Sc. 2128 .083 Ambulance, Coil; 6/21/1985; Reno, NV12/15/2015
1.. Agris Medical Cachets1   
2 Alexander, George A.1brown; Image of Civil War era ambulance  
3  Alexander, George A.1brown; Image of Civil War era ambulance; with #2124hcd 
4 Alexander, George A.2brown; Image of Civil War era ambulance; with #2124  
5 Alexander, George A.3brown; Image of Civil War era ambulance; with #2124  
6 Alexander, George A.4green; St Charles Livery & Sales Stables; with #2128  
7 Alexander, George A.5green; Chas. S. Caffrey Carriages; with #2128  
8 Alexander, George A.6green; F. G. Crossman; with #2128  
9 Alexander, George A.7green; Harvey S. Chew Livery Stables; with #2128  
10 American Postal Arts Society1   
11 Animated Covers1 hcd 
12 Anon E. Mouse1UO Reno, NV Nevpex-Topex 1985; with 2124; Unofficial; PHC 156
13 Aristocrats1with #2124 pair  
14 Artcraft1black  
15 Artmaster1Combo 1190 1699; Combination  
16 Artmaster1slate green  
17 Bayless, William H.1green; with 2124thm 
18 Beck, Edith1 hdn6
19.. Beery, Charles1with 2124; label on back reads 146/180hdn hcd180
20.. Beery, Charles1with 2124; label on back reads 146/180 ????? ; reversehdn hcd180
21 Bundy, Dorthea1brown; serviced with various transporation coils to make current rate  
22.. California Ambulance Association1GP on postcard; blue; UO Rescue, CA; Unofficial; USPO CDS  
23  California Ambulance Association1GP on postcard; blue; UO Rescue, CA; Unofficial; KHC4 AM  
24 Carol Gordon Cachets1#109 30
25 Carol Gordon Cachets2#109; Combo 0949 1181; Combination  
26 Carol Gordon Cachets3#109; UO Rescue, CA; KHC4 am 20
27.. Ciccolella, Anthony1Text only running bottom to top - 'TRANSPORTATION 1985'; silver; Combo 2123 2124 2126 2130 2131 2132 2133 2134; Combinationhld10
28 Coin 4 Cachets1black red; Ambulancehfd hcd40
29 Coin 4 Cachets2Combo 2124hfd40
30 Collins1with 2124; HChpd43
31 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1   
32  Cover Expo1 hcd 
33  Cover Expo2With 2124; UO Reno NV Nevpex-Topex Station; PHC  
34 DRC1Combo 2124; Resembles the Nostalgia line, which are Add-Ons  
35 Fleetwood Cover Service1Cover  
36 Fleetwood Cover Service2Proof Card  
37 Fleetwood Cover Service3Maximum Card  
38 Gamm Covers1   
39 Gamm Covers1by Hiram Swindallhpd 
40 Gamm Covers1UO Rescue, CA; Unofficial; AM KHC4  
41.. Gamm Covers1UO Western Springs, IL; Unofficial  
42 Geerlings, Frans M.1First Day is #2128; Cachet artwork is for Motorcycle stamp issued 10/10/1983! Incorrect cachet for FDOI; Combinationhdn hpd1
43 Gill Craft11884 Ambulance  
44 Gill Craft11884 Ambulance; Combo; Combination  
45.. Gill Craft1UO Rescue, CA; Combo #1910; Unofficial; KHC4 AM  
46 H. N. Local Post1  50
47  HFB1Item #T139; purple, black 60
48  HFB1Item #T140; blue, green, black 45
49 House of Farnam1   
50 House of Farnam1UO Rescue, CA; Unofficial; AM KHC4  
51..  JLP Cachet1Not confirmed  
52 K.M.C. Venture1   
53 K.M.C. Venture1Combo #985  
54 Karen's Cachets1 hpd100
55  Kauer, Don1 hfd 
56 Kauer, Don1Combo 2128ahfd 
57 Kribbs' Kover1 hdn15
58  Nevada Stamp Study Society1UO Reno, NV Nevpex-Topex Station; brown; with #2124; Signed by Stamp Designer James Schleyr; PHC 156
59  Nevada Stamp Study Society2UO Reno, NV Nevpex-Topex Station; blue; with #2124; Signed by Stamp Designer James Schleyr; Unofficial; PHC  
60  Nevada Stamp Study Society3UO Reno, NV Nevpex-Topex Station; blue/brown; with #2124; Signed by Stamp Designer James Schleyr; Unofficial; PHC  
61  Nussenbaum, Seymour1One of One Made 1
62 Paslay Classic1 hpd100
63.. Piszkiewicz, Leonard1three-color silk screensks 
64 Piszkiewicz, Leonard1three-color silk screen; Dual FDOI & UO Rescue, CA; HC, KHC0sks 
65  Piszkiewicz, Leonard1three-color silk screen; UO Western Springs, IL; KHC0sks 
66 Piszkiewicz, Leonard2UO Western Springs, IL; Unofficial; KHC0prn 
67 Postal Commemorative Society1   
68..  Postal Commemorative Society2Golden Replica; Size 7  
69 Pugh1Combo #1190hpd45
70 Quadracolorplus1Rear view of ambulance on battlefieldpas 
71 Reid, Clarence E.1green 40
72 Ron Myers Cachets1s3  
73  Schleyer, James1UO Reno, NV Nevpex-Topex 1985; signed by Schleyer, stamp & cachet designer; Unofficial; PHC  
74 Schleyer, James2blue on gray envelope; Signed by James Schleyer  
75.. Schleyer, James3Full color card  
76 SOS Covers1green 45
77.. TF Cachets1Air-brushedhdn hpd1
78.. TMW1on cream envelopehpd 
79 TMW2on card stockhpd100
80 Tudor House1   
81.. Turner, Geo.1Photos of military jeep ambulance; UO Reno, NV Nevpex-Topex Station; PHCprn pas 
82 Turner, Geo.2Photos of military jeep ambulance and buckboard; Plate Number coil line pairs of 2124 and 2128.prn pas 
83 Unknown1UNK01; Coil Line Pair in middle, typed 'cachet' lower left  
84 Unknown1UNK02  
85  Unknown1UNK02; FDOI on 2124; UO on 2128 Reno, NV Nevpex-Topex Station; HC; PHChfd 
86.. Unknown1UNK02; UO Reno, NV Topex Station; Unofficial; PHC  
87.. Unknown1UNK04; 2124 & 2128  
88  Unknown1UNK05; Civil War Patriotic envelope  
89  Unknown1UNK06; card stock; FDOI on 2128/2124; UO on 2128/2124 Reno, NV Nevpex-Topex Station; HC; PHC  
90  Unknown1UNK06; card stock; with 2124; Combo 1248; HC; BHC  
91  Unknown1UNK07; "Lucky Buck Coupon"; Holiday Hotel Casino, paste-on; with 2124pas 
92 USPS1First Day Program, with #2124; FD Program  
93 USPS2Souvenir Page; Souvenir Page  
94 Van Natta, George R.1UO Western Springs, IL; Unofficialhpd 
95  Wahoo1Postal Bulletin copied and folded to envelope formhfd 
96  Wahoo2Stamp Announcement copied and folded to envelope form; UO Rescue, CA; Unofficial; KHC4 AMhfd 
97  Yeager, Charlie1   
98NFD USPS3NON-FDOI; Stamp Color Negative  
99NFD USPS4Black/White on Photographic Paper  
100UNC Uncacheted1FDOI with #949 on U574 Medicine FDC with Dual FDOI #2013 Dr. Mary Walker  
101ZACornish, Sam1Union Hospitals - Battle of The Wildernesshdn 
102..ZAFox, Melissa1 hdn hpd1
103ZAGrusz1Sold by McCusker, 2006hdn1
104ZAHeflin, R.1c1993hdn hpd1
105ZAHilton, D. E.1 hdn hpd6
106ZAJerry's Covers1c2012pci 
107ZAJerry's Covers2c2013pci 
108ZAMurphy, Lori1Sold by RKA Covers, c2009hdn1
109ZAPowell, L. Ziola1 hdn hpd5
110ZAUnknown1UNK03; Sold by DL Posner, c2008  
113ZAWoytinek1on eBay by RKA 04/2009hdn hpd1