Sc. 1230 .04 Carolina Charter; 4/6/1963; Edenton, NC12/15/2015
1M001Anderson Historical Envelopes1black  
2M001Anderson Historical Envelopes1brown  
3M001Anderson Historical Envelopes1orange  
4M001Anderson Historical Envelopes2red; B4 MC TA  
6M002Aristocrats1black; hand-colored  
8M003Artcraft1Combo 0683 0796 1119  
9M003Artcraft1Combo 0683, 0796; Combination  
10M003 Artcraft1Combo 0797  
11..M003 Artcraft2black; "PERSONAL" on bottom right  
12M003Artcraft3black; Ayerst Laboratories,  
13..M003 Artcraft4black; AML on back  
14M003Artcraft5black; Atlas Chemical Industries on back  
15..M003 Artcraft6black; Sun Tabular on back  
16..M003 Artcraft7black; Overseas Mailer overprint in purple  
17M004Artmaster1slate gray  
18..M005 Atkinson, E.1 hpd 
19M006Boerger1black blue  
20M006Boerger1black blue; Calligraphy Addressed  
21M006 Boerger1black green  
22M006Boerger1black green; Calligraphy Addressed  
23..M007 Boerger2   
24..M008Boerger3blue brown  
25M008Boerger3blue green  
26M008Boerger3green text, brown border  
27M009Cachet Craft1brown green  
28M010Cascade Cachet1brown green red  
29M011Centennial Covers1blackthm 
30M011Centennial Covers1UO Wilmington, NC USS North Carolina Rural Station; Unofficial; KHC4 pmthm 
31..M012Central Michigan Philatelic Society1UO Lansing, MI; HC  
32..M013Dyer, Ralph1 hdn hpd 
33M014House of Farnam1brown  
34M015Fleetwood Cover Service1black  
35M015 Fleetwood Cover Service1signed by Postmaster  
36M016Fluegel Cover1   
38M018Khol Kraft1brown, green, black  
39M018Khol Kraft1brown, green, black; Combo 1153, C55; Combination  
40M018Khol Kraft2green, blue, brown  
41M018Khol Kraft3green, red, black  
42M018Khol Kraft4olive, blue, red  
43M018Khol Kraft5green, blue, red; card stock  
44M019Kolor Kover1brown on pink envelope  
45M020KJM1brown red  
46M021Marg1black; MC TA  
47M022Maul, Herman R.1 hdn hpd 
48M023Mischa1Maximum Card  
49M024Overseas Mailers Ltd.1   
50M025Sandhills Stamp Collectors Club1black; First  
51M025Sandhills Stamp Collectors Club1black, Combo 0796 1097 C045; First  
52M026Admiral Byrd Chapter 11 - USCS1black; UO Wilmington, NC USS North Carolina Rural Station; First; KHC4 pm  
53M027Von Ohlen, William J.1brown red  
54M028Whentworth FDC Service1text; First  
55M029Unknown1deep red text  
57M031DCD-ID Raleigh, NC1black; Department of Conservation and Development, Information Division, Raleigh, NC; First  
58..M032 Unknown1   
59..M033 Unknown1   
60MC1USPO1brown/yellow on ivory; 4 pages with gold seals on cover; 6x9; FD Program  
61MC1USPO1brown/yellow on ivory; inside-left; FD Program  
62MC2USPO2Brown; two-sided; FD Program  
63MC2USPO2Brown; two-sided; reverse; FD Program  
64NIMCover of The Month Club1SF MC UAhdn hpd 
65NIM Dixie Stamp Collectors1red; at bottom 'DIXIPEX VI Cover'  
66NIMGrayson County State Bank1Size 11; brown  
67..NIMGriffith Cachets1   
68NIMHammond1Maxi-Card; HC  
69NIMHarrigan Roller Company1Size 10  
70NIMJJW1Combo 782, 941, 955, 997, 999; Combination  
71NIMLewis, Eric H.1Quantity made is an estimate 20
72NIMLiedke, Ray1Drumming Up Votespas 
73..NIMMaul, Herman R.2 hdn hpd 
74NIMMeter Digest1Album page as cachet; MC PA  
75NIMReid, Clarence E.1black blue; Cachet #2717; MC PA  
76NIMRiemann, Charles H.1burgondy text  
77NIMRound About Stamp Club1red; yellow envelope  
78..NIMSAA-AA-SLC1Society of American Archivists & American Association for State & Local History; Size 10; First  
79NIMSummers, L. S.1Charter with feather penhdn hpd 
80NIMUnknown1UNK02; possibly the addressee - Ruth Moorehdn hcd 
81NIM Unknown1UNK04pas 
82NIMUnknown1UNK06; SF  
83..NIM USPO1Postal Bulletin; Postal Bulletin  
84NIMWeekly Hotel-Motel Business Magazine1blue black, Size 9 envelope, with enclosure; BCC; MC TA  
85NIMCCAmbeos Agency, Inc.1Size 10; BCC; mc ta  
86NIMCCHooper-Holmes Bureau, Inc.1BCC  
87NIMCCImperial Bank of Canada1Business Corner Card; CC  
88NIMCCUSPO Postmaster General1Official Business Envelope; BCC; MC TA  
89NIMESOEdenton, City of1Historic Buildings of Eden, Brochure, black on buff; Esoterica  
90NIMESO Edenton, City of2Guide Map of Eden, Brochure, black on buff; Esoterica  
91..NIMGPBoerger4blue brown; GP  
92NIMGP Bresnick Cachet1Black on tan card stock; GP  
93..NIMGPDahlem, Richard C.1Statue of LIbery, US Flag, and text; earlier_red GP exists - Add-On?; First  
94NIMGPHenry Lindenmeyr & Sons1   
95NIMGPHenry Lindenmeyr & Sons1enclosure  
96NIMGPHenry Lindenmeyr & Sons1reverse  
97NIMGPOcean County Stamp Club1blue red; GP  
98NIMGPUnknown1UNK01; stylized '1st' / FIRST DAY OF ISSUE; lt blue envelope; addr to A. Davidson; SF MC LAmim 
99..NIMGPUnknown1UNK05; Civil War Patriotic; Arms of North Carolina; with return address of Magee / 316 Chesnut St / Phila; Probably one of a kind  
100NIMGPVan Dahl Publications1gold globe, blue text; GP  
101NIMNFDPostmasters of America1Stamp Only, State of The Union Historic Stamp Collection, Souvenir Card, produced in 1980  
102NIMNFD USPO2Souvenir Page, without FDOI; Souvenir Page  
103NIMPCGreen, Edward1Picture Post Card with typed text as cachet; PPC  
104NIMZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
105NIMZABen Kraft2 hdn hpd 
106..NIMZABrier, Mary N.1 hdn hpd 
107NIMZAFox, Melissa1Carolina Charter; Scroll with Penhdn hpd 
108..NIMZAFox, Melissa2Carolina Charter; Inkwell & penhdn hpd 
109NIMZAHalinski, Rich1c2003  
110..NIMZAHayden, Kate12015hdn hcd5
111NIMZAHobo Art Cachets1c2004  
112NIMZAHobo Art Cachets2c2004  
114NIMZAUnknown1UNK03; On Stampwants by uncledenden; c2009pci 
115NIMZAUnknown1UNK06; eBay dlposner61 08/2011pci 
116NIMZAWebcraft1Charter in frame; PC printed; 2005  
117NIMZAWinston, C.1SF IAhdn hpd