First Cachets12/15/2015
IdxSc. #RefImgCachetmakerC#DescriptionMethods#Made
10796P001Feigenbaum, Joseph1Signed Rex Tompkins, deep blue & red; First  
20796P002Feigenbaum, Joseph2Signed N.E. Herner, deep blue & red; First  
30796P009Shatz, Herbert L.1black blue; First  
40796P028Shatz, Herbert L.1black blue; First  
50796P037Roanoke Colony Memorial Association1dark-blue; Size 7 envelope; First  
60796P042Scatchard, Norwood B.1light-blue red, "Manteo, NC" at bottom; First  
7..0796P042aScatchard, Norwood B.1black; 'U.S.S. Moffett 362' at bottom in red; Firsthpd 
80796P042b Scatchard, Norwood B.1blue brown red; "U.S.S. Erie PG 50" at bottom; Planty reports black; First  
9..0796P042cScatchard, Norwood B.1black; no date/city at bottom; UO USS Cachalot (unlisted location); Firstthm 
10..0796P042d Scatchard, Norwood B.1black brown; card stock; Firstthm hpd 
11..0796P060aGray & Thompson Advertising Company1black, post card - Queen Elizabeth; First  
12..0796P060bGray & Thompson Advertising Company1black, post card - John Borden; First  
13..0796P060cGray & Thompson Advertising Company1black, post card - Reverend; First  
14..0796P060dGray & Thompson Advertising Company1black, post card - Eleanor and baby; First  
15..0796P060eGray & Thompson Advertising Company1black, post card - brown tone; First  
16..0796P060eGray & Thompson Advertising Company1black, post card - brown tone; reverse; First  
17..0796P069Philatelic Press1J. W. Lawrence address at top; First  
18..0796P069aPhilatelic Press1Howard D. Barry address at top; First  
190797P014Phoenix - Connecticut Group of Fire Insurance Companies, The1green; First  
200971M003Mack Trucks1red; First  
21..0971NIMGrand Junction Volunteer Fire Department1xxx; First  
22..0971NIMMac's Originals1Mimeographed, hand-colored, varieties exist; Firsthcd 
23..1097M007Ben-El Stamp Shop1{NC}; black; First  
241097M007 Ben-El Stamp Shop1{PA}; black; First  
251097M010Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce1{NC}; black blue; Size 7 envelope; First  
261097M010Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce1{PA}; black blue; Size 7 envelope; First  
27..1097NIMKentucky State Fair Board1{KY}; by Artmaster; Kentucky State Fair cachet with text at bottom; First  
28..1097NIMLafayette Fellowship Fund1{PA}; First  
291122M023American Forestry Association1black; Firstrsc 
301122M024Tucson Stamp Club1green; First  
311122NIMKeep Washington Green Association1Size 10 envelope; one-time; First  
321122NIM National Resources Council of America1green; QUESTIONABLE; First  
331122NIMNational Resources Council of America2green, Size 10 envelope; no rubberstamp return address; First  
341122NIMNational Resources Council of America3green, Size 10 envelope; with paw rubberstamp at far right; First  
35..1122NIM Smokey Bear's Junior Forest Rangers1Size 10 envelope with corner card from various department stores; one-time; First  
361122NIMTucson Stamp Club2Maximum Card, Smokey Bear with shovel; First  
371230M025Sandhills Stamp Collectors Club1black; First  
381230M025Sandhills Stamp Collectors Club1black, Combo 0796 1097 C045; First  
391230M026Admiral Byrd Chapter 11 - USCS1black; UO Wilmington, NC USS North Carolina Rural Station; First  
401230M028Whentworth FDC Service1text; First  
411230M031DCD-ID Raleigh, NC1black; Department of Conservation and Development, Information Division, Raleigh, NC; First  
42..1230NIMSAA-AA-SLC1Society of American Archivists & American Association for State & Local History; Size 10; First  
43..1230NIMGPDahlem, Richard C.1Statue of LIbery, US Flag, and text; earlier_red GP exists - Add-On?; First  
441246NIMBillerth, M.1UO Raleigh, NC; NC State Outline; First; First  
451451a Sandpiper's Trace, Ltd.1enclosure; First  
461451a Sandpiper's Trace, Ltd.1with enclosure; Size 10; First  
47..1558 Allentown Paid Fire Department Local 3021blue gold red; Local 302; First  
481562 Wright, William N.1blue red, sword & text; First  
491644 WEB Covers1{NC}; First  
501644  WEB Covers1{NC-DC}; Dual FDOI; First  
511908 Fire Service In Philately1black text, red apparatus; First  
521908 Hartley, Sr., Glenn1red; Alexandria, VA Fire Department; First 231
531908 Zimmerman, J. A.1burgondy; Amoskeg Steamer; First  
541932 B.B.T. Cachets1purple on buff envelope; First 551
551932  B.B.T. Cachets1purple on buff envelope; signed by Stamp Designer, Richard Gangel; First 1
561932 Women on Stamps Study Unit, ATA1blue; First 250
57..1932  Women on Stamps Study Unit, ATA2brown; Size 7 envelope; First 300
58..1932  Women on Stamps Study Unit, ATA3black; Siize 10 envelope; First 300
591932  Women's Sports Publications, Inc.2brown; Size 7 envelope; First  
601932 World Golf Hall of Fame1green purple; produced by Andrews; With Pinehurst Logo; First 5000
61..1932  World Golf Hall of Fame2green purple; produced by Andrews; without Pinehurst logo; Sold by Andrews at FDOI; First 5000
62..1932  World Golf Hall of Fame34-color; produced by Andrews; With Pinehurst Logo; First 4000
631932 World Golf Hall of Fame44-color; produced by Andrews; Without Pinehurst Logo! Sold by Andrews at FDOI; First 4000
641933 B.B.T. Cachets1green brown; buff envelope; First 501
651933  B.B.T. Cachets1green brown; buff envelope; signed by Stamp Designer, Richard Gangel; First  
661933 Dwight D. Eisenhower Philatelic & Historical Society, The1black; First  
671933 Marcal Cachets1black; First  
681933 Marcal Cachets1Dual UO 1) Olympia Fields, IL pm KHC4, 2) Tinley Park, IL Country Club Hills Branch RingDater; First  
691933 Marcal Cachets1Quad UO IL - Golf, AMF O'Hare, Chicago Niles Branch, & Prospect Heights; First  
701933 Marcal Cachets1UO AMF O'Hare, IL Station; First  
711933 Marcal Cachets1UO Atlanta, GA; First  
721933 Marcal Cachets1UO Chicago, IL Niles Branch; First  
731933 Marcal Cachets1UO Golf, IL; First  
741933 Marcal Cachets1UO Golf, IL; First  
751933 Marcal Cachets1UO Jonesboro, GA; First  
761933 Marcal Cachets1UO Niles, IL; First  
771933 Marcal Cachets1UO Olympia Fields, IL; First  
781933 Marcal Cachets1UO Prospect Heights, IL; First  
791933 Marcal Cachets1UO Prospect Heights, IL; First  
801933 Maury1Dual Cachet Only; serviced with Single; First 200
811933 World Golf Hall of Fame44-color; Without Pinehurst logo; First  
82..1933a World Golf Hall of Fame34-color; produced by Andrews; WITHOUT Pinehurst logo; First  
831933a World Golf Hall of Fame34-color; produced by Andrews; WITHOUT Pinehurst logo; UO Pinehurst MC on #1932, and Pinehurst BHC on #1933; McCusker stated (10) made.; First  
841933a World Golf Hall of Fame1green purple; With Pinehurst Logo; First 5000
851933a World Golf Hall of Fame24-color; produced by Andrews; First 4000
861985 Continental Publishing Company1{DC}; First  
871985 Paslay Classic1{NC}; Firsthpd45
882093 Carolina Cachets1black with rsc of 400th Anniversary Logo; First 100
892093 Carolina Cachets1black with rsc of 400th Anniversary Logo; Combo 0796, 1230, England Sir Waler Raleigh Stamp; First  
902093 Carolina Cachets1black with rsc of 400th Anniversary Logo; Combo England Sir Walter Raleigh Stamp; First  
91..2093 Essig, Barbara1First  
922093 Garcia, Joe1black on yellow post card; First  
932093 McQuinn, Thomas C.1brown; First  
942093 McQuinn, Thomas C.1brown; Combo 0796; First  
952093 McQuinn, Thomas C.1brown; Combo 1451a; UO Hatteras, NC; First  
962093 McQuinn, Thomas C.1brown; Dual FDOI & UO Ocracoke, NC; First  
972093 McQuinn, Thomas C.1brown; Dual FDOI & UO Wanchese, NC; First  
982093 McQuinn, Thomas C.2blue; First  
992093 McQuinn, Thomas C.2blue; Combo 0796; First  
1002093 McQuinn, Thomas C.2blue; Combo 1451a; UO Hatteras, NC; First  
1012093 McQuinn, Thomas C.2blue; Dual FDOI & UO Ocracoke, NC; First  
1022093 McQuinn, Thomas C.2blue; Dual FDOI & UO Wanchese, NC; First  
1032093 Roanoke Island Historical Association1Sir Walter Raleigh; First  
1042093 Roanoke Island Historical Association2The Lost Colony; First  
1052093 Roanoke Island Historical Association3Elizabeth I; First  
106..2096  DAL1Smokey Bear head; Firsthpd 
107..2096 DAL2Smokey Bear standing with shovel; Firsthpd 
108..2096  Kass, William1Cub walking/running; Firsthpd 
109..2096  Kass, William1Smokey Bear head and frame; Firsthpd 
1102096 Long Island Cover Society1black/red; First 500
1112096 Long Island Cover Society1black/red, hand-colored by Unknown; Firsthcd 
1122096 Long Island Cover Society1black/red, hand-painted by Unknown; Firsthpd 
1132096 National Association of State Foresters (Fleetwood1Smokey sitting reading a newspaper; printed by Fleetwood; First  
114..2096 Shriner's Burn Institute1red on white envelope; First  
115..2096 Signature Covers1Smokey Bear head in frame; First  
1162264 Concho Valley Stamp Club1black; First  
1172264  Concho Valley Stamp Club1red; First  
118..2264  McDanel, Joseph1fire shield; First  
119..2264  McDanel, Joseph2small illustration bottom left and return address (?); First  
120..2264 Tatte, Stan1ebay sasbear 2004; First  
121..2264  Totten, Stan1Firsthpd 
122..2347  HRS1First  
123..2347  Rhodes, P. S.1Size 10 envelope; First  
1242347 Smith Cachet Studio1Firsthfd 
125..2347 Smith Cachet Studio2Similar to Cachet #1, wider design on larger envelope; Firsthfd 
1262347 Smith Cachet Studio3Colored envelope used as basis for #2347 cachet (1); not serviced; First 1
1273331 FDCUSA1Crestline Fire Department; UO Aberdeen, NC; First 20
1283331 FDCUSA1reverse; First  
1293331 FDCUSA2General Braxton Bragg; UO Fort Bragg, NC; First 50
1303331 FDCUSA2reverse; First  
1313331 FDCUSA3Fort Bragg 18th Airborne Corps Command Group; UO Fort Bragg, NC; First 50
1323331 FDCUSA4U.S. Coast Guard Corsair Fleet, Disney illustration; First 20
1333331ZAFDCUSA5Master Chief Boatswain's Mate Carl M. Brashear, USN (Ret.); First 10
1343331ZAFDCUSA6General John J. Pershing; First 10
1353331ZAFDCUSA7General John J. Pershing; First 10
1363331ZAFDCUSA8Dorie Miller, USN; First 10
1373331ZAFDCUSA9Joseph P. Martinez, MOH, Attu, Alaska; First 10
1383331ZAFDCUSA10Douglas A. Munro, Signalman First Class, USCG, WWII MOH; First 10
1393331ZAFDCUSA11U.S. Marines at Tarawa Atoll, WWII, Operation Galvanic, 2nd Marine Regiment MOH; First 10
1403331ZA FDCUSA12WWII Battle of Guadalcanal, MOH Recipients; First 10
1413331ZAFDCUSA13WWII Battle of Guadalcanal, MOH Recipients; First 10
1423331ZAFDCUSA14USS Squalus SS-192 Rescue & Salvage Operations, 1939; First 10
1433331ZAFDCUSA15WWII, USS Dorchester, 3 Feb 1943, Four Chaplains; First 10
1443331ZAFDCUSA16WWII, USS Dorchester, 3 Feb 1943, Four Chaplains; First 10
1453331ZAFDCUSA17Tribute Cachet, #1013 Fluegel, Honoring Women in the Military; First 10
1464415 cagarts1CAG001; Original mixed media design then printed, and folded to envelope form; Firstpcl hfd170
1474415 cagarts2CAO001a; Original mixed media then printed, and folded to envelope form; Combo C55; Firstpcl hfd50
148C045M028Winston-Salem Philatelic Society, The1black; First  
149C045M031Dayton Philatelic Society1green red; 2nd Day Dayton, OH; First  
150C045M031Dayton Philatelic Society1green red; UO Dayton, OH; First  
151C045NIMAero Club of Washington1black on business stationary; Size 7; First  
152..C045NIMCapitol Airlines1Size 10; Airmail Envelope; First  
153..C045NIMCapitol Airlines2Size 10; Airmail Envelope; Flown from Kill Devil Hills to Elizabeth City by helicopter, thence via Capitol Airlines; Signed by; First  
154..C045NIMCarolinian, The1The Carolinian, Nags Head, NC; First; First  
155C045NIMCollier's1black blue gray; Size 7 envelope; First  
156..C045NIMHoran, Dr. Joseph C.1First; First  
157..C045NIMMetropolitan Airmail Cover Club1gold; First  
158C045NIMMetropolitan Airmail Cover Club1red; First  
159C045NIMNorth Carolina News Bureau1black; Size 10 airmail envelope; with enclosure; First  
160UX085 CB1Firstlbl 
161..UX085 CB2Firstlbl 
162..UX085 CB3Firstlbl 
163..UX085 Custom Cachet1Firsthpd