Sc. 1122 .04 Forest Conservation; 10/27/1958; Tucson, AZ12/15/2015
1M001Anderson Historical Envelopes1black  
2M001Anderson Historical Envelopes1green  
3M001Anderson Historical Envelopes1orange  
4M001Anderson Historical Envelopes1red  
7..M003 Artcraft2Sun Tubular on flap  
8M003Artcraft3Size 10 envelope; PR MC TA  
9M003 Artcraft4With M23 American Forestry Association RS; Signed by designer Randolph Wendelin  
11M005Cachet Craft1   
12M006House of Farnam1   
13M007Fleetwood Cover Service1   
14M008Fluegel Cover1   
15..M009George, C.1black/green; blue envelopethm 
16M009George, C.1black/green; green envelopethm 
17M009George, C.1black/green; white envelopethm 
18M009George, C.1brown/green; green envelopethm 
19M009George, C.1brown/green; white envelopethm 
20M010Harris, David H.1   
21..M011Kolor Kover1SFI  
22M012Mahdeen Masonic Cachets1Masonic  
23M013Masonic Stamp Club of New York1by Fleetwood; Masonic  
24..M013Masonic Stamp Club of New York1by Fleetwood; hand-colored; Masonichcd 
25..M014Midwest Philatelic Society1brown  
26..M014Midwest Philatelic Society1yellow  
27M015Phoenix Philatelic Society1brown  
28M015Phoenix Philatelic Society2reddish-brown  
29M016Phoenix Philatelic Society2green  
30M017Phoenix Philatelic Society3blue  
31M017Phoenix Philatelic Society4orange  
32M018Rank II1gold foil & green  
33..M019 Ulrich, Frank J.1 hdn hpd 
34M020Velvatone1Flocked; brown/green  
35M021Von Ohlen, William J.1brown green  
36..M022Wright, William N.1 hpd 
37M023American Forestry Association1black; First; SFIrsc 
38M024Tucson Stamp Club1green; First  
39M024Tucson Stamp Club1UO Nogales, AZ; MC PM 4 PM  
40..MC1E1 USPO1brown; tri-fold (?); 4x9; FD Program  
41NIMCourt of Flags Motel, The1green printing left/top with light green rubberstamp at center  
42NIMDe Capaldi1on card stock  
43NIMDyer, Ralph1 hdn hpd 
44NIMDyer, Ralph2 hdn hpd 
45NIMEyerman, George1pale blue & purple; pa  
46NIMGeorge, C.2brown print of cachet only!thm 
47NIMHammond1Combo 0717 0772; Maxi-card; HC  
48NIMKeep Washington Green Association1Size 10 envelope; one-time; First  
49..NIMLee Millwork Corporation1paste-on  
50NIMLewis, Eric H.1Quantity made is an estimatesks20
51NIMMandabach, Frederick H1   
52NIMMaul, Herman R.1addressed to Maul; iahdn hpd 
53NIM National Resources Council of America1black; QUESTIONABLE  
54NIM National Resources Council of America1green; QUESTIONABLE; First  
55NIMNational Resources Council of America2green, Size 10 envelope; no rubberstamp return address; First  
56NIMNational Resources Council of America3green, Size 10 envelope; with paw rubberstamp at far right; First  
57NIMNational Wildlife Federation1PPC; HC  
58NIMNational Wildlife Federation21956 Label, Save Endangered Wildlife, Key Deer; Unknown preparer.pas 
59NIMNational Wildlife Federation31956 Label, Save Endangered Wildlife, Grizzly Bear; Unknown preparer.pas 
60NIMNix, Louis G.1lime green, goldthm 
61NIMOverseas Mailers Ltd.1overprint on Fluegel M008  
62NIM Pent Arts1Division of Forestry Founding; brown  
63NIMPent Arts2Steel Lookout Tower in East Texas; brown  
64NIM Pent Arts3The Smoke Jumper / Protector of U.S. Forests; brown  
65..NIMPent Arts4Foresters cruising timber; brown  
66NIMPetley, Bob1Wild Deer & Jackrabbit; PPC  
67NIM Philatelic Group of Boston1GP  
68NIMPhoenix Philatelic Society5Dual Cachets M015 & M016; Size 10 envelope  
69NIMPhoenix Philatelic Society6Maximum Card 4x5, similar to M015, white card stock  
70NIM Phoenix Philatelic Society7Maximum Card, similar to M016, buff card stock  
71NIMRiemann, Charles H.1green  
72NIMSalomons, The1Maximum Card  
73..NIM Smokey Bear's Junior Forest Rangers1Size 10 envelope with corner card from various department stores; one-time; First  
74NIMStar Cpver104/2015: first defined as #1124 M19  
75NIMTri-Color1MC UA  
76NIMTucson Stamp Club2Maximum Card, Smokey Bear with shovel; First  
77NIMTucson Stamp Club3TSC Stamp Club Exhibition pamphlet (10/26-10/28/1958); Dual 1122 FDOI and 10-26-1958 TSC Exhibition Day cancel; HC  
78NIMUnknown1UNK02; Young Smokey Bear with shovel; pahdn hcd 
79NIMUnknown1UNK04; brown/green  
80NIMUnknown1UNK06; Smokey Bear labels pasted on; Probably the addressee  
81NIMUnknown1UNK09; Roosevelt Memorial plaque mounted on boulder near Jacob Lake in Kaibab, Grand Canyon, Arizona; 4.25 x 6.25 card  
82NIMUnknown1UNK10; Kaibab Deer in Grand Canyon; 4.25 x 6.25 card  
84NIMUnknown1UNK14; PPC  
86NIMUnknown1UNK20; blue; Conservation Pledgersc 
87NIMUnknown1UNK23; USFS Smokey Bear labelpas 
88..NIM USPO2Souvenir Page; Souvenir Page  
89NIMWinston Cover Company1 pas rsc 
90NIMCCChambersburg Hospital1Chambersburg Hospital, Chambersburg, PA  
91NIMCCFleetwood Cover Service2'Masonic Cachets / Pleasantville, New York'; BCC  
92..NIMCCFleetwood Cover Service3Mailer with rubberstamp text; BCC  
93NIMCCInternational Paper Company1Size 10, with letter; CC  
94NIMCCUSPO Postmaster General1Corner Card; BCC  
95NIMGPUnknown1UNK01; Eagle with border on green envelope; GP  
97NIMGPVan Dahl Publications1blue/gold; GP; SFI  
98NIMPCUnknown1UNK19; Post Card; paragraphs on back - 'The True Story of Smokey the Bear'; bottom right, marked 'GPO: 1957 O 435756  
99NIMPCUnknown1UNK19; reverse  
100NIMPCUnknown1UNK21; Picture Post Card  
102NIMZAAshley, Don W.1c2004  
103NIMZAAshley, Don W.2c2004  
104NIMZAAshley, Don W.3c2004  
105NIMZAAshley, Don W.4c2005  
106NIMZAAshley, Don W.5c2006  
107NIMZAAshley, Don W.6c2008  
108NIMZAAshley, Don W.7c2008  
109NIMZAAshley, Don W.8c2009  
110NIMZAAshley, Don W.9c2009  
111NIMZAAshley, Don W.10c2009  
112NIMZAAshley, Don W.11c2010pci 
113NIMZAAshley, Don W.12c2013pci 
114NIMZAAshley, Don W.13c2014pci 
115NIMZAAshley, Don W.14c2014pci 
116..NIMZABen Kraft1Dabid Douglas, Scottish Botonisthdn hpd 
117..NIMZABen Kraft2 hdn hpd 
118NIMZABen Kraft3GINSENG! / Now I can quit Hunting!hdn hpd 
119NIMZABen Kraft4Scenic land/river/trees/mountainhdn hpd 
120NIMZABen Kraft5Government making new stampshdn hpd 
121NIMZABereson, Alex12010pci 
122NIMZA Boerger1Eagle & Flag; redrsc 
123NIMZACover-Scape Cachets12009; Signature is copied from autograph on #2096 FDC  
124NIMZACover-Scape Cachets22009; Signature is copied from autograph on #2096 FDC  
125NIMZAFDCUSA1on Artcraft cachet 10
126NIMZAFDCUSA2on Fleetwood cachet 10
127NIMZAHalinski, Rich1c2005; on Artmaster  
128NIMZAHalinski, Rich2c2005; on Artcraft  
129NIMZAHalinski, Rich3c2005; on Artcraft  
130NIMZAHalinski, Rich4c2005; on MSC-NY  
131NIMZAHalinski, Rich5c2009  
132NIMZAHalinski, Rich6c2010pci 
133NIMZAHalinski, Rich7c2011pci 
134NIMZAHalinski, Rich8c2011pci 
135NIMZAHalinski, Rich9c2011pci 
136NIMZAHalinski, Rich10c2011pci 
137NIMZAHalinski, Rich11c2012  
138NIMZAHalinski, Rich12c2012  
139NIMZAHalinski, Rich13c2013  
140NIMZAHalinski, Rich14c2013  
141NIMZAHalinski, Rich15c2015  
142NIMZAHenry, A. O.1Rocks, Trees, Deerhdn hpd 
143NIMZAHobo Art Cachets1Keep America Green; c2005  
144NIMZAJerry's Covers1c2012pci 
145NIMZAJerry's Covers2c2012pci 
146NIMZAJerry's Covers3c2012pci 
147NIMZAKing Cachets1"Bear Mail", "Charles Lindbear"thm hpd 
148NIMZAMEX-MAIL1BSA Merit Badges; 1990; ACE #20; SFI MC LAhdn hpd 
149NIMZAMH Cachets1 c2015pci4
150..NIMZANostalgia Cachets1 pci 
151NIMZATherome Cachets1faux copy of #2096; c2015  
152NIMZAUnknown1UNK05; ebay mike713 200605hdn hcd 
155NIMZAUnknown1UNK11; c2004  
156NIMZAUnknown1UNK13; On Stampwants by uncledenden; c2009pci 
157NIMZAUnknown1UNK16; On Stampwants by uncledenden; c2009pci 
158NIMZAUnknown1UNK18; Size 10; ebay rka 201108hdn hcd 
159NIMZAUnknown1UNK24-01; on ebay by btwcover 01/2013  
160NIMZAUnknown1UNK24-02; on ebay by btwcover 01/2013  
161NIMZAUnknown1UNK24-03; on ebay by btwcover 01/2013  
162..NIMZAUnknown1UNK25; on ebay by trentonstampandcoinco 2014  
163NIMZAUnknown1UNK26; on ebay by RKA 11/2015; Size 7 envelope with unsigned enclosure announcing stamp  
164NIMZAWebcraft1270 foot Sitka Spruce; c2002pci 
165UNCUncacheted1Combination of Stamps