Sc. C45 .06 Wright Brothers; 12/17/1947; Kitty Hawk, NC12/15/2015
1..M001Adler, Gladys1 hdn hpd 
2M002Anderson Historical Envelopes1black  
3M002Anderson Historical Envelopes1blue  
4M002Anderson Historical Envelopes1red; HC  
5M003Aristocrats1black; MC  
7M004 Artcraft1blackhcd 
8..M004 Artcraft1Joseph Davidson on flap  
9M004Artcraft1UO Kill Devil Hills, NC; Unofficial; KHC4 AM  
11M005Artmaster1Autographed: Jim Bell ????, Director of Stamps; A. W. Drinkwater, Telegraph Operator, Manteo, NC; Telegraphed First Flight message in 1903; H. M. Baum, Postmaster, Kitty Hawk, NC; R. E. Fellers, Deputy Assistant Postmaster General.; Autograph  
12M006Cachet Craft1blue silver  
13M007Cachet Craft2multicolored  
14M008Cachet Craft1blue red  
15M009Fred Chambers Gold Bond Cover, A1SF  
16M010Detroit-Ludwig1TA to Ludwig  
17M011House of Farnam1   
18M012Fleetwood Cover Service1black  
19..M012Fleetwood Cover Service1blackhcd 
20M013Fluegel Cover1multicolored  
21M014Fulton1green; TA  
22M015Grimsland, Henry1TA  
23M015Grimsland, Henry1UO Kill Devil Hills, NC; am KHC4  
24M016Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1   
25..M017 Knapp, Dorothy1 hdn hpd 
26M018Kolor Kover1   
27..M019Fidelity Stamp Company1black  
28M020Pent Arts1red; airmail envelope; Size 10  
29M020 Pent Arts1red; airmail envelope; Size 10; PB4 HC UA  
30M020Pent Arts1red; airmail envelope; Size 6; B4  
31..M021Pent Arts2red; airmail envelope; Size 10  
32M021Pent Arts2red; airmail envelope; Size 6; B4  
33M021Pent Arts2red; green-yellow dots envelope; Size 10; Special Delivery; HC  
34..M022Pent Arts3red; airmail envelope; Size 10  
35M022Pent Arts3red; airmail envelope; Size 6; B4  
36M022Pent Arts3red; green-yellow dots envelope; Size 10; Special Delivery; HC  
37M023Pent Arts4red; airmail envelope; Size 10  
38M023Pent Arts4red; airmail envelope; Size 6; B4  
39M023Pent Arts4red; green-yellow dots envelope; Size 10; Special Delivery; HC  
40M024Pent Arts5red; airmail envelope; Size 10  
41M024Pent Arts5red; airmail envelope; Size 6; B4  
42M025aSanders, Michael1blue red, red side text *below* banners  
43M025aSanders, Michael1blue red, red side text *below* banners; UO Kill Devil Hills, NC; Unofficial; KHC4 am  
44M025bSanders, Michael2blue red; red text shifted up - planes in banner  
45M026Sanders, Michael4Souvenir Card; brown green red; FDOI; HC  
46M026Sanders, Michael5Souvenir Card; brown blue red; UO Kill Devil Hills, NC; Unofficial; AM KHC4  
48..M027Smartcraft1black; hand-coloredhcd 
49M028Winston-Salem Philatelic Society, The1black; First; TA  
50M029Wright, William N.1iahdn hpd 
51..M030 Unknown1   
52M031Dayton Philatelic Society1green red; 2nd Day Dayton, OH; First; MC PM  
53M031Dayton Philatelic Society1green red; UO Dayton, OH; First; TA  
54..MC1 USPO1black; 5.5x9; FD Program  
55NIMAero Club of Washington1black on business stationary; Size 7; First; MC  
56NIMBennett, Ira1   
57NIMCachet Craft1gray; Ludwig Staehle  
58NIMCachet Craft2red; Ludwig Staehle  
59..NIMCapitol Airlines1Size 10; Airmail Envelope; First  
60..NIMCapitol Airlines2Size 10; Airmail Envelope; Flown from Kill Devil Hills to Elizabeth City by helicopter, thence via Capitol Airlines; Signed by; First  
61..NIMCarolinian, The1The Carolinian, Nags Head, NC; First; First  
62NIMCollier's1black blue gray; Size 7 envelope; First; MC TA SF  
63NIMCrosby, Walter G.1Wright Flyer photo; blue red; airmail envelope; TA  
64..NIMDayton Chamber of Commerce, The1UO Dayton, OH; First; One Time; Unofficial/First; MC PM  
65NIMFidelity Stamp Company1red; like M019 with 'Kitty Hawk, N. C.' below in blue  
66NIMGeorge, C.1black redthm 
67NIM George, C.1blue redthm 
68..NIMGeorge, C.1red bluethm 
69NIMGeorge, C.2red bluethm 
70..NIMGeorge, C.2red greenthm 
71NIMGrandy, Winfred Milton1blue red  
72..NIMHoran, Dr. Joseph C.1First; First  
73..NIMKnapp, Dorothy2 hdn hpd 
74..NIMKnapp, Dorothy3 hdn hpd 
75..NIMLinto, William S.1  18
76NIMMann, Verna1black bluehdn 
77NIMMann, Verna2 hdn 
78NIMMann, Verna3 hdn 
79..NIMMaul, Herman R.1 hdn hpd 
80NIMMeisel, Henry Otto1purple; TA  
81..NIMMetropolitan Airmail Cover Club1gold; First  
82NIMMetropolitan Airmail Cover Club1red; First  
83NIMNix, Louis G.1   
84NIMNorth Carolina News Bureau1black; Size 10 airmail envelope; with enclosure; First; MC TA  
85NIMPorter, Howard G.1red two-line text; pra  
86NIMReid, Clarence E.1Favor Card  
87NIMRiemann, Charles H.1red 25
88NIMSanders, Michael3   
89NIMSpartan1blue red; RSA  
90NIMUnknown1UNK02; purple  
91NIMUnknown1UNK03; red; UO Kill Devil Hills, NC; Unofficial; SF KHC4 amrsc 
92..NIMUnknown1UNK04; McCusker says made by S. Krober, which is the addresseehdn 
94NIMUnknown1UNK06; Probably not a late 20th century add-ontyp hdn 
95..NIMUnknown1UNK08; McCusker 03/2011hdn hcd 
96NIM Unknown1UNK09; Addressed to Robert Charbonneau, Seattle, WA; Size 7 envelope; MC IAhdn hpd 
97..NIMUnknown1UNK12; on card  
98..NIMUnknown1UNK13; Probably S. Kroberhdn 
99..NIMUnknown1UNK15-01; Luggage label for BOAC pasted on with FDOI cancel tieing it to the envelope.pcl 
100..NIMUnknown1UNK15-02; Luggage label for BOAC pasted on with FDOI cancel tieing it to the envelope.pcl 
101NIMVon Ohlen, William J.1Image of plane is a sheetlet over the cachet hinged on back side.prn pas 
102NIMWright, William N.2Variety to M29hpd 
103NIMCC Eastern Air Lines1Size 10 Airmail envelope; BCC; MC PA  
104NIMCCQuaker Oats Company1Corner Card; The Quaker Oats Company, Sherman, TX; CC  
105..NIMCCRoger Smith Hotel1Stamford, CT; BCC  
106NIMCCUSPO Postmaster General17.5x5; with signed letter from PMG; BCC  
107NIMGPBoston City Club Philatelic Group1black; GP  
108..NIMGPCachet Craft1Cachet for C025a M9; GP  
109NIMGPDahlem, Richard C.1red on blank postcard; GP; MC RSA  
110NIMGPFidelity Stamp Company2Postman and plane; blue; GP  
111NIMGP Minkus, Jacques1WWII Patriotic: Look To The Future; GP; MC TA  
112NIMGP Minkus, Jacques2WWII Patriotic: Freedom...; GP; MC TA  
113NIMGP Minkus, Jacques3WWII Patriotic: Let There Be Light; GP; MC TA  
114NIMGP Minkus, Jacques4WWII Patriotic: Our Pledge; GP; MC TA  
115NIMGP Minkus, Jacques5WWII Patriotic: Ramparts We Watch; GP; MC TA  
116NIMGP Minkus, Jacques6WWII Patriotic: Heroic Past / Glorious Future; GP; MC TA  
117NIMGPNeare, Harvey1Eagle; Size 5 card stock; GP; RSA  
118NIMGPUnknown1UNK07; Airmail/plane & printed red 'FIRST DAY / COVER'; Airmail envelope; GP; RSA to Fred Lewisrsc 
119..NIMGPUnknown1UNK10; Christmas theme; GP  
120..NIMGPUnknown1UNK11; Christmas theme; GP  
121..NIMGPUnknown1UNK15; Possibly addressee - Kenneth Triem of Tinley Park, IL; GPrsc 
122NIMGPVan Dahl Publications1green, orange; Globe with text; GP  
123NIMGPWest Coast Airlines1Advertising airmail envelope; blue orange; GP; LA  
124NIMNFDPostmasters of America1NON-FDOI; Collector's Card with mint stamp; c1990s; Esoterica  
125NIMPCAsheville Post Card Company145398: Wright Monument; UO Kill Devil Hills, NC; PPC UO  
126NIMZAAshley, Don W.1c2004; RSA  
127NIMZAAshley, Don W.2c2012; RSA  
128NIMZABen Kraft1RSAhdn hpd 
129NIMZAHalinski, Rich1c2004; RSA  
130NIMZAHalinski, Rich2c2004; RSA  
131NIMZAHalinski, Rich3c2009  
132NIMZAHalinski, Rich4c2014  
133NIMZAHalinski, Rich5c2014  
134NIMZAHalinski, Rich6c2015  
135..NIMZAHenriques, E. J.1c0000hdn hpd 
136NIMZAHobo Art Cachets1c2005pci 
137NIMZAMurphy, Lori1Listed on eBay by RKA Covers, 2009hdn 
138NIMZAUnknown1UNK01; black; on ebay by RKA 2002pci 
139NIMZAUnknown1UNK14; Copy of Judith Fogt hdn hpd Add-On cachet; purchased from Jerry's Covers 11/2011pcl 
141..UNCUncacheted1Dual FDOI and UO Dayton, OH; Signed by Kitty Hawk, NC and Dayton, OH Postmasters; eBay scahrraihs 9/2011; Unofficial; MC/KHC0  
142..UNCUncacheted1Unknown Preparer; Combo 649, 650, C10, C10ax, C38, C42, C43, C44 on UC17 envelope  
143..UNCUncacheted2Unknown Preparer; Combo 649, 650, C10, C10ax, C38, C42, C43, C44 on UC17 envelope; UO Dayton, OH; Unofficial; KHC