Sc. 797 .10 Society of Philatelic Americans; 8/26/1937; Asheville, NC12/15/2015
1P001Hux1green red; MC TA  
2P002Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1bright-green bistre-brown  
3..P002aIoor, Harry C. & Travilla1dull-green slate-blue  
4P002b Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1dull-green chalky-blue  
5P002bIoor, Harry C. & Travilla1dull-green chalky-blue, different shade of green  
6P002b Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1dull-green chalky-blue; UO Smokemont, NC; Unofficial; KHC4 pm  
7..P002c Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1blue-green slate-blue, FDC airmail border  
8..P002dIoor, Harry C. & Travilla1blue-green slate-blue, no border  
9..P002e Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1green bistre, airmail border  
10P002fIoor, Harry C. & Travilla1bright-green bistre-brown  
11P002fIoor, Harry C. & Travilla1bright-green bistre-brown; UO Ravinsford, NC; HC  
12..P002ffIoor, Harry C. & Travilla1bright-green dull-green  
13P002g Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1blue-green, FDC border envelope  
14..P002hIoor, Harry C. & Travilla1bright-green chalky-blue  
15..P002i Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1?, Address label on oversized envelope  
16P003Kapner, Don Joseph1gray purple, airmail envelope  
17P003aKapner, Don Joseph1blue-violet silver, Size 7 envelope; MC RSA  
18P004Cachet Craft1blue green; MC TA  
19P005Unknown1green; MC TA  
20P006Plimpton1blue gold red; MC IA  
21..P007Imperial Stamp Company1black, striped frame  
22P007aImperial Stamp Company1black, 3-line frame  
23..P008Richell, C. Wright1hdn; ACE #44hdn1
24P009Unknown1green with 1-line text, Size 6 envelope; Airmail Border  
25P009aUnknown1green with 2-line text, Size 7 envelope; MC TA  
26P009bUnknown1green with 1-line text, Size 7 envelope; NO AIRMAIL BORDER; MC TAthm 
27..P010Raley, William T.1violet blue  
28..P010.1Raley, William T.1green silver  
29..P010.2Raley, William T.1maroon silver  
30..P010aRaley, William T.1blue silver, "Land of the Sky Asheville, NC"  
31..P011Unknown1black gold  
33P012Holland, Jesse Graham1blue green red; MC UA  
34P012aHolland, Jesse Graham1Washington DC GP; 2nd Day Washington, DC; Second Day; KHC4 AM  
35P012aHolland, Jesse Graham1Washington DC GP; 2nd Day Washington, DC Benjamine Frankline Station; GP  
36P013Roessler, Albert C.1green; MC HC UA  
37P014Phoenix - Connecticut Group of Fire Insurance Companies, The1green; First; HC TA  
38..P015aLinprint1black brown; MC TA  
39P015bLinprint1black gray  
41P017Hobby Cover Service1green  
42P018Gundel, Torkel1black blue gray green orangehpd 
43P019Sidenius, John C.1black green; HC UA  
44..P020Fairway1green, with Indian Chief  
45..P020aFairway1green, without Indian Chief  
46P021Historic Art Cachets1black  
47P021Historic Art Cachets1blackhpd 
48P021Historic Art Cachets1blackhpd 
49..P021Historic Art Cachets1blackhpd 
50P022Dyer, Ralph1black yellow  
51P022Dyer, Ralph3black; SF  
52P022aDyer, Ralph4green  
53P022bDyer, Ralph2black orange  
54P023Espenshade, William H.1black, unlisted color; SF  
55P023Espenshade, William H.1black, unlisted color, airmail envelope; MC IA  
56..P023Espenshade, William H.1olive  
57P023aEspenshade, William H.1green; MC LAR  
58P024Pavious "SM" Co.1blue green yellow, small cachet; MC RSA  
59P024Pavious "SM" Co.1blue green yellow, UO ?-Knoxville RPO Trip 12; Unofficial; RMS HC IA SF  
60..P024Pavious "SM" Co.1blue green yellow, UO Cherokee, NC; Unofficial; AM HC IA SF  
61P024Pavious "SM" Co.1blue green yellow, UO Ravinsford, NC; Unofficial; AM HC IA SF  
62..P024aPavious "SM" Co.1blue green yellow, large cachet; MC TA SF wavy envelope  
63P025Grimsland, Henry1green; MC RSA  
64P025Grimsland, Henry1green, strip of 4 singles; S4 HC PAE  
65P025Grimsland, Henry1green; UO Horseshoe, NC; KHC4 pm  
66P026Anderson Historical Envelopes1black; MC TA  
67P026Anderson Historical Envelopes1green; MC TA  
68..P026aAnderson Historical Envelopes1green, airmail envelope  
69P027House of Farnam1green; MC TA  
70P028Holland, Jesse Graham1green red; MC UA  
71P029Sage, Max1dark-blue red; MC UA  
72P030Laird, Eugene Clarence & Merwin H. H.1black green  
73P031Grandy, Winfred Milton1green red; MC TA  
74P031aGrandy, Winfred Milton1blue green; HC IA  
75P032Evans, Glen L.1green; MC TA to Evans  
76P033Washington Service1green, Size 7 envelope; MC LA SF  
77P033Washington Service1green, Size 7 envelope; hand-colored  
78P034Hubbard1green; HC  
79P035Rice, Frederick Rogers & Wilma C.1black gold; MC  
80P035aRice, Frederick Rogers & Wilma C.1black gold, airmail envelope; MC TA  
81P035bRice, Frederick Rogers & Wilma C.1black gold, top line all caps; MC TA  
82P035cRice, Frederick Rogers & Wilma C.2black gold green; MC IA  
83P035dRice, Frederick Rogers & Wilma C.4black/gold; 1st line all caps - like P35b; airmail envelope  
84..P036Cover of The Month Club1green orange  
86..P038Unknown1blue red  
87P039Compton, William H. Jr.1green  
88P040Unknown1green pink, Size 7 envelope; MC TA SF  
89P040aUnknown1blue-green pink, Size 7 envelope  
90..P041Linto, William S.1gold silverhdn hpd15
91..P042Covered Wagon, The1black green  
92..P043Unknown1blue, similar to P042  
93..P043aUnknown1blue, CC - Howard D. Barry  
94..P043bUnknown1blue, CC - J. W. Lawrence  
95..P044Unknown1?, Size 7 envelope  
96..P045Unknown1black, oversize envelope; Roessler?  
97P045aUnknown1black, oversize Card Stock; upper right corner damage; mc ia UR corner damage  
98..P046Roy, James A.1red  
99P046Roy, James A.1red; DC 2nd Day  
101..P048Unknown1?, Size 10 envelope  
102P049Nix, Louis G.1gold green, FDOI  
103P049aNix, Louis G.1gold green, DC 2nd Day  
105..P051Unknown1green, manila card stock  
106..P052Fred Chambers Gold Bond Cover, A1green or gold  
107..P053Unknown1green, square dots frame  
108..P053aUnknown1green, solid line frame  
109..P054Unknown1blue, crossed flags & text  
110P055Unknown1black red; MC TA  
111..P056Unknown1purple, rsc  
112P056aUnknown1violet, rsc; MC TA  
113P056bUnknown1turqoise, rsc  
115..P058 Scatchard, Norwood B.1black  
116..P058 Scatchard, Norwood B.1green  
117P058Scatchard, Norwood B.1green; UO USS Cuttlefish and USS Cachalot on one S/S, signed by ship mail clerks; Unofficial  
118P058aScatchard, Norwood B.1black, "ASHEVILLE, NC" at bottom; MC TA  
119..P058a Scatchard, Norwood B.1green, "ASHEVILLE, NC" at bottom  
120..P058bScatchard, Norwood B.1black, "USS MOFFETT 362" at bottom; Unofficial  
121..P058b Scatchard, Norwood B.1green, "USS MOFFETT 362" at bottom; Unofficial  
122..P058bScatchard, Norwood B.1green, "USS MOFFETT 362" at bottom; hand-colored; Unofficialhcd 
123..P058c Scatchard, Norwood B.1black, "Washington, DC" at bottom  
124..P058c Scatchard, Norwood B.1green, "Washington, DC" at bottom  
125P058dScatchard, Norwood B.1black, "USS ERIE P.G. 50" at bottom, USS Erie; Second Day; HC TA  
126P059World Wide Cover, A1green, Size 7 envelope; Heyl; MC / KHC4 AM  
127..P060Unknown1gray green  
128..P061Wagner, E. G.1black greenhdn hpd5
130..P063Seath, Virginia E.1multicolored; probable Add-Onhdn hpd 
131..P064Fulton, Marion1multicolored; probable Add-Onhdn hpd 
132..P065Breswick Cover Service1multicoloredhdn hpd 
133..P066McIntyre, Bruce1multicolored; Ace #88hdn hpd 
134..P066aMcIntyre, Bruce2multicolored; Ace #88hdn hpd 
135..P067Risko Art Studios1Size 7 envelopehpd abr 
136..P067Risko Art Studios2Size 6; Airmail border; looks like mimeograph is mis-aligned downwardhpd abr 
137..P068Unknown1red on label  
138..P069McIntyre, Bruce3multicolored; Ace #88hdn hpd 
139..P070Owens, A. E.1black redhdn 
141P072Belmont, J.1blue  
142..PGP01Battery Park Hotel1CC; BCC  
143PGP02Hotel Gordon1CC; BCC  
144..PGP03USPO Asheville, NC1CC; BCC  
145..PGP04Souvenir Issues Association1CC, "The Souvenir Issues Association"; GP  
146..PGP05Sanders, Michael1brown green, Eagle with text; GP  
147..PGP06Lerchenfeld, F. E.1pink baby, "Original / First Day Cover"; GP  
148..PGP07Durham Smoking Tobacco1?, CC; GP  
149..PGP08Knoth, G. S.1Man holding sign with address inside; GPhdn 
150..NIPBeer, Frank1Size 7 envelope; Reference AFDCS First Days 07/15/2011 Page 8hdn 
151NIPBert, Adam K.1no cachet, small envelope; MC TA  
152NIPBuckman, R. G.1 typ 
153NIP Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla1brigh-green dull-green; like P2f on airmail envelope  
154NIPLinprint10749_P004 cachet, censored; MC TA  
155..NIPUnknown1UNK02; blue red; probably Sanders; GP  
156..NIPUnknown1UNK07; Advised by Tom Baron (05/2009): "It is not a pasted cachet. Of the period handrawn and handpainted in. The cancel ties the cachet. Not listed in Mellone's and I have not seen this item before." Seeking further information of the origin of this ite  
157..NIPUnknown1UNK08; 04/2009: on ebay by Tom Baron ( 007coverstom); NEED MORE INFOhpd 
158..NIPUnknown1UNK09; 03/2011 McCusker stated "...hand drawn, hand painted cachet by Olga Goehringer on monarch cover, of the period and one of a kind.", at an auction price of $125.hdn 
159..NIPUnknown1UNK10; 03/2011 on eBay by Andy Doback; Size 10hdn hpd 
160..NIPUnknown1UNK11; Similar to 796 P135; eBay 007coverstom 10/2011  
162..NIPCCCamp Yonahnoka1Camp Yonahnoka - Linville_NC; BCC  
163..NIPCCCommittee on Ways And Means1Size 10; BCC  
164..NIPCCOklahoma Gas And Electric Company1BCC  
165..NIPCCPatna Mission Stamp Mart1West Baden College, West Baden, Indiana; CC  
166NIPCCSavannah Hotel1Corner Card; BCC  
167..NIPCCStorrs & Bement Company1Corner Card; BCC  
168..NIPCCWashington DC Secretary of the Interior1Size 7; BCC  
169NIPGPBrueggeman, F. W.1UNK14; "FIRST DAY OF ISSUE"rsc 
170NIPGP Ioor, Harry C. & Travilla2printed, of the period add-on; GP  
171NIPGPLawrence, E. C.1Probable Add-On; GP  
172..NIPGPLawrence, E. C.2Probable Add-On; GP  
173NIPGPRice, Frederick Rogers & Wilma C.1Washington, DC Capitol; 2nd Day Washington, DC BFF Station; GP; HC TA  
174..NIPGPUnknown1UNK04; FIRST DAY / COVER with US Map between; GPrsc 
175..NIPGPUnknown1UNK05; GP Washington, DC; probably Rice (?); GP  
176NIPGPUnknown1UNK06; Maryknoll Seminary, NY; GP  
177NIPGPUnknown1UNK12; purplersc 
178..NIPGPUnknown1UNK13; Probably Add-On  
179..NIPNFDUSPO1S/S Announcement Sheet 07/20/37; Postal Bulletin  
180..NIPZABen Kraft1 hdn hpd 
181NIPZAHalinski, Rich1c200911  
182NIPZAHalinski, Rich2c2010  
183NIPZAHalinski, Rich3c2011pci 
184NIPZAHalinski, Rich4c2011pci 
185NIPZAHayden, Kate12015hdn hcd 
186NIPZAHobo Art Cachets1c2005  
187NIPZAHobo Art Cachets2c2005  
188NIPZARabbit Hill Cachets1 hdn hpd1
189..NIPZAUnknown1UNK01; c2005hdn 
190..NIPZAUnknown1UNK03; Smoky Mountains Label  
191NIPZAWebcraft1Paste-On, 2003  
192NIPZAWebcraft2Paste-On, 2003