Sc. 1985 .20 North Carolina Bird & Flower; 4/14/1982; Raleigh, NC12/15/2015
1.. Adams, Frank1{NC}  
2 Alexander, George A.1{DC}; UO Washington, DC Philatelic Sales Division; USPS CDShfd 
3  Alexander, George A.1{DC}; UO Washington, DC Station #23; USPO CDShfd 
4  Alexander, George A.1{NC}; BHChfd 
5 Alexander, George A.2{DC}; hand cut/folded with NC label stickerhfd pas 
6 Alexander, George A.2{NC}; hand cut/folded with NC label sticker; Raleigh, NC; Unofficial; PHChfd 
7 Alexander, George A.2{VA}; Hand cut/folded with NC label sticker; UO Merrifield, VA Philatelic Center; Unofficial; PHChfd 
8 Alexander, George A.3{DC}; hand cut/folded without NC label sticker; UO Washington, DC LFR Station; Unofficial; PHChfd 
9 American Postal Arts Society1{NC}; cream envelope  
10 Andrews - Maxie2{NC-VA}; UO Dual Raleigh, NC & UO Cardinal, VA; Unofficial; HC KHC4 pmhpd 
11 Andrews - Maxie2{VA}; UO Cardinal, VA; Unofficial; KHC4 pmhpd 
12 Andrews Cachet1{DC}; reproduction of stamp  
13 Andrews Cachet1{NC}; reproduction of stamp; Unofficial  
14 Anon E. Mouse1{NC}hfd hcd10
15 Aristocrats1{DC}  
16 Aristocrats1{NC}  
17 Aristocrats1{NC}; with frame under stamp by Double A; BHC UA  
18 Art Coy1{DC}; Paste-On of stamp with line through it, with textpas prn 
19.. Artcraft1{DC}; State Grouping Cachet for NC  
20 Artcraft1{NC}; State Grouping Cachet for NC; BHC UA  
21 Artcraft2{DC}; black, Birds in front of Capitol  
22..  Artcraft3{DC}; black, Eagle & Flowers  
23..  Artcraft4{DC}; black, Flintkote on flap  
24 Artmaster1{NC}; black red  
25.. Artmaster2{NC}  
26 Artopages1Dual DC and Raleigh, NC FDOI  
27.. Artopages1GP with related stamp from the past in cachet; unknown if made for all states, or by whom  
28 Artopages3GP cachet for series, with label; Combo #1644  
29 Bazaar1{DC}  
30 Bazaar1{NC}  
31 Carol Gordon Cachets1{NC}; Oversized; Combo Capex 1757a, 1757b, 1757c; Cachet #23b 9
32 Collins1{DC}; Dual DC & UO Audubon, NJ; Raleigh not servicedhpd 
33 Colonial Cachets1{NC}  
34 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1{NC}; Cardinal & Dogwood  
35 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1{NC}; Cardinal & Dogwood; Dual FDOI DC and NC  
36 Continental Publishing Company1{DC}; First  
37..  Cover Craft Cachets1{NC}  
38  Diamant Cachets1   
39.. Doris Gold Cachets1{DC}; General Cachet serviced with blocks of 4  
40 Double A Cachets1{NC}; Cardinal photohfd pas 
41 Double A Cachets2{NC}; Cardinal photo; UO Bird In Hand, PA; KHC4hfd pas 
42 Fleetwood Cover Service1{DC}  
43 Fleetwood Cover Service1{NC}  
44 Fleetwood Cover Service2{DC}; Maxi-Card; HC  
45.. Fleetwood Cover Service2{NC}; Maxi-Card; BHC  
46 Fox, Melissa1{NC}hdn hpd 
47 Fox, Melissa2{NC}hdn hpd 
48 Fulton Stamp Club1{NC}; black red on buff  
49 Gage's Coins & Stamps1{DC}; black 250
50.. Gamm Covers1{?}; GP cachet for allhcd 
51.. Gamm Covers1{?}; GP cachet for all; green  
52 Gamm Covers1{DC-NC}; Dual FDOI and Raleigh, NC Capital cancels; stamped and signed on back by Hiram Swindall; Combinationhcd 
53 Gamm Covers2{NC}; GP cachet for all issues  
54 Gigi1Signed "Gigi 1/1 6-'82" on backhdn hpd 
55 Gill Craft1{NC}  
56 Gill Craft1{NC}; Combo 796, 1230, 1644; Combination  
57 Ginny1{NC}; blue envelopehdn hpd25
58 House of Farnam1{DC}; MC  
59 House of Farnam1{DC-NC}; Dual FDOI  
60 House of Farnam1{NC}; SHC UA  
61 Hughes, Larry1{NC}hdn hpd10
62 Jack Davis Covers1{NC}  
63 Jack Davis Covers1{NC}; Combo #1644  
64.. JB Cachets1{DC}; General Cachet serviced with multiple states and applicable states hand-colored.  
65 Jester, Gary B.1{NC}; Combo 1644hdn hpd3
66 JLP Cachet1{DC}; orangethm 
67 JLP Cachet1{NC}; Silverthm 
68 JLP Cachet2{NC}; goldthm 
69..  JLP Cachet3{NC}; yellowthm 
70 K.M.C. Venture1{NC}; black blue red  
71 Kauer, Don1{NC}; hand-made all-over paste-on of NC area maphfd pas 
72..  Kribbs' Kover1{NC}; Not seen, but referenced in a letter to me from Ken stating; "...trying to catch up on doing FIFTY DIFFERENT covers for Birds/Flowers." That is all that is known.hdn hpd 
73.. LWJ1{NC}  
74 Nita1{DC}hdn hpd 
75 Paslay Classic1{NC}; Firsthpd45
76 Peltin, Geri1{NC}  
77 Peltin, Geri2{WV}; UO Rosemont, WV; Unofficial; KHC4 PMhdn hpd 
78 Peltin, Geri3{NC}  
79.. Postal Commemorative Society1{DC}; black, Eagle/Map/Rose  
80..  Postal Commemorative Society2{DC}; Golden Replica; Size 7  
81  Postal Commemorative Society2{DC}; Golden Replica; Size 7; Dual FDOI #2093; HC HC UA  
82 Postal Commemorative Society3{DC}; mulitcolored; Size 7  
83.. Pugh1{NC}hpd50
84 Raleigh Stamp Club1{NC}; on Tripex 10/11/1980 event cover; dual cancel and hand-colored by John H. Whitehcd1
85 Ranto, John1Folded Souvenir Page for #1879a Flowers; Combo 1230, 1644hfd 
86 Ranto, John2Folded Souvenir Page for #1451a Cape Hatterashfd 
87 Reader's Digest1{DC}  
88 Rice, William Roy1{DC}lwb hcd2
89 Ries, Claude C.1{DC}; Marked on back -- Cachet Type: 1; Covers Issued: 2; Cover No.: 33prn pas 
90 Rourk, Pat1{DC}; NC not knownpas hcd 
91 Slyter Cachets1{NC}; marked 33/50; Known to exist with FDOI as wellhfd hpd50
92 Slyter Cachets2{NC}; Different colors; marked 33/50hfd hpd50
93 Spectrum Cover1{NC}  
94.. TM Historical Covers1{DC}; Known serviced with blocks of (4)  
95 Tudor House1{DC}  
96 Tudor House1{NC}  
97 Unknown1UNK04; {DC}hdn hpd 
98 Unknown1UNK05; {NC}typ 
99  USPS1{DC}; FD Program, NC-ND-TX-UT block; FD Program  
100 White, John H.1{DC}; State outlines; Combo 7 Cardinal Stampshdn hcd1
101 White, John H.2{NC}; Cardinal on branch; UO Southern Pines, Aberdeen, Pinehurst, Pinebluff, NC; Cardinal stamps Combo #1965, 1966, 1969, 1985, 1987, 1998, & #2000.; Unofficial; CDShdn hcd10
102 White, John H.2reverse; Unofficial; CDShdn hcd 
103CCChurch of the Nazarene1{NC}; International Headquarters - Missouri; Embossed image of Dove and Book over black text; CC; SHC  
104..GPUnknown1UNK03; {NC}; blue; Known serviced on other states capitols; GP  
105..NFDPostal Commemorative Society4{NA}; Commemorative Pane; 10 x 13; Non-FDOI; Commemorative Panel  
106ZAHenry, A. O.1{NC}; Cardinal facing left on Dogwood branch, color varieties/variations knownhdn hpd 
107ZAHenry, A. O.2{NC}; Cardinal facing left on Dogwood branch, color varieties/variations knownhdn hpd 
108ZAHenry, A. O.3{NC}; Cardinal facing left on Dogwood branch, color varieties/variations knownhdn hpd 
109ZARabbit Hill Cachets1{NC}; c2011 20