Sc. 1933 .18 Zaharias - Jones Combo; 9/22/1981; Pinehurst, NC12/15/2015
1 Andrews - Maxie1gray; Dual FDOI (1932) & UO Atlanta, GA MO (1933)  
2 Andrews - Maxie1gray; Dual FDOI (1932) & UO Atlanta, GA MO (1933)hpd 
3.. Andrews - Maxie1gray; Dual UO Atlanta, GA (1932) & Jonesboro, GA (1933)hpd 
4 Andrews - Maxie1gray; Dual UO Atlanta, GA Main Office (1932,1933)  
5 Andrews - Maxie1gray; Dual UO Beaumont, TX (1932) & FDOI (1933); Unofficial  
6 Andrews - Maxie1gray; Dual UO Beaumont, TX (1932) & FDOI (1933); Unofficialhpd 
7..  Andrews - Maxie24-color; 14 x 18 card  
8..  Andrews Cachet1green purple; 11.5 x 10 card  
9 Andrews Cachet2green on white photographic card stock  
10 Artcraft1FDOI on 1381 Artcraft cachet; signed by Stamp Designer, Richard M. Gangel 1
11 Artcraft1FDOI on 1382 Artcraft cachet; signed by Stamp Designer, Richard M. Gangel 1
12 Artcraft1FDOI on U583 Artcraft cachet; signed by Stamp Designes Richard M. Gangel & Guy Salvato 1
13.. Carmchet1black; Re-use of U583 cachet, printed on envelope; reported by Tewksbury; Unknown who prepared item  
14.. Carrollton1   
15.. Crow, Virgil1   
16..  DBC1black, ivory envelope  
17..  DBC2black, green envelope  
18.. Dyer, Ralph1 hdn hpd 
19  Dyer, Ralph2 hdn hpd 
20 Elite1green purple; 250 sold unserviced! 450
21 Fleetwood Cover Service1   
22 Fleetwood Cover Service2Proof Card  
23 FRF Cachets1black; typed cachet 27
24 FRF Cachets1black; typed cachet; on U583 22
25 Gentry, Carolyn1Decoupage art using postage stampshfd 
26 Ginny1signed by CM/AR/PRtyp hpd145
27 H. N. Local Post1HNLP #49A on 7x10 manila envelope; #28 of 40; variety in HNLP postmarks  
28 H. N. Local Post1HNLP #49A on 7x10 manila envelope; #4 of 40 40
29.. Herring, Steve1Private cachet; on U583; HChdn hcd 
30 Herring, Steve2Private cachet; on U583; HChdn hcd 
31 HM-Shue1brown blueflp150
32 Hudeck, Gary1 phc hfd hcd16
33 Ingrassia, Frank R.1black  
34 JB1Private cachet; Golf Clubs; Jack Barriage; MC IAhdn hcd1
35 JB2Private cachet; The Good Shot; Jack Barriage; MC IAhdn hcd 
36 Jester, Gary B.1 hdn hpd10
37..  JG Cachets1black 5
38.. Koch, Kent1Patty Berg; on Interlachen Country Club Size 10 envelopetyp1
39 Kribbs' Kover141/43 1/3 Combo; The Flagman; with grass, clear flag, checkered coat, white pantshdn hpd3
40 Kribbs' Kover241/43 1/3 Combo; Old Coach; no grasshdn hpd 
41 Kribbs' Kover312/13 (3 with both stamps); Businessman at Desk Dreaming; A different design, but confusingly numbered again on the back! This implies 10 are with Zaharias and/or Jones! Until images are found as such, all 13 are attributed to this Combo entry.hdn hpd13
42 Kruger, Walter1Uncacheted; Mailed Special Delivery; Signed on back by PM Sheffield; HC 1
43 Kruger, Walter2Uncacheted on U583; Mailed Special Delivery; Signed on back by PM Sheffield  
44 Langer Cachet1 phc hfd hcd31
45 Lyric1black; signed by CM/AR/PR 91
46  Marg1black brown  
47 Marg1black brown; with letter; MC TA  
48  Maury1brown green purple; HC 200
49  Maury1brown green purple; BHC 1
50 Maury1brown green purple; Signed by Landry (Producer), Peltin (artist), Shue (Printer), & Gangel (Stamp Designer); BHC 1
51.. MJN (Nowak)1brown, gray, green; likely 1 madehdn hcd 
52.. MJN (Nowak)2brown, gray; likely 1 madehdn hcd 
53.. MJN (Nowak)3blue, brown, green; likely 1 madehdn hcd 
54 Munkittrick, R. J.1Said to be a first by Volutza on his website, c2008  
55  O'Neill, George A,1Album sheet, typed text, FDOI on U583 cut-to-size & pasted on 3
56.. Peltin, Geri1 hdn hpd 
57 PM Cover1black red; white envelopethm 
58 PM Cover2brown olive; white envelope; thmthm 
59 PM Cover3brown olive; light blue envelopethm 
60 Post, Richard E.1green purple, WCT; signed by CM/AR/PRLWC50
61..  Queensbury Cachet1   
62 Reid, Clarence E.1black text; HC RSA to Reid 20
63 Ron Myers Cachets1black red 75
64..  Ross Foil1FDOI on U583 Ross Foil cachet  
65 TMW1Hey, that ain't just any duffer!; watercolorshdn hpd3
66 Unknown2Addressed to Charles Amendhfd 
67 WFC1black; typed cachet 10
68 WFC2black; typed cachet; on U583 6
69 White, John H.1WGHF cut-out from area map of Sandhills; tied by cancelpas3
70 White, John H.2Moore County map fold-over - Pinehurst in cachet area; HCpas3
71.. World Golf Hall of Fame34-color; produced by Andrews; WITHOUT Pinehurst logo; First  
72 World Golf Hall of Fame34-color; produced by Andrews; WITHOUT Pinehurst logo; UO Pinehurst MC on #1932, and Pinehurst BHC on #1933; McCusker stated (10) made.; First  
73 World Golf Hall of Fame1green purple; With Pinehurst Logo; First 5000
74 World Golf Hall of Fame24-color; produced by Andrews; First 4000
75ESO HM-Shue1Cachet printing Setup Page with FDOI at top; Esoterica 1
76ESOUnited States Treasury1FDOI on 1976 $2.00 Bill; Esoterica; HC 22
77ESOWorld Golf Hall of Fame4Large Post Card (8.5x6.25), "The Golf Immortals", FDOI on front; Esoterica  
78ESOWorld Golf Hall of Fame5Eighth Annual Enshrinement Ceremony Program 9/22/81, signed by Lee Trevino; Esoterica  
79..GPAndrews Cachet3blue; World Golf Hall of Fame logo; for sale as blanks on First Day; GP  
80GPAshley Cachets, Inc.1Map; black; GP; MC RSA 7
81GPAshley Cachets, Inc.1Map; blue; GP; MC RSA 5
82GPAshley Cachets, Inc.2Globe; black; GP; MC TA 7
83GPAshley Cachets, Inc.2Globe; blue; GP; MC RSA 4
84..GP Boulevard Miniature Golf Club1May existpas 
85GPCoCo1black; Universal Sports Cachet; GPthm75
86GPUSS Robison1Ship rsc; UO USS Robison; likely privately made AND back-dated, as USS Robison was home-ported in San Diego, CA.; GPrsc 
87GPVan Dahl Publications1Globe; blue gold; GP  
88MC1USPS1multi-color; 6x8; Front; FD Program  
89MC1USPS1multi-color; 6x8; Signed by PM Sheffield, WGHF President John J. Derr, CPI Kennth Fletcher, and Robert T. Jones Jr/III; FD Program  
90ME1 World Golf Hall of Fame6black; FD Program; 5.5 x 8.5; FD Program  
91..NFDWashington Press1White Ace album page; Non-FDOI  
92NFDCP149USPS2Commemorative Panel, non-FDOI; Not produced as singles; Commemorative Panel  
93ZAAshley, Don W.1c2005pci 
94ZAAshley, Don W.2c2005pci 
95ZAAshley, Don W.3c2008pci 
96ZAAshley, Don W.4c2012pci 
97ZAAshley, Don W.5c2014pci 
98ZAAshley, Thomas1c2012pci 
99ZAFreedom Cachets12006; SF HC RSA  
100ZAHobo Art Cachets1c2008  
101..ZA JLBY Covers1   
102ZAPowell, L. Ziola1 hdn hpd6
103ZARay, Cullen W.1c1993hpd 
104ZASGP1Hologram Paste-On; on U583pas 
105ZATherome Cachets1c2015  
106ZAUnknown1UNK01; on U583; sold by dlposner61 on eBay 05/2006, had ~6 on handpci10
107ZAWild Horse Cachets1Greg Normanhpd 
108ZAWild Horse Cachets2Jack Nicklaushpd70
109ZAWild Horse Cachets3Arnold Palmerhpd100
110ZAWild Horse Cachets4Tiger Woodshpd