Sc. 1396 .08 USPS Inaugural; 7/1/1971; NC Towns Only12/15/2015
1..R330001 USPS1Abbottsburg; DIS-CONTINUED 7/31/1960, mail to Bladenboro 210
2..R330002 USPS1Aberdeen 210
3..R330003 USPS1Advance  
4R330004USPS1Ahoskie; 27910; MC7 AM 514
5..R330005 USPS1Akers Center  
6..R330006 USPS1Alamance; 27201; KHC4 ?M  
7R330007USPS1Albermarle; 28001; MC7 AM  
8R330013USPS1Almond; 28702; KHC4 PM  
9..R330014 USPS1Altamahaw  
10..R330016 USPS1Andrews  
11..R330018 USPS1Ansonville; 28007; KHC4 ?M  
12..R330019 USPS1Apex  
13R330025USPS1Arden; KHC4 AM  
14..R330027 USPS1Ash; 28420; KHC4 ?M  
15R330028USPS1Asheboro; 27206; MC7 AM  
16R330029USPS1Asheville; MC7 AM  
17..R330029 USPS1Asheville; Slogan - ALWAYS USE/ZIP CODE; SMC ?M  
18..R330037 USPS1Aulander  
19..R330040 USPS1Avon  
20..R330041 USPS1Ayden; 28513; MC7 ?M  
21..R330044 USPS1Badin; 28009; MC7 ?M  
22..R330047 USPS1Bakersville; 28705; MC7 ?M  
23..R330049 USPS1Balfour; 28706; KHC4 ?M  
24..R330051 USPS1Balsam Grove  
25R330052USPS1Banner Elk; 28504; MC6 AM  
26..R330058 USPS1Bat Cave; 28710; KHC4 ?M  
27..R330061 USPS1Bayboro  
28..R330062 USPS1Bear Creek  
29..R330064 USPS1Beaufort  
30..R330067 USPS1Belhaven  
31..R330074 USPS1Bessemer City  
32..R330076 USPS1Bethania  
33..R330077 USPS1Bethel; 27812; MC7 ?M  
34..R330079 USPS1Beulaville  
35R330084USPS1Black Mountain; 28711; MC6 AM  
36R330084USPS1Black Mountain; 28711; MC7 PM  
37..R330086 USPS1Bladenboro  
38..R330089 USPS1Blowing Rock; 28605; MC7 ?M  
39..R330091 USPS1Boger City  
40..R330093 USPS1Boiling Springs; 28017; MC7 ?M  
41..R330098 USPS1Boomer  
42..R330099 USPS1Boone; 28607; RHC ?M  
43R330101Uncacheted1Bostic; signed by Postmaster; probable 1/1 prepared by Addresser/Addressee; MC7 PM  
44..R330101 USPS1Bostic; MC7 PM  
45..R330105 USPS1Brevard; 28712; MC7 ?M  
46..R330106 USPS1Bridgeton  
47R330112USPS1Bryson City; 28713; MC6 AM  
48..R330115 USPS1Bunn  
49R330118USPS1Burlington; 27215; MC7 AM  
50R330118USPS1Burlington; 27215; KHC4 AM  
51..R330119 USPS1Burnsville; 28714; KHC4 ?M  
52..R330120 USPS1Butner; 27509; MC7 ?M  
53..R330125 USPS1Camden  
54..R330128 USPS1Camp Lejeune; 28542; MC6 ?M  
55..R330129USPS1Candler; 28715; KHC4 PM  
56..R330135 USPS1Caroleen  
57..R330136 USPS1Carolina Beach; 28428; MC7 ?M  
58R330140USPS1Cary; 27511; KHC4 AM  
59..R330142 USPS1Cashers  
60..R330144 USPS1Castle Hayne  
61..R330147 USPS1Catawba  
62..R330155 USPS1Raleigh, Century Station; 27602; KHC4 ?M  
63..R330157 USPS1Chadbourn; 28431; MC7 ?M  
64R330158USPS1Chapel Hill; 27514; MC6 AM  
65..R330159 USPS1Charlotte; MC7 1B ?M  
66..R330159 USPS1Charlotte; RHC  
67..R330159 USPS1Charlotte; MC7 1A ?M  
68R330159USPS1Charlotte; MC7 1A AM  
70..R330161 USPS1Cherokee; 28719; MC7 ?M  
71R330163USPS1Cherryville; 28021; MC6 PM  
72..R330164 USPS1Chimney Rock  
73..R330166 USPS1Chinquiapin; 28521; KHC4 ?M  
74..R330170 USPS1Clarkton  
75..R330171 USPS1Clayton; 27520; MC6 ?M  
76R330172USPS1Clemmons; 27012; MC7 -M  
77..R330174 USPS1Cliffside; 28024; KHC4 ?M  
78..R330175 USPS1Climax  
79..R330176 USPS1Clinton; 28328; MC7 ?M  
80..R330180 USPS1Coinjock  
81..R330182 USPS1Columbia  
82R330190USPS1Concord; 28025; MC7 AM  
83..R330191 USPS1Conover  
84..R330194 USPS1Conway  
85..R330195 USPS1Cooleemee  
86..R330196 USPS1Corno  
87..R330199 USPS1Cornelius; 28931; KHC4 ?M  
88..R330200 USPS1Corolla  
89..R330207 USPS1Creedmoor; 27522; MC7 ?M  
90..R330211 USPS1Crossnore  
91..R330221 USPS1Dallas  
92..R330222 USPS1Dana  
93..R330224 USPS1Davidson  
94..R330226 USPS1Deep Gap; 28618; KHC4 ?M  
95..R330227 USPS1Deep Run  
96..R330229 USPS1Denton  
97..R330230 USPS1Denver  
98..R330238 USPS1Drexel  
99..R330242 USPS1Dunn  
100R330244USPS1Durham; Slogan - PRAY/FOR/PEACE; SMC AM  
101..R330245 USPS1Eagle Rock; 27353; KHC4 ?M  
102..R330246 USPS1Eagle Springs; 27242; KHC4 ?M  
103R330252USPS1East Flat Rock; 28726; KHC4 AM  
104..R330262 USPS1Eden  
105..R330263 USPS1Edenton  
106..R330265 USPS1Edneyville; 28727; KHC4 ?M  
107R330269USPS1Elizabeth City; 27909; MC7 AM  
108..R330270 USPS1Elizabethtown  
109..R330271 USPS1Elkin; 28621; MC7 ?M  
110..R330272 USPS1Elk Park  
111..R330273 USPS1Ellenboro  
112R330274USPS1Ellerbe; 28338; MC7 AM  
113R330275USPS1Elm City; 27822; MC6 AM  
114..R330276 USPS1Elon College; 27244; KHC4 ?M  
115..R330276 USPS1Elon College; 27244; MC7 ?M  
116R330283USPS1Enka; 28728; MC7 AM  
117..R330289 USPS1Etowah  
118..R330294 USPS1Evergreen; 28438; KHC4 ?M  
119..R330297 USPS1Fairmont  
120..R330300 USPS1Faith; 28041; KHC4 ?M  
121R330305USPS1Farmville; 27828; MC6 AM  
122R330306USPS1Fayetteville; '10-AM' over Date; MC7 AM  
123R330306USPS1Fayetteville; '10-AM' over Date; signed by PM George B. Herndon & APM J. L. McBennett; MC7 AM  
124R330306USPS1Fayetteville; '10-AM' under Date; MC7 AM  
125R330310USPS1Flat Rock; 28731; MC6 AM  
126..R330312 USPS1Fletcher; 28732; KHC4 ?M  
127..R330312 USPS1Fletcher; 28732; MC7 ?M  
128..R330313 USPS1Fontana Dam  
129R330314USPS1Forest City; 28043; MC6 PM  
130R330314USPS1Forest City; 28043; with 10/12/1974 Ellenboro, NC cancel; MC6 PM, USPO CDS  
131R330320USPS1Franklin; 28734; MC6 AM  
132..R330322 USPS1Franklinton  
133..R330323 USPS1Franklinville  
134..R330326 USPS1Fremont; 27830; MC7 ?M  
135..R330332 USPS1Garner; 27529; MC6 ?M  
136R330335USPS1Gastonia; 28052; MC7 AM  
137R330337USPS1Gatesville; MC7 AM  
138..R330341 USPS1Gibson  
139..R330347 USPS1Glendon  
140..R330356 USPS1Gold Hill; 28071; KHC4 ?M  
141..R330357USPS1Goldsboro; 27530; MC7 AM  
142..R330360 USPS1Graham; 27253; MC6 ?M  
143..R330362 USPS1Granite Falls; 28630; MC6 ?M  
144..R330363 USPS1Granite Quarry; 28072; MC6 ?M  
145..R330365 USPS1Grantsboro  
146R330369USPS1Greensboro; MC7 2A AM  
147..R330369 USPS1Greensboro; MC7 ?M  
148R330370USPS1Greenville; 27934; MC7 AM  
149..R330372 USPS1Grifton  
150..R330380 USPS1Halifax; 27839; MC6 ?M  
151..R330381 USPS1Hallsboro  
152R330383USPS1Hamlet; 28345; MC6 AM  
153..R330387 USPS1Harbinger; CDS  
154..R330388 USPS1Harkers Island  
155R330389USPS1Harmony; KHC4 AM  
156..R330391 USPS1Harrellsville  
157..R330400 USPS1Hays  
158..R330403 USPS1Hazelwood; 28738; KHC4 ?M  
159R330404USPS1Henderson; 27536; MC7 AM  
160R330405 USPS1Hendersonville; 28739; MC7 ?M  
161..R330407 USPS1Henrietta  
162R330409USPS1Hertford; 27944; MC6 PM  
163..R330410 USPS1Hickory; 28601; Slogan - PRAY/FOR/PEACE; SMC ?M  
164R330414USPS1Highlands; MC7 AM  
165R330415USPS1High Point; MC7 AM  
166..R330419 USPS1Hillsborough  
167R330431 USPS1Horse Shoe; 28742; MC7 AM  
168..R330432 USPS1Hot Springs; 28743; MC7 ?M  
169..R330440 USPS1Indian Trail  
170..R330446 USPS1Jackson Hall  
171..R330449 USPS1Jacksonville; 28540; MC7 ?M  
172..R330453 USPS1Jarvisburg  
173R330459USPS1Kannapolis; 28081; MC7 PM  
174..R330463 USPS1Kenly  
175..R330464 USPS1Kernersville  
176..R330465 USPS1Kill Devil Hills; 27948; KHC4 ?M  
177..R330466 USPS1King  
178R330468USPS1Kings Mountain; 28086; MC6 AM  
179..R330469 USPS1Kinston; RHC ?M  
180R330469USPS1Kinston; 28501; MC7 AM  
181R330469USPS1Kinston; 28501; enclosure  
182..R330471 USPS1Kittrell  
183..R330472 USPS1Kitty Hawk; 27949; KHC4 ?M  
184..R330477 USPS1La Grange; 28551; KHC4 ?M  
185..R330483 USPS1Lake Waccamaw; 28450; KHC4 ?M  
186..R330485 USPS1Landis; 28088; MC7 ?M  
187..R330489 USPS1Laurel Hill  
188..R330490 USPS1Laurel Springs; 28644; MC7 ?M  
189R330491USPS1Laurinburg; 28352; MC6 AM  
190..R330494 USPS1Leasburg  
191..R330498 USPS1Lenoir; 28645; MC7 ?M  
192..R330499 USPS1Hickory, Lenoir Rhyne Station; 28601; KHC4 ?M  
193R330503USPS1Lexington; 27292; MC6 AM  
194R330504USPS1Liberty; 27298; KHC4 AM  
195..R330507 USPS1Lincolnton; 28092; MC7 ?M  
196..R330509 USPS1Linville  
197..R330511 USPS1Linwood  
198..R330512 USPS1Little Switzerland  
199..R330518 USPS1Hickory, Long View Branch; 28601; KHC4 ?M  
200R330520USPS1Louisburg; 27549; MC6 AM  
201..R330526 USPS1Lumber Bridge; 28357; KHC4 ?M  
202R330527USPS1Lumberton; 28358; MC7 AM  
203..R330528 USPS1Lynn  
204..R330531 USPS1Macon  
205..R330532 USPS1Madison  
206..R330533 USPS1Maggie; 28751; KHC4 ?M  
207..R330540 USPS1Manson; 27553; KHC4 ?M  
208..R330541 USPS1Manteo; 27954; KHC4 ?M  
209R330544USPS1Marble; 28905; KHC4 PM  
210..R330545 USPS1Margarettsville; 27553; KHC4 ?M  
211R330547USPS1Marion; 28752; MC7 AM  
212..R330550 USPS1Mars Hill; 28754; MC7 ?M  
213R330551USPS1Marshville; 28103; MC7 AM  
214..R330555 USPS1Maxton; 28364; MC7 ?M  
215..R330559 USPS1McCain  
216..R330563 USPS1McLeansville  
217..R330564 USPS1Mebane  
218R330568USPS1Method; 27554; MC7 AM  
219..R330571 USPS1Micro  
220..R330572 USPS1Middleburg; 27550; KHC4 ?M  
221..R330575 USPS1Midland  
222..R330577 USPS1Midway Park  
223..R330579 USPS1Millers Creek  
224..R330585 USPS1Minneapolis  
225..R330588 USPS1Misenheimer; 28109; MC7 ?M  
226R330589USPS1Mocksville; ?????; MC6 PM  
227..R330591 USPS1Monroe; 28110; MC6 ?M  
228..R330592 USPS1Montezuma  
229..R330593 USPS1Montreat; 28757; MC6 ?M  
230..R330594 USPS1Mooresburg  
231..R330595 USPS1Mooresville  
232..R330597 USPS1Mordecai  
233R330600USPS1Morganton; 28655; MC7 AM  
234..R330603 USPS1Mount Airy  
235..R330604 USPS1Mount Gilead  
236..R330605 USPS1Mount Holly  
237..R330606 USPS1Mount Olive  
238..R330608 USPS1Mountain Home; 28758; MC7 ?M  
239..R330613 USPS1Moyock  
240..R330615 USPS1Murfreesboro; 27855; MC7 ?M  
241R330616USPS1Murphy; 28906; KHC4 AM  
242R330618USPS1Nags Head; 27959; KHC4 PM  
243..R330620 USPS1Naples  
244..R330623 USPS1Raleigh; Nazareth Rural Station; KHC4 ?M  
245R330627USPS1New Bern; 28560; MC6 PM  
246..R330629 USPS1Newell  
247..R330633 USPS1Newland  
248R330634USPS1New London; 28127; KHC4 AM  
249..R330634 USPS1New London; 28127; MC7 ?M  
250..R330636 USPS1Jacksonville, New River Plaza Station; CDS  
251..R330638 USPS1Newton Grove; 28366; MC7 ?M  
252..R330640 USPS1Norlina  
253R330645USPS1Burlington, North Burlington Station; 27275; KHC4 AM  
254R330649USPS1Raleigh, North Hills Station; KHC4 AM  
255..R330650 USPS1North Wilkesboro  
256..R330651 USPS1Northside  
257..R330653 USPS1Norwood; 28128; MC6 ?M  
258R330659USPS1Old Fort; 28762; MC6 AM  
259..R330661 USPS1Olin  
260..R330663 USPS1Oriental  
261..R330665 USPS1Oteen, BR Asheville  
262..R330666 USPS1Otto; 28763; KHC4 ?M  
263..R330668 USPS1Oxford; 27565; MC6 ?M  
264..R330677 USPS1Patterson; 28661; KHC4 ?M  
265..R330684 USPS1Penrose  
266..R330690USPS1Pinebluff; MC7 AM  
267..R330692 USPS1Pinehurst; 28374; MC7 ?M  
268..R330697 USPS1Pineville  
269..R330702 USPS1Pisgah Forest; 28768; MC7 ?M  
270..R330703 USPS1Pittsboro; 27312; KHC4 ?M  
271..R330708 USPS1Plumtree; 28664; KHC4 ?M  
272..R330709 USPS1Plymouth  
273..R330710 USPS1Point Harbor  
274..R330713 USPS1Pollocksville  
275..R330717 USPS1Powells Point; 27966; KHC4 ?M  
276..R330724 USPS1Raeford  
277R330725USPS1Raleigh, With AM indicator; KHC4 AM  
278..R330725 USPS1Raleigh; Slogan - ALWAYS USE/ZIP CODE; SMC 2B ?M  
279R330725USPS1Raleigh; Without am/pm indicator; KHC4  
280R330732USPS1Red Springs; 28377; MC6 AM  
281..R330733 USPS1Reidsville  
282..R330736 USPS1Rex; 28378; KHC4 ?M  
283..R330739 USPS1Rich Square; 27869; MC6 ?M  
284..R330741 USPS1Richfield; 28137; MC7 ?M  
285R330743USPS1Ridgeway; 27570; KHC4 PM  
286R330746USPS1Roanoke Rapids; 27870; MC6 AM  
287..R330748 USPS1Robbins  
288R330750USPS1Robersonville; 27871; MC7 PM  
289R330752USPS1Rockingham; 28379; MC7 AM  
290..R330753 USPS1Rockwell; 28138; MC7 ?M  
291R330754USPS1Rocky Mount; 27801; MC7 AM  
292..R330763 USPS1Rosman; 28772; KHC4 ?M  
293..R330766 USPS1Rowland; 28383; KHC4 ?M  
294..R330772 USPS1Rutherfordton; 28139; MC7 ?M  
295R330777USPS1Salisbury; 28144; MC7 AM  
296R330779USPS1Saluda; 28773; MC7 AM  
297R330782USPS1Sanford; 27330; KHC4 PM  
298..R330787 USPS1Scotland Neck  
299..R330789 USPS1Scottville  
300..R330791 USPS1Seaboard  
301..R330794 USPS1Sedalia; ?????; KHC4 ?M  
302..R330796 USPS1Selma  
303..R330805 USPS1Sharpsburg; 27078; KHC4 ?M  
304..R330807USPS1Shelby; KHC0  
305..R330810 USPS1Shiloh; 27974; KHC4 ?M  
306R330811USPS1Siler City; 27344; MC6 AM  
307..R330815 USPS1Skyland; 28776; KHC4 ?M  
308R330817USPS1Smithfield; 27577; KHC4 AM  
309R330817USPS1Smithfield; 27577; MC7 AM  
310..R330821 USPS1Snow Hill  
311..R330823 USPS1South Greensboro  
312..R330824 USPS1South Mills  
313..R330825USPS1Southern Pines; 28387; KHC4 AM  
314..R330826 USPS1Southmont  
315..R330837 USPS1Spring Lake; 28390; KHC4 ?M  
316R330838USPS1Spruce Pine; 28777; MC6 PM  
317..R330841 USPS1Stanfield  
318..R330844 USPS1Star; 27856; MC7 ?M  
319..R330846 USPS1State College, Raleigh  
320R330848USPS1Statesville; 28677; Slogan - PRAY/FOR/PEACE; SMC AM  
321R330849USPS1Stedman; 28391; KHC4 AM  
322R330850USPS1Stella; 28582; KHC4 PM  
323..R330851 USPS1Stern  
324..R330853 USPS1Stokesdale  
325..R330855 USPS1Stonewall  
326..R330859 USPS1Sugar Grove; 28679; KHC4 ?M  
327..R330863 USPS1Sunbury  
328..R330866 USPS1Supply  
329..R330868 USPS1Swannanoa; 28778; MC7 ?M  
330..R330870 USPS1Swansboro; 28584; MC6 ?M  
331..R330872 USPS1Sylva; 28779; KHC4 ?M  
332..R330876 USPS1Tarboro; 27886; MC6 ?M  
333..R330878 USPS1Tate Street  
334..R330879 USPS1Taylorsville  
335R330882USPS1Thomasville; 27360; MC7 AM  
336..R330885 USPS1Timberlake  
337..R330891 USPS1Topton  
338..R330892 USPS1Townsville  
339..R330894 USPS1Trenton  
340R330896USPS1Triplett; 28686; KHC4 PM  
341R330898USPS1Troy; 27371; MC7 PM  
342..R330899 USPS1Tryon; 28782; KHC4 ?M  
343..R330901 USPS1Turkey  
344..R330902 USPS1Turnersburg  
345..R330904 USPS1Tyner; 27980; KHC4 ?M  
346R330912USPS1Valdese; 28690; Slogan - PRAY/FOR/PEACE; SMC AM  
347..R330914 USPS1Valle Crucis; 28691; KHC4 ?M  
348..R330917 USPS1Vass; USPS Postmaster Finder reports first Postmaster appointed 6/8/1974 (research not complete)  
349..R330918 USPS1Vaughan  
350..R330921 USPS1Vilas; CDS  
351..R330925 USPS1Wagram  
352..R330930 USPS1Wallburg  
353..R330931A USPS1Walnut Cove  
354..R330933 USPS1Wananish  
355..R330937 USPS1Warrensville  
356..R330938 USPS1Warrenton; 27589; KHC4 ?M  
357R330941USPS1Washington; 27889; KHC4 AM  
358R330946USPS1Waynesville; 28786; KHC4 AM  
359R330947USPS1Weaverville; 28787; MC6 AM  
360..R330950 USPS1Welcome  
361..R330951 USPS1Weldon  
362..R330962 USPS1West Jefferson; 28694; MC6 ?M  
363..R330967 USPS1Whispering Pines; not incorporated, do not believe ever had a post office, mail to Carthage 28327  
364..R330973 USPS1Whiteville; 28472; MC6 ?M  
365R330982USPS1Williamston; 27892; KHC4 AM  
366R330986USPS1Wilmington; 28401; MC7 AM  
367..R330987 USPS1Wilson  
368R330993USPS1Winston-Salem; Slogan - ALWAYS USE/ZIP CODE; SMC AM  
369..R330996 USPS1Wise  
370..R331000 USPS1Woodleaf; 27054; KHC4 ?M  
371..R331006 USPS1Youngsville  
372..R331007 USPS1Zebulon; 27597; MC6 ?M  
373..R331008 USPS1Zionville; 28598; KHC4 ?M  
374..R334270 USPS1NC 270 Greensboro  
375..R334270 USPS1U.S. Postal Service; NC 270; MC7 ?M  
376R334271 USPS1U.S. Postal Service; NC 271; MC7 1B ?M  
377R334275USPS1U.S. Postal Service; NC 275; MC7 PM  
378..R334275 USPS1U.S. Postal Service; NC 275; MC6 ?M  
379..R334275 USPS1U.S. Postal Service; NC 275; MC7 1B ?M  
380..R334275 USPS1US Postal Service; NC 275; KHC4 ?M