Sc. 1451 .02 Hattera Lighthouse; 4/5/1972; Hatteras, NC12/15/2015
1  Albers Cache1Just two lines of text; Combo 1453  
2 Anderson Historical Envelopes1green  
3 Animated Covers1 hcd 
4 Animated Covers1With embedded elongated cent by "Adams"hcd 
5 Aristocrats1black  
6 Artcraft1"Oregon Inlet Lighthouse"  
7..  Artcraft2"Oregon Inlet Lighthouse"; Size 10 envelope  
8 Artcraft3"Oregon Juliet Lighthouse"  
9 Artcraft3"Oregon Juliet Lighthouse"; UO Hatteras, NC; Unofficial; KHC4 am  
10..  Artcraft4"Oregon Juliet Lighthouse"; Overseas Mailer overprint in green  
11 Artcraft5"Oregon Juliet Lighthouse"; Atlas enclosure for issue  
12  Artcraft5"Oregon Juliet Lighthouse"; Colonial Federal Savings letter enclosed  
13 Artmaster1black  
14 Artopages1black brown  
15 Bazaar1black brown maroon  
16 Bert, Adam K.1Size 5 envelope  
17 B'nai B'rith Philatelic Service1black; SF  
18..  Cachet Craft1Does it exist?  
19 Capistrano Cover1Insert 1  
20 Capistrano Cover1Insert 2  
21 Capistrano Cover1Mint block sealed inside window; two bio cards and bi-fold poly-holder for dsiplay  
22 Capistrano Cover1reverse  
23 Capitol Reef National Park, Utah1black  
24 Cedar Breaks National Monument1blue maroon  
25 Chillicothe Correctional Institute Stamp Club1black red; SF MC PA  
26 Cliff's Covers1   
27 Colonial Cachets1brown green  
28 Colorano "Silk" Cachet1   
29 Colorano "Silk" Cachet2Maximum Card  
30 Cover Craft Cachets1   
31 Crow, Virgil1   
32 David 'C' Cachets1 hcd 
33 Dulski, Congressman T. J.1House of Rep. Corner Card and free-frank; PB4 HC RSA  
34 Dyer, Ralph1 hdn hpd 
35.. Dyer, Ralph2PHS says from his personal collectionhdn hpd 
36 Ebach, Richard G.1   
37 Fleetwood Cover Service1   
38 Fleetwood Cover Service1Combo 1230, 1314, C045; Combination  
39 Fleetwood Cover Service2gold cachet with embedded coin  
40 Hammond1Cape Hatteras National Seashore; Maxi-Card; HC  
41 House of Farnam1   
42 International Stamp Collectors Society1  1000
43.. Jackson1   
44 Koehler, Elmer1signed "EK"hdn hcd3
45..  Lorstan1   
46 Marg1black blue, with advertising letter  
47  Marg1black blue, with advertising letter and back imprint from Texas Gulf Sulphur Company  
48..  Maul, Herman R.1 hdn hpd 
49 Overseas Mailers Ltd.1green overprint on Jackson  
50 Pipe Spring National Monument1brown  
51 Postmasters of America1Silver Coin, Size 7 envelope; gold colored coin reported; MC TA SF  
52  Prestige Reaction1green text only  
53 Reid, Clarence E.1black red; SF MC PA  
54.. Robins, A. H.1bi-fold insert  
55.. Robins, A. H.1green; with bi-fold insert  
56 Ross Foil1Paste-On, silver foil with printing  
57 Sandpiper's Trace, Ltd.1enclosure; First  
58 Sandpiper's Trace, Ltd.1with enclosure; Size 10; First  
59 Sarzin Metallic1Metallic platepas 
60 Ulrich, Frank J.1Lighthouse, Scroll, & Wright Flyer; Combo 0796 C045; color varietyhdn hpd 
61 Ulrich, Frank J.2Lighthouse & 'Cape Hatteras'hdn 
62 Ulrich, Frank J.3Lighthouse & 'Cape Hatteras'; without greenhdn 
63 Ulrich, Frank J.4Lighthouse & 'Cape Hatteras'; Design #3hdn 
64 Unknown1UNK04  
65 Unknown1UNK12; Dual cachet & FDOI with 1453; Size 10 envelope; signed "SB" or "SP"; HC HC UAhdn 
66 Unknown1UNK13; Dual cachet & FDOI with C084; Size 10 envelope; signed "SB" or "SP"; HC MC UAhdn 
67 Unknown1UNK15; on eBay by billkreindel, 2009prn 
68 Unknown1UNK15; on eBay by billkreindel, 200911prn hcd 
69 Unknown1UNK17; Signed "J.R" inside frame at lower righthdn hcd 
70..  USPS1black/red on ivory; 9.75 x 9.75; MS1-O; FD Program  
71 Zion National Park1   
72CCLawton Lumber Company, Inc.1Greenville, SC; Size 10 business envelope with empty letterhead sheet; Known also for #1453 with the same typed addressee and two lines bottom left.  
73GPRosenberg, Stanley1USPS logo and 'First Day Covers'; With Limited Edition legend; Ref. First Days 12/01/2006 p15  
74GPRosenberg, Stanley2USPS logo and 'First Day Cover'; Ref. First Days 12/01/2006 p15; GP  
75GPUSPS3Cachet for #1396 USPS Inaugural  
76..J-55JONAL Art Covers1J-055 50
77..NFDUSPS4Stamp Poster, non-FDOI  
78PPCElizabeth City News Company1Cape Hatteras Lighthouse (P81361); PPC  
79PPCElizabeth City News Company2Bodie Island Lighthouse (P79335); PPC  
80PPCElizabeth City News Company3Outer Banks Fishing; (67915); PPC  
81PPCElizabeth City News Company4Apollo 9 view of Outer Banks (P89619); PPC  
82PPC Elizabeth City News Company5Outer Banks, Fishing at sea; (111945); PPC  
83..PPCElizabeth City News Company6Seagulls; PPC  
84PPC Elizabeth City News Company7Billy Mitchell Airport, Hatteras, NC; FDOI on back; PPC  
85PPC Elizabeth City News Company8Outer Banks, Hatteras Inlet Ferry; FDOI on back (P88658); PPC  
86..PPCElizabeth City News Company9Hatteras Lighthouse; PPC  
87..PPCElizabeth City News Company10Hatteras Lighthouse; PPC  
88SP7702USPS2Souvenir Page; Souvenir Page  
89ZAAshley, Don W.1c2001  
90ZAAshley, Don W.2c2001  
91ZAAshley, Don W.3c2004  
92ZAAshley, Don W.4c2005  
93ZAAshley, Don W.5c2005  
94ZAAshley, Don W.6c2005  
95ZAAshley, Don W.7c2005  
96ZAAshley, Don W.8c2005  
97ZAAshley, Don W.9c2005  
98ZAAshley, Don W.10c2008  
99ZAAshley, Don W.11c2008  
100ZAAshley, Don W.12c2008  
101ZAAshley, Don W.13c2008  
102ZAAshley, Don W.14c2008  
103ZAAshley, Don W.15c2008  
104ZAAshley, Don W.16c2009  
105ZAAshley, Don W.17c2009  
106ZABeaver Hobby Lodge1 rsc 
107..ZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
108..ZABen Kraft2 hdn hpd 
109..ZABen Kraft3 hdn hpd 
110ZABereson, Alex1c2010pci5
111ZABereson, Alex2c2011pci5
112..ZAFox, Melissa1 hdn hpd 
113..ZAHaimerl, Sandra1 hdn3
114ZAHalinski, Rich1c2005  
115ZAHalinski, Rich2c2005  
116ZAHenry, A. O.1 hdn hpd 
117ZAJerry's Covers1c2013  
118ZAJerry's Covers2c2014  
119..ZAKing Cachets1 thm 
120..ZAKnapp, Dorothy1 hdn hpd3
121ZAMurphy, Lori1Sold on eBay by RKA Covers, 2009hdn hpd3
122ZANiewenhous, Beth1 hdn hpd1
123ZASmith, Henry1  3
124ZAUnknown1UNK01; all-over, Lighthouse and dune  
125ZAUnknown1UNK05; c2005  
126..ZAUnknown1UNK06; pre-2005  
127ZAUnknown1UNK07; pre-c2008  
129ZAUnknown1UNK14; 02/2009, for sale on Stampwants by Uncledendenpci 
130ZA Unknown1UNK16; On Bidstart by uncledenden 2010pci 
132ZAWebcraft2Size 10; c2010pci