.1First Day is #2128; Cachet artwork is for Motorcycle stamp issued 10/10/1983! Incorrect cachet for FDOI; Combinationhdn hpd1
1162128  Nussenbaum, Seymour1One of One Made 1
117..2128 TF Cachets1Air-brushedhdn hpd1
118..2128ZAFox, Melissa1 hdn hpd1
1192128ZAGrusz1Sold by McCusker, 2006hdn1
1202128ZAHeflin, R.1c1993hdn hpd1
1212128ZAMurphy, Lori1Sold by RKA Covers, c2009hdn1
1222128ZAWoytinek1on eBay by RKA 04/2009hdn hpd1
123..2264 Fogt, Judith1Newham 4th Size Hand Pumper, c1730hdn hpd1
124..2264ZAFox, Melissa3 hdn hpd1
1252264ZAGeerlings, Frans M.2 hdn hpd1
1262264ZAGrusz1Sold by McCusker, c2006hdn1
1272264ZAGrusz2Sold by McCusker, c2006hdn1
1282347 Fogt, Judith1Depicting Bodie Island Light, Dare County, NChdn hpd1
1292347 Fogt, Judith2Depicting Cape Lookout Lighthousehdn hpd1
1302347 Mealy, V.1Private cachethfd pas1
1312347 Mealy, V.2[COPIED RECORD] Private cachethfd pas1
1322347 Smith Cachet Studio3Colored envelope used as basis for #2347 cachet (1); not serviced; First 1
1332347NFDSmith Cachet Studio4Letter to John White (c2009) stating this was the original artwork for the first cachet (2), and is not serviced.; Non-FDOIhdn hcd1
1342471ZAGeerlings, Frans M.1Featuring Point Conception Lighthouse; on #936 FDChdn hpd1
1352790 Journeaux, Michel1 hdn hcd1
136..2790 KAH Cashets3Artist Proof 8 x10; heavy stock; with #2789hpd1
137..2790ZAHeflin, R.1Signed as completed 1994; Info from McCuskerhdn hpd1
1382975a Mystic Stamp Company, Inc.1UO Wilimington, NC Blockade Runner Statoin; Serviced by Michael Kott (msk239 on BidStart), stated - "Part of a series of special cancels which I obtained for the first day of issue for these stamps. All 0ne-of-a-kind"; Unofficial 1
1393331 Crosby, Walter G.11942 MacArthur Day; UO Fort Bragg, NC; serviced by John White; Unofficial 1
1403444 Morning Star Graphics2Artist Proofhpd1
141..3593 Spectrum Cover1#1985 Cachet, Combo 1644 1985 1
1424310 FDCUSA2NY; FDNY Fireboat 343; Combo 971, 2096, 2264; Combinationhfd pcl1
1434310 FDCUSA2NY; FDNY Fireboat 343; Combo 971, 2264, B2; Combinationhfd pcl1
1444311 FDCUSA4B; Moore County Pinehurst Electric Railroad Company; FDOIhfd pcl1
1454311 FDCUSA4B; Moore County Pinehurst Electric Railroad Company; FDOI; Combination - #2263, #2491, #2757; Combinationhfd pcl1
146..4494 cagarts2CAO008; Original Artwork with FDOIhdn hpd1
1474705 cagarts1Original artwork; water color; hand-drawn and paintedhdn hpd1
1484705  Gelvin, Dennis J.2USPS Sales Receipt for purchase of #4705 Stamps from Olympia, WA; UO Olympia, WA; Unofficial 1
1494705 Greensboro Historical Museum, NC2FDOI in booklet; "O. HENRY LIVED HERE", by Earley Winfred Bridges, published 1962; Serviced by John White; Esoterica 1
1504705 Kendal Cachets2November 2014 Kendal Cachets bulletin with page for #4705hpd1
1514705 Laughing Elephant Publishing1FDOI in book; "THE GIFT OF THE MAGI"; re-print by; sold by GHM on First Day; Serviced by John White; Esoterica 1
1524705K602-AFDCS Kendal Cachets1AFDCS varietyhpd1
1534705K602-CB Kendal Cachets1"Coffee Break"hpd1
1544906  Energy United1Paybill envelope with Greensboro, NC 274 Piedmont Triad Area spray-on cancel; Unofficial 1
155B002 Wild Horse Cachets1"Artist Proof"hpd1
156Events19330304Gilbert, Arthur A.1Duck; Duck, NChdn1
157Events19820317White, John H.1Bobby Jones 80th Birthday; Bittings cachet with text added by JLP; Port Arthur, TX 1
158Events19830513Artopages1Closing: Colon, NC 1
159Events19830513 Artopages1Closing: Colon, NC; hcd by John Whitehcd1
160Events19831105 Whitecraft1Sparpex, Babe Ruth theme; Spartenburg, SC Sparpex Station; WC cachet for #2046 (first) 1
161Events19840710 Whitecraft11984 Baseball All Star Game; San Francisco, CA Candlestick Park Station; WC cachet for #2046 (first) 1
162Events19871225 Wildermuth, Warren P.1Star, NC Star Station; Eventhdn hpd1
163UX132ZAKAH Cashets1 hdn hpd1
164UX132ZAKAH Cashets2Nov 1989hdn hpd1