Sc. 1908 .20 Fire Pumper, Coil; 12/10/1981; Alexandria, VA12/15/2015
1 Agris Medical Cachets1 hfd hcd100
2..  Agris Medical Cachets1black 100
3 Alexander, George A.1Combo #971hfd 
4 Alexander, George A.1UO Washington, DC Station #23; Unofficial; USPO CDShfd 
5 Alexander, George A.2 hfd 
6 Alexander, George A.2Combo C40; Combinationhfd 
7 Alexander, George A.3Dual FDOI & UO Washington, DC Smithsonian Station; Unofficial; HC; PHChfd 
8 Alexander, George A.3UO Washington, DC Station #23; Unofficial; USPO CDShfd 
9 Alexander, George A.4 hfd 
10 Alexander, George A.4UO Alexandria, VA Olde Towne Station; Unofficial; USPO CDShfd 
11 Alexander, George A.4UO Washington, DC Station #23; USPO CDShfd 
12 Allentown Paid Fire Department Local 3021Re-use of 1975 100th Anniversary cachet; Unknown if serviced FDOI for #1558 300
13 American Postal Arts Society1   
14 Andrews - Maxie1Dual FDOI & UO Phoenix, AZ; not painted; USPO CDS  
15 Andrews - Maxie2Dual FDOI & UO Phoenix_AZ; Unofficial; HC; USPO CDShpd150
16 Andrews Cachet1red 1500
17 Andrews Cachet1UO Alexandria, VA MC and Community Branch; Unofficial  
18.. Andrews Cachet1UO Phoenix, AZ; Unofficial; MC 1500
19 Andrews Cachet2Maxi-Card; UO Alexandria, VA Olde Towne Station; USPO CDS  
20..  Andrews Special3red 1500
21 Animated Covers1 hcd 
22 Aristocrats1   
23 Artcraft1   
24 Artcraft1UO Peter Stuyvesant Station, NY, NY; Unofficial; USPO CDS  
25.. Artcraft2Amoskeag Company text  
26 Artmaster1   
27 Bayless, William H.1red; signed with a small "b" lower left  
28 Bazaar1   
29.. Beck, Edith1 hdn hpd5
30 Bill Ressl Cachets1Bill Ressl  
31.. Carrollton1   
32 Cheltenham Cachets1   
33 Collins1Dual FDOI & UO Ashburn, VA; HC KHC4 pmhpd 
34 Colonial Cachets1   
35 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1   
36..  Colorano "Silk" Cachet2Maxi-Card  
37..  Colorano "Silk" Cachet3blue, Manual Pump in Circle, Cuba #2144 (info: Flory)  
38.. Crow, Virgil1black/red  
39 Dale, Raymond J.1 hcd 
40..  Daski, James F.1   
41..  Daski, James F.2   
42 David 'C' Cachets1 hcd 
43 DRC1black 150
44 DRC1blackhpd 
45 DRC1black; Dual FDOI - 1) 1908, 2) 2264  
46 DRC1black; Triple FDOI - 1) 1908, 2) 2264, 3) 2713  
47 DRC1UO Alexandria, VA; Unofficial; KHC4hpd10
48 DRC1UO Alexandria, VA Olde Towne Station; Unofficial; USPO CDS  
49 DRC1UO Boston, MA J.W. McCormack Station; Unofficial; CDShpd2
50 Dyer, Ralph1 hdn hpd 
51  Educative Services, Inc.1   
52..  Elite1Amoskey Pumper with description  
53 Fire Service In Philately1black text, red apparatus; First; HC UA  
54 Fleetwood Cover Service1   
55 Fleetwood Cover Service2Proof Card  
56..  FMCA1  37
57 Fulton Stamp Club1CR4; black red; Combo 0971  
58 Gamm Covers1   
59 Gamm Covers1by Swindallhpd 
60 Gamm Covers1FDOI with UO Sparks Glencoe, MD and UO New York, NY Peter Stuyvesant Station; Unofficial; KHC4 CDS  
61 Gamm Covers1UO New York, NY Peter Stuyvesant Station; Unofficial; USPO CDS  
62 Gamm Covers1UO Philadelphia, PA BFF Station; Unofficial; PHC  
63 Gamm Covers1UO Sparks Glencoe, MD; Unofficial; KHC4 am  
64 Gill Craft11782 Fire Pumper  
65 Gill Craft21782 Fire Pumper; Proof Card; signed by Artist  
66 Gill Craft31852 Fire Pumper  
67  Gill Craft41852 Fire Pumper; Proof Card; signed by Artist  
68 Hartley, Sr., Glenn1red; Alexandria, VA Fire Department; First; HC UA 231
69 House of Farnam1   
70.. Huehl, Don1 hpd 
71..  International Association of Fire Fighters, #3021Allentown, PA; black  
72.. International Association of Fire Fighters, #3021Allentown, PA; red  
73 JLP Cachet1red  
74 JLP Cachet2silver; Plate Number CLP; McCusker stated it is 'rare' (?)  
75.. JLP Cachet3gold; McCusker says rare (2010)  
76..  JWL1Firefighters Today, Snorkel in action  
77 K.M.C. Venture1Combo 0971 400
78 Kover Kids1 hcd 
79..  Kribbs' Kover1Sparky, black/redhdn hpd 
80..  Kush, Mike1blue; Reply Envelope, FF's Benefit Ball, Allentown, PA (Flory)  
81..  Kush, Mike2red; Amoskeg Steamer, Great Eastern FF's Spect. (Flory)  
82..  Langer Cachet1Steamer, burning house, blue starshfd hcd 
83 LGS1Amoskeg Steamer  
84 LGS1Amoskeg Steamer; UO Alexandria, VA; Unofficial; KHC4  
85 LGS1Amoskeg Steamer; UO Alexandria, VA Community Branch,; Unofficial; KHC4  
86 LGS1Amoskeg Steamer; UO Alexandria, VA Olde Towne Station; Unofficial; USPO CDS  
87 LGS1Amoskeg Steamer; UO Boston, MA; Unofficial; RingDater UA  
88 LGS1Amoskeg Steamer; UO New York, NY Peter Stuyvescant Station; Unofficial; CDS  
89 LGS1Amoskeg Steamer; UO Philadelphia, PA BFF Station; Unofficial; PHC  
90 LGS1Amoskeg Steamer; UO Phoenix, AZ; Unofficial; MC  
91 LGS1Amoskeg Steamer; UO Phoenix, AZ Main Post Office; Unofficial; USPS CDS  
92 LGS1Amoskeg Steamer; UO Sparks Glencoe, MD; Unofficial; AM MC UA  
93 LGS1Amoskeg Steamer; UO Washington, DC; Unofficial; RingDater UA  
94.. LGS1Amoskeg Steamer; UO Washington, DC LFR Station; Unofficial; PHC UA  
95 LGS1Amoskeg Steamer; UO Washington, DC Smithsonian Institute; Unofficial; PHC UA  
96 LGS2Ben Franklin; HC  
97 LGS2Ben Franklin; UO Boston, MA Philatelic Center; Unofficial; PHC  
98 LGS2Ben Franklin; UO Cambridge, MA; Unofficial; KHC4  
99 LGS3Fireman's Hall, Badge; HC  
100 LGS3Fireman's Hall, Badge; UO Alexandria, VA; Unofficial; AM MC  
101 LGS4Fireman's Hall, Text; HC  
102 LGS4Fireman's Hall, Text; UO Philadelphia, PA; Unofficial; RingDater  
103.. LGS4Fireman's Hall, Text; UO Philadelphia, PA BFF Station; Unofficial; PHC  
104 LGS5City of PA FD; UO Washington, DC USPS Philatelic Center; Unofficial; PHC  
105 LGS5City of PA FD; UO Washington, DC USPS Philatelic Sales Division; Unofficial; CDS  
106 LGS5City of PA Fire Department; HC  
107 Namake Cachets1all-over, FF's Race to Harness Horses  
108..  Natsco1Friendship Fire Company  
109 Nirlay1'Tribute to Dickie Weaver'; Add-On December 2013hdn hpd 
110 Paul's Historical Covers1 hfd 
111 Peltin, Geri1Dalmation wearing helmet, newspaper and slippers in mouthhpd 
112 Politowski, James1Signed by James Schleyer, Stamp Designerhfd 
113..  Post, Richard E.1black/red; red rectangle, shows part of wheel (Flory)  
114 Postal Commemorative Society1orange  
115..  Postal Commemorative Society2Golden Replica; Size 7  
116.. Pugh1 hpd61
117 Quadracolorplus1Union Manual Pumperpas 
118..  Quadracolorplus2black/gold; Early Fire Pumperpas 
119 R & R1by Colorano  
120 Reid, Clarence E.1red; MC RSA to Reid 20
121..  Robinson Stamps1red; FF with axe and SCBA  
122..  Ron Myers Cachets1   
123 Ross Foil1North River FF's with Steamerpas 
124 Schleyer, James1grey with enclosure story card; Stamp Designer  
125..  Schleyer, James2red fire helmet, yellow shield #4; Stamp Designer  
126 Schleyer, James3Signed by James Schleyer  
127  Schleyer, James4Non-FDOI; Color Proof for stamp, submitted by Don McDowell (Director, Stamp Development Branch, USPS) for approval of the color of the stamp art; signed by James Schleyer - Stamp Designer 1
128..  Schuster, CN Jr.1gray, 3/4 of cover steamer, hose reel, buildings  
129..  Shue, John1black; Difference between Fire Engine and Fire Truck  
130.. Slyter Cachets1On embossed old card, painted and letteredhpd100
131..  Slyter Cachets1Steamer on top, weathervane (Flory)hpd 
132 SOS Covers1   
133 Spectrum Cover1   
134 TMW1Fireman with hosehdn hpd110
135 Tudor House1   
136 Turner, Geo.1Photo paste-on; CLP Plate #4; with label from top of coil roll and tapeprn pas 
137 Turner, Geo.2Photo paste-on; Toy steamer close-up; UO New York, NY Peter Stuyvesant Station; USPO CDSprn pas 
138 Unknown1UNK01; Paste-On; on eBay by RKA, 04/2009  
139 Unknown2UNK02; Paste-On; on eBay by RKA, 04/2009  
140 Unknown5UNK05; red; from GSCC on BidStart 10/2011  
141 Unknown6UNK06; Photograph; Turner?pas 
142 Unknown7UNK07hfd 
143 Unknown801; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
144 Unknown802; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
145 Unknown803; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
146 Unknown804; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
147 Unknown805; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
148 Unknown806; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
149 Unknown807; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
150 Unknown808; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
151 Unknown809; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
152 Unknown810; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
153 Unknown811; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
154 Unknown812; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
155 Unknown813; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
156 Unknown814; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
157 Unknown815; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
158 Unknown816; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
159 Unknown817; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
160 Unknown818; on ebay by linncovers 10/2013  
161..  USPS1First Day Program; FD Program  
162 USPS2Souvenir Page; Souvenir Page  
163.. USS Enterprise1UO USS Enterprise; Unofficialrsc100
164 VAL1Valerie Pence; 1860s Fire Pumperhdn hpd 
165.. Weaver, Freda Dickie1Grossly overpriced by major dealers, imo.hpd37
166..  Western Heritage Association1similar to stamp  
167 Yudkin, Sam1black, partial copy of 0971_M018 Smartcraft cachet; HC UA  
168 Zimmerman, J. A.1burgondy; Amoskeg Steamer; First  
169..CC International Association of Fire Fighters, #3021Allentown, PA; BCC  
170..GP Americana Unit1GP  
171..GP Pomex '781red; East Stroudsburg FD, Two-Man Pumper (Flory)  
172..GP Pomex '782red; Stroudsburg FD, 1781 Horse Drawn Steamer (Flory)  
173JL-13 JONAL Art Covers1With encased 1963 Franklin Half Dollar; Fire Service; HChdn hpd25
174PPCMavis Pudding11878 Steam Fire Engine, National Museum of History and Technology; 59598-D; PPC; HC  
175UNCUncacheted1FDOI on uncacheted event; Commemorating Connecticut Volunteer Firefighters; Manpex Station, Charlotte, NC; 04/26/1981; HC, PHC  
176ZAAshley, Don W.1c2004  
177ZAAshley, Don W.2c2004  
178ZAAshley, Don W.3c2006  
179ZAAshley, Don W.4c2005  
180ZAAshley, Don W.5c2004  
181ZAAshley, Don W.6c2004  
182ZAAshley, Don W.7c2004  
183ZAAshley, Don W.8c2005  
184ZAAshley, Don W.9c2005  
185ZAAshley, Don W.10c2005  
186ZAAshley, Don W.11c2005  
187ZAAshley, Don W.12c2006  
188ZAAshley, Don W.13c2006  
189ZAAshley, Don W.14c2009  
190ZAAshley, Don W.15c2009  
191ZAAshley, Don W.16c2009  
192ZAAshley, Don W.17c2009  
193ZAAshley, Don W.18c2009  
194ZAAshley, Don W.19c2009  
195ZAAshley, Don W.20c2009  
196ZAAshley, Don W.21c2009  
197ZAAshley, Don W.22c2009  
198ZAAshley, Don W.23c2009  
199ZAAshley, Don W.24c2009  
200ZAAshley, Don W.25c2011  
201ZAAshley, Don W.26c2011  
202ZABaker, Kenneth1on eBay by RKA 03/2009hdn hpd 
203ZABaker, Kenneth2on eBay by RKA 04/2009hdn hpd 
204ZAFDCUSA1on Farnam cachet 10
205ZAFine Design Cachets1signed FDC  
206ZAFine Design Cachets2signed FDC  
207ZAFine Design Cachets3signed FDC  
208ZAGrusz1Personal Itemhld 
209ZAHobo Art Cachets1c2008  
210ZAHobo Art Cachets2c2008  
211ZAJerry's Covers101/2011pci 
212ZAJerry's Covers1eBay jerryscovers 10/2011pci 
213ZAJerry's Covers205/2011pci 
214ZAJerry's Covers3c2012pci 
215ZAJerry's Covers4c2012pci 
216ZAJerry's Covers5c2014pci 
217..ZAPowell, L. Ziola1 hdn hpd4
218..ZARay, Cullen W.1 hpd5
219ZAWoytinek1on eBay by RKA 01/2009hdn hpd