Sc. 1644 .13 North Carolina Flag; 2/23/1976; Raleigh, NC12/15/2015
1 America1{DC}; Combo #749, #796, #1251a; Combination  
2 America1{DC}; Combo #796, #1248; Combination  
3 Americana Unit1{NC}  
4.. Aristocrats1{DC}  
5 Aristocrats1{NC}  
6.. Artcraft1{NC}; Blank flag over dome  
7 Artcraft2{NC}; Patriot raising flag; SMC RSA  
8 Artcraft3{NC}; First Stars & Stripes; SHC UA  
9 Artcraft4{NC}; Admission to Statehood text; SHC UA  
10 Artmaster1{DC}  
11 Artopages1{NC}; SMC  
12  Artopages2{DC}; green on white sticker in middle; MC  
13 Artopages3{DC}  
14  Artopages4{NC}; green on white sticker; SMC  
15.. Artopages6{?}; May exist  
16  Artopages7{?}; Gold Foil Labelpas 
17  Artopages8{DC}; Label; UO Washington, DC Smithsonian Station; Dual #1985 2nd Day Same Location; Presume prepared by George Alexander, from a set of 50 of each flag.; Unofficial; MC/HCpas 
18 Bazaar1{DC}  
19 Bazaar1{NC}  
20 Boerger1{NC}; blue red; on card stock; SMC  
21 Boerger2{NC}; black blue red; Added text; SMC  
22 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1{DC}  
23 Colorano "Silk" Cachet2{NC}; Don't Tread On Me  
24.. Duke's Covers1{?}; Image is place holder 50
25 Falkon1{NC}; black; SHC UA  
26 Falkon2{NC}; black blue red; SHC UA  
27.. Fleetwood Cover Service1{DC}  
28 Fleetwood Cover Service1{NC}  
29  House of Farnam1{DC}; GP, Flags of The States; mc ta  
30.. Marg1{DC}; One cachet for all  
31 Mather, Jerry P.1{DC}; COUNTERFEIT cancellation  
32 Medallion1{DC}  
33 National Flag Foundation1{DC}  
34 National Governors' Conference1{NC}; Silver Coin on cover; Size 7 envelope; SMC TA  
35 Postal Commemorative Society1{NC}; Eagle & Shield  
36 Postal Commemorative Society2{DC}; blue, Flags over map, DC Cancel; DC MC TA  
37 Postal Commemorative Society2{DC}; With embedded Lincoln Penny by Dottie Dow  
38..  Postmasters of America1{DC}; Size 7 envelope  
39 RLG Cachets1{DC} 100
40 Ross Foil1{DC}  
41..  Ross Foil1{NC}  
42 Unknown1UNK01; {NC}; black/blue/red with North Carolina text in gold foil; Size 7  
43 Unknown1UNK02; {NC}; Like Unknown 03 - SAME ADDRESSEE; without square and state label; Unofficial; SMC AM  
44 Unknown1UNK03; {NC}; Like Unknown 02 - SAME ADDRESSEE; with square and state label; image is place holder  
45 Unknown1UNK04; {PA}; UO Philadelphia, PA BFF Station; Unofficial; PHC  
46 USPS1Envelope for 1974 Raleigh Postique Grand Opening  
47 USPS3Commemorative Panel, non-FDOI; Commemorative Panel  
48 WEB Covers1{NC}; First; SMC  
49  WEB Covers1{NC-DC}; Dual FDOI; First  
50GPArtcraft5{DC}; GP; Independence Hall  
51GPArtcraft6{DC}; GP; Spirit of '76; blue  
52..GPArtcraft7{?}; American Revolution Bicentennial, Patriot; Known serviced with other states; GP  
53..GPArtcraft8{?}; American Revolution Bicentennial, Drums; Known serviced with other states; GP  
54..GPArtcraft9{?}; America's Bicentennial, Spirit of 76, Drummer; Known serviced for other states; GP  
55..GPArtopages5{?}; GP cachet; may exist  
56GPUnknown1UNK05; {DC}; GP  
57..GPUnknown1UNK06; GP  
58GP Unknown1UNK07; printed in black with Artopages black on gold label; GP  
59GPWashington Press1{NC}; GP, Liberty Bell; Combo 1230; GP  
60ZAHalinski, Rich1c2011; Raleigh, NC  
61ZAHalinski, Rich2c2012; Raleigh, NC  
62ZAHalinski, Rich3c2014; DC  
63ZAHalinski, Rich4c2015; Raleigh, NC  
64ZAWebcraft1{DC}; 2012  
65ZAWebcraft1{NC}; c2005