Sc. 2264 .205 Fire Engine, Coil; 9/28/1988; San Angelo, TX12/15/2015
1 AJS1hand-folded envelopehfd 
2.. Anagram Hand Colored Cachets1Combo 0971hcd161
3 Animated Covers1 hcd 
4.. Aristocrats1black  
5 Artcraft1red/maroon  
6 Artmaster1black red  
7 Artmaster1PNS5 #1; Combo #1908 PNS5 #10; Combination  
8 Ashland Stamp & Coin Club1 hcd49
9 ATLPS1(ATLPS), Steam Engine; MC LARhpd 
10 ATLPS2(ATLPS), 1980's Mack Pumper; MC LARhpd 
11 Bayless, William H.1red  
12 Bell Cachets1Battlecreek Fire Dept, MI  
13 Bell Cachets2Chattanooga Fire Dept, TN  
14.. Bennett Cachetoons1   
15 Brookman Limited Edition1imprint on Farnam cachet; cream envelope  
16.. Bruce, Jo Ann1Origin of scan unknownhdn hpd6
17 Bruce, Jo Ann2Similar to C1, but lettering at bottom is very distinct with like letters identical in shape. Insert from Jo Ann stating "PNC #1 / 2nd cover of 5 . Strip of 3".hpd 
18 Bruce, Jo Ann2Similar to C1, but lettering at bottom is very distinct with like letters identical in shape. Insert from Jo Ann stating "PNC #1 / 2nd cover of 5 . Strip of 3".hpd5
19.. Bullseye Covers1black  
20 C & C Covers1 hfd hpd20
21 California Vehicle Foundation1   
22  Citris Area Stamp Association1FDOI on Event - Inverness, FL Citrex Station; Combo #1908; PHC  
23.. Coin 4 Cachets1 hfd hcd45
24 Collins1 hpd 
25 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1s3 PNC #1  
26 Colorano "Silk" Cachet2Maxi-Card  
27 Computer Cachets, Inc.1black; green envelope; with initialspcm 
28 Computer Cachets, Inc.1black; mustard envelope; with initialspcm 
29 Computer Cachets, Inc.1black; pink envelope; with initialspcm 
30 Computer Cachets, Inc.2black; blue envelope; without initialspcm 
31 Computer Cachets, Inc.2black; mustard envelope; without initialspcm 
32 Computer Cachets, Inc.3black; pink envelope; without initialspcm 
33  Concho Valley Stamp Club1   
34 Concho Valley Stamp Club1black; First  
35  Concho Valley Stamp Club1red; First  
36 Concho Valley Stamp Club2red; Size 7 envelope  
37 Cover Craft Cachets1CCC Imprint on Farnam cachet  
38.. dhc Cachet1 hdn hcd143
39 Doback, A. C.172a 20
40.. Doback, A. C.272b 20
41..  Doback, A. C.372c 20
42 Doback, A. C.472d 6
43 DRC1blackhpd 
44 DRC1black  
45 DRC2Combo 0971  
46 DRC3 hpd9
47 EPM1 hpd20
48.. Fire Ball Club of New York1by Colorano for FBC,NY  
49 Fleetwood Cover Service1   
50.. Fleetwood Cover Service2Proof Card  
51 Fleetwood Cover Service3Maximum Card  
52.. Fogt, Judith1Newham 4th Size Hand Pumper, c1730hdn hpd1
53..  Fogt, Judith21926 American LaFrance Pumperhdn hpd 
54 Gamm Covers1red  
55 Geerlings, Frans M.1Ahrens Fox Pumperhpd97
56 Gerwitz, Paul1Hand-made envelope & hand-colored; slight color varieties exist; JW - RENAME COVER SLEEVEhfd hcd 
57 Gill Craft11927 Fire Engine  
58..  Gill Craft2   
59 Glass, D.1Size 7 envelope 4
60 Glass, D.2Size 7 envelope 7
61.. Glass, D.3eBay, 09/2012, postmaster662  
62 Glen Cachet1   
63  Glenn Hartley Cachets1red; 1913 Model AC 516 - Ahrens Fox Engine Co.; with 2128; HC 200
64 Gulf Coast FDC Group1Ahrens Fox Enginehcd 
65.. H. N. Local Post1 hfd hcd 
66 Haas, Douglas1Fire Engine; blackhfd30
67 Haas, Douglas2Fire Scene; blackhfd30
68  Haas, Douglas3Fire Scene; blackhfd hpd30
69 HAM Cachets1UO Veribest, TX, marked 71/180 on back; Unofficialhpd180
70 HAM Cachets2UO Paint Rock, TX, marked 98/125 on back; Unofficialhpd125
71..  HM (Mezzack)1Steamer pulled by two horseshpd143
72 House of Farnam1   
73 Hudeck, Gary1 hfd hcd25
74 JLP Cachet1Ahrens Fox 143
75 K.M.C. Venture1black red; rescuing woman out of window; Combo 1908  
76..  K.M.C. Venture2black red; fighting fire from outside buildinghcd 
77 K.M.C. Venture2black red; fighting fire from outside building; Combo 0971  
78 Karoline's Cachets1 hpd55
79 Key Kachets1black redthm 
80 Kribbs' Kover1Plain envelopehdn hpd48
81 Kribbs' Kover2Airmail envelopehdn hpd 
82..  Law, Blair1   
83 LMG1 hpd50
84  Long Island Cover Society1black/red, hand-colored by Unknown; use of #2096 cachet; by LICS?; Combination; HChcd 
85 LRC1red  
86..  Maran, DeBaun1blue; Steamer with two FF's running alongside (Flory)  
87..  McDanel, Joseph1fire shield; First  
88..  McDanel, Joseph2small illustration bottom left and return address (?); First  
89 Mitchell, Lee1s5 PNC #1hpd100
90.. Mitchell, Lee1black; not hand-painted  
91 Mitchell, Lee1color variety; s5 PNC #1hpd100
92 Mitchell, Lee1color variety; s5 PNC #1hpd100
93..  New England Fire Museum1red sticker  
94..  New England Fire Museum2Pamphlet from museum  
95 O'Connell, J.1Fire Engine in front of Ladder No. 3hpd98
96 Old John's Covers1 hfd hcd60
97 Panda Cachets1black/red  
98 PhilaSpec1blackhfd 
99 PhilaSpec1black; reversehfd 
100..  Piszkiewicz, Leonard1black; modern pumper, FF's & Engines on back  
101 Pointe Cachets1UO Phoenix, AZ Osborn Station; Unofficial; USPS CDShpd21
102 Postal Commemorative Society1black  
103..  Postal Commemorative Society2Golden Replica; Size 7  
104 Pugh1#8863a, with enclosurehpd169
105 Quadracolorplus1Paste-on  
106  Redondo Beach Fire Department2Post Card  
107 Reid, Clarence E.1black text 20
108..  Ron Myers Cachets1   
109..  Rossman1Burning buildings, firefighters, red Ahrens Fox Pumperhpd 
110 Royal Hawaiian Rails1black; 1912 Parade in Honolulu  
111 Royal Hawaiian Rails2photograph paste-onpas 
112 RPM Cachet1 hpd50
113  RVS1MC UAhdn hpd12
114..  RW Cachets1black/red; Fire Extinguisher, Alarm Box, and Hose  
115 Samuel Gompers Stamp Club1enclosure card  
116 Samuel Gompers Stamp Club1red  
117  Smartcraft1#971 Smartcraft cachet hpd with dual FDOI #2264 and Combo #971, #1908hpd 
118  Smith (Jim)1black on dark red hand-crafted envelopehfd20
119 SOS Covers1   
120..  Sugarman1red; Dalmation on rug, FF pulling hose from hydrant (Flory)  
121.. Tatte, Stan1ebay sasbear 2004; First  
122 TMW1by Judith Fogt; 29 with Coil Pairhpd161
123 Tossman Cachets1 hpd120
124..  Totten, Stan1Firsthpd 
125 Tudor House1   
126 Tudor House1reverse  
127  Turner, Geo.1Mini FDC; Combo 1908; Combination  
128  Turner, Geo.2Dual FDOI on Event - Somerville, NJ West End Host Co #3 100th Anniversary; PHC HCprn pas 
129  Turner, Geo.3Combo 0971, 1908prn pas 
130  Turner, Geo.4Mini FDC; text and black illustration of stamp; CPprn hfd 
131 Turner, Geo.5Text and black illustration of stamp; Dual UO Los Angeles_CA SMC and San Angelo_TX_USPS CDS; pink envelope; Unofficialprn hfd 
132 Turner, Geo.6Mini FDC; Photo Fire Station Traffic Sign; UO Los Angeles_CA WPC Tour 2 Station; Combo #1908; Unofficial; USPS CDSprn pas 
133 Turner, Geo.7Photo Fire Station Traffic Sign; On U565 Transpo envelopeprn pas 
134 Turner, Geo.8Photo Fire Station Traffic Sign; Combo #971, #1908; with 500 ct Coil Roll stickerprn pas 
135.. Turner, Geo.9Photo of Old Number 5; PNS3 #1 with #1908 PNS3 #?prn pas 
136  Unknown1UNK02; Chicago Fire 65th Anniversary (1936); Strip 5, Plate #1  
137  Unknown1UNK02; Chicago Fire 65th Anniversary; Cachet printed on Event 10/09/1936 Chicago, IL with FDOI  
138  USPS2Souvenir Page; Souvenir Page  
139..  Valpex '841by Colorano for Valpex  
140..  Valpex '842Show Program  
141 Van Natta, George R.1 hpd143
142..  Westeek Cachets1black, tan envelope; two drawings of stamps overlapping (Flory)  
143  Western Cachets1   
144..CC American Museum of Firefighting1black; Hudson, NY; BCC  
145..CC Buffalo, NY Fire Department1Buffalo, NY; black; BCC  
146..CC Fire Mutual Aid & Tran....1Onongaga City, NY; need full name (Flory); BCC  
147..CC Fireman's Home, NY1Picture of home; location? (Flory); BCC  
148..CC Lawrence Fire & Credit Union1(location?); BCC  
149..CC Moyer's Corners Fire Department1black; Clay, NY; (Flory); BCC  
150..CC Munnsville Volunteer Fire Department1black; Munnsville, NY; BCC  
151..CC Nyack Fire Department1black; Nyack, NY; BCC  
152..CC Protection Engine Company No. 11Fishkill, NY; red; large red fire helmet (Flory); BCC  
153..CC Protection Engine Company No. 12Fishkill, NY; black; ? (Flory); BCC  
154..CC Protection Engine Company No. 13Fishkill, NY; black; ? (Flory); BCC  
155CCRedondo Beach Fire Department1Combo; Size 7; CC  
156..CC Rombout Fire Company1Fishkill, NY; brown; ? (Flory); BCC  
157CCSan Angelo Fire Fighters Asociation1Signed by Postmaster; Size 7; CC  
158CCSan Antonio Fire Department1Combo; Size 7; CC  
159..CC St. Lucie City Fire District1Fort Pierce, FL; BCC  
160..MC1 USPS1FD Program; multicolor; 9x6; FD Program 2500
161..PPC Americana Cards1Greeting Card, Manual & Steam Pumpers with Firehouse; PPC  
162PPC Green, Bill1Officer's Quarters No. 4 at Fort Concho, Texas; c1970; UO San Angelo, TX MPO; Unofficial; USPS CDS  
163PPC Green, Bill2Officer's Quarters No. 9 at Fort Concho, Texas; c1970; UO Los Angeles, CA WPC Tour 2; Unofficial; USPS CDS  
164..PPC U.S. Forestry Service1poster on tree, Smokey tipping hat; PPC  
165..PPC U.S. Forestry Service2poster on tree, Doe, Campers, Lake; PPC  
166PPC Walt Disney Productions1Sleeping Beauty Castle with Engine No. 5 in forefront; 01110471  
167ZABaker, Kenneth1c2009; listed on eBay by RKA Covershdn hpd 
168ZABaker, Kenneth2c2009; listed on eBay by RKA Covershdn hpd 
169ZABaker, Kenneth3c2009; listed on eBay by RKA Covershdn hpd 
170..ZA Fogt, Judith3Firefighter pulling hoseline from pumper & FF w/axehdn hpd 
171..ZAFox, Melissa1 hdn hpd 
172ZAFox, Melissa2 hdn hpd 
173..ZAFox, Melissa3 hdn hpd1
174ZAFox, Melissa4Marked "#16" on backhdn hpd 
175ZAGeerlings, Frans M.2 hdn hpd1
176ZAGrusz1Sold by McCusker, c2006hdn1
177ZAGrusz2Sold by McCusker, c2006hdn1
178ZAJerry's Covers1c2012pci 
179ZAJerry's Covers2c2012pci 
180ZAJerry's Covers3c2012pci 
181ZAJerry's Covers4c2012pci 
182ZAJerry's Covers5c2012pci 
183ZAJerry's Covers62013pci 
184ZAUnknown1UNK01; On eBay by dlposner61, 05/2011pci 
185..ZAUnknown1UNK04; BidStart, 09/2011, historicalcoverage