Corner Card12/15/2015
IdxSc. #RefImgCachetmakerC#DescriptionMethods#Made
10680NIPCCAmerican National Fire Insurance Company1Baltimore, OH; cancelled Maumee, OH; BCC  
2..0796PCC01Carrier, J. G.1black, CC  
3..0796PCC02Eagle Fire Company1blue, CC  
40796PCC03Hotel Fort Raleigh1Corner Card  
50796PCC04Great American Indemnity Company1blue, CC  
6..0796PCC05Hudson's Bay Company1black blue red, yellow envelope, CC  
7..0796PCC06Hotel Jefferson1black, CC  
8..0796PCC07USPO1Office of the Postmaster General; blue; 7.25 x 4.5 envelope; Washington, DC 2nd Day; Second Day  
9..0796PCC08William Sloane House1black; CC  
10..0796PCC09Sons of the Republic of Texas1San Jacinto Chapter No. 1, Houston, TX; CC  
11..0796NIPCCGarden City Garage1BCC  
12..0796NIPCCHess-Malloy Company1out of Sioux City, IA; CC  
130796NIPCCHotel Charles1Springfield, MA; BCC  
14..0796NIPCCHotel Galt1Hotel Galt; Sterling, IL; BCC  
150796NIPCCHotel General Forrest1Rome, GA; CC  
160796NIPCCPalladium-Times, Inc.1Printers & Publishers; Oswego, NY; Business Envelope; Front Only; BCC  
17..0796NIPCCRegal Stamp Company1BCC, UO Bulter, PA; BCC  
180796NIPCCSinger Sewing Machine Company1CC  
19..0796NIPCCStorrs & Bement Company1BCC  
20..0796NIPCCStorrs & Bement Company1enclosure; BCC  
21..0796NIPCCUSPO2Post Office Department; Size 10 BCC; CC  
22..0796NIPCCUSPO3The First Assistant Postmaster General; BCC; CC  
23..0796NIPCCUSPO4The Postmaster General; Embossed return address; CC  
24..0797NIPCCCamp Yonahnoka1Camp Yonahnoka - Linville_NC; BCC  
25..0797NIPCCCommittee on Ways And Means1Size 10; BCC  
26..0797NIPCCOklahoma Gas And Electric Company1BCC  
27..0797NIPCCPatna Mission Stamp Mart1West Baden College, West Baden, Indiana; CC  
280797NIPCCSavannah Hotel1Corner Card; BCC  
29..0797NIPCCStorrs & Bement Company1Corner Card; BCC  
30..0797NIPCCWashington DC Secretary of the Interior1Size 7; BCC  
31..0971NIMCCBerks County Firemen's Association1Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
32..0971NIMCCCornell Hook and Ladder Company1New Baltimore, NY; BCC  
33..0971NIMCC David Crockett Steam Fire Company1BCC  
34..0971NIMCCDefender Fire Company #11Audubon, PA; BCC  
350971NIMCCDover Fire Department1Dover, DE; Size 10; BCC  
36..0971NIMCC Firemen's Relief Association1Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
37..0971NIMCC Friendship Steam Fire Company #41Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
38..0971NIMCC Hampton Fire Company1Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
39..0971NIMCC Hotel Richardson1BCC  
40..0971NIMCC Marion Fire Company #101Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
410971NIMCCReading Hose Company #11Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
42..0971NIMCCRelief Association1Reading, PA; Size 6; BCC  
43..0971NIMCCRoyal Fire Company (York PA)1Corner Card; BCC  
44..0971NIMCC Schuylkill Fire Company #121Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
45..0971NIMCCSeltzer, Mark Ed.1BCC; Reading, PA; with Reading PA Bincentennial Logo lower left; BCC  
46..0971NIMCCUnion Fire Company #131Reading, PA; Size 6; BCC  
470971NIMCC Washington Fire Company #21Reading, PA; Size 10; BCC  
481097NIMCCCurtis Hotel1{NC}; Minneapolis, MN; BCC  
491097NIMCCHotel Millbrook1{NC}; Corner Card; BCC  
501122NIMCCChambersburg Hospital1Chambersburg Hospital, Chambersburg, PA  
511122NIMCCFleetwood Cover Service2'Masonic Cachets / Pleasantville, New York'; BCC  
52..1122NIMCCFleetwood Cover Service3Mailer with rubberstamp text; BCC  
531122NIMCCInternational Paper Company1Size 10, with letter; CC  
541122NIMCCUSPO Postmaster General1Corner Card; BCC  
551230NIMCCAmbeos Agency, Inc.1Size 10; BCC  
561230NIMCCHooper-Holmes Bureau, Inc.1BCC  
571230NIMCCImperial Bank of Canada1Business Corner Card; CC  
581230NIMCCUSPO Postmaster General1Official Business Envelope; BCC  
591451aCCLawton Lumber Company, Inc.1Greenville, SC; Size 10 business envelope with empty letterhead sheet; Known also for #1453 with the same typed addressee and two lines bottom left.  
601562CCHarveys1blue with printing on back, Size 7 envelope; BCC  
61..1908CC International Association of Fire Fighters, #3021Allentown, PA; BCC  
62..1933CCAugusta National Golf Club1Size 7; Serviced by Kent Koch  
631985CCChurch of the Nazarene1{NC}; International Headquarters - Missouri; Embossed image of Dove and Book over black text; CC  
642016CCSan Diego Padres Ball Club1Size 10 CC, signed by Padre Ball Club, attained by Elten Schiller for JHW; Autograph  
652016CCSan Diego Padres Ball Club2Size 10 CC, signed by Padre Ball Club, attained by Elten Schiller for JHW; Autograph  
662093CCCroatan Inn, Kill Devil Hills, NC1Size 10, buff; serviced by John White; BCC 5
672093CCElizabeth Inn, Manteo, NC1Size 10; with 30th Anniversary hotel gold foil sticker; BCC  
682093CCFriends of Elizabeth II; Manteo, NC1Size 10; BCC  
692093CCGreater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, Raleigh, NC1Size 10; BCC  
702093CCHotel Roanoke, Roanoke, VA1Size 7; FDOI on front, nothing printed on front; BCC  
712093CCNews and Observer / Raleigh Times1Size 10; BCC  
722093CCNorth Carolina Museum of History Associates, NC1Size 10; BCC  
73..2093CCQuality Inn1Kill Devil Hills, NC; BCC  
742093CCRaleigh Coca-Cola Bottling Works, Beckley, WV1Size 9; Window; BCC  
752093CCRaleigh Hilton, Raleigh, NC1Size 10; BCC  
762093CCRaleigh Office Supply, Raleigh, NC1Size 10; BCC  
772093CCRaleighs, Washington, DC1Size 10; BCC  
782093CCRoanoke College, Salem, VA1Size 10; BCC  
792093CCRoanoke Transportation Museum, Roanoke, VA1Size 10; Window; BCC  
802093CCSir Walter Center, Raleigh, NC1Size 10, light gray; BCC  
812093CCWorld Explorers, Atlanta, GA1Window; BCC  
82..2096CC Philadelphia Fire Department1Philadelphia, PA; black/red; (Flory); BCC 1
832096CCSan Diego Padres Ball Club1Size 7 envelope; Paste-On of Kurt Bevaqua baseball card of him sitting on Smokey's lap; signed by Kurt.  
84..2096CC Trenton Fire Department1Trenton, NJ; red; size unknown; BCC 1
85..2264CC American Museum of Firefighting1black; Hudson, NY; BCC  
86..2264CC Buffalo, NY Fire Department1Buffalo, NY; black; BCC  
87..2264CC Fire Mutual Aid & Tran....1Onongaga City, NY; need full name (Flory); BCC  
88..2264CC Fireman's Home, NY1Picture of home; location? (Flory); BCC  
89..2264CC Lawrence Fire & Credit Union1(location?); BCC  
90..2264CC Moyer's Corners Fire Department1black; Clay, NY; (Flory); BCC  
91..2264CC Munnsville Volunteer Fire Department1black; Munnsville, NY; BCC  
92..2264CC Nyack Fire Department1black; Nyack, NY; BCC  
93..2264CC Protection Engine Company No. 11Fishkill, NY; red; large red fire helmet (Flory); BCC  
94..2264CC Protection Engine Company No. 12Fishkill, NY; black; ? (Flory); BCC  
95..2264CC Protection Engine Company No. 13Fishkill, NY; black; ? (Flory); BCC  
962264CCRedondo Beach Fire Department1Combo; Size 7; CC  
97..2264CC Rombout Fire Company1Fishkill, NY; brown; ? (Flory); BCC  
982264CCSan Angelo Fire Fighters Asociation1Signed by Postmaster; Size 7; CC  
992264CCSan Antonio Fire Department1Combo; Size 7; CC  
100..2264CC St. Lucie City Fire District1Fort Pierce, FL; BCC  
1012347CCWhitecraft1Size 10; BCC 10
1022347CCWhitecraft1Size 10; FDOI & UOs - Aberdeen, Carthage, Lakeview, Pinebluff, Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Vass, NC; BCC 10
103C045NIMCC Eastern Air Lines1Size 10 Airmail envelope; BCC  
104C045NIMCCQuaker Oats Company1Corner Card; The Quaker Oats Company, Sherman, TX; CC  
105..C045NIMCCRoger Smith Hotel1Stamford, CT; BCC  
106C045NIMCCUSPO Postmaster General17.5x5; with signed letter from PMG; BCC