Hand Drawn12/15/2015
IdxSc. #RefImgCachetmakerC#DescriptionMethods#Made
1..0796P049Harrod, G. W.1black orangehdn 
2..0796P061Linto, William S.1 thm hdn15
3..0796P091Unknown1black; signed "N.B." lower right; Resembles Historic Artshdn 
4..0796P094aStevens, H. W.2blue; black text, unsignedhdn 
5..0796P096Mach, F. J.1purplehdn 
6..0796P101Hodapp, L.1ACE #30hdn hcd 
7..0796P102Sharp, W. C.1 hdn hcd 
8..0796P102aSharp, W. C.2 hdn hcd 
9..0796P103Muridge, M. Fay1brownhdn hcd 
10..0796P104Laws, Mildred W. (Ace #34)1 hdn hcd 
11..0796P105Taylor, Mrs. Frank (Ace #209)1black purplehdn hcd 
12..0796P106Owens, A. E.1black blue redhdn 
130796P108Gittings, Frederick M.1black pinkhdn hcd 
14..0796P112Unknown1 hdn hcd 
15..0796P113Unknown1 hdn hcd 
16..0796P114Unknown1 hdn hcd 
17..0796P115Bayless, P. H.1blackhfd hdn 
18..0796P116Fogt, Judith1c1986hdn hcd 
19..0796P117Schrage, W. K.1black blue magentahdn 
20..0796P118Leavitt, Vivian K.1 hdn hcd 
21..0796P119Leavitt, Vivian K.1 hdn hcd 
22..0796P122Unknown1 hdn 
24..0796P128Clark, Thomas1bluehdn 
25..0796P129Tate, Albert1black bluehdn 
26..0796P132Flegel, Perry. S.1black; Copy of Linprint P032hdn 
27..0796P133Flegel, Perry. S.2black; Copy of Linprint P031hdn 
28..0796P135Unknown1black; Size 7 envelopehdn 
29..0796P137Holzer, R. S.1blue redhdn 
30..0796P145Unknown1black red,hdn 
31..0796P146Unknown1black blue redhdn 
32..0796P152Cornish, Sam1c1985hdn 
33..0796NIPRuback, John C. Jr1personal coverhdn 
34..0796NIPUnknown1UNK14; Simple line box with text and two rubberstampd 'First Day Cover' marks; Addressed to Frank L. Pars of Brooklyn, NY; May or may not be the producer.hdn rsc 
350796NIPUnknown1UNK21hdn rsc 
360796NIPZAHayden, Kate12015hdn hcd 
37..0797P008Richell, C. Wright1hdn; ACE #44hdn1
38..0797P070Owens, A. E.1black redhdn 
39..0797PGP08Knoth, G. S.1Man holding sign with address inside; GPhdn 
40..0797NIPBeer, Frank1Size 7 envelope; Reference AFDCS First Days 07/15/2011 Page 8hdn 
41..0797NIPUnknown1UNK09; 03/2011 McCusker stated "...hand drawn, hand painted cachet by Olga Goehringer on monarch cover, of the period and one of a kind.", at an auction price of $125.hdn 
430797NIPZAHayden, Kate12015hdn hcd 
44..0797NIPZAUnknown1UNK01; c2005hdn 
45..0971NIMOtt, Jack L.1banner with gold dot bottom right on Civil War Patriotic; home-madehdn 
460971NIMZAUnknown1UNK11; 03/2009, found on sale at Artisans.Com for $85.00. Seller has no information when done or by whom.hdn hcd 
471097NIMZAHayden, Kate1{KY}; 2015hdn hcd5
481097NIMZA Meissner, Erwin P.1{NC}; Typewriter, lines, and #1716 singlehdn hfd 
491097NIMZAUnknown1UNK01; {NC}; on eBay in 2004hdn 
501122NIMUnknown1UNK02; Young Smokey Bear with shovelhdn hcd 
511122NIMZAUnknown1UNK05; ebay mike713 200605hdn hcd 
521122NIMZAUnknown1UNK18; Size 10; ebay rka 201108hdn hcd 
531230NIMUnknown1UNK02; possibly the addressee - Ruth Moorehdn hcd 
54..1230NIMZAHayden, Kate12015hdn hcd5
551246NIMUnknown1UNK01; UO Raleigh, NC; Signed by Governor Terry Sanford; Unofficialtyp hdn hcd 
561451a Koehler, Elmer1signed "EK"hdn hcd3
571451a Ulrich, Frank J.2Lighthouse & 'Cape Hatteras'hdn 
581451a Ulrich, Frank J.3Lighthouse & 'Cape Hatteras'; without greenhdn 
591451a Ulrich, Frank J.4Lighthouse & 'Cape Hatteras'; Design #3hdn 
601451a Unknown1UNK12; Dual cachet & FDOI with 1453; Size 10 envelope; signed "SB" or "SP"hdn 
611451a Unknown1UNK13; Dual cachet & FDOI with C084; Size 10 envelope; signed "SB" or "SP"hdn 
621451a Unknown1UNK17; Signed "J.R" inside frame at lower righthdn hcd 
63..1451aZAHaimerl, Sandra1 hdn3
641562 Cornish, Sam1 hdn 
65..1562 Feodor1Sold by McCusker, c2006hdn 
66..1562 Haimerl, Sandra1 hdn3
671562ZAGrusz1Sold by McCusker, c2006hdn1
681562ZAGrusz2Sold by McCusker, c2006hdn1
691562ZAGrusz3Sold by McCusker, c2006hdn1
701821 White, John H.1Unofficial location - Pinebluff, NChdn1
711932 Haimerl, Sandra1Pen 'n inkhdn7
72..1932 JB1Private cachet; "My Ball"; Jack Barriagehdn hcd1
73..1932 JB2Private cachet; Lady swinging club; Jack Barriagehdn hcd1
74..1932 MJN (Nowak)1brown, purple; likely 1 madehdn hcd1
75..1932 MJN (Nowak)2brown, red; likely 1 madehdn hcd1
76..1932 MJN (Nowak)3black; likely 1 madehdn hcd1
77..1932 MJN (Nowak)4blue, red; cut from wrapping paper; 3 images of Nicklaus; likely 1 madehdn hcd1
781932ZACornish, Sam1A Native Texan 1914hdn1
79..1932ZARose, Buddy1c1993hdn 
801932ZAUnknown18eBay rka 09/2011hdn hcd 
811932ZAWoytinek1eBay RKA Covers 02/2011hdn hcd1
821933 Grusz1Personal Itemhdn1
831933 Haimerl, Sandra1Pen 'n ink; blackhdn7
84..1933 Herring, Steve1Private cachet; on U583hdn hcd 
85..1933 Herring, Steve2Private cachet; on U583hdn hcd 
861933 Herring, Steve3Private cachet; on U583hdn hcd 
871933 Herring, Steve4Private cachet; on U583hdn hcd 
88..1933 JB1Private cachet; "Nurse That Ball"; Jack Barriagehdn hcd1
89..1933 JB2Private cachet; Putter; Jack Barriagehdn hcd1
901933 Koch, Kent21'Amateur!' (frog); Interlachen Country Club Size 10 envelope; privately made; signed by Kent Kochhdn hcd 
911933 MacEwen, Scott1insert; Autographhdn hcd 
921933 MacEwen, Scott1On Carrollton #1933 FDC; possible add-on; Signed by "Lighthorse Harry Cooper"; Autographhdn hcd 
93..1933 MJN (Nowak)1brown, green; likely 1 madehdn hcd 
94..1933 MJN (Nowak)2black; likely 1 madehdn hcd 
951933ZACornish, Sam1A Native Georgian 1902hdn1
96..1933ZARose, Buddy1 hdn 
97..1933a Herring, Steve1Private cachet; on U583hdn hcd 
981933a Herring, Steve2Private cachet; on U583hdn hcd 
991933a JB1Private cachet; Golf Clubs; Jack Barriagehdn hcd1
1001933a JB2Private cachet; The Good Shot; Jack Barriagehdn hcd 
101..1933a MJN (Nowak)1brown, gray, green; likely 1 madehdn hcd 
102..1933a MJN (Nowak)2brown, gray; likely 1 madehdn hcd 
103..1933a MJN (Nowak)3blue, brown, green; likely 1 madehdn hcd 
1041985 White, John H.1{DC}; State outlines; Combo 7 Cardinal Stampshdn hcd1
1051985 White, John H.2{NC}; Cardinal on branch; UO Southern Pines, Aberdeen, Pinehurst, Pinebluff, NC; Cardinal stamps Combo #1965, 1966, 1969, 1985, 1987, 1998, & #2000.; Unofficialhdn hcd10
1061985 White, John H.2reverse; Unofficialhdn hcd 
1072093 Haimerl, Sandra1pen 'n ink, black blue redhdn8
1082093 Weddle, Ryan1UO Wanchese, NC; TMW's son, age 7; Unofficialhdn hcd20
1092093ZACornish, Sam1The Arrival of the Englishman; Combo 0796hdn 
1102093ZACornish, Sam2Grenville's Expedition 1585; UO Nags Head; Unofficialhdn 
1112093ZACornish, Sam3Lane's Expedition 1586; UO Plymouth, NC; Unofficialhdn 
1122093ZACornish, Sam4Roanoac Ille 1585; UO Wanchese, NC; Unofficialhdn 
1132093ZACornish, Sam5Secoton 1585; UO Manteo, NC; Unofficialhdn 
1142093ZACornish, Sam6Taking on Salt; UO Raleigh, NC; Unofficialhdn 
1152093ZACornish, Sam7Towne of Pomeiock; UO Manteo, NC; Unofficialhdn 
1162093ZACornish, Sam8Virginia 1585 Lower Capes; UO Plymouth, NC; Unofficialhdn 
1172093ZACornish, Sam9Virginia 1585 Upper Capes; UO Plymouth, NC; Unofficialhdn 
1182093ZACornish, Sam10Virginia MDLXXXV; UO Nags Head, NC; Unofficialhdn 
1192093ZAWoytinek1 hdn hcd 
1202096 CKT1brown/red; Smokey's hat, red circle with flame (EF)hdn12
121..2096ZAMurphy, Lori1 hdn hcd 
1222096ZAWoytinek1Sold by RKA on eBay, 6/2011hdn hcd 
1232128 Beck, Edith1 hdn6
124..2128 Beery, Charles1with 2124; label on back reads 146/180hdn hcd180
125..2128 Beery, Charles1with 2124; label on back reads 146/180 ????? ; reversehdn hcd180
1262128 Kribbs' Kover1 hdn15
1272128ZACornish, Sam1Union Hospitals - Battle of The Wildernesshdn 
1282128ZAGrusz1Sold by McCusker, 2006hdn1
1292128ZAMurphy, Lori1Sold by RKA Covers, c2009hdn1
130..2264 dhc Cachet1 hdn hcd143
1312264ZAGrusz1Sold by McCusker, c2006hdn1
1322264ZAGrusz2Sold by McCusker, c2006hdn1
1332347 Gerwitz, Paul1Size 7 envelopehdn hcd5
1342347 Rogak, Gary1Airmail Envelope, Combo C045, purchased from Jerry Myers on Stampwants 02/08hdn 
1352347NFDSmith Cachet Studio4Letter to John White (c2009) stating this was the original artwork for the first cachet (2), and is not serviced.; Non-FDOIhdn hcd1
1362347ZAMEX-MAIL1on UX85 FDC; UO Kings Mountain, NC; 02/1990; Unofficialhdn hcd105
1372790 Journeaux, Michel1 hdn hcd1
138..3331 Kribbs' Kover1 hdn hcd14
139..3549 Gerwitz, Paul1{3550}hdn hcd 
140C045NIMMann, Verna1black bluehdn 
141C045NIMMann, Verna2 hdn 
142C045NIMMann, Verna3 hdn 
143..C045NIMUnknown1UNK04; McCusker says made by S. Krober, which is the addresseehdn 
144C045NIMUnknown1UNK06; Probably not a late 20th century add-ontyp hdn 
145..C045NIMUnknown1UNK08; McCusker 03/2011hdn hcd 
146..C045NIMUnknown1UNK13; Probably S. Kroberhdn 
147C045NIMZAMurphy, Lori1Listed on eBay by RKA Covers, 2009hdn 
148Events19330304Gilbert, Arthur A.1Duck; Duck, NChdn1
149Events19390214Unknown1Valentine's Day; Maiden, NC; to Arthur Conrad Olsen, 723 East Street, New Britain, CTtyp hdn hcd 
150Events19711009 Unknown1UNK01; 100th Anniversary of the Chicago Fire (1871); Pontiac, MIhdn 
151Events19711009 Unknown2UNK01; 100th Anniversary of the Chicago Fire (1871); Pontiac, MIhdn 
152Events19711009 Unknown3UNK01; 100th Anniversary of the Chicago Fire (1871); Pontiac, MIhdn 
153Events19711009 Unknown4UNK01; 100th Anniversary of the Chicago Fire (1871); Pontiac, MIhdn 
154UX085ZACornish, Sam1Battle Lineshdn