Sc. C77 .09 Delta Wing; 5/15/1971; Kitty Hawk, NC12/15/2015
1 Albers Cache1USPS logo; red; Combo C045  
2  Albers Cache2blue text; airmail envelope  
3..  Anderson Historical Envelopes1black  
4 Anderson Historical Envelopes1red  
5 Animated Covers1 hcd 
6.. Aristocrats1black  
7 Artcraft1black  
8 Artmaster1black; post card, not known on envelope  
9 Artopages1blue red  
10 Bazaar1black red  
11..  Cachet Craft1Does it exist?  
12 Colonial Cachets1black blue; card stock  
13 Cover Craft Cachets1   
14 Crow, Virgil1black blue red  
15 David 'C' Cachets1'016' rubberstamped on reversehcd 
16 Fleetwood Cover Service1   
17 House of Farnam1   
18.. Jackson1   
19..  Kolor Kover1   
20..  Marg1   
21  Ron Myers Cachets1blue  
22 Ross Foil1pasted foil color label; SFpas 
23 Sarzin Metallic1   
24  Trans World Airlines, Inc.1PPC  
25 Unknown1UNK02; on card; airmail border  
26..  USPO3Souvenir Page; Souvenir Page  
27..JP-02JONAL Art Covers1Fire Service 16
28MC1USPO1 blue; with uncacheted UXC10; 6x9; FD Program  
29MC1 USPO1blue; with cacheted UXC10 FDC (See Unknown 02) without border; 6x9; inside  
30MC1USPO1blue; with uncacheted UXC10; 6x9; inside; FD Program  
31MC2USPO2black on ochre; 6x9; FD Program  
32MC2USPO2black on ochre; 6x9; inside; FD Program  
33MC2USPO2black on ochre; 6x9; NON-FDOI with sheetlet of Unknown 02 cachet.; FD Program  
34PPCColourPicture1P64890; Outer Banks of NC, Wright Flyer Reproduction; PPC  
36PPCElizabeth City News Company1Wright Memorial Visitos Center and 1903 Camp Buildings; PPC  
37PPCUnknown1UNK01; on card  
38..ZABen Kraft1Man and Boy flying paper airplaneshdn hpd