Sc. 1933 .18 Robert Tyre Jones, III; 9/22/1981; Pinehurst, NC12/15/2015
1  American Postal Arts Society1   
2 Andrews - Maxie1gray; UO Jonesboro, GAhpd 
3 Andrews - Maxie1gray; UO Jonesboro, GA 150
4 Andrews - Maxie24-color; 9 x 14 card  
5 Andrews Cachet1black; Putting on green  
6 Andrews Cachet2black; Standing with Club  
7 Andrews Cachet3black; Posing with Trophies  
8.. Andrews Cachet5green; post card size  
9 Andrews Cachet6green; 6 x 10 card  
10..  Andrews Cachet74-color; 26 x 29.5 Print  
11 Andrews Cachet9green; WGHF Induction; Ralph Guldahl  
12 Andrews Cachet11green; WGHF Induction; Lee Trevino  
13 Andrews Cachet12green on white; photographic card stock; not tiedpas 
14 Andrews Cachet13WGHF logo; Unserviced; GP  
15 Animated Covers1 hcd 
16 Aristocrats1black green  
17 Artcraft1black  
18  Artcraft1black, Re-constructed 4-corner Plate Block #1  
19  Artcraft1black; UO Chicago, IL Niles Station; USPO CDS  
20  Artcraft1black; UO Pinehurst, NC; KHC4 PM  
21  Artcraft1Combo 1696, 1697, 1790, 1793, 1794, C97; Combination  
22.. Artcraft1Combo 1932, U583  
23 Artcraft1Combo Foreign Golf stamps; Combination  
24 Artcraft1Signatures need confirmed. Tommy Jacobs, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Bob Golby, Gay Brewer, Dale Thompson, Al Balding, Art Wall, Dean Lind, Jerry Barber, Bob Somebody; Autograph  
25 Artcraft1Signed by Jack Burke, Golfer; 1982; Autograph  
26..  Artcraft2black, Flintkote on flap  
27 Artmaster1   
28 Artmaster1Combo 1022, 1265, 1408, 1531; Combination  
29 Artmaster1Combo 1461, 1696, 1697, 1790, 1794, C97; Combination  
30  Artmaster1Combo 726, 1022, 1265, 1533; Combination; HC  
31 Artmaster1hpd by Ernest Langer; stated only 1 tinted (my request)hpd1
32 Artmaster1Signed by Jimmy Demaret, Golfer; 1982; Autograph  
33.. Augusta National Golf Club1FDOI on 01/03/1933 Augusta NGC Opening Day event cover  
34 B.B.T. Cachets1green brown; buff envelope; First 501
35  B.B.T. Cachets1green brown; buff envelope; signed by Stamp Designer, Richard Gangel; First  
36 Bazaar1green 501
37  Bert, Adam K.1Uncacheted; Signature #5 size envelope  
38 Boulevard Miniature Golf Club1out of Phladelphia, PA; not tied; reported by Tewksburypas25
39  Brennan Cachets1green; signed by CM/AR 199
40.. Butz, R1 hdn hpd2
41 Calhoun's Collectors Society1gold foil; blue; Size 7 envelope; MC UA SF  
42  Carmchet1Dual FDOI on U583 cachet with UO Augusta, GA Martinez Branch CDS; black; signed by Tom Weiskopf  
43  Carrollton1black blue; signed by CMs/AR 500
44 CM Cachets1Slight color variations exist; with #1932hdn hpd47
45 Collins1Dual FDOI & UO Atlanta, GA; Unofficialhpd 
46 Colonial Cachets1green purple; signed by CM/AR 500
47 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1signed by CM/AR 9000
48  Colorano "Silk" Cachet2Maximum Card 400
49  Colorano "Silk" Cachet3U583 FDC with Jones FDOI  
50  Connolly, Joseph P.1green 60
51 Cover Craft Cachets1black green purple; with stuffer  
52 Dale, Raymond J.1Two copies seen, both label address removed AND pencil address erased!; larhfd hcd 
53 David 'C' Cachets1signed by CM/AR/PRhcd 
54..  DBC1black; ivory envelope  
55  DBC2black; olive envelope; UO Augusta, GA; PM mc  
56 Diamant Cachets1134 sold unserviced 214
57 Doris Gold Cachets1300 si, 25 tab si, 50 with #1932; signed by CM/AR/PR 375
58 DRC1blackhpd 
59 DRC1black 126
60 Dwight D. Eisenhower Philatelic & Historical Society, The1black; First; signed by CM/AR/PR  
61 Dyer, Ralph1signed by CM/AR/PRhdn hpd 
62 Dyer, Ralph2Varietyhdn hpd 
63 Educative Services, Inc.1green; signed by CM 125
64 Elite1green; 650 sold unserviced!; signed by CM/AR 850
65.. Fireside Local Post1Local Post label issued 10/01/81; Serviced by Tewksbury; tied by cancel using FDOI grace periodpas1
66 Fleetwood Cover Service1   
67 Fleetwood Cover Service2Proof Card  
68  Fleetwood Cover Service3U583 FDC with Jones FDOI  
69 Fulton Stamp Club1black blue yellow; buff envelope; signed by CM/AR 200
70  G & G1Dual UO (1) Atlanta, GA & (2) Jonesboro, GA; Unofficial; KHC0; USPO CDS  
71 G & G1UO Atlanta, GA; Unofficial; RingDater  
72 G & G1UO Atlanta, GA Emory University Station; Unofficial; USPS CDS  
73 G & G1UO Atlanta, GA Main Office; Unofficial; USPS CDS  
74 G & G1UO Greensboro, NC; Unofficial; KHC4 PM  
75 G & G1UO Jonesboro, GA; Unofficial; USPO CDS  
76 G & G1UO Pinehurst, NC; Unofficial; KHC4 PM  
77  G & G1UO Pinehurst, NC; Signed by Cachetmaker; Unofficial; USPO CDS  
78  G & G1UO Rex, GA; Unofficial; USPS CDS  
79 Gamm Covers1black green red 1000
80.. Gamm Covers1UO Atlanta, GA; Unofficial; Ringdater  
81  Gamm Covers1UO Augusta, GA; poor cancel; Unofficial; MC pm  
82  Gamm Covers1UO Chicago, IL Niles Branch; Unofficial; USPO CDS  
83 Gamm Covers1UO Golf, IL; Unofficial; cds  
84 Gamm Covers1UO Jonesboro, GA; Unofficial; USPO CDS  
85  Gamm Covers1UO Pinehurst, NC; Unofficial; USPO CDS  
86 Gamm Covers1UO Tinley Park, IL Country Club Hills Branch; Unofficial; RingDater  
87 Garry Owen Local Post1signed by AR/PR 100
88  Garry Owen Local Post1hpd by E. T. Wolfehpd100
89 Gill Craft1signed by CM/AR/PR 1600
90  Gill Craft1Combo 1461, 1696, 1697, 1790, 1794, C97; Combination  
91  Gill Craft1Combo 726, 1022, 1265, 1536; Combination  
92  Gill Craft1UO Atlanta, GA; Unofficial; KHC0  
93 Gill Craft1UO Southern Pines, NC; Serviced by John White for Gill; Unofficial; CDS 5
94 Gill Craft2Proof Card; signed by Artist 150
95 Gill Craft3Size 10 Envelope  
96 Gill Craft4Printed on U583 Envelope, Size 6  
97  Gill Craft5Printed on U583 Envelope, Size 10  
98 Grusz1Personal Itemhdn1
99 Grusz2Personal Itemhld1
100  Grusz3Personal Itemhld1
101 Gundel, Torkel1signed by CMhpd45
102 Haimerl, Sandra1Pen 'n ink; blackhdn7
103 HAM Cachets1Dual FDOI & UO Atlanta, GA Main Office (small); 101/205; minor varieties exist; Unofficial; HC/USPS CDShpd205
104 HAM Cachets1Dual FDOI & UO Atlanta, GA Main Office (small); 163/205; minor varieties exist; Unofficialhpd 
105  HAM Cachets1Dual FDOI & UO Atlanta, GA Main Office (small); 165/205; minor varieties exist; Unofficial; HC/USPS CDShpd205
106  HAM Cachets1Dual FDOI & UO Atlanta, GA Main Office (small); 169/205; minor varieties exist; Unofficial; HC/USPS CDShpd205
107.. Herring, Steve1Private cachet; on U583; HChdn hcd 
108.. Herring, Steve2Private cachet; on U583; HChdn hcd 
109 Herring, Steve3Private cachet; on U583; HChdn hcd 
110 Herring, Steve4Private cachet; on U583; HChdn hcd 
111  HM (Mezzack)1black red; signed by CM/AR/PR 250
112  HM (Mezzack)2PGA Tour Trading Card; Dave Eichelbergerpas 
113  HM (Mezzack)2PGA Tour Trading Card; Ed Fioripas 
114  HM (Mezzack)2PGA Tour Trading Card; Jeff Mitchellpas 
115 HM-Shue1brown green; signed by CM/AR/PR 300
116  HM-Shue1brown green, Southern Pines, NC; Unofficial; USPO CDS 5
117  HM-Shue1brown green; mis-print - brown pic mirrored 3
118  HM-Shue1brown green; mis-print - brown pic shifted right 1.25" 1
119 House of Farnam1Swing pose; signed by CM  
120..  House of Farnam2Swing pose; printed on unused U583 10
121 House of Farnam3Swing pose; printed on U583 FDC; Retirement text in cachet; Qty reported by John Halliday 10
122 House of Farnam4Interlachen Country Club; signed by CM  
123 House of Farnam5Merion Cricket Club; signed by CM  
124 House of Farnam6Royal & Ancient Golf Club; signed by CM  
125 House of Farnam7Royal Liverpool Golf Club; signed by CM  
126 House of Farnam8Swing pose; Dual FDOI & Event 11/17/1980 50th Anniversary of Retirement - Atlanta, GA  
127 House of Farnam9Interlachen Country Club; Dual FDOI & Event 07/12/1980 US Open Title - Minneapolis, MN  
128 House of Farnam10Merion Cricket Club; Dual FDOI & Event 09/27/1980 US Amateur Title - Ardmore, PA  
129 House of Farnam11Royal & Ancient Golf Club; Dual FDOI & Event 05/31/1980 British Amateur Title - Scotland  
130 House of Farnam12Royal Liverpool Golf Club; Dual FDOI & Event 06/20/1980 British Open Title - Liverpool, Engl  
131 Jack Davis Covers1black blue orange; 250 sold unserviced; signed by CM/AR 315
132 Jack Davis Covers1UO Pinehurst, NC; Unofficial; KHC4 pm  
133.. JB1Private cachet; "Nurse That Ball"; Jack Barriage; MC IAhdn hcd1
134.. JB2Private cachet; Putter; Jack Barriage; MC IAhdn hcd1
135 Jester, Gary B.1 hdn hpd8
136  JG Cachets1black; signed by CM/AR/PR 22
137 JLP Cachet1gold; 01/2010 for sale by McCusker, claiming as Artist Proof - only 1 made.thm 
138 JLP Cachet1green; signed by CM/AR/PRthm100
139.. Knapp, Dorothy1 hdn hpd3
140 Koch, Kent1Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 1, "White Pine"; privately madetyp hcd4
141.. Koch, Kent2Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 2, "Red Dogwood"; privately madetyp hcd4
142.. Koch, Kent3Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 3, "Flowering Peach"; privately madetyp hcd3
143.. Koch, Kent4Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 4, "Palm"; privately madetyp hcd3
144.. Koch, Kent5Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 5, "Magnolia"; privately madetyp hcd4
145.. Koch, Kent6Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 6, "Juniper"; privately madetyp hcd3
146.. Koch, Kent7Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 7, "Pampas"; privately madetyp hcd5
147.. Koch, Kent8Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 8, "Yellow Jasmine"; privately madetyp hcd4
148.. Koch, Kent9Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 9, "Carolina Cherry"; privately madetyp hcd4
149.. Koch, Kent10Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 10, "Camellia"; privately madetyp hcd4
150.. Koch, Kent11Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 11, "White Dogwood"; privately madetyp hcd4
151.. Koch, Kent12Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 12, "Golden Bell"; privately madetyp hcd4
152.. Koch, Kent13Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 13, "Azalea"; privately madetyp hcd4
153.. Koch, Kent14Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 14, "Chinese Fir"; privately madetyp hcd4
154.. Koch, Kent15Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 15, "Fire Thern"; privately madetyp hcd4
155.. Koch, Kent16Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 16, "Red Bud"; privately madetyp hcd3
156.. Koch, Kent17Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 17, "Nandina"; privately madetyp hcd3
157.. Koch, Kent18Augusta National Golf Club, Hole 18, "Holly"; privately madetyp hcd5
158.. Koch, Kent19Wife Barbara putting on her birthday, 1982hfd pas1
159.. Koch, Kent20Dad putting on his 80th birthday, 1982hfd pas1
160 Koch, Kent21'Amateur!' (frog); Interlachen Country Club Size 10 envelope; privately made; signed by Kent Koch; HChdn hcd 
161.. Kribbs' Kover1??/43; The Flagman; w/ grass; checkered jacket, white pants, black sockshdn hpd 
162 Kribbs' Kover101/43; The Flagman; w/ grass; checkered white jacket, checkered pantshdn hpd 
163 Kribbs' Kover115/43; The Flagman; w/ grass; white jacket, checkered pantshdn hpd 
164 Kribbs' Kover202/43; The Flagman; no grass; checkered jacket, white pantshdn hpd 
165.. Kribbs' Kover3??/43; The Old Coach; w/ grass; brown clothes; LA to Kribbshdn hpd 
166 Kribbs' Kover335/43; The Old Coach; w/ grass; brown clotheshdn hpd 
167.. Kribbs' Kover4??/43; The Old Coach; no grass; green jacket, yellow pantshdn hpd 
168.. Kribbs' Kover4??/43; The Old Coach; no grass; Navy jacket, blue pantshdn hpd 
169 Kribbs' Kover410/43; The Old Coach; no grass; brown jacket & pantshdn hpd 
170 Kribbs' Kover510/10; Business Man in office putting with umbrellahdn hpd10
171 Kribbs' Kover601/13; Business Man Dreaminghdn hpd13
172.. Kubicko, Robert1signed by Payne Stewarthdn hpd 
173..  Langer Cachet1 hcd10
174 Lorstan1black green; signed by CM/AR  
175  Lorstan1Combo 1189, 1932, U583; Combination  
176  Lorstan1UO Pinehurst, NC; Unofficial; KHC4 PM  
177 LRC1brown; signed by CM/AR  
178 LWJ1black orange; signed by CM/AR 600
179 LWJ2 hpd 
180 MacEwen, Scott1insert; Autographhdn hcd 
181 MacEwen, Scott1On Carrollton #1933 FDC; possible add-on; Signed by "Lighthorse Harry Cooper"; Autographhdn hcd 
182 Marcal Cachets1black; First  
183 Marcal Cachets1Dual UO 1) Olympia Fields, IL pm KHC4 on #1932, 2) Tinley Park, IL Country Club Hills Branch RingDater on #1933; Unofficial  
184 Marcal Cachets1Dual UO 1) Olympia Fields, IL pm KHC4, 2) Tinley Park, IL Country Club Hills Branch RingDater; First  
185 Marcal Cachets1Quad UO IL - Golf, AMF O'Hare, Chicago Niles Branch, & Prospect Heights; First; CDS  
186 Marcal Cachets1UO AMF O'Hare, IL Station; First; USPO CDS  
187 Marcal Cachets1UO Atlanta, GA; First; KHC0  
188 Marcal Cachets1UO Chicago, IL Niles Branch; First; USPO CDS  
189 Marcal Cachets1UO Golf, IL; First; MC pm  
190 Marcal Cachets1UO Golf, IL; First; CDS  
191 Marcal Cachets1UO Jonesboro, GA; First; USPO CDS  
192 Marcal Cachets1UO Niles, IL; First; KHC4 pm  
193 Marcal Cachets1UO Olympia Fields, IL; First; KHC4 pm  
194 Marcal Cachets1UO Prospect Heights, IL; First; KHC4  
195 Marcal Cachets1UO Prospect Heights, IL; First; USPS CDS  
196 Marg1black red  
197 Marg2With Foxboro Advertising Insert  
198 Maul, Herman R.1yellow coat, gray pants, Hole 18; 09/1982 Herman stated I have the only Jones cachet!?!?!?hdn hpd1
199 Maury1Dual Cachet Only; serviced with Single; First 200
200 MC1black  
201  MC2blue; signed by CM/AR/PR  
202 Metropolitan First Day Cover Society1black 200
203.. MJN (Nowak)1brown, green; likely 1 madehdn hcd 
204.. MJN (Nowak)2black; likely 1 madehdn hcd 
205 National Organization for Women, New York Chapter1   
206 PM Cover0black; white envelopeTHM hpd 
207  PM Cover1black; lt green envelopethm 
208 Postal Commemorative Society1black  
209 Postal Commemorative Society1by Artcraft; on album page  
210 Postal Commemorative Society2Golden Replica; Size 7  
211 Postal Commemorative Society3Golden Replica; Biography Card  
212  Postal Commemorative Society3Golden Replica; Size 7; with label "FIRST PRODUCTION RUN"  
213.. Postal Commemorative Society4Commemorative Panel; non-FDOI  
214 Postmasters of America1multicolored; Size 7 envelope; with bio card  
215 Pugh1With enclosurehpd44
216 Quadracolorplus1Bobby with trophiespas500
217 Quadracolorplus2Bobby swinging clubpas500
218 Queensbury Cachet1 hpd 
219  R & R1same as Colorano cachet  
220  RE Covers1black; 35 sold unserviced; signed by CM/AR 70
221 Reader's Digest1black  
222 Reader's Digest2Cover mounted on 10.5 x 13.5 punched-hole album page  
223 Reid, Clarence E.1green 20
224  Rice, William Roy1green; signed by CM/AR/PRLWC15
225  Riggs Comic Cachets1green; signed by CM/AR  
226 Riggs Comic Cachets2green; hand-coloredHCD 
227  Robinson Stamps1black; signed by CM/AR/PRLWC100
228  Robinson Stamps2black; Trevino Induction; green envelope; signed bu CM/AR/PR 50
229 Ron Myers Cachets1black purple; signed by CM/AR/PR 90
230 Ross Foil1silver foil; signed by CM/ARPAS150
231 RW Cachets1brown 500
232 RW Cachets2Through The Years  
233 RW Cachets31927 US Amateur Championship 500
234 Scottish Stamp Services1black; WGHF Induction; Ralph Guldahl  
235 Scottish Stamp Services2black; Jack Nicklaus; 'Special envelope' on price list  
236.. Scottish Stamp Services3black; WGHF Induction; Lee Trevino  
237 Slyter Cachets1also serviced with 1932hfd hpd50
238 SOS Covers1black green 369
239 Spectrum Cover1black gray green  
240  Spectrum Cover1UO Pinehurst, NC; Unofficial; KHC4 PM  
241.. Sports Covers Club of America11970 Augusta Masters Tournament Cachet; brown, green; Serviced by Tewksbury 1
242 Sports Philatelists International1green; signed by CM/AR/PRTHM100
243 TM Historical Covers1black, brown; signed by CM/AR/PRTHM55
244 TM Historical Covers2black, brown; signed by CM/AR/PRthm hpd35
245..  TMW1 hdn hpd 
246 Tudor House1brown green; signed by CM/AR  
247 Unknown1black green; Golfer Bobby Jones; Probable Add-On; signed: Harris '89  
248 Unknown4'1989' in design; on ebay by jerryscovers  
249 Unknown7Map folded to envelopehfd 
250 Unknown901; eBay rdmcovers 10/2011; ebay postmaster662 11/2011pci 
251 Unknown902; eBay postmaster662 11/2011pci 
252 Unknown903; eBay rdmcovers 10/2011; ebay postmaster662 11/2011pci 
253 Unknown904; ebay postmaster662 11/2011pci 
254 Unknown905; eBay postmaster662 11/2011pci 
255 Unknown906; eBay postmaster662 11/2011pci 
256 Unknown907; eBay postmaster662 11/2011pci 
257 Unknown908; eBay postmaster662 11/2011pci 
258 Unknown909; eBay postmaster662 11/2011pci 
259 Unknown910; eBay postmaster662 11/2011pci 
260 Unknown911; eBay postmaster662 02/2012pci 
261 Unknown912; eBay postmaster662 02/2012pci 
262 Unknown913; eBay postmaster662 02/2012pci 
263 Unknown914; eBay postmaster662 02/2012pci 
264 Unknown915; eBay postmaster662 02/2012pci 
265 Unknown916; eBay postmaster662 12/2011pci 
266 Unknown917; eBay postmaster662 12/2011pci 
267 Unknown918; eBay postmaster662 09/2012pci 
268 Unknown919; eBay postmaster662 09/2012pci 
269 Unknown920; eBay postmaster662 09/2012pci 
270 Unknown921; eBay postmaster662 09/2012pci 
271 Unknown922; eBay postmaster662 09/2012pci 
272 Unknown923; eBay postmaster662 10/2012pci 
273 Unknown924; eBay postmaster662 11/2012pci 
274 Unknown925; eBay postmaster662 01/2013pci 
275 Unknown926; eBay postmaster662 01/2013pci 
276  Unknown14black  
277  Unknown15black; very neatly hand-crafted envelopehfd 
278  Unknown16Elongated penny encased in clear pocket sealed inside envelope; USPS 'Officially Sealed' label on back rubberstampted SEP 22 1981  
279 Unknown1701; eBay phil23417 12/2012pci 
280 Unknown1702; eBay phil23417 12/2012pci 
281 Unknown1703; eBay phil23417 12/2012pci 
282 Unknown1704; eBay phil23417 12/2012pci 
283 Unknown1705; eBay phil23417 12/2012pci 
284 Unknown1706; eBay phil23417 12/2012pci 
285 Unknown1707; eBay phil23417 12/2012pci 
286 Unknown1708; eBay phil23417 12/2012pci 
287 Unknown1709; eBay phil23417 12/2012pci 
288 Unknown1710; eBay phil23417 12/2012pci 
289 Unknown1711; eBay phil23417 12/2012pci 
290 Unknown1712; eBay phil23417 12/2012pci 
291 Unknown1713; eBay phil23417 12/2012pci 
292 Unknown1714; eBay phil23417 12/2012pci 
293 Unknown1715; eBay phil23417 12/2012pci 
294 Unknown1716; eBay phil23417 01/2013pci 
295 Unknown1717; eBay phil23417 01/2013pci 
296 Unknown1718; eBay phil23417 01/2013pci 
297 Unknown1719; eBay phil23417 01/2013pci 
298 Unknown1720; eBay phil23417 01/2013pci 
299 Unknown18ebay mike713 03/2013  
300 USPS1Souvenir Page; Souvenir Page  
301  USPS1USPS News Philatelic Release #28 Bulletin, FDOI on front; Postal Bulletin  
302 VAL1 hdn hpd50
303 VKS Cachets1   
304.. VKS Cachets1UO Aberdeen, NC; Unofficial; MC pm  
305.. VKS Cachets1UO Altanta, GA & Jonesboro, GA; Unofficial  
306.. VKS Cachets1UO Atlanta, GA; Unofficial; KHC0  
307.. VKS Cachets1UO Atlanta, GA Civic Center; Unofficial; USPO CDS  
308  VKS Cachets1UO Atlanta, GA Civic Center Station; Unofficial; USPO CDS  
309 VKS Cachets1UO Atlanta, GA Main Office; Unofficial; USPS CDS  
310  VKS Cachets1UO Ellenwood, GA; Unofficial; USPS CDS  
311 VKS Cachets1UO Fayetteville, NC; Unofficial; SMC  
312  VKS Cachets1UO Forest Park, GA; Unofficial; KHC4  
313  VKS Cachets1UO Hamlet, NC; Unofficial; USPO CDS  
314.. VKS Cachets1UO Hamlet, NC; Unofficial; mc  
315.. VKS Cachets1UO Hamlet, NC; Unofficial; USPO CDS  
316  VKS Cachets1UO Jonesboro, GA; Unofficial; USPO CDS  
317  VKS Cachets1UO Morrow, GA; Unofficial; USPO CDS  
318  VKS Cachets1UO Pinehurst, NC; Unofficial; KHC4 PM  
319.. VKS Cachets1UO Pinehurst, NC; Unofficial; KHC4 pm  
320  VKS Cachets1UO Pinehurst, NC; Unofficial; USPO CDS  
321  VKS Cachets1UO Rockingham, NC; Unofficial; USPO CDS  
322 Watercolor Cachets1 hpd75
323  Watercolor Cachets2Artwork by Carole Thompson months before FDOI - NOT SERVICED according to Producer (04/1983)  
324 Watercolor Cachets2black, printed but not serviced, and no design made for Zaharias  
325  WDM1black text; signed by CM/AR/PR 9
326  White, John H.1WGHF cut-out from area map of Sandhillspas 
327 Wild Horse Cachets4Jack Nicklaushpd500
328.. World Golf Hall of Fame44-color; Without Pinehurst logo; Dual UO Atlanta, GA; Unofficial; KHC0  
329 World Golf Hall of Fame1green purple; With Pinehurst Logo 5000
330..  World Golf Hall of Fame2green purple; Without Pinehurst Logo 5000
331 World Golf Hall of Fame34-color; With Pinehurst Logo 4000
332 World Golf Hall of Fame44-color; Without Pinehurst logo; First  
333..CCAugusta National Golf Club1Size 7; Serviced by Kent Koch  
334ESOEdito-Service S.A. Geneva11978 03 005 41-01; Jones "The Grand Slam" Commemorative Card, bio on back (4.75x6.25), FDOI on front; Esoterica  
335ESOEdito-Service S.A. Geneva11979 03 005 38-06; Golf - Arnaud Massy; Esoterica  
336ESOEdito-Service S.A. Geneva11979 03 005 49-22; Golf - Nick Faldo; Esoterica  
337ESOEdito-Service S.A. Geneva11979 03 005 55-11; Golf - The Three Grips; Esoterica  
338ESOEdito-Service S.A. Geneva11979 03 005 59-14; Golf - Henry Cotton; Esoterica  
339ESOEdito-Service S.A. Geneva11979 03 005 62-22; Golf - Scoring Methods; Esoterica  
340ESOEdito-Service S.A. Geneva11979 03 005 76-10; Golf - Bernard Gallacher; Esoterica  
341ESOEdito-Service S.A. Geneva11979 03 005 86-18; Golf - Speedball Golf; Esoterica  
342GPAndrews Cachet13blue; World Golf Hall of Fame logo; for sale as blanks on First Day; GP  
343..GPArtopages1May exist; GP  
344..GP Ashley Cachets, Inc.1Map; black; GP  
345..GP Ashley Cachets, Inc.2Map; blue; GP  
346..GP Ashley Cachets, Inc.3Globe; black; GP  
347GPCoCo1black; Universal Sports Cachet; GPthm138
348..GPLos Angeles International Stamp Fair1black; GP  
349..GPLos Angeles International Stamp Fair2blue; GP  
350..GPREM Catalog1Mail Clerk; black; GP  
351..GPREM Catalog2Postman; black; GP  
352GP Van Dahl Publications1black; maybe rubberstamped; Did Van actually produce this GP in black?; GP  
353GPVan Dahl Publications1Globe; blue gold; GP  
354PPCAerial Photography Services, Inc.1Charlotte, NC; 22067-D; World Golf Hall of Fame; Front View; PPC  
355PPCAerial Photography Services, Inc.2Charlotte, NC; 22068-D; World Golf Hall of Fame; Boulevard of Flags entrance; PPC  
356PPCAerial Photography Services, Inc.3Charlotte, NC; 22069-D; World Golf Hall of Fame; Bronze plaques of inductees; PPC  
357PPCAerial Photography Services, Inc.4Charlotte, NC; 22070-D; World Golf Hall of Fame; Bobby Jones 10-ft statue; PPC  
358PPCAerial Photography Services, Inc.5Charlotte, NC; 22074-D; World Golf Hall of Fame; The Bobby Jones Collection, Main Exhibit Hall; PPC  
359PPCAerial Photography Services, Inc.6Charlotte, NC; 22076-D; World Golf Hall of Fame; Club Maker's Shop; PPC  
360PPCAerial Photography Services, Inc.7Charlotte, NC; 55574-D; World Golf Hall of Fame; Aerial View; PPC  
361PPCAsheville Post Card Company1721: Municipal Golf Course, Asheville, NC; PPC; BHC  
362PPCAsheville Post Card Company2937: Lake Lure Golf Course, Lake Lure, NC; PPC; BHC  
363PPCAsheville Post Card Company3Asheville, NC; S-66 / 105327; Watching a Close Match, Pasadena Golf Course; St. Petersburg, FL; PPC  
364PPCBell Magazine Agency1Pacific Grove, CA; M34; 7th Hole, Pebble Beach Golf Course; 17-Mile Drive, CA; PPC  
365PPCCoastal News Company1Savannah, GA; 29703; Savannah Golf Club; Savannah, GA; PPC  
366PPCCoastal Wholesale Company1Myrtle Beach, SC; 84719; Dunes Golf and Beach Club; Myrtle Beach, SC; PPC  
367PPCCollotype Co., The1Elizabeth, NJ and NY; Country Club; Farmington, CT; PPC  
368PPCDexter Press, Inc.1West Nyack, NY; 59097-C; The Old Pro Approaching the 18th Green; PPC  
369PPCDurham Printing and Offset Company1Harlan, KY; SP-K-3 / 37447-C; Golf Course at Kenlake State Park; Hardin, KY; PPC  
370PPCE. C. Kropp Company1Milwaukee, WI; 3854N-W6; Summit Hotel and Golf Club; Uniontown, PA; PPC  
371PPCE. C. Kropp Company2Milwaukee, WI; 200001 N; Homestead Hotel Golf Course Putting Green; Hot Springs, VA; PPC  
372PPCE. C. Kropp Company3Milwaukee, WI; 27626-42; St. Augustine Links; St. Augustine, FL; PPC  
373PPCEddy's Studio1Southern Pines Country Club; Studio located in Southern Pines, NC; PPC; HChcd 
374PPCFaulkner Novelty Company1Birmingham, AL; 70804; Country Club; Birmingham, AL; PPC  
375PPCFoster & Reynolds1St. Augustine, FL; 318; The Golf Links; Palm Beach, FL; PPC  
376PPCGraycraft Card Company1Danville, VA; B-227; Hillcrest Country Club; Bartlesville, OK; PPC  
377PPCHartman Card Company1Portland, ME / Tampa, FL; 539GF / 125692; Playing Golf in The Sunshine State, Florida; PPC  
378PPCHolly-hill Grove & Fruit Company1Davenport, FL; 109544; 4th and 5th Fairways of the Holly Hill Golf Course; Davenport, FL; PPC  
379PPCJ. N. Chamberlain1Miami, FL; Golf Grounds; Miami Beach, FL; PPC  
380PPCRaphael Tuck & Sons1United Kingdom; 6204; The Best and Rest Golf Club House, Porthcawl; PPC  
381PPCRuth Murray Miller1Art Adv. Service, Philadelphia, PA; Fifteenth Green of Princess Anne Country Club Golf Course; Virginia Beach, VA; PPC  
382PPCS.H. Kress & Company17734; Country Club; Durham, NC; PPC  
383PPCSucesion de I. L. Maduro, Jr13A507; New Panama Golf Club; Panama; PPC  
384PPCUnion News Company12332-29; Golf Course from Casino; White Sulphur Springs, WV; PPC  
385PPCUnknown10Eagles Mere Golf Club; showing No. 4 Hole and Club-house; Eagles Mere, PA; PPC  
386PPCUnknown11Golf Links and Country Club; Oneonta, NY; PPC  
387PPCUnknown12A-30904; Tampa Automobile and Golf Club; Tampa, FL; PPC  
388PPCUnknown132537 P.; Golf Club; Hartford, CT; PPC  
389PPCWalt Disney Productions11110267; Goofy Putting on Green; PPC  
390PPCWatson Brothers1Delaware, OH; 118726; Perkins Observatory, O.W.U. and Golf Course; Delaware, OH; PPC  
391PPCWeitzman's Photo Shop, Inc.1Stapleton; Staten Island, NY; 33715 / 3; Todt Hill; Staten Island, NY; "Highest point on coast from Main to Florida"; PPC  
392PPCYankee Store & Bermuda Drug Company1Bermuda; 97 / Rutherford; Driving from 4 the Tee Riddell's Boy, Golf Course, Bermuda; PPC  
393UNC Uncacheted1signed by Stamp Designer, Richard Gangel 1
394ZAAmaya, Rosario1First cachet was #2417hdn hpd1
395ZAAshley, Don W.1c2004pci 
396ZAAshley, Don W.2c2005pci 
397ZAAshley, Don W.3c2008pci 
398ZAAshley, Don W.4c2012pci 
399ZAAshley, Don W.5c2012pci 
400ZAAshley, Don W.6c2012pci 
401ZAAshley, Thomas1c2011pci 
402ZAAshley, Thomas2c2011pci 
403ZAAshley, Thomas3c2011pci 
404ZABeaver Hobby Lodge1blue; RSC; GP  
405ZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
406ZABereson, Alex1c2011; eBay auctions always state (5) madepci5
407ZABereson, Alex2c2011; Depicting Bob Hope and President Nixon golfingpci 
408ZABereson, Alex3c2011; Babe Ruth and NY Mahor Al Smith at Biltmore 1930pci 
409ZABereson, Alex4c2011; Arnold Palmerpci 
410ZABereson, Alex5c2011; Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra on the golf coursepci 
411ZABereson, Alex6c2012pci 
412ZABereson, Alex7c2012pci 
413ZABereson, Alex8c2012pci 
414ZABereson, Alex9c2013pci 
415ZABereson, Alex10c2013pci 
416ZACornish, Sam1A Native Georgian 1902hdn1
417..ZA Fox, Melissa1 hdn hpd 
418ZAFreedom Cachets12006; SF HC RSA  
419ZAGoing Postal1   
420ZAHalinski, Rich1c2003  
421ZAHalinski, Rich2c2004  
422ZAHalinski, Rich3c2004  
423ZAHobo Art Cachets1c2006pci 
424ZAHobo Art Cachets2c2008  
425ZAJerry's Covers1eBay 10/2011pci 
426ZAPowell, L. Ziola1 hdn hpd 
427ZAPowell, L. Ziola2 hdn hpd3
428ZAPowell, L. Ziola3 hdn hpd1
429ZAPowell, L. Ziola4 hdn hpd3
430ZARay, Cullen W.11993hdn hpd3
431ZARay, Cullen W.21993hdn hpd3
432ZARay, Cullen W.3on U583 envelope; 1993hpd 
433..ZARose, Buddy1 hdn 
434ZASweetheart Cachets1Donald Duck swinging clubs; c2008; not signed  
435ZAUnknown2on Artcraft; not Halinski; c2008; on ebay by occlude32pci 
436ZAUnknown3 pci 
437ZAUnknown5c2008; on ebay by paulacoverpci 
438ZAUnknown8Primitive Paste-On; on U583; PHS webstore 200912pas 
440ZAWild Horse Cachets1Lee Trevinohpd100
441ZAWild Horse Cachets2Tom Kitehpd500
442ZAWild Horse Cachets3Tiger Woodshpd500