IdxSc. #RefImgCachetmakerC#DescriptionMethods#Made
1..0796P116Fogt, Judith1c1986hdn hcd 
2..0796P117Schrage, W. K.1black blue magentahdn 
3..0796P118Leavitt, Vivian K.1 hdn hcd 
4..0796P119Leavitt, Vivian K.1 hdn hcd 
5..0796P120Kribbs' Kover1 hdn hpd 
6..0796P121Fox, Melissa1 hdn hpd 
7..0796P139Knapp, Dorothy1 hdn hpd 
8..0796P141Enroth1 hpd 
9..0796P143Unknown1Signed "Jeanne"hpd 
10..0796P152Cornish, Sam1c1985hdn 
11..0796P153aAdams1 hdn hpd 
12..0796P153bAdams1 hdn hpd 
13..0796P153cAdams1 hdn hpd 
14..0796P153dAdams1 hdn hpd 
15..0796P153eAdams1 hdn hpd 
16..0796P153fAdams1 hdn hpd 
17..0796P153gAdams1 hdn hpd 
18..0796P153hAdams1 hdn hpd 
19..0796PGP07Sanders, Michael1   
21..0796PGP18Jackson Stamp Company1blue; Impression is over the typed address in this illustration.; GPrsc 
22..0796NIPGPUnknown1UNK04; Printed; maybe Sanders?; GP  
23..0796NIPGPUnknown1UNK05; 'FIRST DAY / COVER' with continental USA map; GPrsc 
24..0796NIPGPUnknown1UNK06; Eagle with box border; purple; GP  
25..0796NIPGPUnknown1UNK15; black text; Washington, DC 2nd Day; Second Day  
26..0796NIPGPUnknown1UNK17; blue; rsc is stamped over 'First Day Cover' (lower left) and the address; GPrsc 
27..0796NIPGPUnknown1UNK19; blue; GPrsc 
280796NIPZAAshley, Don W.1pc printed, c2002  
290796NIPZAAshley, Don W.2pc printed, c2004  
300796NIPZAAshley, Thomas1pc printed, c2009  
310796NIPZAAshley, Thomas2pc printed, c2009  
320796NIPZAAshley, Thomas3pc printed, c2009  
330796NIPZAAshley, Thomas4pc printed, c2009  
340796NIPZAAshley, Thomas5eBay valor28 04/2012; Same clip-art as Unknown 01 and Unknown 01cpci 
35..0796NIPZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
36..0796NIPZABen Kraft2 hdn hpd 
37..0796NIPZABen Kraft3 hdn hpd 
38..0796NIPZABen Kraft4 hdn hpd 
390796NIPZAClancy, Paul1blue red; Paste-On with drawn blue line borderhfd pas 
40..0796NIPZAFollows, Jack1 hdn hpd 
410796NIPZAFollows, Jack2 hdn hpd1
42..0796NIPZAFox, Melissa2 hdn hpd 
430796NIPZAFox, Melissa3DC 2nd Day; c1990; Second Dayhdn hpd1
440796NIPZAHalinski, Rich1c2003  
450796NIPZAHalinski, Rich2c2009  
460796NIPZAHalinski, Rich3c200911  
470796NIPZAHalinski, Rich4c2009pci 
480796NIPZAHalinski, Rich5c2010pci 
490796NIPZAHalinski, Rich6c2011pci 
500796NIPZAHalinski, Rich7c2011pci 
510796NIPZAHalinski, Rich8c2011pci 
520796NIPZAHalinski, Rich9c2012  
530796NIPZAHayden, Kate12015hdn hcd 
540796NIPZAMorrisey, A. O.1c2002hdn hpd 
550796NIPZAROMP Cachets1c2003  
560796NIPZAROMP Cachets2c2003; 1/18/2013 Still on BidStartpci 
570796NIPZAUnknown1UNK01a; On eBay by dlpsner61 05/2011; Image from a/historyculture/women.htmpci 
580796NIPZAUnknown1UNK01d; Image from a/historyculture/women.htm; Offered three times on eBay (different copies) dlposner61 02/2008; ratface 01/2011; and rsp22 04/2012  
590796NIPZAUnknown1UNK02; On eBay by oas-cny, 2005  
600796NIPZAUnknown1UNK13; Crude reproduction of Ioor cachet; on eBay by ccgraff in 2010; Unknown if intentional counterfeit or just collector reproduced.pci 
620796NIPZAUnknown1UNK20; ebay fdcfrankcarol733 5/2012; GP  
65..0797NIPZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
660797NIPZAHalinski, Rich1c200911  
670797NIPZAHalinski, Rich2c2010  
680797NIPZAHalinski, Rich3c2011pci 
690797NIPZAHalinski, Rich4c2011pci 
700797NIPZAHayden, Kate12015hdn hcd 
710797NIPZAHobo Art Cachets1c2005  
720797NIPZAHobo Art Cachets2c2005  
730797NIPZARabbit Hill Cachets1 hdn hpd1
74..0797NIPZAUnknown1UNK01; c2005hdn 
75..0797NIPZAUnknown1UNK03; Smoky Mountains Label  
760797NIPZAWebcraft1Paste-On, 2003  
770797NIPZAWebcraft2Paste-On, 2003  
790971NIMGPDavid 'C' Cachets1GP  
80..0971NIMGPUnknown1UNK10; Eagle and Flag; GPrsc 
81..0971NIMZAAnderson, John1c2003hdn hpd 
820971NIMZAAshley, Don W.1c1999  
830971NIMZAAshley, Don W.2c2003  
840971NIMZAAshley, Don W.3c2004  
850971NIMZAAshley, Don W.4c2004  
860971NIMZAAshley, Don W.5c2004  
870971NIMZAAshley, Don W.6c2004  
880971NIMZAAshley, Don W.7c2005  
890971NIMZAAshley, Don W.8c2005  
900971NIMZAAshley, Don W.9c2005  
910971NIMZAAshley, Don W.10c2005  
920971NIMZAAshley, Don W.11c2006  
930971NIMZAAshley, Don W.12c2008  
940971NIMZAAshley, Don W.13c2004  
950971NIMZAAshley, Don W.14c2009  
960971NIMZAAshley, Don W.15c2009  
970971NIMZAAshley, Don W.16c2009  
980971NIMZAAshley, Don W.17c2009  
990971NIMZAAshley, Don W.18c2009  
1000971NIMZAAshley, Don W.19c2010  
1010971NIMZAAshley, Don W.20c2010  
1020971NIMZAAshley, Don W.21c2010  
1030971NIMZAAshley, Don W.22c2010  
1040971NIMZAAshley, Don W.23c2010  
1050971NIMZAAshley, Don W.24c2010  
1060971NIMZAAshley, Don W.25c2010  
1070971NIMZAAshley, Don W.26c2010  
1080971NIMZAAshley, Don W.27c2010  
1090971NIMZAAshley, Don W.28c2010  
1100971NIMZAAshley, Don W.29c2011  
1110971NIMZAAshley, Don W.30c2011  
1120971NIMZAAshley, Don W.31c2011  
1130971NIMZAAshley, Don W.32c2011  
1140971NIMZAAshley, Don W.33c2011  
1150971NIMZAAshley, Don W.34c2011  
1160971NIMZAAshley, Don W.35c2014  
1170971NIMZAAshley, Don W.36c2014  
1180971NIMZAAshley, Don W.37c2015  
1190971NIMZAAshley, Thomas1c2004  
1200971NIMZAAshley, Thomas2c2004  
1210971NIMZAAshley, Thomas3c2004  
1220971NIMZAAshley, Thomas4c2005  
1230971NIMZAAshley, Thomas5c2005  
1240971NIMZAAshley, Thomas6c2009  
1250971NIMZAAshley, Thomas7c2009  
1260971NIMZAAshley, Thomas8c2009  
1270971NIMZAAshley, Thomas9c2009  
1280971NIMZAAshley, Thomas10c2009  
1290971NIMZAAshley, Thomas11c2010  
1300971NIMZAAshley, Thomas12c2010  
1310971NIMZAAshley, Thomas13c2010  
1320971NIMZAAshley, Thomas14c2011  
133..0971NIMZABalenzano, Rosa C.1 hdn hpd 
134..0971NIMZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
135..0971NIMZABen Kraft2 hdn hpd 
136..0971NIMZABen Kraft3 hdn hpd 
1370971NIMZACheek, Grace1 hdn hpd1
138..0971NIMZAEdsel1c2003; Masonic  
139..0971NIMZAFDCUSA1c2004 2
140..0971NIMZA Fire Service In Philately1black/red; Red Maltese Cross and Black #971  
141..0971NIMZA Fire Service In Philately2black/red; Red Matlese Cross , red Canada #364; by Don Alford  
142..0971NIMZAFollows, Jack1c1990hdn hpd 
1430971NIMZAHalinski, Rich1c2003pci 
1440971NIMZAHalinski, Rich2c2003pci 
1450971NIMZAHalinski, Rich3c2005pci 
1460971NIMZAHalinski, Rich4c2005pci 
1470971NIMZAHalinski, Rich5c2006pci 
1480971NIMZAHalinski, Rich6 pci 
1490971NIMZAHalinski, Rich7c2009pci 
1500971NIMZAHalinski, Rich8c2011pci 
1510971NIMZAHalinski, Rich9c2011pci 
1520971NIMZAHalinski, Rich10c2011pci 
1530971NIMZAHalinski, Rich11c2011pci 
1540971NIMZAHalinski, Rich12c2011pci 
1550971NIMZAHalinski, Rich13c2011pci 
1560971NIMZAHalinski, Rich14c2012  
1570971NIMZAHalinski, Rich15c2012  
1580971NIMZAHalinski, Rich16c2012  
1590971NIMZAHalinski, Rich17c2012  
1600971NIMZAHalinski, Rich18c2013  
1610971NIMZAHalinski, Rich19c2015  
1620971NIMZAHalinski, Rich20c2015  
1630971NIMZAHalinski, Rich21c2015  
1640971NIMZAHalinski, Rich22c2015  
1650971NIMZAHobo Art Cachets1c2006  
1660971NIMZAJerry's Covers1c2011pci 
1670971NIMZAJerry's Covers2c2012pci 
1680971NIMZAJerry's Covers3c2012pci 
1690971NIMZAJerry's Covers4c2012  
1700971NIMZAKH Cachets1red; fireman in decorative oval, identified on back  
1710971NIMZAKing Cachets1c1999  
1720971NIMZAKing Cachets2c1999  
1730971NIMZAKing Cachets3c1999  
1740971NIMZAKing Cachets4c1999  
1750971NIMZAKing Cachets5c1999; Fire Fighter up tree with catthm hpd 
1760971NIMZAKing Cachets6c1999  
177..0971NIMZAMende, E.1Paste-On; Information from Edward Flory  
178..0971NIMZA Quadracolorplus1(EF) 3
179..0971NIMZARDM Covers1c2005  
180..0971NIMZAUnknown1UNK02; Baby Fireman, eBay huntert03 1999  
181..0971NIMZAUnknown1UNK03; Barbeque Fire, eBay huntert03 1999  
1820971NIMZAUnknown1UNK05; c2005; appears signed as 'DPR'  
1830971NIMZAUnknown1UNK08; ebay dfodmc 2006; Variety 08a  
1840971NIMZAUnknown1UNK08; ebay dfodmc 2006; Variety 08b  
1850971NIMZAUnknown1UNK08; ebay dfodmc 2006; Variety 08c  
1860971NIMZAUnknown1UNK08; ebay dfodmc 2006; Variety 08d  
1870971NIMZAUnknown1UNK08; ebay dfodmc 2006; Variety 08e  
1880971NIMZAUnknown1UNK09; On Stampwants by uncledenden; c2008  
1890971NIMZAUnknown1UNK11; 03/2009, found on sale at Artisans.Com for $85.00. Seller has no information when done or by whom.hdn hcd 
1900971NIMZAUnknown1UNK12; On Stampwants by uncledenden; c2009pci 
1910971NIMZAUnknown1UNK13; on eBay by Anthonysstamps 12/2009; he advised no identifiable markingshdn hpd 
1920971NIMZAUnknown1UNK14; NOT a Dahlem cachet; for sale on eBay 2010 by hcmjr37pci 
1930971NIMZAUnknown1UNK15; NOT a Dahlem cachet; Rig printed built way after FDOI in 1948; for sale on eBay 2010 by hcmjr37pci 
1940971NIMZAUnknown1UNK16; Copy of Russell cachet (NIM) with added imagery and differnet 'FIRST DAY COVER' font; Crudely printed right over the address; For sale by Mike713 on his websitehcd 
1950971NIMZAUnknown1UNK17; on eBay, 11/2012 stampmanonehcd 
1970971ZAFreedom Cachets1c2015  
1980971ZAFreedom Cachets2c2015  
199..1097NIMGPUnknown1UNK13; {PA}; blue; GPrsc 
2001097NIMZAAshley, Don W.1{NC}; c2012  
2011097NIMZAAshley, Don W.2{KY}; c2012  
2021097NIMZAAshley, Don W.3{NC}; c2012  
2031097NIMZAAshley, Don W.4{PA}; c2012  
204..1097NIMZABen Kraft1{NC}hdn hpd 
2051097NIMZA Bereson, Alex1{NC}; c2011pci 
2061097NIMZA Boerger1{NC}; Eagle & Flag; redrsc 
207..1097NIMZA Clancy, Paul1{KY}  
2081097NIMZAClancy, Paul1{NC}  
2091097NIMZACover-Scape Cachets1{KY}; c2010pci 
210..1097NIMZADow, Dottie1{KY}; Embedded Elongated Penny as cachethfd 
2121097NIMZAFDCUSA1{NC}; 2005; Masonic 5
2131097NIMZAHalinski, Rich1{NC}; Masonic; Lafayette portrait with text; 2004  
2141097NIMZAHalinski, Rich2{NC}; c2008  
2151097NIMZAHalinski, Rich3{NC}; c2008  
2161097NIMZAHalinski, Rich4{PA}; c2008  
2171097NIMZAHalinski, Rich5{NC}; c2004  
2181097NIMZAHalinski, Rich6{PA}; c2011  
2191097NIMZAHalinski, Rich7{NC}; c2011  
2201097NIMZAHalinski, Rich8{PA}; c2011pcl 
2211097NIMZAHalinski, Rich9{PA}; c2012  
2221097NIMZAHalinski, Rich10{PA}; c2014  
2231097NIMZAHalinski, Rich11{PA}; c2010  
2241097NIMZAHayden, Kate1{KY}; 2015hdn hcd5
2251097NIMZAHobo Art Cachets1{PA}; c2005  
2261097NIMZAHobo Art Cachets2{KY}; c2005  
2271097NIMZAHobo Art Cachets3{NC}; c2006  
2281097NIMZAHobo Art Cachets4{KY}; c2006  
2291097NIMZA Meissner, Erwin P.1{NC}; Typewriter, lines, and #1716 singlehdn hfd 
2301097NIMZAMH Cachets1{NC}; Added to Artcraft cachet; c2006  
2311097NIMZAMH Cachets2{NC}; on Artcraft cachet; c2009pci 
2321097NIMZAMH Cachets3{NC}; Added to Fleetwood (M11) cachet; c2006  
2331097NIMZANostalgia Cachets1{KY}; Rick Chase; c2007  
2341097NIMZANostalgia Cachets2{PA}; Rick Chase; Added to Artmaster {M4} cachet; c2007  
2351097NIMZAPumpkin Philatelics1{KY}; c2005  
2361097NIMZAPumpkin Philatelics2{KY}; c2005  
2371097NIMZAUnknown1UNK01; {NC}; on eBay in 2004hdn 
2381097NIMZAUnknown1UNK02; {KY}; eBay dlposner61 09/2011pci 
2391097NIMZAUnknown1UNK02; {NC}; eBay dlposner61 09/2011pci 
2401097NIMZAUnknown1UNK02; {PA}; eBay dlposner61 09/2011pci 
2411097NIMZAUnknown1UNK08; {KY}; Primitive add-on; Made sometime after 1977hld pas1
2421097NIMZAWebcraft1{PA}; c2007pci 
2431097NIMZAWebcraft2{PA}; c2007pci 
2441097NIMZAWebcraft3{KY}; c2008pas 
2451097NIMZAWebcraft4{KY}; c2007pci 
246..1122M019 Ulrich, Frank J.1 hdn hpd 
2481122NIMZAAshley, Don W.1c2004  
2491122NIMZAAshley, Don W.2c2004  
2501122NIMZAAshley, Don W.3c2004  
2511122NIMZAAshley, Don W.4c2005  
2521122NIMZAAshley, Don W.5c2006  
2531122NIMZAAshley, Don W.6c2008  
2541122NIMZAAshley, Don W.7c2008  
2551122NIMZAAshley, Don W.8c2009  
2561122NIMZAAshley, Don W.9c2009  
2571122NIMZAAshley, Don W.10c2009  
2581122NIMZAAshley, Don W.11c2010pci 
2591122NIMZAAshley, Don W.12c2013pci 
2601122NIMZAAshley, Don W.13c2014pci 
2611122NIMZAAshley, Don W.14c2014pci 
262..1122NIMZABen Kraft1Dabid Douglas, Scottish Botonisthdn hpd 
263..1122NIMZABen Kraft2 hdn hpd 
2641122NIMZABen Kraft3GINSENG! / Now I can quit Hunting!hdn hpd 
2651122NIMZABen Kraft4Scenic land/river/trees/mountainhdn hpd 
2661122NIMZABen Kraft5Government making new stampshdn hpd 
2671122NIMZABereson, Alex12010pci 
2681122NIMZA Boerger1Eagle & Flag; redrsc 
2691122NIMZACover-Scape Cachets12009; Signature is copied from autograph on #2096 FDC  
2701122NIMZACover-Scape Cachets22009; Signature is copied from autograph on #2096 FDC  
2711122NIMZAFDCUSA1on Artcraft cachet 10
2721122NIMZAFDCUSA2on Fleetwood cachet 10
2731122NIMZAHalinski, Rich1c2005; on Artmaster  
2741122NIMZAHalinski, Rich2c2005; on Artcraft  
2751122NIMZAHalinski, Rich3c2005; on Artcraft  
2761122NIMZAHalinski, Rich4c2005; on MSC-NY  
2771122NIMZAHalinski, Rich5c2009  
2781122NIMZAHalinski, Rich6c2010pci 
2791122NIMZAHalinski, Rich7c2011pci 
2801122NIMZAHalinski, Rich8c2011pci 
2811122NIMZAHalinski, Rich9c2011pci 
2821122NIMZAHalinski, Rich10c2011pci 
2831122NIMZAHalinski, Rich11c2012  
2841122NIMZAHalinski, Rich12c2012  
2851122NIMZAHalinski, Rich13c2013  
2861122NIMZAHalinski, Rich14c2013  
2871122NIMZAHalinski, Rich15c2015  
2881122NIMZAHenry, A. O.1Rocks, Trees, Deerhdn hpd 
2891122NIMZAHobo Art Cachets1Keep America Green; c2005  
2901122NIMZAJerry's Covers1c2012pci 
2911122NIMZAJerry's Covers2c2012pci 
2921122NIMZAJerry's Covers3c2012pci 
2931122NIMZAKing Cachets1"Bear Mail", "Charles Lindbear"thm hpd 
2941122NIMZAMEX-MAIL1BSA Merit Badges; 1990; ACE #20hdn hpd 
2951122NIMZAMH Cachets1 c2015pci4
296..1122NIMZANostalgia Cachets1 pci 
2971122NIMZATherome Cachets1faux copy of #2096; c2015  
2981122NIMZAUnknown1UNK05; ebay mike713 200605hdn hcd 
3011122NIMZAUnknown1UNK11; c2004  
3021122NIMZAUnknown1UNK13; On Stampwants by uncledenden; c2009pci 
3031122NIMZAUnknown1UNK16; On Stampwants by uncledenden; c2009pci 
3041122NIMZAUnknown1UNK18; Size 10; ebay rka 201108hdn hcd 
3051122NIMZAUnknown1UNK24-01; on ebay by btwcover 01/2013  
3061122NIMZAUnknown1UNK24-02; on ebay by btwcover 01/2013  
3071122NIMZAUnknown1UNK24-03; on ebay by btwcover 01/2013  
3081122NIMZAWebcraft1270 foot Sitka Spruce; c2002pci 
3091230NIMZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
3101230NIMZABen Kraft2 hdn hpd 
311..1230NIMZABrier, Mary N.1 hdn hpd 
3121230NIMZAFox, Melissa1Carolina Charter; Scroll with Penhdn hpd 
313..1230NIMZAFox, Melissa2Carolina Charter; Inkwell & penhdn hpd 
3141230NIMZAHalinski, Rich1c2003  
315..1230NIMZAHayden, Kate12015hdn hcd5
3161230NIMZAHobo Art Cachets1c2004  
3171230NIMZAHobo Art Cachets2c2004  
3191230NIMZAUnknown1UNK03; On Stampwants by uncledenden; c2009pci 
3201230NIMZAUnknown1UNK06; eBay dlposner61 08/2011pci 
3211230NIMZAWebcraft1Charter in frame; PC printed; 2005  
3221230NIMZAWinston, C.1 hdn hpd 
3231393dZAFDCUSA1  5
3241451aZAAshley, Don W.1c2001  
3251451aZAAshley, Don W.2c2001  
3261451aZAAshley, Don W.3c2004  
3271451aZAAshley, Don W.4c2005  
3281451aZAAshley, Don W.5c2005  
3291451aZAAshley, Don W.6c2005  
3301451aZAAshley, Don W.7c2005  
3311451aZAAshley, Don W.8c2005  
3321451aZAAshley, Don W.9c2005  
3331451aZAAshley, Don W.10c2008  
3341451aZAAshley, Don W.11c2008  
3351451aZAAshley, Don W.12c2008  
3361451aZAAshley, Don W.13c2008  
3371451aZAAshley, Don W.14c2008  
3381451aZAAshley, Don W.15c2008  
3391451aZAAshley, Don W.16c2009  
3401451aZAAshley, Don W.17c2009  
3411451aZABeaver Hobby Lodge1 rsc 
342..1451aZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
343..1451aZABen Kraft2 hdn hpd 
344..1451aZABen Kraft3 hdn hpd 
3451451aZABereson, Alex1c2010pci5
3461451aZABereson, Alex2c2011pci5
347..1451aZAFox, Melissa1 hdn hpd 
348..1451aZAHaimerl, Sandra1 hdn3
3491451aZAHalinski, Rich1c2005  
3501451aZAHalinski, Rich2c2005  
3511451aZAHenry, A. O.1 hdn hpd 
3521451aZAJerry's Covers1c2013  
3531451aZAJerry's Covers2c2014  
354..1451aZAKing Cachets1 thm 
355..1451aZAKnapp, Dorothy1 hdn hpd3
3561451aZAMurphy, Lori1Sold on eBay by RKA Covers, 2009hdn hpd3
3571451aZANiewenhous, Beth1 hdn hpd1
3581451aZASmith, Henry1  3
3591451aZAUnknown1UNK01; all-over, Lighthouse and dune  
3601451aZAUnknown1UNK05; c2005  
361..1451aZAUnknown1UNK06; pre-2005  
3621451aZAUnknown1UNK07; pre-c2008  
3641451aZAUnknown1UNK14; 02/2009, for sale on Stampwants by Uncledendenpci 
3651451aZA Unknown1UNK16; On Bidstart by uncledenden 2010pci 
3671451aZAWebcraft2Size 10; c2010pci 
3681562ZAGrusz1Sold by McCusker, c2006hdn1
3691562ZAGrusz2Sold by McCusker, c2006hdn1
3701562ZAGrusz3Sold by McCusker, c2006hdn1
3711562ZAHobo Art Cachets1c2006  
3751562ZAWebcraft4c2010; Size 10 envelopepci 
3761644ZAHalinski, Rich1c2011; Raleigh, NC  
3771644ZAHalinski, Rich2c2012; Raleigh, NC  
3781644ZAHalinski, Rich3c2014; DC  
3791644ZAHalinski, Rich4c2015; Raleigh, NC  
3801644ZAWebcraft1{DC}; 2012  
3811644ZAWebcraft1{NC}; c2005  
3821908 Nirlay1'Tribute to Dickie Weaver'; Add-On December 2013hdn hpd 
3831908 Unknown801; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
3841908 Unknown802; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
3851908 Unknown803; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
3861908 Unknown804; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
3871908 Unknown805; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
3881908 Unknown806; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
3891908 Unknown807; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
3901908 Unknown808; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
3911908 Unknown809; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
3921908 Unknown810; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
3931908 Unknown811; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
3941908 Unknown812; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
3951908 Unknown813; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
3961908 Unknown814; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
3971908 Unknown815; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
3981908 Unknown816; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
3991908 Unknown817; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4001908 Unknown818; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4011908ZAAshley, Don W.1c2004  
4021908ZAAshley, Don W.2c2004  
4031908ZAAshley, Don W.3c2006  
4041908ZAAshley, Don W.4c2005  
4051908ZAAshley, Don W.5c2004  
4061908ZAAshley, Don W.6c2004  
4071908ZAAshley, Don W.7c2004  
4081908ZAAshley, Don W.8c2005  
4091908ZAAshley, Don W.9c2005  
4101908ZAAshley, Don W.10c2005  
4111908ZAAshley, Don W.11c2005  
4121908ZAAshley, Don W.12c2006  
4131908ZAAshley, Don W.13c2006  
4141908ZAAshley, Don W.14c2009  
4151908ZAAshley, Don W.15c2009  
4161908ZAAshley, Don W.16c2009  
4171908ZAAshley, Don W.17c2009  
4181908ZAAshley, Don W.18c2009  
4191908ZAAshley, Don W.19c2009  
4201908ZAAshley, Don W.20c2009  
4211908ZAAshley, Don W.21c2009  
4221908ZAAshley, Don W.22c2009  
4231908ZAAshley, Don W.23c2009  
4241908ZAAshley, Don W.24c2009  
4251908ZAAshley, Don W.25c2011  
4261908ZAAshley, Don W.26c2011  
4271908ZABaker, Kenneth1on eBay by RKA 03/2009hdn hpd 
4281908ZABaker, Kenneth2on eBay by RKA 04/2009hdn hpd 
4291908ZAFine Design Cachets1signed FDC  
4301908ZAFine Design Cachets2signed FDC  
4311908ZAFine Design Cachets3signed FDC  
4321908ZAGrusz1Personal Itemhld 
4331908ZAHobo Art Cachets1c2008  
4341908ZAHobo Art Cachets2c2008  
4351908ZAJerry's Covers101/2011pci 
4361908ZAJerry's Covers1eBay jerryscovers 10/2011pci 
4371908ZAJerry's Covers205/2011pci 
4381908ZAJerry's Covers3c2012pci 
4391908ZAJerry's Covers4c2012pci 
4401908ZAJerry's Covers5c2014pci 
441..1908ZAPowell, L. Ziola1 hdn hpd4
442..1908ZARay, Cullen W.1 hpd5
4431908ZAWoytinek1on eBay by RKA 01/2009hdn hpd 
4441932 Unknown2401; on ebay by Philip Richard 10/2013  
4451932 Unknown2402; on ebay by Philip Richard 10/2013  
4461932 Unknown2403; on ebay by Philip Richard 10/2013  
4471932 Unknown2404; on ebay by Philip Richard 10/2013  
4481932 Unknown2405; on ebay by Philip Richard 10/2013  
4491932 Unknown2406; on ebay by Philip Richard 10/2013  
4501932 Unknown2407; on ebay by Philip Richard 10/2013  
4511932 Unknown2408; on ebay by Philip Richard 10/2013  
4521932 Unknown2409; on ebay by Philip Richard 10/2013  
4531932 Unknown2410; on ebay by Philip Richard 10/2013  
4541932 Unknown2411; on ebay by Philip Richard 10/2013  
4551932 Unknown2412; on ebay by Philip Richard 10/2013  
4561932 Unknown2413; on ebay by Philip Richard 10/2013; usa1847fred 03/2015  
4571932 Unknown2414; on ebay by Philip Richard 10/2013  
4581932 Unknown2415; on ebay by Philip Richard 10/2013  
4591932 Unknown2416; on ebay by Philip Richard 10/2013  
4601932 Unknown2417; on ebay by Philip Richard 10/2013  
4611932 Unknown2418; on ebay by Philip Richard 10/2013  
4621932 Unknown2419; on ebay by Philip Richard 10/2013  
4631932 Unknown2501; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013; similar to Unknown 24-01  
4641932 Unknown2502; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013; usa1847fred 03/2015  
4651932 Unknown2503; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4661932 Unknown2504; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4671932 Unknown2505; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4681932 Unknown2506; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4691932 Unknown2507; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4701932 Unknown2508; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4711932 Unknown2509; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4721932 Unknown2510; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4731932 Unknown2511; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4741932 Unknown2512; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4751932 Unknown2513; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4761932 Unknown2514; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4771932 Unknown2515; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4781932 Unknown2516; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4791932 Unknown2517; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4801932 Unknown2518; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4811932 Unknown2519; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4821932 Unknown2520; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
4831932 Unknown2601; on ebay by usa1847fred 03/2015  
4841932 Unknown2602; on ebay by usa1847fred 03/2015; similar to Unknown 24-07  
4851932 Unknown2603; on ebay by usa1847fred 03/2015  
4861932 Unknown2604; on ebay by usa1847fred 03/2015; similar to Unknown 26-06  
4871932 Unknown2605; on ebay by usa1847fred 03/2015  
4881932 Unknown2606; on ebay by usa1847fred 03/2015; similar to Unknown 24-15  
4891932 Unknown2607; on ebay by usa1847fred 03/2015; similar to Unknown 24-14  
4901932 Unknown2608; on ebay by usa1847fred 03/2015  
4911932 Unknown2609; on ebay by usa1847fred 03/2015; similar to Unknown 24-16  
4921932 Unknown2610; on ebay by usa1847fred 03/2015; similar to Unknown 24-01  
4931932 Unknown2611; on ebay by usa1847fred 03/2015  
4941932 Unknown2612; on ebay by usa1847fred 03/2015  
4951932 Unknown2613; on ebay by usa1847fred 03/2015  
4961932 Unknown2614; on ebay by usa1847fred 03/2015  
4971932 Unknown2615; on ebay by usa1847fred 03/2015; similar to Unknown 25-04  
4981932 Unknown2616; on ebay by usa1847fred 03/2015; similar to Unknown 25-17  
4991932 Unknown2617; on ebay by usa1847fred 03/2015  
5001932ZAAshley, Don W.1c2004  
5011932ZAAshley, Don W.2c2005  
5021932ZAAshley, Don W.3c2008  
5031932ZAAshley, Don W.4c2012pci 
5041932ZAAshley, Don W.5c2012pci 
5051932ZAAshley, Don W.6c2012pci 
5061932ZAAshley, Don W.7c2014pci 
5071932ZABeaver Hobby Lodge1blue; RSC; GP  
5081932ZACornish, Sam1A Native Texan 1914hdn1
5091932ZACover-Scape Cachets1Tiger Woods; c2008  
510..1932ZA Fox, Melissa1 hdn hpd 
5111932ZAFreedom Cachets1c2006  
5121932ZAHalinski, Rich1c2004  
5131932ZAHalinski, Rich2on Artcraft; c2005  
5141932ZAHalinski, Rich3c2008  
5151932ZAHalinski, Rich4c2008  
5161932ZAHobo Art Cachets1c2008  
5171932ZAHobo Art Cachets2c2008  
5181932ZAJerry's Covers1eBay 10/2011pci 
5191932ZAPowell, L. Ziola1 hdn hpd 
5201932ZAPowell, L. Ziola2with 1933hdn hpd 
5211932ZARay, Cullen W.1c1993hdn hpd4
5221932ZARay, Cullen W.2c1993hdn hpd4
523..1932ZARose, Buddy1c1993hdn 
5241932ZAUnknown2eBay by ccgraff, 2008  
5251932ZAUnknown3eBay by paulacover, 2009pas 
5261932ZAUnknown4c2004; on eBay by mikedorn71103; Mike said 'RJME4'  
5271932ZAUnknown5c2008; on eBay by paulacover; with 1933pas 
5281932ZAUnknown16Tiger Woods; PHS webstore 12/2009pci 
5291932ZAUnknown18eBay rka 09/2011hdn hcd 
5321932ZAWild Horse Cachets5Tiger Woodshpd500
5331932ZAWoytinek1eBay RKA Covers 02/2011hdn hcd1
5341933ZAAmaya, Rosario1First cachet was #2417hdn hpd1
5351933ZAAshley, Don W.1c2004pci 
5361933ZAAshley, Don W.2c2005pci 
5371933ZAAshley, Don W.3c2008pci 
5381933ZAAshley, Don W.4c2012pci 
5391933ZAAshley, Don W.5c2012pci 
5401933ZAAshley, Don W.6c2012pci 
5411933ZAAshley, Thomas1c2011pci 
5421933ZAAshley, Thomas2c2011pci 
5431933ZAAshley, Thomas3c2011pci 
5441933ZABeaver Hobby Lodge1blue; RSC; GP  
5451933ZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
5461933ZABereson, Alex1c2011; eBay auctions always state (5) madepci5
5471933ZABereson, Alex2c2011; Depicting Bob Hope and President Nixon golfingpci 
5481933ZABereson, Alex3c2011; Babe Ruth and NY Mahor Al Smith at Biltmore 1930pci 
5491933ZABereson, Alex4c2011; Arnold Palmerpci 
5501933ZABereson, Alex5c2011; Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra on the golf coursepci 
5511933ZABereson, Alex6c2012pci 
5521933ZABereson, Alex7c2012pci 
5531933ZABereson, Alex8c2012pci 
5541933ZABereson, Alex9c2013pci 
5551933ZABereson, Alex10c2013pci 
5561933ZACornish, Sam1A Native Georgian 1902hdn1
557..1933ZA Fox, Melissa1 hdn hpd 
5581933ZAFreedom Cachets12006  
5591933ZAGoing Postal1   
5601933ZAHalinski, Rich1c2003  
5611933ZAHalinski, Rich2c2004  
5621933ZAHalinski, Rich3c2004  
5631933ZAHobo Art Cachets1c2006pci 
5641933ZAHobo Art Cachets2c2008  
5651933ZAJerry's Covers1eBay 10/2011pci 
5661933ZAPowell, L. Ziola1 hdn hpd 
5671933ZAPowell, L. Ziola2 hdn hpd3
5681933ZAPowell, L. Ziola3 hdn hpd1
5691933ZAPowell, L. Ziola4 hdn hpd3
5701933ZARay, Cullen W.11993hdn hpd3
5711933ZARay, Cullen W.21993hdn hpd3
5721933ZARay, Cullen W.3on U583 envelope; 1993hpd 
573..1933ZARose, Buddy1 hdn 
5741933ZASweetheart Cachets1Donald Duck swinging clubs; c2008; not signed  
5751933ZAUnknown2on Artcraft; not Halinski; c2008; on ebay by occlude32pci 
5761933ZAUnknown3 pci 
5771933ZAUnknown5c2008; on ebay by paulacoverpci 
5781933ZAUnknown8Primitive Paste-On; on U583; PHS webstore 200912pas 
5801933ZAWild Horse Cachets1Lee Trevinohpd100
5811933ZAWild Horse Cachets2Tom Kitehpd500
5821933ZAWild Horse Cachets3Tiger Woodshpd500
5831933aZAAshley, Don W.1c2005pci 
5841933aZAAshley, Don W.2c2005pci 
5851933aZAAshley, Don W.3c2008pci 
5861933aZAAshley, Don W.4c2012pci 
5871933aZAAshley, Don W.5c2014pci 
5881933aZAAshley, Thomas1c2012pci 
5891933aZAFreedom Cachets12006  
5901933aZAHobo Art Cachets1c2008  
591..1933aZA JLBY Covers1   
5921933aZAPowell, L. Ziola1 hdn hpd6
5931933aZARay, Cullen W.1c1993hpd 
5941933aZASGP1Hologram Paste-On; on U583pas 
5951933aZATherome Cachets1c2015  
5961933aZAUnknown1UNK01; on U583; sold by dlposner61 on eBay 05/2006, had ~6 on handpci10
5971933aZAWild Horse Cachets1Greg Normanhpd 
5981933aZAWild Horse Cachets2Jack Nicklaushpd70
5991933aZAWild Horse Cachets3Arnold Palmerhpd100
6001933aZAWild Horse Cachets4Tiger Woodshpd 
6011985ZAHenry, A. O.1{NC}; Cardinal facing left on Dogwood branch, color varieties/variations knownhdn hpd 
6021985ZAHenry, A. O.2{NC}; Cardinal facing left on Dogwood branch, color varieties/variations knownhdn hpd 
6031985ZAHenry, A. O.3{NC}; Cardinal facing left on Dogwood branch, color varieties/variations knownhdn hpd 
6041985ZARabbit Hill Cachets1{NC}; c2011 20
6052093ZAAshley, Don W.1Ship at Sea; 2008  
6062093ZAAshley, Don W.2c2009  
6072093ZAAshley, Don W.3c2009  
6082093ZAAshley, Thomas1c200911  
6092093ZAAshley, Thomas2c200911  
6102093ZAAshley, Thomas3c200911  
6112093ZAAshley, Thomas4c200911  
6122093ZAAshley, Thomas5c200911  
6132093ZAAshley, Thomas6c200911  
6142093ZAAshley, Thomas7c200911  
6152093ZAAshley, Thomas8c2009pci 
6162093ZAAshley, Thomas92011pci 
6172093ZABaker, Kenneth1on eBay by RKA Covers 03/2009hdn hpd 
618..2093ZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
6192093ZACornish, Sam1The Arrival of the Englishman; Combo 0796hdn 
6202093ZACornish, Sam2Grenville's Expedition 1585; UO Nags Head; Unofficialhdn 
6212093ZACornish, Sam3Lane's Expedition 1586; UO Plymouth, NC; Unofficialhdn 
6222093ZACornish, Sam4Roanoac Ille 1585; UO Wanchese, NC; Unofficialhdn 
6232093ZACornish, Sam5Secoton 1585; UO Manteo, NC; Unofficialhdn 
6242093ZACornish, Sam6Taking on Salt; UO Raleigh, NC; Unofficialhdn 
6252093ZACornish, Sam7Towne of Pomeiock; UO Manteo, NC; Unofficialhdn 
6262093ZACornish, Sam8Virginia 1585 Lower Capes; UO Plymouth, NC; Unofficialhdn 
6272093ZACornish, Sam9Virginia 1585 Upper Capes; UO Plymouth, NC; Unofficialhdn 
6282093ZACornish, Sam10Virginia MDLXXXV; UO Nags Head, NC; Unofficialhdn 
629..2093ZAFDCUSA1c2004; Roanoke Marshes Lighthousepci5
6302093ZAFDCUSA2c2004; Roanoke Marshes Lighthousepci5
631..2093ZAFreedom Cachets1Thomas Ashley; 2010pci 
6322093ZAHalinski, Rich1c2003  
6332093ZAHalinski, Rich2c2009  
6342093ZAHalinski, Rich3c2009pci 
6352093ZAHalinski, Rich4c2011pci 
6362093ZAHalinski, Rich5c2014pci 
6372093ZAJerry's Covers1eBay jerryscovers 10/2011pci 
6382093ZAJerry's Covers2eBay jerryscovers 10/2011pci 
6392093ZAJerry's Covers3ebay jerryscovers 02/2012pci 
6402093ZAJerry's Covers4c2011pci 
6412093ZAJerry's Covers5c2012pci 
6422093ZAJerry's Covers6c2012pci 
6432093ZAJerry's Covers7c2012pci 
6442093ZAJerry's Covers8c2013pci 
6452093ZAJerry's Covers9c2013pci 
6462093ZAJerry's Covers10c2014pci 
6472093ZAJerry's Covers11c2014pci 
648..2093ZAT.N.T. Cachets1c1999pci 
6492093ZAUnknown1UNK17; Offered by jerryscovers on eBay 01/2011  
6502093ZAUnknown1UNK19; Offered by jerryscovers on eBay 04/2011pci 
6512093ZAUnknown1UNK20; On eBay by dlposner61, 05/2011pci 
6522093ZAWilliam III1Saps At Sea 30
6532093ZAWoytinek1 hdn hcd 
6542096 Nirlay12015; Commissioned by Collector Rick Gibsonhdn hpd1
655..2096ZAAmaya, Rosario1 hpd 
6562096ZAAshley, Don W.1c2004pci 
6572096ZAAshley, Don W.2c2004pci 
6582096ZAAshley, Don W.3c2004pci 
6592096ZAAshley, Don W.4c2004pci 
6602096ZAAshley, Don W.5c2004pci 
6612096ZAAshley, Don W.6c2004pci 
6622096ZAAshley, Don W.7c2004pci 
6632096ZAAshley, Don W.8c2004pci 
6642096ZAAshley, Don W.9c2004pci 
6652096ZAAshley, Don W.10c2004pci 
6662096ZAAshley, Don W.11c2004pci 
6672096ZAAshley, Don W.12c2004pci 
6682096ZAAshley, Don W.13c2004pci 
6692096ZAAshley, Don W.14c2004pci 
6702096ZAAshley, Don W.15c2004pci 
6712096ZAAshley, Don W.16c2004pci 
6722096ZAAshley, Don W.17c2004pci 
6732096ZAAshley, Don W.18c2004pci 
6742096ZAAshley, Don W.19c2004pci 
6752096ZAAshley, Don W.20c2004pci 
6762096ZAAshley, Don W.21c2004pci 
6772096ZAAshley, Don W.22c2004pci 
6782096ZAAshley, Don W.23c2005pci 
6792096ZAAshley, Don W.24c2006pci 
6802096ZAAshley, Don W.25c2004pci 
6812096ZAAshley, Don W.26c2006pci 
6822096ZAAshley, Don W.27c2005pci 
6832096ZAAshley, Don W.28c2004pci 
6842096ZAAshley, Don W.29c2004pci 
6852096ZAAshley, Don W.30c2004pci 
6862096ZAAshley, Don W.31c2004pci 
6872096ZAAshley, Don W.32c2004pci 
6882096ZAAshley, Don W.33c2004pci 
6892096ZAAshley, Don W.34c2004pci 
6902096ZAAshley, Don W.35c2004pci 
6912096ZAAshley, Don W.36c2004pci 
6922096ZAAshley, Don W.37c2004pci 
6932096ZAAshley, Don W.38c2004pci 
6942096ZAAshley, Don W.39c2004pci 
6952096ZAAshley, Don W.40c2004pci 
6962096ZAAshley, Don W.41c2004pci 
6972096ZAAshley, Don W.42c2004pci 
6982096ZAAshley, Don W.43c2004pci 
6992096ZAAshley, Don W.44c2004pci 
7002096ZAAshley, Don W.45c2004pci 
7012096ZAAshley, Don W.46c2004pci 
7022096ZAAshley, Don W.47c2004pci 
7032096ZAAshley, Don W.48c2004pci 
7042096ZAAshley, Don W.49c2004pci 
7052096ZAAshley, Don W.50c2004pci 
7062096ZAAshley, Don W.51c2004pci 
7072096ZAAshley, Don W.52c2004pci 
7082096ZAAshley, Don W.53c2004pci 
7092096ZAAshley, Don W.54c2004pci 
7102096ZAAshley, Don W.55c2010pci 
7112096ZAAshley, Don W.56c2012pci 
7122096ZAAshley, Don W.57c2012pci 
7132096ZAAshley, Don W.58c2012pci 
7142096ZAAshley, Don W.59c2012pci 
7152096ZAAshley, Don W.60c2012pci 
7162096ZAAshley, Don W.61c2014pci 
7172096ZAAshley, Thomas1c2008pci 
7182096ZAAshley, Thomas2c2008pci 
7192096ZAAshley, Thomas3c2010pci 
720..2096ZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
721..2096ZABen Kraft2 hdn hpd 
722..2096ZABen Kraft3Variety to #2hdn hpd 
7232096ZABen Kraft4 hdn hpd 
7242096ZAFine Design Cachets1   
725..2096ZAFollows, Jack1 hpd 
726..2096ZAFollows, Jack2Return address for Ringold Stamp Company (St. Louis, MO) on backhpd 
7272096ZAFreedom Cachets1c2010; Thomas Ashleypci 
728..2096ZAGeerlings, Frans M.2 hdn hpd1
729..2096ZAGeerlings, Frans M.3 hdn hpd1
730..2096ZAGeerlings, Frans M.4 hdn hpd1
7322096ZAHalinski, Rich1c2014  
7332096ZAJerry's Covers112/2010pci 
7342096ZAJerry's Covers2c2012pci 
7352096ZAJerry's Covers3c2012pci 
7362096ZAJerry's Covers4c2012pci 
7372096ZAJerry's Covers5c2015pci 
7382096ZAJerry's Covers6c2015pci 
739..2096ZAMurphy, Lori1 hdn hcd 
7402096ZAPeterman, David4 thm hpd7
7412096ZAPeterman, David5Airmail envelope; Counted quantity made separate from C4THM hpd6
742..2096ZAPoormon, Curtiss10Whitetail Fawn; dated May 1985hdn hpd10
743..2096ZAPoormon, Curtiss11Whitetail Fawn; Added September 1985 McCusker hpd 
744..2096ZAPowell, L. Ziola1 hpd 
7452096ZATherome Cachets1post 1988  
7472096ZAUnknown1UNK33; c2010pci 
7482096ZAWoytinek1Sold by RKA on eBay, 6/2011hdn hcd 
7492128ZACornish, Sam1Union Hospitals - Battle of The Wildernesshdn 
750..2128ZAFox, Melissa1 hdn hpd1
7512128ZAGrusz1Sold by McCusker, 2006hdn1
7522128ZAHeflin, R.1c1993hdn hpd1
7532128ZAHilton, D. E.1 hdn hpd6
7542128ZAJerry's Covers1c2012pci 
7552128ZAJerry's Covers2c2013pci 
7562128ZAMurphy, Lori1Sold by RKA Covers, c2009hdn1
7572128ZAPowell, L. Ziola1 hdn hpd5
7582128ZAUnknown1UNK03; Sold by DL Posner, c2008  
7612128ZAWoytinek1on eBay by RKA 04/2009hdn hpd1
7622264ZABaker, Kenneth1c2009; listed on eBay by RKA Covershdn hpd 
7632264ZABaker, Kenneth2c2009; listed on eBay by RKA Covershdn hpd 
7642264ZABaker, Kenneth3c2009; listed on eBay by RKA Covershdn hpd 
765..2264ZA Fogt, Judith3Firefighter pulling hoseline from pumper & FF w/axehdn hpd 
766..2264ZAFox, Melissa1 hdn hpd 
7672264ZAFox, Melissa2 hdn hpd 
768..2264ZAFox, Melissa3 hdn hpd1
7692264ZAFox, Melissa4Marked "#16" on backhdn hpd 
7702264ZAGeerlings, Frans M.2 hdn hpd1
7712264ZAGrusz1Sold by McCusker, c2006hdn1
7722264ZAGrusz2Sold by McCusker, c2006hdn1
7732264ZAJerry's Covers1c2012pci 
7742264ZAJerry's Covers2c2012pci 
7752264ZAJerry's Covers3c2012pci 
7762264ZAJerry's Covers4c2012pci 
7772264ZAJerry's Covers5c2012pci 
7782264ZAJerry's Covers62013pci 
7792264ZAUnknown1UNK01; On eBay by dlposner61, 05/2011pci 
780..2264ZAUnknown1UNK04; BidStart, 09/2011, historicalcoverage  
7822347ZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
7832347ZA Bereson, Alex1FDOI on Event 08/23/1989 Beaufort, NC Maritime Station - celebrating 200 Yearspcl5
7842347ZAHalinski, Rich1c2004  
7852347ZAHalinski, Rich2c2014  
7862347ZAHalinski, Rich3c2014  
7872347ZAJerry's Covers1c2014; Edgar Allan Poe house  
7882347ZAJerry's Covers2c2015; Brevard, NC Waterfalls  
7892347ZAJerry's Covers3c2015; Whitewater Falls, NC  
7902347ZAMEX-MAIL1on UX85 FDC; UO Kings Mountain, NC; 02/1990; Unofficialhdn hcd105
7912347ZAWebcraft1c2009; Printed directly over address.pci 
7952471ZAGeerlings, Frans M.1Featuring Point Conception Lighthouse; on #936 FDChdn hpd1
7962713 Unknown3eBay, dlposner, 2014  
797..2790ZAHeflin, R.1Signed as completed 1994; Info from McCuskerhdn hpd1
7993331 Great Southern Cover Company1   
8003331 Great Southern Cover Company2   
8013331 Great Southern Cover Company3   
8023331 Great Southern Cover Company4   
8033331 Great Southern Cover Company5   
8043331 Great Southern Cover Company6   
8053331 Great Southern Cover Company7   
8063331 MH Cachets1  3
8073331 MH Cachets2  2
8083331 Webcraft12006  
8093331ZAEdsel1c2003thm pas 
8103331ZAFDCUSA5Master Chief Boatswain's Mate Carl M. Brashear, USN (Ret.); First 10
8113331ZAFDCUSA6General John J. Pershing; First 10
8123331ZAFDCUSA7General John J. Pershing; First 10
8133331ZAFDCUSA8Dorie Miller, USN; First 10
8143331ZAFDCUSA9Joseph P. Martinez, MOH, Attu, Alaska; First 10
8153331ZAFDCUSA10Douglas A. Munro, Signalman First Class, USCG, WWII MOH; First 10
8163331ZAFDCUSA11U.S. Marines at Tarawa Atoll, WWII, Operation Galvanic, 2nd Marine Regiment MOH; First 10
8173331ZA FDCUSA12WWII Battle of Guadalcanal, MOH Recipients; First 10
8183331ZAFDCUSA13WWII Battle of Guadalcanal, MOH Recipients; First 10
8193331ZAFDCUSA14USS Squalus SS-192 Rescue & Salvage Operations, 1939; First 10
8203331ZAFDCUSA15WWII, USS Dorchester, 3 Feb 1943, Four Chaplains; First 10
8213331ZAFDCUSA16WWII, USS Dorchester, 3 Feb 1943, Four Chaplains; First 10
8223331ZAFDCUSA17Tribute Cachet, #1013 Fluegel, Honoring Women in the Military; First 10
823..3331ZAHobby Link3'Retro'  
8243444ZAUnknown1UNK01; color laser. Maybe "FDC" 20
8253549ZACover-Scape Cachets1{3549} c2010pcl 
8263549ZAFox, Melissa1{3549}hdn hpd14
8273549ZAHalinski, Rich1{3549}; c2008  
8283549ZAHalinski, Rich2{3549}; c2009  
8293549ZAQCR Cachets23{3550}  
8303549ZAQCR Cachets24{3550}  
8313549ZAQCR Cachets25{3550}  
8323549ZAQCR Cachets26{3550}  
8333549ZASand Key Cachets6{3549}; 2008 3
8343549ZASand Key Cachets7{3549}; 2008 3
8353593ZACover-Scape Cachets2UO Sagamore Beach, MA; Probable Add-On; Unofficial  
836..3593ZARusso, Dominic1[COPIED RECORD] NC; 2005  
8383783 Jerry's Covers1{NC}; 2013pcl 
8393783 mh Cachets1{OH}  
840..3783 Therome Cachets6{NC}  
841..3783  Therome Cachets6{OH}  
8423783ZAAshley, Don W.1{NC}; c2004  
8433783ZAAshley, Don W.1{OH}; c2004  
844..3783ZAPushin' The Envelope1{NC}; Born of Dreamspci 
8453783ZAPushin' The Envelope1{OH}; Born of Dreams; On U566 envelopepci 
8463783ZAQCR Cachets1{NC}; Betty Boop  
8473783ZAQCR Cachets2{OH}; Flying Ship  
848..3783ZASheky1{NC}; Combo C045  
849..3783ZASydney Stamp Centre1{NC}; c2012  
850..3783ZASydney Stamp Centre2{OH}; c2012  
8513783ZAUnknown1UNK17; {NC}; Offered by dlposner61 11/2010pci 
8523783ZAKSC Cachets1{OH}; 2015; Cachetmaker stated 4/2015 (6) have been made 'so far'  
8533783ZAKSC Cachets2{NC}; 2015; Cachetmaker stated 4/2015 (6) have been made 'so far'  
854B002 Ashley, Don W.1UO Dominion Station, VA  
855B002 Jerry's Covers1c2011pci 
856B002 Unknown1UNK25; eBay nsccollect c2014pci pas 
857B002 Unknown1UNK26; ebay seamech15 10/2015pci 
858B002 Unknown1UNK27pci 
859..B002 Unknown1UNK28  
860..B002ZAArmstrong, Charlie1 hdn hpd 
861B002ZAAshley, Don W.1c2004; Dual FDOI & UO Meadowview, VApci 
862B002ZAAshley, Don W.2c2004; Dual FDOI & UO Dominion Station, VApci 
863B002ZAAshley, Don W.3c2004; Dual FDOI and UO Abingdon, VApci 
864B002ZAAshley, Don W.4c2014; UO Dominion Station, NYpci 
865..B002ZACover-Scape Cachets1 pci 
866B002ZAHalinski, Rich1c2006pci 
867B002ZAHalinski, Rich2c2011  
868B002ZALimited Edition Covers of Dandenong Victoria1Prime Minister of Australias addressing Joint Session of the US Congress 6/12/2002; 25
869B002ZAMH Cachets1c2015  
870B002ZAMH Cachets1c2015  
871B002ZAMH Cachets3c2015  
872B002ZAProctor, J.1eBay RKA 5/2011hdn hpd 
873B002ZARabbit Hill Cachets1 pci 
874B002ZAUnknown1UNK19; on eBay by mikedom71103 in 2005; Inquired to the maker, was told 'mj04'pci 
875B002ZAUnknown1UNK20; on eBay by mikedom71103 in 2005; Inquired to the maker, was told 'mj04'pci 
876B002ZAUnknown1UNK21; on eBay by mikedom71103 in 2005; Inquired to the maker, was told 'mj04'pci 
877B002ZAUnknown1UNK23; on eBay by mikedom71103 in 2005; Inquired to the maker, was told 'mj04'pci 
879..C045NIMUnknown1UNK15-01; Luggage label for BOAC pasted on with FDOI cancel tieing it to the envelope.pcl 
880..C045NIMUnknown1UNK15-02; Luggage label for BOAC pasted on with FDOI cancel tieing it to the envelope.pcl 
881C045NIMZAAshley, Don W.1c2004  
882C045NIMZAAshley, Don W.2c2012  
883C045NIMZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
884C045NIMZAHalinski, Rich1c2004  
885C045NIMZAHalinski, Rich2c2004  
886C045NIMZAHalinski, Rich3c2009  
887C045NIMZAHalinski, Rich4c2014  
888C045NIMZAHalinski, Rich5c2014  
889C045NIMZAHalinski, Rich6c2015  
890..C045NIMZAHenriques, E. J.1c0000hdn hpd 
891C045NIMZAHobo Art Cachets1c2005pci 
892C045NIMZAMurphy, Lori1Listed on eBay by RKA Covers, 2009hdn 
893C045NIMZAUnknown1UNK01; black; on ebay by RKA 2002pci 
894C045NIMZAUnknown1UNK14; Copy of Judith Fogt hdn hpd Add-On cachet; purchased from Jerry's Covers 11/2011pcl 
896..C077ZABen Kraft1Man and Boy flying paper airplaneshdn hpd 
898Events19410409Emrick Cachets1Commissioning of USS North Carolina; USS North Carolina Fleet Day Cover; c2011hdn hpd 
899Events19591002Halinski, Rich1UCV 39th Annual Reunion; Greensboro, NC; c2009; Cancellation date of 10/02/1959 has NO relationship to event date of 06/05/1929 or the location!  
900..Events19801011Natsco1John Sevier; Kings Mountain, NC; War  
901Events19910904MH Cachets2USS North Carolina 50th Anniversary; Wilmington, NC; c2006 4
902Events20031008Webcraft1Centennial of Powed Flight; Kitty Hawk, NC Outer Banks Stamp Club Station 4
903U579ZA Ben Kraft1blue red banner in ovalhdn hpd 
904U579ZAHalinski, Rich1c2004; Civil War General William Ruffin Cox  
905U579ZAHalinski, Rich2c2004; Senator Jesse Helms with tee-shirt  
906U579ZAHalinski, Rich3c2004; Senator Jesse Helms sitting  
907U579ZAHalinski, Rich4c2009; Civil War CSA Brigadier General William Ruffin Cox  
908U579ZAHalinski, Rich5c2011pci 
909U579ZAKribbs' Kover1Noted on back - 20 madehdn hpd20
910U579ZAKribbs' Kover2 hdn hpd20
911U579ZAKribbs' Kover3Noted on back - 20 made; Size 10hdn hpd20
912..U579ZAMaul, Herman R.1Flag and text 'NON/PROFIT'hdn hpd20
913U579ZAMH Cachets1c2005; USS Raleigh LPD-1pci 
914..U579ZANostalgia Cachets1c2000; reported by JRCpci 
915U579ZAWebcraft1c2006; reported by JRCpci 
916UX038ZAFDCUSA1  5
917UX085ZA Bereson, Alex1c2010pcl 
918UX085ZABereson, Alex2c2011pci5
919UX085ZACornish, Sam1Battle Lineshdn 
920UX085ZAKribbs' Kover1marked 1 of 25hdn hpd25
921..UX085ZAKribbs' Kover1UO Flushing, NY LaGuardia Airporthdn hpd 
922UX085ZAPowell, L. Ziola1Soldier with muskethdn hpd8
923UX085ZAUnknown1black, BJ Lossing sketch; Variation of Unknown 02pci 
924UX085ZAUnknown2black, BJ Lossing sketch; Variation of Unknown 01pci 
925UX085ZAUnknown3black, BJ Lossing sketch only; Variation of Unknown 01/02pci 
926UX132ZABereson, Alex1c2010pcl 
927UX132ZAFox, Melissa1Sailboat, Seagull, lighthousehdn hpd10
928UX132ZAFox, Melissa2Seagulls fish lighthousehdn hpd 
929..UX132ZAHenry, A. O.1 hdn hpd 
930UX132ZAKAH Cashets1 hdn hpd1
931UX132ZAKAH Cashets2Nov 1989hdn hpd1
932UX132ZAWebcraft1 pci 
933UX132ZAWebcraft2paste-on label cachet, same design  
934UX133ZABeck, Edith1 hdn hpd5
935UX133ZABereson, Alex1c2012pcl 
936UX133ZAFox, Melissa1Buck looking over planthpd hpd10
937UX133ZAFox, Melissa2Buck eating grass, marked #10hdn hpd 
938..UX133ZAFox, Melissa3Buck eating grasshdn hpd 
939UX133ZAFox, Melissa3Squirrel, marked #6hdn hpd 
940UX133ZAHenry, A. O.1Doehdn hpd10
941UX133ZAHenry, A. O.2Doe; different sky/rockshdn hpd10
942UX133ZAHenry, A. O.3Buckhdn hpd10
943..UX133ZAHenry, A. O.4 hdn hpd10
944..UX133ZAHenry, A. O.5 hdn hpd10
945..UX133ZAHenry, A. O.6 hdn hpd 
946UX133ZANavy Covers1Mount Rainier National Park, Ashford, WApci 
947..UX133ZAUnknown1UNK01; on eBay by Jerry's Covers - 2/2008 and 10/2011  
949UX170ZAHalinski, Rich1Unofficial  
950UXC10ZA Boerger1Eagle & Flag; redrsc 
951UXC10ZAHalinski, Rich12009  
952..UXC10ZARVD1Signed "RVD-AO" bottom right of cachet  
953UXC10ZASTAN1 hdn hpd 
954UXC10ZAUnknown1UNK01; sticker of seaplane, on eBay by dlposner61 200803  
955UXC10ZAUnknown1UNK02; eBay, Uncledenden 2009pci 
956UXC10ZAUnknown1UNK03; on eBay by Uncledenden, 2009pci 
957UXC10ZAUnknown1UNK04; on eBay by Jerry's Covers 9/2011pci 
960UXC10ZAWebcraft3c2010, not dated on back; reported by JRC  
961..UXC16ZAFDCUSA1on Arcraft Cachet  
962UXC16ZAHobo Art Cachets1   
963UXC16ZAJerry's Covers1c2012  
964..UXC16ZAUnknown1UNK01; Cachet itself may be original?  
965UXC16ZAUnknown1UNK02; on eBay by Uncledenden, 2009  
966UXC16ZAUnknown1UNK03; on eBay Uncledenden, 2009pci 
967UXC16ZAWebcraft1c2009, not dated on back; reported by JRC