Sc. 4705 .45 O. Henry; 9/11/2012; Greensboro, NC12/15/2015
1 6 Degrees1   
2 Alternative Cachets1   
3 American First Day Cover Society1Signed BING/FM/AFDCS; HC 10
4 American First Day Cover Society2Signed CEC/FM/AFDCS; DCP 10
5 Armstrong Cachets1 hfd hcd5
6 Artcraft1   
7 Artopages1   
8 Austin, TX Post Office1Single Page Ceremony Program for FDOS; Produced by the Post Office 100
9 Barnnie132 pound heavy weight acid free paper; S/O - John White made (4) facsimiles and had them serviced (noted on back) 3
10 Boardman, Lyle1FDOS Austin, TX; Combo USSR #2635 27
11 Boardman, Lyle2FDOS Austin, TX; Image of USSR #2635 at bottom 10
12 Boardman, Lyle3FDOS Austin, TX; Custom stamp design with Austin, TX skyline as the background with reference to the annual O. Henry Pun-Off Champonships 2
13 Boardman, Lyle4FDOS Austin, TX; Picture of stamp unveiling at the FODM; Austin Postmaster Fina Morales and FODM Clay Leben 5
14.. Boardman, Lyle5FDOS Austin, TX; Picture of selling FODM covers on the First Day Of Sale; Clay Leben (FODM) and Barbara Pokorny (Austin Public Service Coordinator); Sold Out as of 02/2013 3
15 cagarts1Original artwork; water color; hand-drawn and painted; HChdn hpd1
16 cagarts1Originally hand-painted, then printed, and assembled; BHChfd60
17 Calle, Chris1  30
18.. Calle, Chris2DCP 30
19.. Calle, Chris3  15
20.. Calle, Chris4  15
21.. CL Cachets1   
22.. Collins1 hpd 
23 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1   
24 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1Combo #1581, #1644  
25 Compuchet1DCP 10
26 Curtis, Dave1 lwb22
27 Curtis, Dave2 lwb28
28  Delgado, Charlie1ACE #20; FDOS Elyria, OH and UO Elyria, OH; paste-on of two paragraphs on back of the O. Henry sheets; Unofficial; PHC / USPS CDShfd pas 
29 Doris Gold Cachets1Hand-drawn then printedpcl hfd91
30 FDCUSA1 hfd75
31 FDCUSA1Combo #1644, #3444, and image of USSR #2635; Combination; BHChfd18
32 FDCUSA1Dual FDOI and UO Asheville, NC Downtown Station; Unofficial; HC / USPS CDShfd37
33 FDCUSA1UO Southern Pines, NC; Unofficial; USPS CDShfd14
34 FDCUSA2Enlarged image of stamp; BHChfd14
35 FDCUSA3Overall cachet of North Carolina map with Greensboro in the traditional cachet area; HChfd20
36 FDCUSA4William as a young child and cradle; MChfd18
37 FDCUSA5School house William attended up to age 15; MChfd18
38 FDCUSA6Stories of The Old Land Office; MChfd17
39 FDCUSA7The Gift of the Magi; MChfd18
40 FDCUSA8Picture of FD Ceremony at Greensboro Historical Museum; BHChfd19
41 Friends of the O. Henry & Dickinson Museums1Color; FDOS Austin, TX; 127  
42 Friends of the O. Henry & Dickinson Museums2B/W; FDOS Austin, TX 98
43 Gelvin, Dennis J.1UO Olympia, WA; ACE #393; Unofficial; USPS CDS 25
44  Gelvin, Dennis J.2USPS Sales Receipt for purchase of #4705 Stamps from Olympia, WA; UO Olympia, WA; Unofficial; USPS CDS 1
45 Greensboro Historical Museum, NC1Size 10; Produced for GHM by Colorano Silk  
46 Greensboro Historical Museum, NC2FDOI in booklet; "O. HENRY LIVED HERE", by Earley Winfred Bridges, published 1962; Serviced by John White; Esoterica 1
47  Greensboro Historical Museum, NC311" x 17" Poster printed on both sides for the 150th Birthday Celebration of O. Henry in Greensboro - Fall 2012. Image to come.; John serviced (5) at the FDOI Ceremony, and did not see anyone else doing so!; Esoterica 5
48 Greensboro Public Library, NC1Hand-Bill provided at GHM on the First Day; serviced by John White; Esoterica 5
49 HNLP Supercachet1Oversized envelope 80
50 Hobby Link1DCP 10
51 Hobby Link2DCP 10
52  JF (Frankiewicz)1   
53.. JVC Cachets1   
54.. JVC Cachets2   
55.. JVC Cachets3   
56 Kendal Cachets2November 2014 Kendal Cachets bulletin with page for #4705hpd1
57 Laughing Elephant Publishing1FDOI in book; "THE GIFT OF THE MAGI"; re-print by; sold by GHM on First Day; Serviced by John White; Esoterica 1
58  Martin, John F.1The Cisco Kid; with enclosure; ACE #343 60
59 Navy Covers1Featuring the ship named after O.Henry; SS O'Henry  
60 NBC Cachets1   
61 Norwood Cachet1  5
62 O. Henry Hotel1color brochure serviced by Eric Wile; Esoterica  
63 O. Henry Hotel2brochure serviced by Eric Wile; Esoterica  
64 O. Henry Magazine1Page from magazine; serviced by Eric Wile; Esoterica  
65 O. Henry Magazine2Page from magazine; serviced by Eric Wile; Esoterica  
66 RLB1  30
67 Sand Key Cachets1S/O - John White made (5) facsimiles and had them serviced (noted on back) 5
68 Therome Cachets1DCP 50
69 Toad Hall Covers1   
70 USA Cachets1   
71 USPS1FD Program; FD Program  
72 USPS2FD Program Envelope; FD Program  
73.. USPS3Commemorative Panel; Commemorative Panel  
74 USPS4Deck Card from Distribution Pack; (1) serviced by John White; others may have made as well.  
75 Vintry House1   
76 Washburn, James Tecumseh1UO White River Junction, VT; Unofficial  
77 Wile Cachets1   
78 Wile Cachets2   
79 Wile Cachets3   
80 Wile Cachets4   
81 Wile Cachets5   
82 Wile Cachets6   
83 Wilson, Steve1  50
84GP American First Day Cover Society3Bald Eagle; UO Annapolis Junction, MD; CDS  
85GP American First Day Cover Society4Flag/Capitol; UO Annapolis Junction, MD; CDS  
86GP Robert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCSRobert C. Graebner Chapter 17, AFDCS1UWS Eagle Shield; UO Annapolis Junction, MD; CDS  
87K602Kendal Cachets1Painted 11/2014; 150 made; 148-150 are 'color studies'hpd150
88K602-AFDCS Kendal Cachets1AFDCS varietyhpd1
89K602-AP Kendal Cachets1Artist's Proofhpd10
90K602-BWKendal Cachets1black; Kendal stated he keeps a few extra unpainted on-hand just in case, and some people buy it unpainted at $10 each 10
91K602-CB Kendal Cachets1"Coffee Break"hpd1