Hand Painted12/15/2015
IdxSc. #RefImgCachetmakerC#DescriptionMethods#Made
2..0796P005aFairway1Airmail envelopehpd 
3..0796P005b Fairway2Size 5 envelopehpd 
40796P007c Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1as P007hpd 
5..0796P042aScatchard, Norwood B.1black; 'U.S.S. Moffett 362' at bottom in red; Firsthpd 
6..0796P042d Scatchard, Norwood B.1black brown; card stock; Firstthm hpd 
7..0796P042dScatchard, Norwood B.1black; no date/city at bottom; UO USS Cormorant; Unofficial/Firstthm hpd 
8..0796P043bHistoric Art Cachets1blackhpd 
9..0796P044bHistoric Art Cachets1blackhpd 
100796P045bHistoric Art Cachets1blackhpd 
110796P045b Historic Art Cachets1blackhpd 
120796P079Cover of The Month Club1blue-dusty-rose light-bluehpd 
130796P084Risko Art Studios1 hpd abr 
14..0796P141Enroth1 hpd 
15..0796P143Unknown1Signed "Jeanne"hpd 
160797P018Gundel, Torkel1black blue gray green orangehpd 
170797P021Historic Art Cachets1blackhpd 
180797P021Historic Art Cachets1blackhpd 
19..0797P021Historic Art Cachets1blackhpd 
20..0797P067Risko Art Studios1Size 7 envelopehpd abr 
21..0797P067Risko Art Studios2Size 6; Airmail border; looks like mimeograph is mis-aligned downwardhpd abr 
22..0797NIPUnknown1UNK08; 04/2009: on ebay by Tom Baron ( 007coverstom); NEED MORE INFOhpd 
230971M020Artmaster1watercolored by cagarts; 2009hpd1
24..0971M030Wright, William N.1 hpd 
25..0971NIMWaldau, Norbert C.1 hpd 
26..0971NIMWaldau, Norbert C.2with add-on Flag at right hand-drawn/painted by Herman Maulhpd 
270971NIMWright, William N.2 hpd 
280971NIMWright, William N.3Fire in first floorhpd 
290971NIM Wright, William N.4Fire in second floorhpd 
300971NIMZAKing Cachets5c1999; Fire Fighter up tree with catthm hpd 
311097M002Aristocrats1{NC}; hpd by Unknownhpd 
321097M003Artcraft1{PA}; black; hand-painted by cagartshpd 
331097M027Wright, William N.1{NC}; multicoloredhpd 
34..1097M027 Wright, William N.2{KY}; multicolored; variety; tree behind wall, wording, soldier, wording placementhpd 
351097M027Wright, William N.2{PA}; multicolored; variety; tree behind wall, wording, soldier, wording placementhpd 
36..1097NIMBrier, Mary N.1{KY}; identified by McCuskerhpd 
37..1122M022Wright, William N.1 hpd 
381122NIMZAKing Cachets1"Bear Mail", "Charles Lindbear"thm hpd 
39..1230M005 Atkinson, E.1 hpd 
40..1822 Andrews - Maxie1Dual FDOI & UO Greensboro, NC Guilford Branchhpd 
411908 Andrews - Maxie2Dual FDOI & UO Phoenix_AZ; Unofficialhpd150
421908 Collins1Dual FDOI & UO Ashburn, VAhpd 
431908 DRC1blackhpd 
441908 DRC1UO Alexandria, VA; Unofficialhpd10
451908 DRC1UO Boston, MA J.W. McCormack Station; Unofficialhpd2
461908 Gamm Covers1by Swindallhpd 
47..1908 Huehl, Don1 hpd 
481908 Peltin, Geri1Dalmation wearing helmet, newspaper and slippers in mouthhpd 
49..1908 Pugh1 hpd61
50..1908 Slyter Cachets1On embossed old card, painted and letteredhpd100
51..1908  Slyter Cachets1Steamer on top, weathervane (Flory)hpd 
52..1908 Weaver, Freda Dickie1Grossly overpriced by major dealers, imo.hpd37
53..1908ZARay, Cullen W.1 hpd5
541929 Andrews - Maxie1UO Asheville, NC Downtown Station; Unofficialhpd 
551929 Collins1Dual FDOI and UO Asheville, NC; Unofficialhpd9
561932 Andrews - Maxie1grayhpd 
571932 Artmaster1black; hpd by Ernest Langer; stated only 1 tinted (my request)hpd1
581932 DRC1black; color varieties existhpd 
591932  Garry Owen Local Post1purple; hpd by E. T. Wolfehpd81
601932 Gundel, Torkel1 hpd45
611932 Gundel, Torkel1UO Beaumont, TX; Unofficialhpd 
621932 HAM Cachets1UO Beaumont, TX; slight varieties exist; Unofficialhpd227
631932  HAM Cachets1UO Beaumont, TX; Variety; part of same production; Unofficialhpd 
641932 LWJ2 hpd 
651932 Marg1hand-painted by "MaryAnn"hpd 
661932 Pugh1with enclosurehpd45
671932 Slyter Cachets1 hfd hpd50
681932 TM Historical Covers2black brownTHM hpd35
691932 Watercolor Cachets1 hpd75
701932 Wild Horse Cachets1Babe Zahariashpd70
711932 Wild Horse Cachets2Nancy Lopezhpd70
721932 Wild Horse Cachets3Tom Kite, with 06-14-2000 Golden Bear Sta MChpd70
731932 Wild Horse Cachets4Greg Normanhpd500
741932ZAWild Horse Cachets5Tiger Woodshpd500
751932ZAWild Horse Cachets6Arnold Palmerhpd11
761933 Andrews - Maxie1gray; UO Jonesboro, GAhpd 
771933 Artmaster1hpd by Ernest Langer; stated only 1 tinted (my request)hpd1
781933 Collins1Dual FDOI & UO Atlanta, GA; Unofficialhpd 
791933 DRC1blackhpd 
801933  Garry Owen Local Post1hpd by E. T. Wolfehpd100
811933 Gundel, Torkel1signed by CMhpd45
821933 HAM Cachets1Dual FDOI & UO Atlanta, GA Main Office (small); 101/205; minor varieties exist; Unofficialhpd205
831933 HAM Cachets1Dual FDOI & UO Atlanta, GA Main Office (small); 163/205; minor varieties exist; Unofficialhpd 
841933  HAM Cachets1Dual FDOI & UO Atlanta, GA Main Office (small); 165/205; minor varieties exist; Unofficialhpd205
851933  HAM Cachets1Dual FDOI & UO Atlanta, GA Main Office (small); 169/205; minor varieties exist; Unofficialhpd205
861933 LWJ2 hpd 
871933 PM Cover0black; white envelopeTHM hpd 
881933 Pugh1With enclosurehpd44
891933 Queensbury Cachet1 hpd 
901933 Slyter Cachets1also serviced with 1932hfd hpd50
911933 TM Historical Covers2black, brownthm hpd35
921933 Watercolor Cachets1 hpd75
931933 Wild Horse Cachets4Jack Nicklaushpd500
941933ZARay, Cullen W.3on U583 envelope; 1993hpd 
951933ZAWild Horse Cachets1Lee Trevinohpd100
961933ZAWild Horse Cachets2Tom Kitehpd500
971933ZAWild Horse Cachets3Tiger Woodshpd500
981933a Andrews - Maxie1gray; Dual FDOI (1932) & UO Atlanta, GA MO (1933)hpd 
99..1933a Andrews - Maxie1gray; Dual UO Atlanta, GA (1932) & Jonesboro, GA (1933)hpd 
1001933a Andrews - Maxie1gray; Dual UO Beaumont, TX (1932) & FDOI (1933); Unofficialhpd 
1011933a Ginny1 typ hpd145
1021933aZARay, Cullen W.1c1993hpd 
1031933aZAWild Horse Cachets1Greg Normanhpd 
1041933aZAWild Horse Cachets2Jack Nicklaushpd70
1051933aZAWild Horse Cachets3Arnold Palmerhpd100
1061933aZAWild Horse Cachets4Tiger Woodshpd 
1071985 Andrews - Maxie2{NC-VA}; UO Dual Raleigh, NC & UO Cardinal, VA; Unofficialhpd 
1081985 Andrews - Maxie2{VA}; UO Cardinal, VA; Unofficialhpd 
1091985 Collins1{DC}; Dual DC & UO Audubon, NJ; Raleigh not servicedhpd 
1101985 Paslay Classic1{NC}; Firsthpd45
111..1985 Pugh1{NC}hpd50
1121985 Slyter Cachets1{NC}; marked 33/50; Known to exist with FDOI as wellhfd hpd50
1131985 Slyter Cachets2{NC}; Different colors; marked 33/50hfd hpd50
1142093 C & C Covers1 hfd hpd 
115..2093 Carol Gordon Cachets1Stock Item 83hfd hpd50
116..2093 Carol Gordon Cachets1Stock Item 83b; Combo 0796 1420; Combinationhfd hpd17
1172093 Collins1Dual FDOI & UO Raleigh, NChpd 
1182093 FFV3Elizabeth II & 400th Anniversary; Gray Parchment; UO Waves, NC; hpd by Edwin Meissner; Unofficialhfd hpd 
1192093 HM-Shue1Elizabeth I; brown; white envelope; UO Hatteras, NC; hpd by Meissner; Unofficialhpd 
1202093 Horseshoe Cachets1 hpd 
1212093 Karoline's Cachets1 hpd25
122..2093 Nina1Combo 0796; Combohpd 
1232093 Paslay Classic1 hpd100
1242093 Pugh1with enclosurehpd54
1252093 Rawlins Cachets1with enclosurehpd65
1262093 Slyter Cachets1Oilhpd50
1272093 TF Cachets1air brushhpd103
1282093  TMW1black; white envelope; Dual FDOI and UO Wanchese, NC in black; (TMW); Unofficialhpd5
129..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; Dual FDOI and UO Wanchese, NC in red; (TMW); Unofficialhpd5
1302093 TMW1black; white envelope; Dual FDOI and UO Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd5
1312093 TMW1black; white envelope; Dual UO Manteo, NC & Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd 
1322093 TMW1black; white envelope; Dual UO Manteo, NC & Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd35
1332093 TMW1black; white envelope; Dual UO Manteo, NC and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd8
1342093 TMW1black; white envelope; FDOI; (TMW)hpd10
135..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC and Wanchese, NC in red; (TMW); Unofficialhpd9
136..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd7
1372093 TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC in red & Wanchese, NC in red; (TMW); Unofficialhpd50
138..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC in red & Wanchese, NC in red; Combo #796; (TMW); Unofficialhpd4
139..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC larg (1.25") Parcel Post cancel and Wanchese, NC in red; (1) white envelope, (2) regular white card stock, (4) whtie vellum finish card stock; (TMW); Unofficialhpd7
140..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC large (1.25") Parcel Post cancel and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd10
141..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd1
142..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Manteo, NC; Registered cover to TMW; (TMW); Unofficialhpd1
1432093 TMW1black; white envelope; UO Raleigh, NC; (JW); Unofficialhpd2
144..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Wanchese, NC and Manteo, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd24
145..2093  TMW1black; white envelope; UO Wanchese, NC; Registered cover to TMW; (TMW); Unofficialhpd1
146..2093  TMW2brown; parchtone card envelope size; UO Manteo, NC large (1.25") Parcel Post cancel and Wanchese, NC; (TMW); Unofficialhpd2
147..2093  TMW7UO Manteo, NC; CC with hand-drawing; (TMW); Unofficialhpd6
1482093 TMW7UO Manteo, NC; CC with hand-drawing; card stock; (TMW); Unofficialhpd6
149..2093  TMW7UO Wanchese, NC; CC with hand-drawing; (TMW); Unofficialhpd6
150..2093 TMW7UO Wanchese, NC; CC with hand-drawing; (TMW); Unofficialhpd6
1512093 Van Natta, George R.1Triple FDOI, UO Raleigh & Elizabeth City, NC; (55) w/ 0796 included in count; First cachet was #2092hpd575
152..2096 American Postal Arts Society2(DRC)hpd 
1532096 Animated Covers1blackhpd 
1542096 Armadillo Covers1M2058; blackhpd 
155..2096 ATLPS1 hpd 
156..2096 BR Cachets1 hpd 
1572096 Bundy, Dorthea (Dottie)1 hpd 
1582096 C & C Covers1 hfd hpd14
1592096 C & C Covers2 hfd hpd 
1602096 Caricature Cachets by Daryl1 hpd 
1612096 Caricature Cachets by Daryl2 hpd 
1622096 Charlton, R. E.1 hpd 
163..2096 Coin 4 Cachets8 hpd 
1642096 Collins1Smokey Bear and Friendshpd 
1652096 Collins2Fire Stormhpd 
1662096 Cummins, John1black; variations of coloring existhpd150
167..2096  DAL1Smokey Bear head; Firsthpd 
168..2096 DAL2Smokey Bear standing with shovel; Firsthpd 
169..2096 Desert Sun1 hpd 
1702096 DRC1black; Various combinations existhpd80
171..2096 Evanscraft1black; white envelopehpd 
1722096 Evanscraft2black; green envelopehpd 
173..2096  Fogt, Judith1 hpd 
174..2096  Fogt, Judith1 hpd 
175..2096  Foust, Amy1Fire Prevention School, Bear Cub / Ladder / Helmet (EF)hpd 
1762096 Gamm Covers2black; by Hiram Swindall; UO Ruidoso, NM; Unofficialhpd1
1772096 Garik Covers2black; lt brown envelopehfd hpd 
1782096 Glen cachet2black; cream envelopethm hpd 
1792096 Glen Cachet2Combo Forestry Service label; Combinationhpd 
1802096 Goldberg, Bernard1Smokey over Fire Boxhpd122
181..2096 Gundel, Torkel1 hpd 
1822096 Haas, Douglas1Smokey's head, shovel, three trees, 'Remember...'hpd20
1832096 HAM Cachets1Burning Tree over bridgehpd151
1842096 HAM Cachets2Burning Tree over bridge; 174a; UO Ruidoso, CAhpd125
1852096 Hudeck, Gary1 hpd41
1862096 Joe E1Need more informationhpd 
1872096 Karen's Cachets1 hpd200
1882096 Karoline's Cachets1Smokey with shovel, two cubs, green treeshpd50
189..2096  Kass, William1Cub walking/running; Firsthpd 
190..2096  Kass, William1Smokey Bear head and frame; Firsthpd 
1912096 Kibbett, Stan1 hpd5
1922096 Langer Cachet1 hpd 
193..2096 Levin, David1silver; Smokey's hat and shovelhpd 
1942096 Long Island Cover Society1black/red, hand-painted by Unknown; Firsthpd 
195..2096  Mar-Jim Covers1gray/brown, bear sitting on grey slopehpd1
196..2096  McDonald, Georgan1Smokey with shovel, bird on top (EF)hpd1
197..2096  McNatt, Herman S. & Forrest Jacobs1Smokey with animals in his arms, heartshpd1
198..2096  Megan '841Camper and Campfire on hand, Prevent Forest Fires (Flory)hpd1
1992096 Mille Cachets1Campfire, leaves beginning to burn, cub on tree; Quantity made per McCusker 01/2011hpd200
200..2096  MJN2Hand putting out cigarette, Smokey's headhpd1
201..2096  MJN3Green tree with Smokey's head behindhpd1
202..2096 MJN4 hpd 
2032096 Paslay Classic1Smokey and Friendshpd100
204..2096 Pennington, Frank1 hpd 
205..2096 Peterman, David2 hpd29
206..2096 Peterman, David3 hpd8
2072096 Pugh1Young Smokey Bearhpd72
2082096 Rawlins Cachets1 hpd70
209..2096  Roberts, J. P.2Brown Cub sitting in a tree limbhpd1
210..2096  Roberts, J. P.3Smokey's Head, green Smokey Hathpd1
2112096 SelectCover1Smokey, campfire, and animalshpd50
212..2096  SKAT1 hpd 
2132096 Slyter Cachets1 hfd hpd 
2142096 Tammy Lee Cachets1 hpd 
2152096 TF Cachets1 hpd abr106
2162096 TMW1UO Smokey Bear Station Columbus, OHhpd 
217..2096 Tom Tye5 hpd 
2182096 Unknown1UNK10; Signed, but too granular to readhpd 
2192096 Unknown1UNK32; Autograph of Randall Wendelin; on #1122 FDC; UO Capitan_NM (CDS); Unsigned Art Plus?; Assumed added on #1122 FDC (?)thm hpd 
2202096 Van Natta, George R.1DUAL FDOI & UO Smokey Bear Station, Columbus, OH; Unofficialhpd 
2212096 Van Natta, George R.1UO Smokey Bear Station, Columbus, OH; Unofficialhpd 
2222096 Van Natta, George R.1UO Smokey Bear Station, Columbus, OH; Signed by Rudolph Wendelin, Ray Bell, & Homer Pickens; Unofficialhpd 
223..2096  Vaughn Hord1 hpd 
2242096 Westfall, Ruth1Produced 10/1984hpd 
225..2096 Westfall, Ruth3 hpd 
226..2096ZAAmaya, Rosario1 hpd 
227..2096ZAFollows, Jack1 hpd 
228..2096ZAFollows, Jack2Return address for Ringold Stamp Company (St. Louis, MO) on backhpd 
2302096ZAPeterman, David4 thm hpd7
2312096ZAPeterman, David5Airmail envelope; Counted quantity made separate from C4THM hpd6
232..2096ZAPowell, L. Ziola1 hpd 
2332128 Collins1with 2124hpd43
2342128 Gamm Covers1by Hiram Swindallhpd 
2352128 Karen's Cachets1 hpd100
2362128 Paslay Classic1 hpd100
2372128 Pugh1Combo #1190hpd45
238..2128 TMW1on cream envelopehpd 
2392128 TMW2on card stockhpd100
2402128 Van Natta, George R.1UO Western Springs, IL; Unofficialhpd 
2412264 ATLPS1(ATLPS), Steam Enginehpd 
2422264 ATLPS2(ATLPS), 1980's Mack Pumperhpd 
2432264 Bruce, Jo Ann2Similar to C1, but lettering at bottom is very distinct with like letters identical in shape. Insert from Jo Ann stating "PNC #1 / 2nd cover of 5 . Strip of 3".hpd5
2442264 Bruce, Jo Ann2Similar to C1, but lettering at bottom is very distinct with like letters identical in shape. Insert from Jo Ann stating "PNC #1 / 2nd cover of 5 . Strip of 3".hpd 
2452264 C & C Covers1 hfd hpd20
2462264 Collins1 hpd 
2472264 DRC1blackhpd 
2482264 DRC3 hpd9
2492264 EPM1 hpd20
2502264 Geerlings, Frans M.1Ahrens Fox Pumperhpd97
2512264  Haas, Douglas3Fire Scene; blackhfd hpd30
2522264 HAM Cachets1UO Veribest, TX, marked 71/180 on back; Unofficialhpd180
2532264 HAM Cachets2UO Paint Rock, TX, marked 98/125 on back; Unofficialhpd125
254..2264  HM (Mezzack)1Steamer pulled by two horseshpd143
2552264 Karoline's Cachets1 hpd55
2562264 LMG1 hpd50
2572264 Mitchell, Lee1 hpd100
2582264 Mitchell, Lee1color varietyhpd100
2592264 Mitchell, Lee1color varietyhpd100
2602264 O'Connell, J.1Fire Engine in front of Ladder No. 3hpd98
2612264 Pointe Cachets1UO Phoenix, AZ Osborn Station; Unofficialhpd21
2622264 Pugh1#8863a, with enclosurehpd169
263..2264  Rossman1Burning buildings, firefighters, red Ahrens Fox Pumperhpd 
2642264 RPM Cachet1 hpd50
2652264  Smartcraft1#971 Smartcraft cachet hpd with dual FDOI #2264 and Combo #971, #1908hpd 
2662264 TMW1by Judith Fogt; 29 with Coil Pairhpd161
2672264 Tossman Cachets1 hpd120
268..2264  Totten, Stan1Firsthpd 
2692264 Van Natta, George R.1 hpd143
2702347 Anagram Hand Colored Cachets1Dual UO Fayetteville, NC & Tar Heel, NC; Unofficialhpd50
2712347 ATLPS1Cardinalhpd 
2722347 ATLPS2Blue Jay (?)hpd 
2732347 Benning, Russ1Combo 0649 0998 1449 1929hpd40
274..2347 Benning, Russ2Combo 0649 0998 1449 1929hpd11
275..2347 Benning, Russ3Combo 0998 1450 1929 C045hpd30
2762347 BJ's Cachets1 hpd11
2772347 C & C Covers1 hfd hpd20
2782347 Collins1Dual FDOI & UO BFF Station Philadelphia PA; Unofficialhpd 
2792347 Davis, Gary1 hpd20
2802347 DeRosset Cachets1Battleship North Carolinahpd105
281..2347 Don Mangus Cachets1 hpd13
2822347 DRC1Williamson & Blount, blackhpd65
2832347 EPM1 hfd hpd10
2842347 Faye, Ken1Mocksville, NC Railroad Depothpd 
2852347 Gamm Covers1hcd by Meissner(?); UO Dover DE "First State" -- A mistake?; Unofficialhpd 
2862347 Gamm Covers2by Swindallhpd60
2872347 Geerlings, Frans M.1 hpd125
2882347 Goldberg, Bernard1Combo 1230hpd115
2892347 Greenlee1 hpd27
2902347 Gundel, Torkel1 hpd 
2912347 HAM Cachets1 hpd261
2922347 Huehl, Don1Househpd6
2932347 Huehl, Don2Dogwoodhpd3
2942347 Huehl, Don3Cardinalhpd2
2952347 Huehl, Don4Cardinal; additional artwork around imagehpd2
2962347 KAH Cashets1FDOI, '07 of 26'. Notation of quantities made on back are suspect. Only (1) cachet design is known to exist.hpd 
2972347 KAH Cashets1UO Bear Creek, NC; Unofficialhpd26
2982347 KAH Cashets1UO Broadway, NC; Unofficialhpd26
2992347 KAH Cashets1UO Goldston, NC; Unofficialhpd26
3002347 KAH Cashets1UO Gulf, NC; Unofficialhpd26
3012347 KAH Cashets1UO Liberty, NC 100th Anniversary Station, '18 of 26'. NOTE: Another cover with same cachet and cancel has 'SET 4 of 9' AND '9 of 10' on the back.; Unofficialhpd 
3022347 KAH Cashets1UO Pleasant Garden, NC; Marked on back '11 of 26'; Unofficialhpd 
3032347 KAH Cashets1UO Sanford, NC; Marked on back 'SET 4 of 9' AND '5 of 10'; Unofficialhpd 
3042347 KAH Cashets1UO Siler City, NC; Marked on back 'SET 4 of 9' AND '8 of 10'; Unofficialhpd 
3052347 KAH Cashets1UO Spring Lake, NC; Unofficialhpd 
3062347 Karoline's Cachets1 hpd35
3072347 Kribbs' Kover1UNC Oldest State Universityhpd54
3082347 LMG1The Frigate Raleighhpd64
3092347 LMG213 Colonies Maphpd51
3102347 McNatt, Herman S. & Forrest Jacobs2MISSING Gov Martin image and text! (McCusker 201011)hpd 
3112347 Nathan-Marcus Cachets1With enclosurehpd56
3122347 Nikirk, Herbert A.1State Capitol; Size 7 envelopehpd30
3132347 Nikirk, Herbert A.2State Capitol with crossed flags; Size 7 envelopehpd30
3142347 Paslay Classic1 hpd125
3152347 Peterson, Wilma1 hpd12
3162347 Rawlins Cachets1 hpd62
3172347 RKA's Cachets1State - cardinal - dogwoodhpd11
3182347 TMW1 hpd100
3192347 Van Natta, George R.1Dual FDOI & UO Tar Heel, NChpd 
320..2347 Wild Horse Cachets1 hpd25
3212347 Wild Horse Cachets2 hpd25
3222347 Wilson, Steve1Gibson Girl & alligatorhpd92
3232347 Wilson, Steve2North Carolina Sportshpd92
3242347GPDRC3America - see it first; black; hand-painted; Unknown quantity from count of (50) printed in black; GPhpd 
3252471 Collins1UO Pompano Beach, FL Lighthouse Point Branch; Unofficialhpd 
3262471 DRC1Combo #1451ahpd44
327..2471 Pugh1 hpd102
3282471 Wayne, Kristin1UO New York, NY; 'Artist Proof'hpd 
329..2713 Collins1 hpd100
3302713 Geerlings, Frans M.1 hpd100
3312713 Karoline's Cachets1 hpd11
3322713 Pugh1Toy Pumperhpd126
3332713 Wild Horse Cachets1 hpd40
3342717 Gold Leaf Cachets1 hpd25
335..2789 Anagram Hand Colored Cachets1 hpd50
336..2789 Bakay, Michelle1 hpd40
337..2789 Bender, Lori1 hpd20
338..2789 Carol Gordon Cachets1Cachet #268ahfd hpd14
339..2789 Carol Gordon Cachets2Cachet #268c; Combo; Combinationhfd hpd24
3402789 Collins1 hpd 
3412789 Ellis, Frank1 hpd20
342..2789 Geerlings, Frans M.1 hpd80
343..2789 Hughes, Larry1 hpd10
3442789 Hussey, Jack1Marked on back '2/6'hpd 
3452789 Info Cachets1 hpd120
3462789 Kendal Cachets1Babe is Born in Bethlehem; UO Bethlehem, NC; Unofficialhpd125
3472789 ME1 hpd10
348..2789 Paslay Classic1Combo 2794a; Combinationhpd125
3492789 Pugh1Marked 32/42; biography sheet insert with "Item 93-088A-E"hpd 
350..2789 Pugh2Marked 31/94; image acquired without scan of biography sheet inserthpd94
351..2789 Roman, P. A.1 hpd30
352..2789 Unknown1UNK01hpd29
3532789 Wilson, Steve1 hpd60
354..2790 Bee1with 2789hpd15
3552790 B-Line1 hfd hpd3
3562790 Hussey, Jack1Marked on back '4/6'; with 2789hpd 
3572790 Hussey, Jack2Marked on back '5/6'hpd6
358..2790 KAH Cashets3Artist Proof 8 x10; heavy stock; with #2789hpd1
3592790 Pugh1Marked 14/42; biography sheet insert with "Item 93-088A-E"; with #2789hpd42
3602790a Hughes, Larry1 hpd10
3612790a Pugh1Marked 12/36; biography sheet insert with "Item 93-088A-E"hpd 
3623331 Butz, Keith1 hpd7
3633331 Collins1 hpd 
3643331 Dynamite Covers1 hpd58
3653331 Ellis, Frank1 hpd26
3663331 Faircloth Cachets1 hpd40
3673331 Garrett, David Ellis1 hpd14
3683331 KAH Cashets1 hpd12
3693331 Peterman, David1 thm hpd4
3703331 Pugh1on U642 FDC; 99-083A-Dhpd45
371..3331 TF Cachets1 hpd abr 
3723331 Wild Horse Cachets1 hpd30
3733331 Wild Horse Cachets2 hpd75
3743331 Wild Horse Cachets3 hpd15
3753331 Wilson, Steve1 hpd50
3763444 Collins1 hpd 
3773444 Dynamite Covers1 hpd47
378..3444 Ellis, Frank1 hfd hpd26
3793444 HAM Cachets1 hpd112
3803444 Morning Star Graphics1 hpd75
3813444 Morning Star Graphics2Artist Proofhpd1
3823444 Pugh1 hpd88
3833444 Ray, Cullen W.1Of Time and The Riverhpd20
3843444 Wilson, Steve1Angel on shoulderhpd50
3853549 Ellis, Frank1{3549,3549b}hfd hpd30
3863549 Garrett, David Ellis1{3549}hpd10
3873549 Garrett, David Ellis2{3549}hpd14
3883549 Garrett, David Ellis3{3549}hpd13
3893549 Garrett, David Ellis4{3549}hpd11
3903549 Garrett, David Ellis5{3549}hpd10
3913549 Kendal Cachets1{3549} Firemen, Combo 0971hpd300
3923549 Kendal Cachets2{3549b} Soldiers, Combo 1320hpd300
3933549 Kendal Cachets3{3549b}hpd125
394..3549 Montgomery, Barbara1{3549}hpd50
395..3549 Montgomery, Barbara1{3549}; Artists Proofhpd 
3963549 Morning Star Graphics1{3549,3549b}hpd75
397..3549 Morning Star Graphics2 hpd50
3983549 Peterman, David2{3549b} Oakhurst Ambulance, with 2128THM hpd17
399..3549 Queensbury Cachet1{3549} UWS / In defense of our homeland; Combo #971, 1343, 1396; Combinationhpd 
4003549 Queensbury Cachet1{3549b} UWS / In defense of our homelandhpd 
4013549 Queensbury Cachet2{3549b} Let's Roll; UO Shanksville, PA; Unofficialhpd 
4023549 Wentworth Cachets1{3549b} Teddy Roosevelt in boxing ring; signed RWhpd12
403..3549 Wentworth Cachets2{3549}hpd10
4043549 Wilson, Steve1{3549b} Eagle & Flaghpd50
4053593 Collins1 hpd 
4063593 Pugh1NC; NC Quarter insethpd65
4073629 Collins1 hpd 
408..3629 Morning Star Graphics1Only known with all four stampshpd75
409..3640 Collins1Cachet is of a steamer, not fire truckhpd 
4103640 Ellis, Frank1 hfd hpd9
4113783 Collins1{NC}; bullseye cancel onlyhpd 
4123783 Fisher Cachets1{NC}hpd25
413..3783 Goldberg, Bernard1{NC}; Bullseye FDOI; Combo 0649 C45 C092ahpd thm5
4143783 Goldberg, Bernard1{NC}; Combo 0649 C45hpd thm49
4153783 HAM Cachets1{NC}hpd105
416..3783 Hamilton, Russ1{OH}hpd20
4173783 Kendal Cachets1{NC}hpd200
4183783 Morning Star Graphics1{NC}hpd75
4193783 Morning Star Graphics1{NC}; Proof Number 1 (?)hpd 
4203783 Morning Star Graphics2{NC}; Proof Number 2 (?)hpd 
4213783 PMW1{NC}; Wright Memorial; PMW-299bhpd10
4223783 PMW2{NC}; Bi-Plane; PMW-300hpd10
4233783 PMW3{OH}; PMW-298; Dual UO - Dayton, OH MOWS & Dayton, OH Wright Brothers Branchhpd20
4243783 Pugh1{NC-OH}; Dual FDOIhpd68
425..3788 Collins1 hpd 
4263788 Morning Star Graphics1 hpd75
4274228 Collins1EMT and Fire Fighterhpd 
4284310 Collins1 hpd 
4294311 Collins1NYhpd 
4304311 Geerlings, Frans M.1 hpd32
431..4705 Collins1 hpd 
4324705 Kendal Cachets2November 2014 Kendal Cachets bulletin with page for #4705hpd1
4334705K602Kendal Cachets1Painted 11/2014; 150 made; 148-150 are 'color studies'hpd150
4344705K602-AFDCS Kendal Cachets1AFDCS varietyhpd1
4354705K602-AP Kendal Cachets1Artist's Proofhpd10
4364705K602-CB Kendal Cachets1"Coffee Break"hpd1
437B002 Cambridge1Firemanhpd35
438B002 Cambridge2NYPD Police Doghpd36
439B002 Cambridge3Mayor Rudy Giulianihpd36
440B002  Cole1flag raisinghpd 
441..B002 Fulton Stamp Club3UO Crowell, TX Heroes Station; Unofficialhpd5
442..B002 Fulton Stamp Club4UO Green Bay, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialhpd5
443B002 Fulton Stamp Club4UO Greenville, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialhpd5
444..B002 Fulton Stamp Club4UO Hortonville, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialhpd5
445..B002 Fulton Stamp Club4UO Painted Post, NY Heroes Station; Unofficialhpd 
446B002 Kendal Cachets1 hpd100
447B002 Kendal Cachets2 hpd225
448..B002 LMG1 hpd50
449B002 Peterman, David2FDOI NY, FDOI DC, and UO Green Bay, WI Heroes Station; Unofficialthm hpd22
450B002 Pugh1Dual FDOI & NY, NY 09-11-2002 cancelhpd53
451..B002 Queensbury Cachet1UO Shanksville, PA; Unofficialhpd 
452B002 Wentworth Cachets1Eaglehpd20
453B002 Wentworth Cachets2Liberty torch and USA maphpd10
454B002 Wentworth Cachets3Remember 9-11, US Flag and tasslehpd10
455B002 Wild Horse Cachets1"Artist Proof"hpd1
456B002 Wild Horse Cachets1With Concern only for Others; Dual FDOI 3549bhpd23
457B002 Wild Horse Cachets2Selfless Response; Dual FDOI 3549bhpd23
458C045NIMWright, William N.2Variety to M29hpd 
459..Events19840908Goldberg, Bernard1Valpex Station, Valley Forge, PA; Smokey with slogan; Same design as made for #2096 FDOITHM hpd21
460..Events20020911Art Plus1WTC First Anniversary; New York, NY UWS PHC; Cachet for B002THM hpd6
461NC08 Collins1Millford; Raleigh, NChpd 
462NC09 Collins1Millford Duck; Raleigh, NChpd 
463NC10 Collins1 hpd 
464NC11 Collins1 hpd 
465NC12 Collins1 hpd 
466NC13 Collins1 hpd 
467NC14 Collins1 hpd150
468NC15 Collins1 hpd 
469..UX085 Andrews - Maxie1Dual FDOI & UO Kings Mountain, NChpd100
470UX085 Andrews - Maxie1Dual UO King, NC & Kings Mountain, NChpd100
471..UX085 Custom Cachet1Firsthpd 
472UX085 Gamm Covers1hand-painted by Swindallhpd50
473..UX132 Bennett Cachetoons1Combo 1451ahpd13
474..UX132 Estrada, Reanne1Combo 1451ahpd10
475..UX132 Fogt, Judith1 hpd10
476UX132 HAM Cachets1 hpd250
477UX132 Peterman, David1Dual FDOI 2443hpd25
478UX132 Pugh1 hpd150
479UX132 TMW1 hpd208
480UX132 Weddle, Jane1cat in sand castlehpd 
481UX132 Collins1 hpd 
482UX133 HAM Cachets1 hpd248
483UX133 Peterman, David1Dual FDOI 2479thm hpd35
484..UX133 Pugh18940ahpd49
485UX133 Pugh1UO Woodlands, TX; Unofficialhpd163
486UX133 Weddle, Jane1Cat in woodshpd 
487UX133 Collins1 hpd 
488UX133ZAFox, Melissa1Buck looking over planthpd hpd10
489UX170 Pugh1 hpd82