Sc. UXC10 .09 Delta Wing; 5/15/1971; Kitty Hawk, NC12/15/2015
1.. Albers Cache1'First Day Of Issue' at top and 'Albers' at bottom, nothing between  
2 Anderson Historical Envelopes1blue; Illustration spaced from text  
3 Anderson Historical Envelopes1red; Illustration spaced from text  
4 Anderson Historical Envelopes2red; Illustration directly over text  
5  Animated Covers1   
6 Aristocrats1black  
7 Artcraft1   
8 Artmaster1   
9.. Artopages1   
10 Bazaar1   
11 Colonial Cachets1blue red  
12 Cover Craft Cachets1blue red  
13 David 'C' Cachets1 hcd 
14  David 'C' Cachets1Combo C77hcd 
15 Fleetwood Cover Service1   
16.. House of Farnam1   
17 Jackson1blue  
18..  USPS1FD Program; FD Program  
19ZA Boerger1Eagle & Flag; redrsc 
20ZAHalinski, Rich12009  
21..ZARVD1Signed "RVD-AO" bottom right of cachet  
22ZASTAN1 hdn hpd 
23ZAUnknown1UNK01; sticker of seaplane, on eBay by dlposner61 200803  
24ZAUnknown1UNK02; eBay, Uncledenden 2009pci 
25ZAUnknown1UNK03; on eBay by Uncledenden, 2009pci 
26ZAUnknown1UNK04; on eBay by Jerry's Covers 9/2011pci 
29ZAWebcraft3c2010, not dated on back; reported by JRC